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Mystery, Shadows And Desire… Part 1 (The Stranger Approaches)

A mysterious stranger leads Catilin into a whole new world of adventure and lust.
'Oh my God! What is about to happen to me?' was the silent scream echoing through Catilin’s mind. Her heart was pounding, her mouth was dry and beads of sweat stood out on her smooth, naked body. She had never been so afraid in all her life! But at the same time she had never been so completely turned on.

Caitlin could not see a thing through the pitch black darkness in the room. However, she could hear the sounds of breathing. Not only her own panicked gasps, but the deeper and harsher sounds of several different men as well. The rasping sounds were those of hunters closing in on their prey and she had never felt more helpless in her life. Disoriented, confused and stripped bare, she could only wait in alternating terror and arousal for whatever fate held in store for her.

The smooth, confident tones of her tormentor carried through the shadows, calmly ordering Caitlin to remain quiet and still. Although every rational fibre of her being was begging her to scream, to run, to strike out… somehow that hypnotic voice kept her entranced and compliant, following instructions without demur.

Even when several strong male hands began to caress her bare skin and slide over her sweat-drenched curves, she did not pull away. Ice-cold shivers of fear fought with waves of warm excitement coursing through her body. Her mouth was parched, but she could feel the dampness building between her thighs.

As the strange hands roamed all over her in the darkness, the overwhelming thought inside Caitlin’s head was 'Damn that sweet-talking bastard… what has he gotten me into?'


It had all begun three weeks ago. Catilin had started her forays back into the dating scene following a prolonged period of absence in the aftermath of a messy divorce. Thankfully no kids had been involved… but that had been the only saving grace.

Her ex-husband had been a Grade A prick, lying to her face, cheating on her with what seemed to be half the female staff in his office and never showing any remorse when caught out. She had tried so hard to save their relationship, giving him more chances to change his ways than he had deserved. Then when she had finally had enough and demanded an end to their sham of a marriage, he and the other partners at his law firm, all ex-college buddies, made the divorce process as protracted and unpleasant as possible.

After all she had been through, she had just had enough of men for a while and cut herself off from them altogether. She just didn’t need any more grief. Not that she was about to become a lesbian, she liked being taken by a real man just too much to give it up for good! But for several months after the divorce was finalised, the odd night out with girlfriends and spending the rest of her time either at work, hitting the gym or catching up on movies and books at home had been good enough.

At least she hadn’t slipped so far into depression that she had stopped looking after herself. In fact, she had been working out more frequently and had found extra time to pamper herself with facials, a good skin care regime, trips to the beauty parlour.

'All that extra care has sure paid off..' was Caitlin’s thought that night three weeks ago as she stood before her full length bedroom mirror. A newly styled hairdo, exotic strawberry blonde curls with daring red highlights, cascaded over her smooth bare shoulders. For the first time in years, her green eyes twinkled with happiness and life, in an elegant, oval-shaped face which had been carefully made up for a night out in a favourite upscale nightclub. Ruby red lips and bold eye shadow drew attention.

Her figure was looking better than it had in years, toned in all the right places and with alluring, maybe even dangerous, curves. Her alabaster skin was soft, supple and glowing with health. She smiled as her gaze travelled downwards, taking in the swell of her 34C breasts topped with rose pink nipples, her flat, trim stomach, the soft, womanly curve of her hips framing the neatly tended reddish blonde patch between her legs. Her long, toned legs tapered down to delicate feet, with boldly painted toenails. Turning around, she saw defined calves and thighs leading up to a tight, firm derriere, two sexy globes at the base of a shapely back, shoulders and neck. Her shoulders flowed down into well shaped arms, ending in equally delicate hands, tapered fingers and carefully manicured nails coated in the same bold scarlet as her toenails.

'I’ve still got it…' Catilin mused, '…. Not too bad at all for a woman past thirty after a failed marriage.'

A devilish smile played across her rouged lips as she anticipated the male attention she was certain to draw later that evening. “I’m ready to jump back in… find a real man who actually appreciates me,” Caitlin whispered to herself as she reached for sexy black lingerie. Slipping into black silk panties and her favourite matching bra that subtly emphasised her cleavage, Caitlin felt a sense of excitement that had been missing from her life for a long time now.

