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My Secretaries

My Secretaries

I had affairs with both of my married secretaries!
I took the assignment in California working on the Space Shuttle in August of 1976. It was to be for around a year and a half on TDY with all expenses paid by NASA, so I jumped at the chance for adventure and the added income.

I had never been to the high desert before and was in for a surprise as I drove through Barstow, Mojave, and into Lancaster. After living in Florida where everything is green and lush, the dry desert was a shock! Almost everything was dry and dead unless it was watered regularly. I was not thrilled and neither were the more than one hundred other engineers and technicians that had transferred there for the Approach and Landing Test Program.

A contingent of people had been there for months preparing for our arrival. A hangar was made available by the Air Force at Edwards AFB and a complete office building was constructed inside. From the outside it looked just like an old abandoned hangar, but inside it was a brand new carpeted, air conditioned office building with standard government cubicles with two to three desks in each. It was a large single story building with managers having their offices along the walls and the rest of the space was cubicles.

My boss’s secretary, Susan, sat just outside his office and served as secretary for the eight engineers in our section. She was friendly and helpful and I wanted her right away. She had brown hair with blonde highlights and bangs, beautiful brown eyes, and lips that just begged to be kissed. But, she was married with a three year-old kid, her husband was in the Air Force there. So I flirted with her, but never dreamed that anything would come of it.

The Air Force had built a brand new cafeteria building a short walk away, so a bunch of us would go to lunch every day at 11:00.

One day Susan and I were eating slowly I guess because everyone else had left the cafeteria to return to work and we stayed behind. Susan looked at me and said, “If my circumstances were different; if I was single, I would.”

“You would what?”

“You know…go to bed with you.”

“Really! What made you admit that?”

“I don’t know. I just wanted to tell you that I’m really attracted to you, but can’t do anything about it.”

I thought about that for a few seconds and said, “Are you saying that if I were to invite you to my apartment some Sunday afternoon, you could not and would not find a way to come?”

“Well, I’d have to think about that.”

“You could tell Ray that you wanted to drive into Lancaster and do some shopping. Wouldn’t that work?”

“I suppose it would. But I’d have to think about it. I don’t know if I’m ready to do that or not.”

As we walked alone back to the hangar, Susan said, “You must think I’m a terrible person for even considering this.”

“No, I don’t think that at all. I’m thrilled with the possibility that you might come visit me. You know how I’ve flirted with you. And to be honest, I’ve had some rather nice fantasies about you.”

“Really? Like what?”

“Oh, I could never tell you…too embarrassing.”

“Hmm. That’s interesting because I’ve had some fantasies about you too.”

“Now THAT is interesting!”

* * *

Two weeks passed and Susan never mentioned our conversation, but she did give me a look now and then that indicated to me that she was thinking about it.

Then one Friday afternoon she found me alone in my cubicle and asked, “Would you like some company tomorrow afternoon, say around one o’clock?”

“I would love it. I assume you mean yourself.”

“Of course, silly!”

“I’ll be waiting. Do you prefer red wine or white?”


“Okay. White it will be.”

The doorbell rang at 12:30.

“Hi Susan.”

“I’m sorry. I know I’m early. Is it okay?”

“Of course! Come in.”

“I went to Sears and bought a pair of shoes that are too small, so I’ll have to return them next Saturday.”

“That’s a good plan. Will you come over next week, too?”

“If you want me to.”

“You know I do. You look really nice!” Susan was wearing a blue tank top, braless, and shorts. She is only about five-three, so she’s a petite little thing and looked just gorgeous! I took her face in my hands and kissed her lightly for the first time. Her lips were so soft and our tongues very cautiously exploring each other. But I could tell she was nervous.

“John, I’ve never done this before. Ray is the only man I’ve ever been with, so you’ll have to go slow.”

“I understand. How about that white wine?”

“That would be great.”

We sat on the sofa and talked while we sipped our wine. Susan looked so vulnerable and shy, and that added to her attractiveness. I had to fight the urge to grab her and drag her to my bed and ravish her little body. She almost looked like a virgin sitting there trying to get up the nerve to carry through with what she had come there to do.

