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My Audacious Lover

My Audacious Lover

Woman, craves sex from man who turnes out to be an arrogent, exhibitionist.
This is the sequel to The Night That Changed My life Forever. You may want to read that story first, otherwise the beginning will not make sense. If you are not concerned about continuity and just want a hot read, push on.

It has been nearly a year since that incredible night with Jock. I thought about him every day. My life with Jonathin had not changed very much. He continued to be very generous, caring and a lousy lover. Still I was not going to leave him, he is very wealthy and provides me with the finer things in life which I have learned to enjoy and expect.

I had tried many times to contact Jock. Eventually I found out that he was out of the country. One day in desperation I drove over to his mansion. There is a large metal gate across the drive way. I looked around but did not see anyone. Although no one was in sight the place looked in immaculate condition. The shrubs and flower gardens were perfectly manicured.

Even though his mansion is about 30 miles away, I made it a habit to drive by frequently. Finally one day I spotted a gardener in the front yard pruning the roses near the gate. I called him over and told him that I was a friend of Jock and asked about him. He said that he had been in Libya but was returning because of the civil unrest there.

"We are scrambling to get everything ship shape," he told me. "He is very demanding and expects everything to be perfect. He expects, a lot out of people and demands everything be done his way."

A hot tingle swept through my my body as I realized that Jock was be returning. That evening I could not get him off my mind, and masturbated most of the night.

The next several days were maddening. I did not hear or see anything from him.

Then one evening there was a knock at the door. I opened the door and a woman dressed in a business suit said, “Hello Beckey, my name is Tina, I'm Jock's personal assistant. Jock would like to have you for the evening Friday.

"His limo will pick you up at 8:00. I will text you what Jock wants you to wear.” She did not wait for my answer, she just turned and walked away swinging her ass in a sexy strut.

I was pissed that was so impersonal, sending his assistant to tell me that he wanted to have me for the evening. Then to not even wait for my answer.

It was only Tuesday, and I had to wait to Friday. Each day each hour seemed like an eternity. I lost count of the number of times I masturbated just thinking about what Jock may have in store for me. One thing I was sure of it would not be an ordinary evening.

Late Thursday I received a text message. I have read your account of our last Meeting on LUSHTSTORIES and find it fairly accurate. Wear the top you are wearing in your Lush Avatar, large hoop ear rings and the short short skirt that you wore for picture number 8. Wear 6 inch stiletto heals. My driver will pick you up at 8:00.

Friday finally rolled around. I started getting dressed around 6:00. I dressed exactly as Jock requested. I did not have any panties on in the picture so I assumed that is what he wanted. The only thing that I added was a diamond studded heart on a chain that was just long enough to place the heart deep into my ample cleavage, and a huge pair of hoop earrings.

Eight o'clock came and went. The nerve of him to keep me waiting. Finally around 8:30 a limo pulled up in front of my house. The driver got out of the car came to my door. The driver was a dressed in a professional chauffeurs outfit. He was very handsome and around 35 years old.

“Hello my name is David. I'm Jock's driver and I'm here to pick you up.” With that he escorted me to the limo. After getting into the limo he asked, “Are you comfortable, do you need anything?”

“I don't need anything but why were you late?"

“Ma'am I picked you up at 8:30, exactly when Jock instructed me to pick you up.” With that he rolled up the window between the seats and sped off.

When we arrived David opened the door for me and escorted me to the Great Room.

The Great Room was awesome, with huge cathedral ceilings, large fireplace and a full wall of windows overlooking the ocean. Jock had his back toward me and was looking out the window. Slowly he turned toward me. He was dressed on a form fitting black shirt which fit his muscular body perfectly. His pants must have been custom made because they fit his form perfectly. I could clearly make out the outline of his cock.

Before I could think of what to say he said, “Welcome Beckey, I knew that you would come because you are a cock loving slut.”

He walked over to me and stood very close as he towered over me. He gently ran his hands over my hips up my waist and lightly over my breast.

Just as I started to put my arms around his waist, he stepped back and said, “Beckey, Tina would like to get to know you better.”

“Tina, I want you to meet Beckey.” Tina walked over to me with the sexiest walk I have ever seen. I was stunned, I'm not bisexual, I have never even thought about another woman.

This time she was not dressed in a business suit. She wore bright red high heals a very low shear teddy. She was stunning about 5 foot two inches tall, very very firm d cup breasts firm nipples poking thru the sheer material of her teddy. She had short black hair and wore bright red glossy wet looking lipstick. Her eye lashes were extra long and had loads of black mascara on.

Tina stood very close to me; our boobs were nearly touching. She very gently touched my face. Her hand was so soft and gentle, as I looked down her generous cleavage and hard nipples, I felt a strange attraction that I had never experienced before. I could not believe what I was doing but I found my hands tracing the outline of her breasts.

I felt Tina's lips gently touch me. Her open mouth was so warm so inviting, gentler than any man that I had ever experienced. Soon I felt her tongue enter my mouth, it felt sooo good. I could not believe how hot she had made me.

I looked over and saw Jock standing by the fireplace, be seemed to be really enjoying watching Tina reduce my body to a hot quivering piece flesh. In the dim light I could plainly see his cock beginning to swell. I knew that he was enjoying watching us.

By now Tina's tongue was deep in my mouth and I returned the favor. Tina slowly and gently unbuttoned my blouse and let it drop to the ground.

Soon she was caressing my breasts like no man had ever done. My nipples were so hard they ached, every hair on my body stood up. When I felt her hot wet mouth on my nipple the love juice from my pussy started to run down my leg.

I glanced over to see that Jock's cock was much longer now and while still pointed downward was starting to form a large tent in his tight spandex pants. Watching his cock grow made me even hotter. With each beat of his heart I could see it surge upward.