She followed up with a beautiful black cocktail dress with highlights of gold thread, which had both an elegant flow yet also clung flatteringly to her curves. A pair of classy black stilettos and some favourite tasteful pieces of golden jewellery completed her evening’s outfit. Looking once more at her appearance in the mirror before she left, Caitlin reflected briefly on her ex-husband. 'In the past when he was buying me gifts, the asshole did have very good taste in women’s clothes, shoes and jewellery… one small redeeming feature I guess.' The fact that she was going to be wearing a stunning ensemble bought for her by her ex-husband, while she began her search for a better man, had a sort of delicious ironic justice to it.

“Here I go again,” Caitlin murmured as she walked out the front door of her apartment. “Let’s hope for some good luck, it’s been too long!”


Several hours later, Caitlin let herself back in. She had had a wonderful evening, enjoying many admiring glances and several approaches from some quite handsome men with whom she had shared some amusing flirtations. She had also given out her number to a couple of the most interesting prospects. All in all, it had felt so good for her soul to be found attractive and desirable again. Caitlin was looking forward to some future contact with one or two of the men she had met and seeing where things went from there.

As Caitlin got ready for bed, her mobile phone chimed a text message alert. 'Well well..' she thought, 'that was quicker than I expected.' She looked at the message and her curiosity was instantly piqued. The message read:

A truly amazing beauty who deserves nothing but the best! Warmest regards from a mystery admirer who has wanted to know you better for years! If you find this message interesting, call me on….

A mobile number completed the message.

Caitlin felt both highly intrigued and a little apprehensive. Whoever this was, she doubted it was anyone she had spoken with that evening, or for that matter, given her number to. There was also the reference to this “mystery admirer” having known her for a long time. The situation was mysterious, possibly even a bit dangerous and yet also rather exciting.

Soon after, Caitlin was lying in bed reflecting on the evening, particularly the strange message she had just received. As she drifted off to sleep, the words kept on coming up in her mind …. Amazing beauty… mystery admirer for years… if you are interested call me. Caitlin was most certainly interested and flattered, but at the same time the voice of reason (the same one that had been telling her for years that her ex-husband was a capital turd) was telling her that to call the number could be risky and unwise.

Caitlin could only just feel her hands sliding over her body beneath the sheets, touching herself as the heat and excitement built up in her. Her fingers lightly teased their way over her lips, the soft swell of her breasts, her now-hardening nipples, down her stomach and over her thighs before finally coming to rest on her now slightly moist sex. Slowly at first, and then with increasing tempo, her fingers danced over her clit and swollen labia, with her other hand lightly squeezing and stroking her erect rosy nipples in turn. The questing fingers of her right hand slipped inside her now very wet slit, seeking out and finding her G-spot.

Caitlin was just barely conscious that she was bringing herself to a most delicious climax, as she dreamed over the happenings of the evening, especially the perplexing and arousing mystery message. A soft moan escaped her lips as she went over the edge into her orgasm, succumbing to the warm shock waves of intense pleasure rippling through her body. Finally, she fully went into a deep and satisfied sleep.


The next evening, Caitlin was sitting at home with a glass of wine and trying to read a good book she had started a few nights ago. Although she had found the book to be a compelling read at first, tonight her heart just wasn’t in it. Her thoughts constantly wandered to the mystery message of the night before, and the mixed feelings of excitement, worry and lust it had triggered in her.

Several times, her glance stole towards her mobile phone waiting quietly on a side table. There had been no further messages or calls since the first. The silence after this first contact now meant that the words of the first message kept running on a loop through Caitlin’s mind. No matter what, she could not stop thinking about the message or her reaction to it. Despite the voice of reason urging caution, she was sorely tempted to take up the challenge sent to her by text.

Eventually, Caitlin gave in to the temptation. With a deep breath, she picked up her phone and keyed in the number provided. There were a few rings, and then a confident, assured male voice answered.

“I knew you would call.”

Caitlin was shocked at first by the presumption in that cool tone. However, the voice also sounded friendly, without malice or arrogance. Whoever this mystery man was, the first impression was of someone with a real ability to charm a woman. Playing along for now, Caitlin shot back, “What made you so certain? Do you think that I’m some bimbo, easily led on?”

“Anything but … from the moment I first laid eyes on you I knew you were a strong, confident, beautiful woman, no-one’s fool and with a good many positive qualities. However I also realised that you were longing for something more in your life, and that you wanted it so much you were willing to take a risk to find it. That is how I was sure I’d hear from you.”