I finally reached out and ran my fingers through her soft hair. She closed her eyes as she seemed to enjoy it. She leaned into my hand and looked up at me as if to say, “I’m ready now.”

I slid my hand behind her back and the other hand around her waist and pulled her body to mine. She was totally relaxed as she let me hold her. We kissed tenderly at first, then quickly became more passionate.

I let my hand find its way under her tank top to her nice plump breasts and she moaned as I fondled them gently.

I kissed my way down to her neck and shoulders, with plans to get my lips on her breasts. But Susan was a step ahead of me and quickly removed her top to give me full access to her upper body.”

“Oh Susan, you are so beautiful.” I took my mouth straight down to her small breasts and hard nipples.

“Hmm,” she moaned as I kissed and sucked on them. She was getting aroused and her hips were beginning to thrust unconsciously. Then she pulled me down on the sofa so that I was on top of her, my leg between hers.

My erect cock was pressing against her crotch and she was thrusting lightly against it.

“Oh John, I want you so much. Take me to bed.”

I got up and led her by the hand to the bedroom where I had the bed already turned down. She helped me pull my T-shirt off and I unbuttoned her shorts and let them drop to the floor. She was not wearing panties, so she was now totally nude and ready for me.

Then Susan dropped to her knees and unbuttoned my shorts, pushed them to the floor, and kissed the huge bulge in my boxer shorts.

“Wow John, you are quite large aren’t you?”

“Think you can handle me?”

“I don’t know.”

She continued to kiss my cock through my shorts and massage my balls. My cock grew so hard that I thought it would burst out of my shorts. But Susan pulled them down to let my cock spring out and into her waiting mouth.

“Hmm! You’re so hard!” she said as she pushed my cock into her mouth about six or seven inches. As she attempted to go further, she gagged and pulled out.

“Agg! Sorry,” and she tried again.

I was so aroused that I was losing control and wanted to pull her head completely onto my cock, making her choke and gag on it. She was so petite and so innocent and I wanted to take her as though it was her first time.

I put one hand on her shoulder and one on her head and began to slowly fuck her mouth. She resisted at first, but my persistence made her give in to my needs.

“Agg! Agg!” she gagged repeatedly as I pushed my cock further and further down her small throat. “I can’t take it all,” she protested, but I could tell she wanted to try and her throat felt like it could stretch to accommodate me. So I slowly pushed my cock fully into Susan’s willing throat. She gripped my thighs and stiffened her body as she fought the urge to pull away.

She was gagging and coughing as I fucked her throat, but she allowed me to do it for as long as I wanted. After several minutes of her great blowjob, I had to make myself stop and move on to the next step of our lovemaking for the afternoon.

“Why don’t you lay across the bed with you head down here near me?”

“Is this going to be the sixty-nine position?”

“Yes. Do you like that position?”

“I don’t know. I’ve never tried it.”

“Then you’re in for a treat.”

I crawled on the bed over her tiny body, her nice pussy waiting for me, my cock hovering over her face. As I lowered my head between her legs, Susan took my cock into her mouth again and pushed it almost all the way down her throat. She was learning to deep throat quite well.

As I found her nice clit, she moaned in response, “Mmm! That feels so good! You’ll make me cum doing that.”

That was my intention, so I gave her clit some much needed attention. Her pussy got totally wet and was ready for my cock, but I wanted her to cum first.

“Oh God! Don’t stop! I’m cumming. I’m cumming.”

As I pushed my tongue hard against her clit, she was thrusting up and wiggling her hips to achieve full stimulation. Her orgasm built quickly as she yelled out in ecstasy.

“Oh my God! You’re so good! Hmm! Hmm!”

After about fifteen seconds her orgasm was over and she was gasping for breath.

“John, that was….SO GOOD! You are….wonderful!”

I kept my tongue on her clit and rolled it around making shivers run through her body.

“God John! You’re going to make me cum again!”

That’s exactly what I wanted as her body began to build toward another orgasm. This one came more quickly and with more abandon.

“Oh FUCK! I want you inside me! Please fuck me now.”

I gave in to her wishes and quickly turned around and drove my ten-inch cock all the way into Susan’s eager pussy.

“Uhh!” she groaned as she felt my cock impact her cervix.

