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Masquerade Ball

Masquerade Ball

Can A Mystery Man Change My Mind?
“Do you really think you won’t be going to the ball?” My friend Isabella asks me, as we dress for class.

We live in the same apartment and have for the last two years. She’s my best friend, and I don’t know what I’d do without her. She’s been there for me, through good times and bad. Of course, I've done the same for her.

“I really don’t know, Izzy. I mean it’s not been that long since Jay and I broke up. I don’t even have anyone to go with,” I let out a small whine, wishing she’d just drop the subject.

Jay and I started dating a little over a year ago, and he broke up with me a month ago. He told me he didn't see a future with me, that he wanted to see what else was out there. I was livid, so angry at him. I locked myself in my room for a week, and didn't speak to anyone, not even Isabella.

“You know, you can come with Tony and me, Caitlin. We won’t mind at all, it’ll be fun!” She turns and looks at me, as if this is what I really want.

“Right, because everyone just loves being the third wheel on a date. No, thanks, Izzy.”

I grab my sweater, and throw it on. I kiss her cheek and dash out of the apartment, before she can protest. The ball she’s talking about, is the annual Masquerade Ball, the school puts on every year. I have been to them all because I've always had a date to them. They are actually one the things I look forward to most each year.

Refusing to go to this one this year is because I know that Jay already has a date. I’m not going to go dateless, I’ll look foolish. When I get to my car, I see something on my windshield.

“Great, a parking ticket,” I groan to myself, thinking that is what it must be. I grab it, and notice it’s not a parking ticket, but has my name scribbled on the front.

Opening it, it reads:

Good Morning Beautiful,

I just want you to know I've been thinking of you.

Secretly yours x

The first thing that pops into mind, is that it’s Jay. He never did anything like this when we were together, and the handwriting doesn't match... But who else? No one else makes sense. I haven’t the time to think on it, I’m late for class. I stuff the letter in my bag, and drive off.

The day seems to go by quickly, something I’m grateful for. Everyone is talking about the ball. It’s still a week away, but it’s all anyone wants to talk about. When you know you’re not going, it’s rather annoying, actually. When I get home, Izzy is already here.

“Hey you, someone must love you, they sent you flowers. You lucky bitch!”

On the counter, are a dozen white, long-stemmed roses. At least they’re not red, I dislike red roses. I open the card, again it reads:

Hi Beautiful,

You were on my mind a lot today. I hope you had a wonderful day. I’m sure you are wondering who this is. You won’t figure it out, and no it’s not your ex. So don’t even think about it.

Are you going to the ball? I hope so. If you are, save me a dance!

Secretly yours x

Why does he keep saying secretly? If he wants a dance, why not just come out with it? The flowers are sweet though. Jay never once bought me flowers when we dated. To think about it, Jay really didn't do a whole lot for me when we dated. I don’t think I’m missing much without him. In one single day, I’m able to take a big leap in moving on from him. It puts me in a wonderful mood.

I decide to pop open a bottle of wine, and tell Izzy what’s going on. She is, of course, thrilled for me. Squealing out in delight, she goes down a long list of names of possible ‘secretly yours’ candidates. In the end, no one really stands out.

With a wonderful buzz, I head to bed, still trying to think who it might be. Right now though, I don’t care, I'd rather just thank him. He has helped immensely in just one day. I bet he doesn't even know it. I sleep wonderfully, which I've not done since the break up. I get ready, and rush to my car, almost hoping for another note. But, there isn't . I almost feel a little sad.

Today is a rather long day. I have class, and work afterwards. I work in a bar, which doesn't pay a lot, but the tips always help. It’s a college bar, and the boys do tend to tip well. I can’t complain too much. Even at work I’m constantly asked if I’m going to the ball on Saturday. I flirt my arse off throughout the night, claiming I’ll go with all who ask. They know better though, I don’t date costumers.

At the end of my shift, I have one of the bouncers walk me to my car. There on my driver’s seat is a note. I can’t help but smile. I get into the car, and turn over the engine. I let it sit idle, as I open the note.

Hello Beautiful,

Did you think I forgot about you? I’m sure you didn't . I just don’t want to come off too creepy. You looked wonderful tonight; your work uniform fits your curves wonderfully. I overheard you’re not going to the ball though. I’m sure I can convince you to come.

Secretly longing you x

I take notice that his sign off has changed. Secretly longing me? I wonder what that even means, how long has this guy known me? Does that mean I served him tonight? Is he a costumer? Does he go to school with me? It really could be anyone, and I’m left unknown. The excitement is fun, but I want to be careful at the same time. He seems to know a lot of information about me.