Caitlin was deeply flattered by the praise, but also more than a little alarmed at how this stranger had so much insight into her feelings. There was also something about the voice too, something she couldn’t quite put her finger on. Like she had heard it before… yet it certainly wasn’t the voice of anyone she knew well. Pushing deeper into the mystery, Caitlin asked;

“Just who are you anyway? How is it you seem to know a great deal about me? And by the way, just how did you get my number? I certainly would have remembered who you were had I shared it with you the night before. You don’t sound anything like either of the men I gave my number to!”

“Ahhh.. so many questions. Firstly, I was standing nearby when you wrote your number down for one of those guys. I wanted so badly to talk to you, but didn’t want to be crass and interrupt. I saw what you wrote and memorised it. My apologies for prying, but I believe you won’t mind..”

Caitlin interjected “What the hell…. Just who do you think you are? Copying down a woman’s number and calling her without invitation? You sound like an arrogant horse’s ass, just like my ex-husband!”

The tone of the reply was still cool, but a little more firm. “I assure you, I am nothing like your ex-husband. You were far too good for him, and you deserve so much better. I know I intruded into your privacy, but I have only the best of intentions for you…”

The alarm bells were now screeching in Caitlin’s head. Not only had this mystery man breached her privacy, it seemed more and more certain that he knew a great deal about her. Yet she could not, for the life of her, place him! She began to wonder if was being stalked by some creep, and a worm of fear coursed through her soul.

That smooth voice carried on “…so I hope you will give me a chance to prove those good intentions. All I have wanted, for a long time now, is to make you happy in every way!” A hint of deeper passion came through in that last sentence.

Caitlin was dumbstruck. In just a couple of minutes, this mystery man had aroused so many emotions in her, intrigue, shock, pleasurable flattery, a little anger, more than a little fear… and yet that calm voice did not seem to carry a great deal of threat. Indeed, there was something entrancing about it, something drawing her in even though common sense told her she should just hang up.

Caitlin thought carefully before her giving her next reply in a steadier voice. “Well, I’m definitely rather shocked that you would call me out of the blue like this, and that you seem to know a great deal about me while remaining a stranger. However, I can’t deny that I am curious…”

Caitlin heard the smile in the voice with the stranger’s next words. “That’s good! I know this is mysterious and strange to you. All that I ask is that you are willing to listen and play along with me. I promise, you will not regret doing so!”

Caitlin remained silent, and the confident voice continued “As for one of your other questions, I am someone who has been on the periphery of your social circle before. I could never bring myself to approach you before. However, by chance, I saw you out at the club last night, so clearly single once again and with another chance at happiness. I knew I had to act this time!”

Some of Caitlin’s initial fears were subsiding. Whoever this stranger was, he sounded like someone who had genuine feelings for her, feelings he had likely not acted on for some time. The fears were being replaced by an ever increasing desire to open up to this smooth-talking stranger… a real “mystery admirer” just like his original message had advertised. Perhaps it was worth taking a risk.

Caitlin spoke softly. “So if you have know me so long, and you have felt this way about me, why haven’t you made yourself known to me before now?”

“I respected the fact that you were married when I first knew you. As I said earlier, I am unlike your ex-husband. I have wanted to speak with you and strike up a closer relationship for a few years now, but it wasn’t the right time or place. I can only thank my good fortune that I got a second chance. And while you might not believe it, when I first saw you I was not confident enough to approach such a beautiful and sophisticated woman as you!”

Caitlin laughed gently at that last statement. “I do find that hard to believe! You certainly don’t seem to lack confidence now! I also must say that you do have a silver tongue and a charming way about you. I think you must be a real ladies’ man!”

Once again, Caitlin heard a smile in that smooth voice. “It’s nice of you to say so, but this is the first time I have ever done anything quite as bold as this! I guess I was inspired by my desire to get closer to you and make good on this chance!”

Caitlin blushed with pleasure. Despite the now more subdued voice of caution telling her to be more careful, she was thrilled that she could still inspire such deep feelings in someone. The flattery was also getting to her, radiating warmth from both deep inside her heart and also from the core of her womanhood. She could feel the nice ripples moving throughout her body and gently sighed.

The mystery man was also quick on the uptake. With a subtle hint of lust in that cool voice, he added, “Hmmm, it sounds like I might be breaking through the ice a bit there! Believe me, I will be able to show you far more in the way of good feelings than your ex-husband was capable of!”

Shaking her head, Caitlin muttered, “I can’t believe I’m doing this! I’m getting seduced by a total stranger!”

