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Memoires of an Army Base: The Art of Seduction

An army is a great place to seduce your future husband.

I lost my virginity at the tender age of 16, two days after my birthday, at Lake Narracan. Within weeks, my Year 12 had commenced at the Yallourn High School, the year being 1980. Throughout the first semester, I met an American boy who was living in Australia for two years while his parents were seconded on a huge engineering project. Taking a liking to Larry, the boy in question, I proceeded to seduce him throughout that semester. On the Tuesday before Easter, my seduction process culminated in us fucking on a teacher’s desk in Room 20. The rest of the school was attending an all school assembly nearby, outside the school grounds. Having accomplished that most rewarding exercise, I felt confident I could win any guy I wanted later in life.

From 1981 to 1983, I attended the University of Melbourne, studying to be a journalist. To pay for my shared accommodation in Melbourne and pay for my university fees, I had to take on part-time work at weekends. For two years, I did waitressing at a trendy restaurant in nearby South Yarra. At the start of my third year in university, the restaurant burnt down and I was left without any source of income. Gayla, one of the three people I was flatting with, I later found out, was a working girl in a nearby brothel. She also did escort work as well. Gayla, who was aged 25, introduced me to such work. Out of necessity, I lowered myself into doing such seedy work.

In that profession, to earn any decent money, one had to really please the client in order to get return visits and acquire a lucrative clientele. It was there where I really honed my skills in seducing guys ranging from: youths, drunks, criminals, politicians, and even old men who were lonely and just wanted someone to talk to. I learned that trade very well and I was confident that I could seduce and win over any guy that I desired.

In September 1983, I passed my BA Degree in Journalism at the University of Melbourne. Looking through the Victorian newspapers: The Herald, The Sun News-Pictorial and The Age; I searched through all the classified advertisements for any jobs that were on offer. One in particular that caught my interest was a career with the Australian Army at the Lone Pine Army Barracks, just eight kilometers south of Singleton in New South Wales. I applied for the position of Administration Clerk which gives you challenging opportunities to provide clerical support and guidance to soldiers and commanders across a wide range of tasks. In October, I was notified that I won an interview in early November. On Friday 18 November 1983, I received a telegram congratulating me on my appointment with the Australian Army, located in the Hunter Valley, New South Wales. My appointment was confirmed with a letter the following week and I was told to report to the Special Forces Training Center near Singleton on Monday 12 December.

I was overwhelmed with joy at the time in what was a remarkable year. Firstly, I got a BA Degree in Journalism, and shortly afterwards, I got my first full-time job. The next three weeks were spent with my family and friends before embarking on the journey of my lifetime. I had no idea what to expect and what the future beheld, my objective was to take one step at a time. On Monday 11 December 1983, I flew from Tullamarine Airport to Kingsford Smith Airport in Sydney, taking an early morning flight. A connecting flight to Singleton, a short time later, saw me arrive there around 11:45 am that morning. I was picked up by a military junior officer and chauffeured back to the Lone Pine Barracks, a short distance away.

The Australian Army is one part of the Australian Defence Force (ADF), comprising of the Australian Army, Royal Australian Navy, and Royal Australian Air Force. While boot camp for army training is first done at Kapooka around ten km from Wagga Wagga, the Special Forces Training Center is located near Singleton. To paint you a picture of the size of the army barracks and training facilities at the Lone Pine Training Center, it is home to the Australian Army School of Infantry, Special Forces Training Centre, Defence Support Group Singleton and other regular support services. The Royal Australian Infantry Corps Museum is also located within the barracks. Up to 5,000 people can be accommodated for at Lone Pine any one time. There are over six hundred buildings on the base and personnel can eat from six messes.

The duties expected to be performed as an Administration Clerk include all or some of the following tasks:

Interpret policy, legislation and regulations to provide clerical and administrative advice.

Use a number of diverse in-service Information Systems to support peers and commanders.

Maintain records, files and register incoming/outgoing correspondence.

Prepare administrative and operational documents for signature and release.

Maintain maps, logbooks, messages and information in an operational environment.

Operate the Battlefield Management System.

General soldiering duties: such as manning defensive positions, patrolling, navigation, traffic control, camouflaging of vehicles and field equipment.