“Uhh! Uhh! Uhh!” she continued to groan as I slammed and thrust my hard cock deep into her body.

I grabbed her hair in my hand and kissed her in order to stifle her groans.

“Mmff! Mmff! Mmff!” she continued to moan with each thrust I made into her. She was climaxing again…an uncontrollable climax that made her forget where she was. Susan was bucking and thrashing under me, fully enjoying my cock; using every inch to gain pleasure.

When she finally came back to earth from her sexual high, Susan was panting and heaving trying to catch her breath.

“That was SO wonderful John! I came four times! I’ve never done that before. You are amazing!”

“I wanted today to be just for you.”

“Did you cum yet?”

“No. I want to turn you over and do you from the back.”

“Okay,” she said as she rolled over and pushed her ass in the air to make it easy for me to enter her.

I pulled her legs together, straddled them, and slowly pushed my cock into her well lubricated pussy.

“Oh God! Fuck me! Fuck me! I could cum again.”

I grabbed her hips and pounded hard into sweet petite little Susan as she moaned loudly with each thrust.

“Uhh! Uhh! Uhh! Fuck…me! Fuck…me!”

“I’m going to cum inside you.”

“No. Please cum in my mouth. I want to taste your cum.”

I pulled out of her and said, “Roll over,” and moved up to straddle her chest just as my cock began to spurt. The first spurt made a splash across her face before she could open her mouth. Before my second spurt I managed to get my cock into her mouth. My cum quickly filled her mouth and began to run out of the corners and down her chin. She quickly swallowed everything as she continued to stroke my cock with her hand.

After swallowing every drop of my cum, she said, “Mmm. I loved that. I love feeling you spurt in my mouth. It’s such a turn-on!”

“It is for me too.” I lay down beside Susan and we cuddled and took a short nap; the kind of nap that feels so good after satisfying sex.

When I woke up, Susan was playing with my cock.

“You feel so weird as you grow in my hand.”

“I think I should make love to you again. I want to feel you legs around my waist.”

“Sounds nice,” and she lay down beside me.

I got between her spread legs, lay down on her small body, and pushed my cock into her.

“Mmm! You feel so hard. I love you between my legs. This is what I’ll be thinking about all week at work. Every time I look at you, this is what I’ll be thinking about.”

“Me too. I would love to fuck you on Ted’s desk.”

“Wow! That would be so naughty….and exciting!”

I put one hand on her head and one under her butt to lift it up and thrust into her for almost ten minutes until I exploded my cum deep into her.

“Ohh! I can feel your cum spurting in me. Oh wow! So good!”

“I’ve stayed too long. I should go. Ray will have questions.”

“Yeah. Where did the time go?”

“Can I come back next week?”

“You’d better.”

* * *

The next Saturday was not a repeat of the first. Susan wanted me to take her on the dining room table…pretending it was Ted’s desk.

As she worked on clearing his desk, I came up behind her and grabbed her around the waist with one arm and put my other hand over her mouth.

“Don’t fight me Susan. Okay? I know you’ve been wanting this as much as I have.”

She shook her head indicating that she would not fight me.

Without releasing her, I said, “Pull up your skirt.”

She quickly pulled it up and pushed down her panties.

“Now I’m going to take my hand off of your mouth, so don’t make a sound.”

“Okay,” she whispered.

I pushed her forward onto the table, dropped my pants, and pulled my already fully erect cock out of my shorts.

“Spread your legs and reach back and spread your ass cheeks.”

When Susan did that, it revealed that her pussy was wet and ready for me. The lips were swollen and well lubricated. I placed my cock about two inches inside her, grabbed her shoulders, and shoved hard, thrusting myself all the way into her.

“Uhh! God!”

I thrust and pushed into Susan’s pussy as though we might be caught at any moment and I wanted to finish her first.

“Uhh! Uhh! Uhh!”

I quickly exploded inside her, filling every soft, wet crevice of her pussy with my hot sperm. When I was finished I pulled her to the floor on her knees and made her suck me clean.

“That was fun, but I’d like to really do it on Ted’s desk sometime.”

“That would be taking a chance that I don’t want to take, and I don’t think you do either.”

“Well, maybe you’re right.”