The smooth gentleman pressed on. “Give it a chance, let yourself go! I took a risk, now it’s your turn!”

Despite her trepidation, Caitlin couldn’t deny the logic in that statement. It was true that she had been longing to be seduced by a gentleman (someone unlike her ex) and giving into that temptation for some time now. Taking the plunge, she murmured huskily, “Well what can you do for me?”

The voice once again went cool and confident, this time carrying a hint of authority. “Very well, why don’t you lay back somewhere and get comfortable? While you’re at it, you’d better make sure your hands are free…”

Caitlin got up from her sofa for a moment to draw the blinds. Whatever was about to happen, she didn’t want to put on a free show for the residents across the street. She then took the hint and put her phone on speaker, setting it down nearby as the lay back on the sofa.

“OK then.” Caitlin replied. “What’s next?”

“Loosen your clothes a bit. Tell me what you’re wearing as you do that.”

“Well… I have a white silk blouse and a pair of fitted grey slacks on,” Caitlin responded as her fingers undid buttons on both items. “Underneath, a matching set of white bra and panties”.

“Hmmm… sounds very businesslike. Certainly not as stunning as what you were wearing last night!”

Caitlin chuckled softly. “I don’t go out to upmarket nightclubs every night! It is business wear, I was at the office until quite late this evening.”

The unknown stranger murmured, “I’m sure that just about anything would look good on you, and besides it’s what lies underneath that I’m more interested in right now!”

With a nervous laugh, Caitlin remarked, “Well, in at least one way you are like my ex-husband! Come to think of it, I think most men are like that!”

The stranger laughed lowly in response. “I can’t deny that! Just like most men, I do appreciate a good looking woman and being able to see more of her. So tell me, what can I see now?”

Caitlin answered, “My blouse is open now, and my breasts are only covered by a white lacy bra now. My slacks have been unbuttoned, and now you can see my panties.”

“Very nice. Now touch your skin for me. How does it feel?” were the next orders.

“Quite soft, smooth and rather warm now. I am beginning to feel just a bit excited!” Caitlin sighed in response.

“Oh yes” purred the hypnotic voice of the stranger. “I can just imagine how good your skin would feel to touch! Now let your hands roam. Pretend they are my hands. What are they doing?”

Caitlin’s hands were moving all over her body. She was abandoning herself to the gentle but firm command of her mystery suitor. Now, nothing existed except his instruction and the feel of her hands (or were they his hands?) touching her all over….

“Touching my stomach, stroking the lace over my breasts, mmmm my nipples are getting harder!“ Caitlin murmured softly.

“Play with them a little, I want to tease you!” murmured the stranger.

Caitlin ran her fingers over her lace-covered nipples again, circling them and then pinching them lightly. She moved the lace cups of her bra to the side, baring her breasts and her now erect rose pink nipples. She repeated the motions of her fingers, sending sparks of excitement shooting through her body.

“That feels so good! I love it when my nipples are teased,” Caitlin whispered.

“I’m sure you do,” chuckled the stranger. “Now tell me, where are my hands going now?”

“They are running down over my thighs.. now between them… brushing over the front of my panties… oh my panties are damp!” Caitlin moaned.

The hypnotic voice continued on. “My hand is sliding into your panties now…”

Caitlin’s right hand slid beneath the white lace covering her crotch. She stroked her moistening labia and her fingers brushed lightly over her clit.

“Ohhh yes…. I’m getting so wet… please keep touching me there!“ Caitlin begged.

“I need to see all of you… please strip for me! Describe it for me,” came the low, sensual growl.

By now, Caitlin was completely adrift in a sea of lust and desire. She had lost all inhibition, casting aside her blouse, tugging her slacks off her shapely long legs, unfastening her bra, slipping her now soaked panties down… as she went, she obeyed the stranger’s command, detailing her striptease for him.

Finally, she gasped “I’m naked and so hot for you…. Take me now!”

A low laugh came in response. “All in good time, all in good time. First you need to prove to me how much of a risk you are willing to take.”

At this, Caitlin paused momentarily. “What do you mean? Haven’t I already shown I’m willing to take a chance?”

“Oh yes you have,” purred the mysterious gentleman. “However, I need to know just how far you are prepared to go in your search for satisfaction.”

Yet again, the warning bells started to sound in Caitlin’s mind. But this time, they seemed somewhat muted. She did not feel scared anymore, only intrigued at what would come next.