At home, I tell Izzy, who just thinks it’s the hottest thing ever. She thinks I have this secret admirer, and should play along. I, at this point, don’t see anything wrong with it, and decide she is right. What could go wrong?

Over the next two days, I get a few more messages and he sends me a Japanese cherry blossom. I’m not sure if he knows this is one of my favorite flowers or not, but he sure wins points for it. His messages get a little longer, but stay vague. He doesn't allow me to know who he is, but he seems very sweet. He sounds caring, and really truly has taken the time to get to know me. Izzy even swoons over all the attention I’m getting.

Thursday evening comes around, and I haven’t heard from my secret admirer. It’s been all day, which isn't like him. It seems I quickly fell into a routine of expecting to hear from him. It makes me want to go to the ball, and find out who he may be. He keeps telling me to save him a dance. I mean, how can I, if he doesn't tell me who he is? I really want to find out.

Friday I have no class, but I do have work. I work the afternoon shift. Izzy is still on my case, telling me I should come to the ball. I tell her I don’t even have anything to wear. She tries to tell me to wear what I wore last year. I tell her I wouldn't wear something Jay and I picked out together. She sighs at me, but I know she understands. I think she’s going to give up asking me to go.

At the end of my shift, I can’t seem to get this secret guy out of my head. I notice a letter sticking out of the mail slot, not anything the mail man would do. I pull it out, and it’s from ‘him’. I read it:

Hello Beautiful,

I’m sorry I didn't leave you a message yesterday. I had some unforeseen events happen, but I’m back to make it up to you. I want you to go upstairs and wait about two hours, and come back down and look behind the plant beside your mailboxes. Can you do that for me? Good, now get upstairs.

Secretly longing and needing you x

I blush, unable to think what he might even be up to. I take the rest of the mail, and head upstairs. Should I sneak a peek? See who it might be. Should I betray his trust? I mean I don’t know this guy, at least I don’t think I do. I decide it’s best not to, the thrill of not knowing is what has me excited.

After three hours, I wanted to make sure not to run into him, I sneak down. Behind the plant beside the mailboxes is a box, and a note. What could he have possibly sent me? I’m nervous, feeling as though I’ve done something wrong. I take it though, and quickly run back upstairs.

Out of breath, feeling nervous as ever I tremble, I run my fingers over the box. It’s not like I’ll be able to tell what it is doing this, I just do it to relax me. I open the note first:

Hello again Beautiful,

Thank you for doing as I asked. Now, I want you to open your gift, and I want you to use it. It’ll be the way I’ll be able to tell it’s you.

Forever longing you x

My mind is boggled; I haven’t a clue what he means. The only thing I can do is open it and find out. I lift the cover of the box, and neatly folded is a beautiful gown, sat on top is a stunning mask. The whole thing is done up in black and white, with beautiful lace covering it. It’s done with so much elegance. I’m taken aback by it. I set the mask aside, lifting out the dress; it flows down and opens wide. On the bottom, is a pair of white stockings that go thigh high. It’ll go nicely with the pair of white ballet shoes I have, and I wonder if he knows I even own those.

I notice that the top part is a corset, knowing it’ll fit tightly, showing off the perfect amount of cleavage. Classy, I think, almost with a giggle. There is a note tucked under the stockings.

Do you like it? I sure hope so, when I saw it, I thought of you. I’m hoping this will encourage you to come. You do, after all, owe me a dance.

Yours x

How do I to say no to someone, who's gone through all the trouble to do this? I really can’t, and I truly want to go to the ball. I have no way of telling him I’m going, so I guess he’ll have to take the next step when I show up at the ball.

It’s late, and Izzy has decided to sleep at Tony’s for the night. She does often though, so it doesn't surprise me. I send her a text, telling her I’m going to go the ball. She sends a text back, and I can almost hear the squealing reply, even through type. Tony is probably deaf now, poor sod.

Lying in bed, I go through the list of people, who I think it might be again. I truly can’t think of anyone. I even texted Jay the other day asking him if he’s tried to get in contact with me. He brushed me off, simply asking me why would he? His answer hurt me a little, but I reminded myself, he did me a favor breaking up with me.

The idea someone went to all this trouble has turned me on. How can someone I don’t even know, turn me on so much? I mean, besides the fact that I haven’t had sex in over a month. But, damn I’m fucking horny. I close my eyes, and think of the party the following night. Thinking of how I see it going, masturbating at the idea of what has gone down this week. I love the way I touch myself, and how I make myself feel. I come hard, hard enough to make my toes curl. I’m glad that Izzy isn't home, therefore I can moan freely.