On my first day at work, I was shown around the whole establishment. The experience was overwhelming at the enormity of the place. With only two weeks before Christmas, the place was rather quiet with training drills suspended until early February. The first couple of days I had my meals with the people in my own office and got to know them somewhat better. There was one handsome guy in particular who came into our office each day, asking if there was any mail for him, or to redirect his mail for delivery elsewhere. He really caught my eye and I asked Karen, my immediate supervisor, “Who is that guy that just came in?” I was informed that he was a Commissioned Officer (CO), his title and rank was Captain Shaun Ames. While I lived in the women’s barracks, Captain Ames lived in one of the many units just outside the barracks perimeter, reserved for officers.

During my second week at the barracks, the week before Christmas, I was sitting alone when Captain Ames approached my table and politely asked if he could join me for lunch. I looked up and smiled, saying, “Hi, I would be delighted to have lunch with you. My name is Tracey, Tracey Anderson. Please take a seat.”

Over the course of the next forty-five minutes, I learned that Captain Ames was born in Sunbury near Melbourne and attended the Royal Military College at Duntroon (RMC-D) in Canberra, Australia’s Capital Territory. Duntroon is the Australian Army’s officer training establishment, providing military and tertiary academic education for junior officers. On graduation, Shaun was already a Lieutenant; now, at the age of twenty-seven, Shaun had already been promoted to the rank of Captain.

Christmas Eve was always celebrated by officers in the officer’s mess. Captain Ames had asked me along to the party during one of our lunches together. There were close to one hundred personnel there and a good time was had by all. I got to meet many new faces that I had not seen in my short time at the barracks. Prior to the night drawing to the end, Shaun asked me outside so we could be in private. I recall that the night was still hot being in our summer as we chatted.

“Thank you Captain Ames for such a wonderful night,” I said as we stood face to face.

“Tracey, has anyone ever told you what beautiful and mesmerizing eyes you have? Your smile is so natural and a gift from heaven.”

“Some people have said that to me at school, and while I was at university.” I could not tell him so many said that when I was with clients, while earning extra money while at university.

“Tomorrow, I go on recreation leave for two weeks and going back home to Victoria to see my parents. I will miss seeing your sweet smiling face.”

“Have you got any girlfriends back there?” I inquisitively asked.

“No Tracey. With all my schooling and military college, I haven’t had time for a steady girlfriend or companion.”

“I would have though with your really good looks and athletic build, that you would have been taken for sure?”

“Some of the female staff and officers are okay, but nothing special. That is until you came along.”

With that comment, I looked down and blushed. It was getting late and I knew that Shaun needed some sleep before going to Victoria later that morning. I took a step closer to Shaun, stood on my toes, and kissed him quickly on the lips.

“Sorry Captain Ames, I should not have done that to an officer. Please forgive me?”

With that, Shaun drew me closer to him, held me tight, and gave me a long lingering kiss full on the lips. I let out a gasp which took away my breath.

“It should be me apologizing now Miss Anderson. As an officer, I had no right to do that to you.”

We both simultaneously moved together in the moonlight for another long kiss before departing. While embracing, I could feel his cock hardening through his pants. It was then that I knew I had Shaun hooked. The opportunity was there and I took it. Shaun walked me back to my barracks before heading back to his unit. That night in bed I lay wondering about the night that was, about Shaun, about my handsome young Lochinvar. After masturbating to orgasm, I fell into a deep sleep.

While Shaun was away, I went looking for a small gift to give him on his return. After much consternation, I selected a matching set of cufflinks and tie-bar with a military theme. The gold plated set had an old cannon from the American war of Independence on them. Before gift wrapping the box, I wrote on a small card, “From a Secret Admirer”. I then sent the wrapped gift to Shaun’s private address, to await his return.

Shaun returned to the army base on Monday 9 January 2004. He phoned me at the office during the morning to have lunch with him at the mess. Lunch time finally arrived and I went to the mess and saw Shaun sitting there alone, waiting for me.

“Hi Miss Anderson, so nice to see you again. I have missed you over the past two weeks. Please sit down and have some lunch.”

I sat down and we chatted about his holiday and what he did at his parents place. Shaun appeared to be in a little discomfort while sitting down and I asked him if he was alright. He said he had pulled a muscle in his back while helping his father cut down some dead trees on his property, but there was nothing to worry about. Then he happened to mention something else...

“You know Miss Anderson, something very strange happened while I was away.”

“What was that Captain Ames, can you tell me about it?”