“Well, what you do you want then?” Caitlin shot back, with a questioning tone.

“Hmmmm… I’m sure that you were careful before and drew the blinds.” The stranger went on, laying out his challenge. “Why don’t you take a risk that others can see you in the throes of passion?”

Caitlin hesitated before replying. This was going too fast for her comfort. While she was willing to let herself go with this smooth-talking mystery man, she was no exhibitionist.

“I don’t know I can do that,” Caitlin answered quietly. “I’m not comfortable where this is going,” she added.

In gentle tones, the stranger went on, “I would not want you to do anything you don’t want to. I promise you that while I may dare you to go where you haven’t before, how far you go is entirely up to you!”

Caitlin realised she was on the edge of something exciting, but also possibly a bit dangerous. While her inner voice of reason was telling her to end this now, another inner voice, a more devilish one, was now urging her to push her limits and see where this adventure took her.

The soft, insistent voice of her seducer continued to draw her in. “Please believe me when I say that I will never mistreat you in any way! All I want is to take you on an erotic adventure unlike any you have known.“

Caitlin laughed nervously, “It all sounds good, but what happens if I can’t go where you want me to?”

The honeyed voice kept on weaving its spell. “Then you only need to say so. I will not force you. I want you to go willingly with me on this journey, and find happiness and excitement you have never known.”

Caitlin could not believe that she was being tempted into being so bold. Yet her devilish inner voice was winning the battle now. She took a deep breath, and moved up to the curtains and drew them aside.

“All right,” she breathed “I have opened the blinds. Now what do you want me to do?”

“Stay there. Tell me what you see,” the stranger softly but firmly ordered.

Caitlin looked over the view in front of her. There was a small park right below her apartment building, currently empty, and then the residential street on which cars kept passing occasionally. Further across the road was another apartment building, with some of its windows lighted up, but most of the windows had shades drawn across them. She could not see anybody at the moment. Caitlin dutifully reported all of this down the phone, while she remained standing, exposed at her large living room window.

The mystery man continued with his instructions. “Now start running your hands over your body, nice and slowly.” Caitlin obeyed, lightly running her hands over her bare skin, exploring her curves as kept standing out where she could be seen clearly. She noticed a car slow down in the street, and her heart pounded. However, the car kept moving on out of sight.

She continued to stroke her body, her hands moving over her breasts, down her sides, over her thighs and running back up the inside of her legs. Caitlin’s skin was tingling with excitement, both from the gentle touching and the thrill of exposing herself. She was surprised with herself for being persuaded into taking this risk, but she couldn’t deny the delicious naughty feeling coursing through her.

“So how do you feel now Caitlin? Aroused? Excited?” questioned the stranger.

“Mmm yes, this does turn me on a bit,” Caitlin giggled. “I feel quite wicked. I didn’t think I could do this, you are very persuasive!” While she spoke, Caitlin kept touching herself, her fingers now circling around the hardening pink buds of her nipples. She saw a couple of people pass in front of windows across the street, and another jolt of adrenaline shot through her system. No heads were turned, though, and once again Caitlin felt relieved.

“I was nearly seen then!” Caitlin laughed nervously. Her mysterious seducer also laughed softly, then added “But you liked that, didn’t you? The risk of being caught makes it feel good, doesn’t it?”

“Oh, I think you are right,” Caitlin sighed in response. Her right hand was moving lower down now, sliding over her flat, smooth stomach and easing between her thighs. She began to idly stroke up and down over the downy, strawberry blonde patch above her womanhood, with a finger gently flicking against her throbbing clit. She gasped in pleasure and the pace of her fingers picked up.

“Where are my hands now? What are they doing to you?” queried the stranger mischievously.

“Oh God! You stroke my pussy so well! Keep touching me right there,” Caitlin cried out. Meanwhile her other hand was teasing and pinching her erect nipples. As her busy fingers continued rubbing her clit and her very wet slit, Caitlin saw a flicker of a curtain in a window over the road. She gave a small yelp, both of surprise and passion.

The reaction on the other end of the phone was swift. “Someone has seen you, haven’t they? Are they watching?” the stranger murmured.

“I think so. In the building across the road from me,” Caitlin exclaimed. However, the pace of her fingers didn’t slow. “Oh God, I can’t believe I’m doing this,” she moaned. The rational part of her mind begged her to stop, but these entreaties were drowned out by her lust and excitement. She was too far swept up in her passion now. Her fingers now pushed inside her, probing her G-spot and causing her body to quake in pleasure.