When I wake up the next day, I feel really excited and giddy. I have the day off from work, and its Saturday, so no class. When Izzy gets home, I show her what Secret Man sent me, she becomes just as excited for me, as I am for myself. We spend the day relaxing, doing each other’s nails and hair.

“Are you just showing up alone, or do you want to come with me and Tony?” She asks, as she does the final touches of her laces.

“Erm, I suppose I'd rather not show up alone. I don’t even know who this guy is. Hell, this might be a big joke. You know, like the movie Carrie, by Stephen King?” I giggle; the thought suddenly occurs, thinking I might be right.

“Don’t be so dense, that isn't it at all. You’ll come with Tony and me. This mystery guy seems like the real deal. And please, don’t go all Carrie on us, if it is a joke. I don’t want to burn up in a school gym.”

Clearly joking, she starts laughing, sticking her tongue out at me.

“Don’t push your luck, Izzy. I’ll make sure you’re the last one to go. It’ll mean you suffer the longest. Besides, it’s not even a gym. Bloody hell!”

“Ugh, don’t use that term. Not in this case. And, that isn't nice since I just offered you a ride, bitch. Now finish getting ready or I’ll leave your arse here. Get a move on! Tony will be here soon.”

I dig into my wardrobe finding my ballet slip-ons. They do, in fact, go perfectly with the gown, and I shake my head. How he even knew this, I don’t know. Maybe he didn't . My hair is done up in a twist, filled with baby’s-breath flowers. The corset is perfect, squeezing all the right areas, allowing my breasts to look maybe a wee bit bigger than they are. The skirt part of the gown flows right down to the ground. I feel like a princess.

When Tony arrives, he compliments the both of us. He knows all about the mystery guy, because Izzy informed him. He tells me at least he has good taste in gowns. Izzy and Tony are wearing matching red outfits, looking like a celebrity couple. We head down to the limo, where Tony pops a bottle of champagne, and hands us each a glass. I’m nervous, and take it willingly, hoping it’ll calm my nerves.

Arriving at the hotel in which the college always does our big events, we climb out of the limo. It’s packed already, my nerves are in full swing. Did I make a mistake? Izzy takes my arm, and we walk in the three of us. It’s all in his hands now, but I suppose it has been this whole time.

I’m quickly left, whilst Izzy and Tony dance. I have several offers to dance; I opt not to refuse any of them. I can’t, since I don’t know which one might be ‘him’. All of them make conversation, and I even recognize a few of them. After an hour, I’m starting to wonder if the whole thing was just a setup, I haven’t seen him yet. I don’t think I have anyway.

Taking a break to get something to drink, I decide something strong is needed. I order a White Russian. Sipping it, I watch the crowd. I've bumped into my ex and his date. She gives me a death glare, like I’m going to somehow take her man. I give my toys to the less fortunate, when I get bored with them. I don’t say this, but I want to. We part ways, and I hear her mumble something to him about not looking at my arse. I can’t help but giggle.

“Is something funny?” I hear a man ask, his voice is low. He’s right behind me, as I turn to look at him; he stands a few inches taller than me. He is masked of course, as is everyone in the room.

“Ah, just an inside joke is all,” I reply back, sipping my drink. I can see through his mask, he has piercing blue eyes. They look amazing off his pure black mask. He’s in a very old fashioned suit, with ruffles and all! He looks sexy as hell, if I do say so myself.

“Do you care for a dance, at least? Maybe I can make you giggle,” his tone is firm, but gentle. I take his hand and he gently kisses it, as we head out onto the floor. I blush a little as he kisses my hand.

I’m thankful that, as I grew up, my mum insisted I learn to dance. She always did tell me it would come in handy, when I got older. Of course, I always enjoyed dancing, but sometimes I felt she wanted more from me than I was willing to give, when it came to dancing. The music, for the better part of the night, has been slow.

Thankfully he can dance also. November Rain by Guns N’ Roses starts to play. One of the longest songs I know, and I can’t help but smile. He pulls me close into him, wrapping his arms around my middle. I reach up, my arms draped around his shoulders. We don’t speak, at least not through this song. I don’t think we really need to say anything.

Something about being in his arms feels right, as though he is familiar to be with. We sway through the song. The room is enormous, though it has to be with as many people here tonight. It’s decked out like it’s been pulled from another century, which fits perfectly with everyone’s outfits. Its semi-dark, to set the mood, I suppose. Drapes covering the walls, dark reds and maroons scatter the coloring of everything.