* * *

A month later, Susan announced that her husband was getting out of the Air Force and that they would be moving back to Miami. She would be training a new secretary before she left.

We managed to get together one more time before she left. She wanted me to tie her to the bed and ravish her one more time to remember me by and had brought with her a long sash to use. So I tied her wrists together, then tied them to the corner post of the bed. That way I could flip her over at will.

I started with her lying on her back, her hands tied securely over her head. I straddled her chest and made her suck me off.

“No! Please! Not that!”

“Open your mouth and suck me!” I took her head in my hands and pressed my cock against her lips. She reluctantly opened her mouth and I pushed my cock in all the way.

“Agg!” she gagged, but I didn’t pull out. I pushed further in until my cock was in her throat.

“Cucks!” she coughed and struggled to pull away, but I held her head steady and fucked her throat for several long seconds, every gag seemed to massage the head of my cock and open her throat even wider.

I finally pulled out so she could take a breath as she panted and gasped for air.

“I’ve never done that before, that’s why I’m having a hard time. Please don’t make me do it again!”

“Open wide,” I said as I pushed my cock back down her throat.

“Agg!” she gagged over and over as I fucked her nice tight throat. I was about to lose control and shoot off, so I pulled out and moved down between her legs, raised them up over my shoulders, and rammed my cock into her wet pussy all the way.

“Uhh! Don’t hurt me. You’re so big you’ll hurt me. Uhh! Uhh! Uhh!”

I loved the sounds she made as I screwed her hard and fast. I knew she was loving every thrust, every push of my cock into her body.

I was getting close to climaxing, so I turned Susan over on her stomach, pulled her legs together, and ordered her to stick her ass up. I then pushed my cock deep into her waiting body as I began to shoot off. I had waited too late and had been too close to climaxing.

“Oh God! I can feel you cumming inside me. You’ll make me cum too. Fuck me! Fuck me!”

We both had wonderful climaxes together for the last time. I untied her hands and we cuddled and went to sleep. It was late when we woke up, so we didn’t have time to make love again as we’d planned. Susan left and that was the last time I ever saw her.

* * *

Jan was our new secretary and she was a knockout! She had long brown hair, dark eyes, and nice large, firm breasts (probably enhanced) that she never confined in a bra. There was no dress code in the office for anyone. We were working in a field operation, so casual and comfortable was more important than decorum. So Jan wore either a tank top, a halter top, or a T-shirt every day to show off her tits and her hard nipples. She must have been in a constant state of arousal to have nipples so hard all the time.

Jan was married, but her husband, and Air Force airman, was currently on an extended training deployment. All the guys in the office flirted with her and she loved it. She flirted back and generally gave the impression that she was available to the right guy. That may or may not have been the case, but she gave that impression…and it thrilled us guys.

We were always competing over who was going to ask her to go to lunch. I don’t know why we did that because we all went together anyway, no matter who asked her. But there was some status and pride felt if you were the one that “she was going to lunch with.”

One day Jan came into my cubicle when I was alone. She was delivering the mail and seemed to be lingering, so I said, “Do you want me?” (meaning do you need to see me about something?)

She said, “Yes, but I can’t have you.”

“How do you know if you don’t ask?” I was obviously thrilled with her statement.

She walked out and didn’t say anything until later in the afternoon. Again I was alone in my cubicle when she came in and asked, “Will you be home tonight around seven? Maybe I’ll drop by.”

“Yep. I’ll be there.”

Again she walked out without saying anything else.

At seven on the dot my doorbell rang and it was Jan. I couldn’t believe it! I didn’t think she would actually show up.

I opened the door. “Well! It’s you! Come in.”

Jan came in, put her purse on the sofa, and walked up to me with a very seductive look on her face. She put her hands on my chest and slowly slid them up to my shoulders and around my neck.

“I’ve waited for this moment since the first day I saw you,” she whispered in my ear and began to nibble on my neck and run her fingers through my hair.

I pulled her tight against my body and pressed my already hard erection against her crotch.

“Mmm! You must want me as much as I want you.”

“Every day I have this fantasy where I drag you into a dark corner of the hangar and force you to have sex with me. You drive me crazy with those nice boobs.” I could feel how hard they were as I held her close to me. But I didn’t care if her boobs were “enhanced”, I just wanted to get my hands and mouth on them.