“You don’t care, do you? You want to be seen! You need others to watch you climax, don’t you?” that maddeningly entrancing voice went on.

“Uhhhhh.. ohhhhh….” Caitlin moaned in response. Almost without knowing what she was doing she spun around, showing off her fine toned butt to the watcher across the way. She then spread her legs slightly and bent over, reaching back with her hand to keep fingering herself as she displayed her ass and dripping pussy in all its glory. As Caitlin bent low, she spread her legs a bit wider and glanced back between them. She reckoned she saw a figure standing at a window, looking across the road at her through a gap in their curtains. With two fingers buried deep inside her, she swung her ass back and forth, making sure the watcher got a good look.

“What are you doing now? Giving someone lucky a show?” crooned the mystery man.

“Ohhhh…. Yesssss…. Let him see, I don’t care!” Caitlin gasped out. The two fingers pushed into her pussy were rubbing her G-spot, driving her ever closer to an intense climax. Her free hand, meanwhile, was busy stroking her breasts and pinching her nipples. A small part of her continued to protest at the outrageously bold she was being. However, Caitlin couldn’t deny that she was incredibly turned on and on the verge of experiencing one of the best orgasms of her life.

His voice laden with passion, the stranger growled “That’s right Caitlin! Let yourself go! Indulge your wild side. Don’t stop, I am so turned on right now! I am stroking myself, just wishing I was there with you!”

Caitlin’s body was trembling madly with her impending climax. She was standing boldly and proudly in clear view, masturbating energetically and with no regard for her modesty. Out of the corner of her eye, Caitlin saw the observer across the street with his hand inside his pants, idly playing with a large bulge there. Her eyes flicked downward, and she registered someone else in the garden below, staring up at her window, their mouth agape in surprise.

She just couldn’t believe that she was capable of this. The seductive tone and words of her mystery admirer had gotten to her in a way she had never thought possible. Her voice picked up into a series of sobbing gasps as her orgasm swept over her, her body shaking as it never had before.

Finally, Caitlin screamed out with the release of feelings that she had not felt in so long. Sweat dripped off her naked body, and her breathing took some time to slow down. The electricity coursing through every fibre of her being was incredible. Wetness flowed freely down her thighs, and her heart was pounding with excitement.

Gradually, as she came down from the heights of her climax, normalcy and sensibility returned. She yelped in shock as she took in the watchers in the window across the street and the garden below who had witnessed her performance.

“Oh my God!” Caitlin screamed. “What am I doing? I can’t believe I let you talk me into this!” She was blushing furiously and quickly made to draw the blinds, thus ending the show for her appreciative audience.

The stranger huskily whispered, “You can’t deny you enjoyed that though. It may well be a risk you’ve never taken before, but I know you relished taking that chance, and being caught in the act.”

Once again, Caitlin was furious. How dare this stranger take such liberties, and how the fuck did he have such insight into her feelings? However, mixed with the fury and indignation was something else, a feeling of daring and excitement she had never felt before.

She took some time to collect her thoughts, and then spoke in a shaking voice. “I don’t know what is going on here. What just happened is so unlike me, I’ve never done anything like that before!”

The mysterious gentleman continued on in that entrancing tone, “Yes, but I know you were aching to try something new and exciting! I’m sure that you are ready to push your boundaries to discover passion like you have never felt before!”

While Caitlin was still getting her head around the events of the evening, the truth in that last statement hit home. She was ready to explore and try something different, and if that meant moving outside her comfort zone, then so be it!

“Perhaps you are right,” she chuckled. “Well, whatever happens from now on, it’s certainly been exciting, and I did enjoy myself very much.”

The stranger pressed on. “So you’d like me to call you again? Take you on another adventure and explore where your passion can take you?”

Caitlin laughed gently. “I’m sure you’d like that… and I think I would like it too!”

“Then so it shall be,” declared Caitlin’s mystery admirer. “Until next time, Caitlin! Hopefully you will look forward to it as much as I will.” With that, the stranger hung up, leaving Caitlin to ponder what had just happened and what lay ahead in the future.

Caitlin shook her head in wonderment. She was still amazed that she could have been pushed so far, but she was very intrigued with the potential for passionate and sensual adventures yet to come.

With a sigh and smile, Caitlin went to bed, to bask in the deep satisfaction from her amazing climax, and to dream about the wicked possibilities….

To be continued…

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