Tina then motioned for me sit on the edge of the couch. Slowly ever so slowly she worked her way down to my dripping pussy. At first she simply touched it ever so gently with the tip of her tongue. It was exquisite. For the first time I knew why so many women prefer another woman. A woman can be so gentle so understanding of exactly what I want and need. After endless moments of pleasure Tina began to slowly touch my clitoris with the tip of her tongue. I screamed out in delight!

Of course none of this was wasted on Jock, he was enjoying every minute! His cock stood fully erect in those fitted spandex pants. Yes, it was long perhaps as much as 8 inches but what I could not believe was how fat it was. The head of his cock was considerably bigger than the shaft and the ridge around the head stood out prominently. I wanted to see it, touch it, and feel it in my mouth.

By now Tina had her face buried in my hot wet cunt, teasing my clit relentlessly.

Then Jock stepped a little closer and slowly started to unbutton his shirt, then when it was completely undone he let it fall to the floor.

Then Jock said, "Tina that will be all for now, I want this hot little slut to myself.”

He lifted me off the couch and stood very close to me and looked into my eyes. “I saw you watching my cock getting hard., you could hardly take your eyes off of it. Now you are going to suck my fucking cock, slut.”

With that he pulled his pants down and that magnificent cock sprang free. For a moment I just gazed at it in awe. It pointed up at an angle of at least 45 degrees. His balls were very large with not a hair to be seen. The length about 8 inches, the perfect size for fucking not too big and certainly not to small. I could see several blood vessels running the length of bulging slightly, I could tell it was hard as steel. The most stunning feature however, was it's girth, it was huge approaching the size of a soda can.

I put both of my hands on his chest and drug my fingernails down to his waist. as I slowly dropped to my knees. Okay, I thought to myself, he teased hell out of me with Tina, now it is my turn to do some teasing.

I began by running the tip of my tongue over his hairless balls which were drawn up very tightly to his body. Large goose pumps covered his magnificent huge balls. Slowly, slowly, I began to use the tip of my tongue on the bottom of his cock. Up a little then back down and then up a little further. Then for the first time I put my hand around his fat cock. It was no surprise to me when my fingers could not extend fully around his massive organ. I flicked my tongue on the head of his cock, then slowly started to slip into my hot wet mouth. The head of his cock was so big I could barely get it into my mouth. I used my lisps to massage the ridge around it's head of his cock while moving my tongue up and down the bottom of his prick.

After a little more sucking on the head of his cock I tasted his pre-cum in my mouth. It was so exciting because it was a hint of what would be happening later.

Jock then moved me to the edge of the bed and started kissing the inside of my legs working his way toward pussy which was drenched with my love juices. I began to slowly reach another orgasm, slowly the tension built within me than fireworks, bolts of lightning. I had goose bumps from head to toe.

This was my first climax of the evening with Jock but by no means the last.

While I was still trembling, Jock re-positioned me on the edge of the bed. He stood by the bed and lifted my legs on his solders. He then took his cock and placed it at the opening of my vagina. Little by little he would push it in just a little further.

“Fuck me Jock, fuck me with that big fat cock of yours, I want it all, give it to me.” But Jock would have no part of it instead he held back giving me less than an inch.

“Please Jock give me a more of that big fat cock, it feels soooo good!”

With that Jock would give me just a little more then back off. He kept doing this again and again teasing hell out of me.

Then when he was about half way in Jock said, "Okay you fucking slut, you want cock you are going go get cock!" With that he drove the remainder of his fat cock into me and began pounding me relentlessly. Finally, it felt so good! I screamed in delight, and thrust my dripping pussy foreward to meet each thrust of that awesome fat cock.

I felt another wave of pleasure wash over me as I approached another orgasm. This one came more quickly than the first and gave me a sort of vengeance quality. He stopped for a moment and gave me a gentle kiss than rolled me on my side, while he was on his knees. This position made his cock feel even bigger especially when he would stop thrusting and enter me as far as possible and grind his hips around.

The second time he did this it felt a flood of my juices let go. My clean shaven cunt was drenched in fluid. My head was spinning with delight and I could sense that Jock was beginning to climax also.

“Okay slut I've given you what you want now suck my cock, suck it till you have a mouth full of cum.”

I immediately got on my knees in front his cock which glistened in the soft light completely covered with my love juice. I did not waste any time getting the head of his cock in my mouth. I could not take that much in because it was so fat so I concentrated on that huge bulbous head. I used my lips to massage the ring around the head while running my tongue along the bottom. It was not long before I heard his breathing change and he began to moan is pleasure. I felt the goose bumps rise on his legs and cock go super rigid.

Then it started, his cock jerked upward nearly escaping my mouth, on the second jerk I felt his hot sticky cum squirt into my mouth. In short order he pumped seven loads on cum into my mouth. I was determined to hold most of it in my mouth but some if it escaped out the corner of my mouth and landed on my right breast just above my swollen nipple. I could feel it as it ran down and a large drip started to form.

This time I took control and laid Jock on his back, I then gave him a very wet deep kiss giving him back most of the cum he had just given me.

We laid there in a pool of sweat, juice from my pussy and cum trying to catch our breaths.

I had completely forgot about Tina and the limo driver, David. Then I heard a moaning sound out in the great room. When I looked out I saw Tina sucking David's cock.

It was nearly as long as Jock's but not nearly as fat. I watched in amazement as she took more and more of his cock down her throat. She backed off for moment then took the entire length of his cock down her throat. I could see the outline of his cock head deep town her throat. Her nose was buried in his belly.

He gyrated his hips a bit then leaned into her thrusting it in even further.

As we both watched I laid my hand on Jock's massive organ and could feel it beginning to come back to life. I knew that the night was not over yet.

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