The outer area has the tables, where people can enjoy relaxing, talking, eating, and stepping away from the loudness of the music. The tables seat about six each, candles for lights, light red table cloths, and white chairs. The floor is hardwood, making it easier to dance on. A few hovering lights that are set out, are in a dim yellow, leaving a nice glow. It’s overly romantic. Something you’d see in a fairytale.

When the song ends, the man I’m dancing with, whispers into my ear, “thank you, beautiful,” he looks down at me, smiling.

Now, just because he called me beautiful, doesn't mean anything, does it? Or does it? Is this him? Should I say something? Should I be the one to ask, or should I let him play his game? I decide to not say anything about it.

“Will you dance with me again?” I ask, sheepishly.

“For you, anything,” is his answer, and my heart skips a beat. I blush deeply, thankful for the darkness of the room.

The next song starts, and I don’t even hear it. I’m too wrapped up in this man. We make small conversation, but it’s nothing major. I’m too into the simplicity of it; it’s so easy to be with him. He tells me he’s been looking forward to this dance for a while now. He missed the one last year because he was sick with the flu, so this is his first and he also didn't attend the year before last.

Before long, he becomes a little bolder. His hands start to drift downwards, gripping my arse. The song Pour Some Sugar On Me by Def Leppard starts, and we begin to grind more than dance. The entire room is getting in on it, we’re all singing to it. I can feel myself growing excited, because truth be known, this is one of my favorite sexual songs.

After a while, between what he’s doing to me, and what the music (and okay the drinking) is doing to me, I’m so turned on. No other man has come up to me, and I've somehow convinced myself this has to be my mystery guy. With the little I've learned about him, I’m sucked in. I’m even bold, and start kissing him. We make out there on the dance floor, his hands all over me. I love every moment of it.

“Do you want to get a room?” He breathes in my ear, whilst he holds me close. The song is slow again, my heart is racing.

“Yes, yes please let's,” I don’t even need to think a second thought about it. This isn't normally like me, but I have this hungry need for this man. I need him.

He tells me he’s going to go get a room, and I let him know I’m telling Izzy where I’m going. He smiles at me, kissing my lips before going to get us a room. I find Izzy locked in Tony’s arms.

“Pst, Izzy real quick, just letting you know I’m going upstairs,” I wink at her, and she smiles at me.

“You slut! I take it you found him then?”

“I fucking hope so, if not I found someone better,” I giggle, and she hugs me real tight.

“Leave your cell on; please don’t get hacked up into a bunch of little bits,” Izzy always using horror movie scares to make me think twice about things, she grins at me.

I roll my eyes at her, “I’ll try not to get hacked up. If anyone dies, the best friend is usually the first to go, or the best friend’s boyfriend,” I tease her, and Tony laughs at the both of us.

I head off to the hotel desk, where my mystery man still is. It’s lighter out in the main room. He looks taller in the actual light. His hair is dark, but everything else about him is hidden behind his costume, as am I, behind mine. We take the elevator up to the fourth floor, to room 404. When the door closes, I’m about to take my mask off, but he stops me.

“No, leave it on, beautiful,” he caresses me, he pulls me into him. Our lips meet, and a wonderful spark takes form. I let out a soft moan; his finger tips grip my waist, holding me closer to his body. I can feel his erection press against my lower belly, and I ache with delight. He moves his hands around towards my back, unlacing my corset, which to be honest is needed. I can hardly breathe, with the heady feeling this is all causing me. I let out a soft moan. “Do you want this?” He breathes in my ear, biting softly on the nape of my neck.

“How can I not? I’m here aren't I?” I shiver, feeling the warmth of his lips on my neck. The last of my laces are undone, and he helps me out of the corset. My breasts feel so full, perked up in the bra I’ve worn. Even through the bra, my nipples are standing to attention. He looks at me through his mask, his eyes locked on my body. He smiles at me, before removing the dress part of my outfit. It falls to the floor, and I feel so exposed to him.

He has me climb up on the bed; he sits on the edge, caressing my upper thigh. “We’re going to leave the stockings on. I think they look sexy cute on you,” he runs his fingers higher, petting lightly at my covered pussy. He’s yet to remove my panties. He can tell how excited I am, by how wet I am. He seems to approve, and continues to stroke through my panties.

The tease is an out of this world turn on. He sneaks a single finger under my lacy panties; he soaks it, before sliding it inside me. He begins to slowly fuck me with his finger. His cock now out, he strokes himself as he works my pussy. I feel delightfully high, my sexual need is throbbing in every part of my being. I want this man to ravish me thoroughly. I have a feeling he’s going to.