“After being three years here on the base, I suddenly find that I have a secret admirer. Nothing like that has ever happened prior to you being here. Do you know anything about it?”

“Do I look guilty? It must be pure coincidence. What happened? Did you receive a gift or something?”

“Yes I did! It was a set of cufflinks, expensive ones by the look of it”

“Well Captain Ames, if it had been me, I would have added a matching tie-bar as well with your name engraved on the back. I would have thought a military theme would have been appropriate as well.”

With that, Shaun burst out laughing, causing me to giggle and smile at the same time. Looking into his eyes, he replied....

“Those blue eyes of yours are so captivating and please don’t stop smiling. I have never seen a better smile in my life.”

Before finishing our meal, Shaun asked me if I would like to accompany him that evening to Singleton, eat at a restaurant, and go to the theatre to watch a movie. I eagerly accepted his invitation and Shaun was to pick me up at 6:00 pm sharp. All afternoon I was having trouble concentrating on my work, just thinking about Shaun.

True to his word, he arrived at 6:00 pm and we headed into town. We ordered our meal at the Worn-Out-Wares-Café and had an aperitif while waiting for the meal to be served. After talking for a while, our main meal was served, followed by dessert. We headed down the street to the theatre where “Silkwood” was being screened. It was a new release movie starring Meryl Streep and Cher. I really loved that movie, as sad as it was. It was also based on a true story. During the course of the movie, I leant my head on Shaun’s shoulder and he responded by putting his arm around my shoulder.

On the way home, I noticed that Shaun was still having problems with his back. I asked him if he was having any treatment for it. He told me that he was having no treatment, but would go and see a chiropractor after work the next day. I suggested to him that I knew how to give a deep remedial massage and I was sure that I could help him.

“Tracey, how do you know how to give a massage? Who taught you?”

“My dad was a masseur by trade. He helped fix football injuries and soreness to players after games, and was much sought after,” I replied. That was a lie but it sounded convincing. I could not tell him about my previous part-time job pleasing guys for money.

“If it is possible to come back to your unit on the way home, I know you will feel a lot better in the morning.”

Shaun thought about it for a while and agreed it was worth a try. He had nothing to lose. Arriving back near the base at 11:30 pm, we got out the car and Shaun ushered me inside his one-bedroom unit. The unit was small but comfortable, and suited Shaun being a single man.

“Where is the most pain Captain Ames?”

“We are off base now Tracey, you can call me Shaun without any repercussions or insubordination charges against you. Most is down here in the lower back and I also have stiffness in my right shoulder.”

“Have you got any baby oil or even some liniment?”

“I am out of liniment but I do have a bottle of baby oil.”

I asked Shaun to get several towels and drape them over his single bed. Next, I asked that he remove his clothes but to keep his underpants on. Not wanting to get my good clothes covered in oil, I removed my skirt and blouse; leaving me only in a bra, panties and a short half-slip. I asked Shaun to first lie on his stomach to begin his remedial massage.

I poured a little baby oil on his lower back where most of the pain was. Working the oil into his back, I felt along his spine as I rubbed the oil in. The epicentre of the pain appeared to emanate from his lumbar 5 region, a place notorious for people with bad backs. For around fifteen minutes, I kneaded the oil into his back, using the palm of my hand, fingers, thumbs, and even the point of my elbow. I then poured some oil on his neck, shoulders and arms. Working methodically down his body with firm pressure, I worked the oil into his skin for a further ten minutes. Moving to the end of the bed, I poured some more oil onto his hamstring and calf muscles. Commencing from his groin area, I finally completed the massage on his feet and toes. The completion of Shaun’s back side of his body took around forty minutes.

“It’s time to turn over Shaun. How are you feeling?”

“Ooooh that was fantastic Tracey. That part of the massage was incredible. You really know what you are doing and I do feel a lot better already.”

Shaun’s single bed was much wider than a proper massage table and of course the base was a lot softer too, being a mattress. To massage his neck and chest evenly and effectively, I needed to get on the bed too and straddle him. Positioning myself below his ribcage, my slip rode right up as my legs were well spread. I was wearing very sheer nylon panties; so no doubt, Shaun had an excellent view of my pussy and hairy pubes. I worked on his forehead, his face and neck; before sliding further back to massage his chest and stomach. I got up from the bed and walked to the end of it, enabling me to finish the rest of his body.