“Well, they’re all yours all night. That is if you want me to spend the night.”

“Are you crazy? Of course I want you to spend the night. That will give me plenty of time to do all the things to you that I’ve fantasized about.”

“Really? Tell me some of your fantasies. I’ll live them with you.”

We continued to grind against each other and kiss each other, our tongues exploring one another’s mouths.

“Well, I’d like to start my foreplay in the sixty-nine position until you have two orgasms.”

“Mmm. I like that.”

“Then I will turn around, have you put your legs around my waist, and fuck you long and hard until you have two more orgasms.”

“Wow! You must be a mind reader.”

“Then I’ll turn you over and ram you in my favorite position…from the back.”

“God, you’re making me so hot!” Jan was now rubbing her crotch up and down on the bulge in my pants so hard that I thought I would lose it.

I suddenly flipped her around, grabbed her by the waist, put my hand over her mouth, and pulled her into the bedroom. She was struggling and moaning all the way, doing a great job of pretending to resist me.

I whispered in her ear, “I’m going to fuck you all night, so just cooperate and I won’t hurt you.”

“I’ll cooperate, but I won’t enjoy it.”

Then I proceeded to do all the things I’d said I would do. I started with some sixty-nine action. Jan could deep throat me without the slightest gag or cough. She was very good and very practiced at deep throating a cock.

When I turned around and entered her, she locked her legs around my waist and held on for dear life as I pounded my ten-inch cock into her. She must have climaxed three or four times as I thrust away. I was enjoying her climaxes as much as she was. I had long imagined what Jan would be like in bed. Would she be good? Would she be noisy? Would she do anything I wanted her to do?

“John, I want you to cum in my mouth. I want to feel your cock spurting in my mouth. I love that.”

I was about to climax anyway, so her request couldn’t have come at a better time. I quickly moved up to straddle her chest and she sucked my cock deep into her throat. She pumped her head up and down only a few times before I started to spurt my cum into her throat. My load was so huge and my spurts had such pressure behind them that she gagged, but kept on sucking and swallowing until she had taken all of my cum.

“Wow John! That was a big load! I loved that. I was pretending that I was sucking you at your desk at work. People were walking by outside your cubicle, but didn’t know we were there or what we were doing. It was SO exciting!”

“That would be exciting. I wonder if we can somehow manage to actually do that some late Friday afternoon when people usually start to disappear early.”

“We should try it.”

“We could get in a lot of trouble.”

“I want you to fuck me from the back on Ted’s desk, too. That’s my number one fantasy.”

“Wow! Now that would be fun!”

“I know!”

* * *

Jan spent the night, which was a blur of sex and sleep. I would just get to sleep and she would wake me up by sucking my cock and sitting down on it.

At around six in the morning, Jan was totally exhausted and completely spent, having had at least eight or nine orgasms during our marathon of sex. I wiped the hair from her face and kissed her cheek, but she didn’t move. She was totally in a deep sleep. Now was my chance to fuck her while she was asleep.

She was lying on her stomach with both hands near her head, so I slowly spread her legs, got between them, and pushed my cock into her pussy, which was still oozing cum from the night’s activities.

I slowly, but forcefully, pushed deep into her body, my climax quickly approaching. She suddenly moaned in her sleep, so I froze hoping she wouldn’t wake up. She turned her head and didn’t wake up, so I continued to thrust into her until I shot my load. I pushed all the way into her body and held my cock deep inside her as it spurted its gift of cum.

When I finished I rolled over and went back to sleep until around seven when Jan woke me up with a kiss.

“Did you fuck me while I was asleep? I feel like my body has just been ravished.”

“I cannot tell a lie. I did. And it was glorious! I’ve always wanted to do that.”

“You are really a good lover! Where have you been all my life?”

“I’ve been in Florida. I wish we’d met years ago.”

“Me too.”

We kissed and cuddled for an hour before showering together. Jan gave me a fantastic blowjob as I shampooed her hair.

That was the first of many weekends we would spend together. No one at work ever suspected a thing. We were always very discrete not to spend too much time together. When her husband returned from his training tour we had to stop seeing each other, but it was great while it lasted.

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