Fucking my pussy a little faster, he moves a second finger inside me. He makes me whimper out, the feel of getting used to two fingers isn't up for choice. He thrusts deeply inside me. My walls grip him tightly, he can feel how wet he’s made me. I gasp out when he places a thumb right on my clit. It is like an extra sharp electric bolt of lust just for him. I can’t hold back, my hips arch upwards, and I begin to come hard.

The profound shudder overtakes me, I feel as though the whole bed is shaking. I come hard for him. He doesn't slow down on me; he moves to bring his face down between my legs. With my panties to the side, he sucks my clit into his mouth. I’m seized by a rush of sensation, so intense it almost hurts, but he doesn't let up. His fingers buried deep inside me, his tongue licking delicately on my clit. He brings me down slowly; my gasps sound more like a whimpering need. I haven’t come so hard in so damn long.

When he removes his mouth and fingers, he stands and undresses. He leaves nothing on, but the mask. He helps me out of my panties and bra, leaving me just as exposed as him. He comes up to me, kissing my lips gently. The spark I keep feeling, is still there and I let out a low hum. Mmm, it’s so perfect.

The length of his cock is pressed along my pussy, we move together in such perfect harmony. I feel him begin to slowly enter me, filling me with his thickness. I let out a shivering moan; he smiles and kisses me as I do. His lips are so wonderful against mine. With one quick thrust he’s fully inside me, finally. I cry out, tossing my head back, as he hits the hilt. I’m over the moon in such a heighten lust for him. He moves his hips swinging them into me. I meet his pace, swaying mine with his.

It’s like our dance downstairs, the way our hips move in such rhythm. He summons me to kiss him again, pulling my head back down to meet his lips. It’s a greedy kiss of need and want for each other. He lets it go this time, before taking my breasts into his mouth. Each nipple is given the same beautiful treatment. He sucks and bites on each of them, switching back and forth. I can’t help but watch the way he does this. Our hips never missing pace with one another, it’s matched so perfectly.

He sways his hips faster, as if my body naturally knows, I meet his pace. I feel my breath caught in my throat, the uninhibited cry of satisfaction comes crashing towards the both of us. Wave after wave and the rapture of ultimate joy takes me over. I know by the look on his face, even through his mask he was about to erupt.

In a matter of half a second, he joins me. He trembles on the edge of infinity, I run my fingers along his back lightly as he stiffens, reaching his pinnacle climax. He stiffens, and pours himself deeply inside me. We moan out together, our song of orgasm is beautifully perfect. We lie there together, our lips locked together. Neither of us needs to say a single word, we simply kiss. I don’t want the kiss to end, he moves his hips slowly. I can feel him growing soft inside me, slipping lightly out of me.

When he does fully, he kisses down my body, nipping every so often. My nerve endings still so heightened, I shiver with each kiss or nip. He slides his tongue inside me, tongue fucking me into another orgasm, as he eats my pussy. I writhe under him, not taking long to have another orgasm. He sucks hard, then light again, and going hard again, it makes me dizzy under his spell.

Once he is satisfied that I’m spent, he pulls me up into his arms. He kisses me on the forehead, and strokes the back of my neck. I know that I must look like I have just been fucked, but I really don’t care. We sit as we are for the longest time, still we don’t say anything to each other. I don’t know what to really say to him, and wonder if he thinks the same thing. It’s not an awkward silent moment; it’s a perfect quiet moment.

After a while, we decide to go back down to the dance. It’s still fairly early, and the dance is something we both looked forward to for so long. When we get back downstairs, he offers to go and get me a drink, and I go find Izzy.

I fill her in with as much details as I want in a public setting. She gushes over it. She keeps asking me who it is, and I tell her I still don’t know. We never took our masks off. She laughs and tells me I’m crazy. I tell her I know, and I like it that way.

We spend the next hour dancing with one another, before we part ways. He tells me he has work in the morning, and he has to go. He kisses me, and leaves as quickly as he came into my life. It dawns on me I still don’t know his name. I curse myself for forgetting to ask.

The following morning, Izzy comes in and tosses an envelope on my bed, “here, this is for you,” she simply says, before strolling back out, yawning. I open it, and read the note.

Beautiful girl,

Thank you for last night. It’s a night we’ll never forget.

Forever thinking of you x

Again no name! I lie back on my bed, trying to figure out how I got so roped up with someone I don’t even know. It doesn't look like he has any intentions in telling me who he is.

I never do find out who he is…

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