I noticed that Shaun had an impressive erection beneath his bikini briefs. I would dearly have loved to take advantage of his hard cock but thought that being a bit too presumptuous at this stage in our relationship. Besides, he was a Commissioned Officer and I was a new recruit. Massaging his inner thighs, his erection seemed to intensify as I smiled at Shaun who was obviously aware of his predicament. I finally massaged his thighs, shins, ankles and feet; thus completing the massage.

“All finished Shaun. Do you feel any better now?”

“Yes, much better Tracey. I am so pleased that it was you and not a chiropractor that massaged me.”

“I gave you a very firm massage, so you might be a little sore from the pressure in the morning. After a hot shower then, you will feel so much better.”

I said to Shaun that I must go back to my barracks as the time was well after 1:00 am in the morning. Shaun then drove me back to my quarters and we kissed in the car before I went inside and went to bed. Before going to sleep, I imagined myself riding his hard cock while massaging his chest. I know my job well when it comes to arousing males and tonight was no exception.

On arriving at work the next morning, there was a bouquet of flowers on my desk awaiting me. A card attached simply read, “From a secret admirer”. What a special person Shaun really was. I caught up with Shaun again in the mess at lunchtime. He said that he was a little stiff from the massage, but the pain in the lower back was appreciably better. I suggested than one more massage would ensure that his lower back would be completely fixed as well as relieving the stiffness. Shaun took the bait and asked if I was available for another massage again that night. Of course, I accepted his pleading request. Shaun was to pick me up from the barracks at 7:30 pm.

After work, I drove into Singleton and purchased a spray bottle of special Arabah Rose Massage Oil. This particular fragrant oil is a combination of rose, bergamot, clary sage and sandalwood. Apart from the therapeutic benefits of the oil, the aroma is amazing. I was picked up on time and taken back to Shaun’s unit. I was more casually dressed this time as we had not been out for dinner and a movie. I was wearing a tank top without a bra underneath, and a pair of khaki cargo shorts. After consuming a cool drink while chatting with Shaun, I was ready to start the massage.

I showed Shaun the spray bottle containing the massage oil saying it is the best on the market and he will love it. After spraying his neck, arms, and back; I proceeded with the same format as the previous night. However, instead of going on to massage his groin and hamstrings, I suggested that he should seriously consider a massage of the gluteus (maximus, medius and minimus) muscles, commonly known as the “glutes”. For the uninformed, these three “glute” muscles are found in the buttocks. Weak gluteal muscles are often the cause of many lower back problems and lower limb injuries.

“You really know what you are talking about, don’t you Tracey? I can’t understand how anybody with a BA in Journalism knows so much about human anatomy.”

“Like I said before Shaun, my father is a masseur, and I have picked up some things here and there.”

Agreeing to a massage of the “glutes”, I asked him to raise his butt a little so I could pull down and take off his bikini briefs. After spreading his legs, I sprayed some oil on his butt letting a trickle run slowly down his crack, past his butt-hole, and down to his testicles. I must add that I really enjoyed nefariously teasing Shaun in this way, knowing the effects it would have on his cock. For around ten minutes or so, I massaged his butt, inner thighs and hamstrings before finishing his calf muscles and feet. I made sure that I “accidentally” brushed against his testicles in the process. From his constant twitching or repositioning of his butt, I knew that he was lying on and concealing a hard-on. Asking Shaun to turn over, he grabbed for a towel for modesty, to cover his erection.

“No, no, no, Shaun! You don’t need a towel. You are about to receive a very special massage and a towel would only hinder the treatment.”

Slightly red-faced because of his erection, he inquisitively asked about this “special massage”. I told him not to worry about anything and he would be happy with the result. Shaun’s circumcised cock was about six-and-a-half inches in length but was very thick in girth. Lying on his back with a slightly deflating erection in progress, I sprayed his chest and groin area with my special fragrant oil. What happened next, absolutely shocked or amazed Shaun, leaving him with a puzzled look. I took off my top, cargo shorts and panties. Standing naked before him, I sprayed my breasts, torso and legs with the oil from the spray bottle.

Climbing up onto the bed, I straddled his hips and leant forward. Very slowly, I moved up and down his body, so only my nipples were in contact with his chest and abdomen. This hardened my nipples, as well as giving a formication effect on Shaun, the effect as if ants were walking along his body. The feeling is both intense and tantalizing for anybody experiencing such things. Shaun’s cock was rigid again as I retracted my body, circling the head of his circumcised cock in the process.

Lowering my body onto Shaun’s, I gave him a full body-to-body massage; the oil providing a perfect lubricant. Moving up his body, I dwelt in the position where my breasts and nipples were massaging his lips. Unable to control himself, Shaun reciprocated by flicking his tongue around my nipples, making then hard and protrude from my breasts. Slowly moving back down his body, I was now face-to-face with Shaun. As I kissed him passionately, he responded; grabbing me tightly and kissing me for what seemed an eternity. My pussy was now so moist and wet that a hard cock would slip inside me so easily.

“I now need to massage your cock with my pussy lips darling. Just let it happen and enjoy it.”

Without any audible response, I grabbed his hard cock and slid it into my inviting pussy. As I started wiggling my butt, Shaun reciprocated by thrusting his cock deep inside me. Sitting up, astride him, I rode Shaun like a bronco rider. It did not take too long before I knew he was about to cum. His body froze, went rigid as he started to deposit his load of cum deep inside me. Bending forward, I kissed him on the lips as we embraced, the intensity of his ejaculation subsiding. For the next minute or so, silence was golden, as we recovered from our first fucking session. I was thinking to myself that my final act of seduction had just been completed. I knew that I had my man and that he could not say no.

“Thank you for that Tracey; you are one hot, incredible woman. You have so much experience for one so young,” he said still breathing very heavily.

“Are you sorry about what just happened, Shaun?” I asked.

“Not at all Tracey! That is the best thing that has ever happened to me. That is the first blow job I have ever had. I have had a couple of girlfriends in my life, but my career was always more important to me. You mean more to me now than anything.”

We had sex twice more after that, one being a blow job; something that he had never experienced before. I helped Shaun make up for lost time from his uneventful past. Each time he lasted a bit longer, but with a loving teacher, Shaun would one day make an amazing lover. Around 4:00 am in the morning, Shaun drove me back home. We kissed goodnight before I went inside for a two hour sleep before having to get up for duty.

Over the next few months, we had the weekends to ourselves. We would drive to Lake St. Clair to the north-west of Singleton and have picnic lunches. Finding secluded spots away from tourist’s eyes, we would swim naked in the lake and fuck on grass or a rug afterwards. We had really become a couple, very much in love.

In June of 1984, Shaun had to attend a briefing session in Sydney, headed by the Special Operations Command. It was a gathering of all the Special Forces groups in Australia headed by Major General Wilkinson, a two-star General from Sydney. From our Lone Pine base, the conference was attended by Brigadier General Leahy, Captain Ames as his aide, and me. Normally, Colonel Hinkley would have been the aide, but he was off duty on sick leave. I don’t know how Shaun managed it to get me along, but he did. Shaun’s primary function was to give support to the one-star General and to take notes and make a full report on the conference. My job there was basically one of experience. As a journalist, I was also to take notes and compare them later with Shaun’s. Two heads are better than one, as the old saying goes.

The briefing session went for three days and two nights, meaning a stay over in Sydney for two nights. We stayed at the luxurious 5-Star Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel in O’Connell Street, Sydney. It is the best hotel I have ever stayed in and I can still remember the stay there. The three of us all had separate rooms, which must have cost a fortune from the taxpayer’s pockets. After our evening meal, we headed back to our rooms in order to deceive General Leahy. An hour later, I went to Shaun’s room where I slept the night with him. The second night, after knocking on Shaun’s door and entering, a life changing surprise left me in shock. After hugging and kissing Shaun, we broke apart. Looking me in the eyes, I can still remember the words that he uttered.

“Tracey, will you marry me?”

I was speechless, and finally after finding my voice, I muttered something like, “Yes, I do,” in gibberish. Two months later, Shaun and I were married. The quiet ceremony was held in the chapel on the army base on 18 August 1984. Both our parents attended the ceremony, as well as a couple of friends on the base. Our son, Harrison, was born on 16 May 1985, nine months later.

I worked until the eighth month of my pregnancy and took a leave of absence until Harrison was twelve months old. I returned to work for another four years at the army base until Harrison commenced school. Shaun stayed in the Army and was promoted to the rank of Colonel where he led divisions in both Afghanistan and East Timor. Shaun retired in 2008 and bought a small business locally.

I do believe that I possess The Art of Seduction!
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