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Neighbourhood Attractions: Darren and Ella Part One

His cock stiffened for the teenage seductress
It was a typical Sunday afternoon when Ella came to hover on her neighbours’ doorstep. She wanted to ask a favour of Darren but could not yet bring herself to knock on the door. Darren was her friendly neighbour in his mid-twenties, at six foot two, he was a dark haired and attractive man. Ella hoped to ask if he could take some photos for her yearbook as he worked in photography and she figured he would be. This question had brought her to his porch in shorts that showcased her slender legs and a tight t-shirt which was taut over her ripe young breasts. At five foot two, Ella was a petite, curly haired cutie who hid her pretty face behind glasses. She usually could be found reading or, later at night, fantasising about Darren.

They had spoken at neighbourhood barbeques and she had hung out at his pool as he seldom used it due to his workload and so invited others to enjoy. Although he was the crush of many on the street, Ella had not failed to notice his preference for the married mothers who visited his house in secret. A few weeks earlier, she had noticed Mrs Jefferson sunning herself on the poolside before later bearing witness to a more exposing scene. She had rubbed her clit while watching Mrs Jefferson suck on Darren’s cock. They were at the window which faced Ella’s bedroom and the view had been perfect. Mrs Jefferson had spotted her watching Darren and had since shared lingering touches with Ella on their encounters. Ella’s bi-curiosity peaked with attraction to Mrs Jefferson but her desire and crush on Darren were stronger.

She raised her small hand to knock when she heard a voice behind her. Turning, she blushed on seeing Darren smile.

“I assume you’re looking for me?”

“Well no-one else lives here so I guess that’s a fair assumption.”

Ella answered quietly, she paused.

“Um can I ask you a favour?”

“Sure, what’s up?”

Darren was shirtless with a pot of paint and brush in hand. Ella had to tear her eyes away from his well-muscled torso in order to respond with something more than, ‘Fuck, you’re hot.’

“I have my yearbook coming up and I wanted to have a nice photo in there, I know you’re a photographer so-”

“Hold on sweetie, I’m not a photographer. I work with media and know a bit about photography but I’m not a pro.”

“Well that’s fine, it’s just that I don’t want to look stupid so I thought, maybe you could take some photos. I’ll pay-”

“You don’t need to pay. If you like, I’ll take some snaps for you but I can’t make any promises about how good they’ll be.”

Ella’s face lit up and he noted how cute she looked with dimples.

“Great, um, when could we do it?”

“No time like the present, if that suits you?”

“Yeah that would be great.”

Ella cringed at how girlish she sounded, ‘great’ was hardly sophisticated. Darren smiled again and opened the door, holding it for her as she ducked beneath his arm to enter the house. Putting away the paint, he went into the kitchen and picked up a beer and a coke before turning to Ella.

“Would you like this?”

He raised the coke can as he spoke before Ella surprised him with her response.

“You assume I don’t drink beer.”

“As I remember, you aren’t old enough to drink.”

Darren replied, putting the coke back and picking up another beer.

“Can or glass?”

“The can is fine; I’m not all that fancy.”

Darren chuckled at her comment and cracked open his can, sipping the beer before leading her into his back room come office. Picking up his camera, he began to sort things out and altered the blinds to improve the lighting. He had always known Ella as a shy girl but surprisingly, she seemed fairly relaxed. He watched her as she admired the photos and canvases around the room. As Ella tiptoed, he noted her delectable ass and narrow back. She had an innocence about her which some women lacked. They knew they were beautiful and flaunted it while revealing poor personalities. Ella though, perhaps recognised that she was attractive but retained modesty which endeared her.

“Let’s go for portraits, if you take a seat on the stool, we can get started.”

Ella did as instructed and looked at Darren, her self-consciousness kicking in once his attention was on her appearance rather than just making playful conversation. He checked the frame and took some experimental shots before moving over to her. Darren guided her into position with gentle hands and she relaxed slightly. Darren brushed a curl back from her cheek, his fingers on her skin sending shivers down her spine while their eyes locked.

“You’ve got beautiful eyes.”

“Um, thank you, it’s just these glasses which most guys hate.”

“I think they look great.”

Darren replied honestly, deepening her pink cheeks to rose.

“Would you prefer the photos without them?”

“I’d like to try that, in class, the guys at school just look at the cheerleaders. Hey, least I’ll graduate without being pregnant right?”

Darren laughed and nodded, touching her cheek before taking off her glasses. Ella blinked up owlishly and peered around.

“You’ve just become a tall blobby man.”

“Ah, you can’t see too much without these then?”

“Nope, you could be a top male celebrity and I wouldn’t have a clue. I should take them off more often, attractiveness becomes indistinguishable-it would make dating easier.”

“Are you a fussy little madam then?”

Darren smiled as he took photos, moving around her, arranging her pose as she began to enjoy the attention rather than feel nervous.

“I know what I want and guys from class don’t really make the grade.”

“Oh and what do you want?”

“A man who respects me, who is honest and has a good sense of humour without trying too hard. Naturally, the tall, dark and handsome package would be nice.”

“Well aren’t you easy to please. You may have to wait some years before you find that, guys close to your age don’t often fit that bill.”

“And guys closer to your age do fit the bill?”

Ella perked her eyebrow, her newfound confidence surging from somewhere- desire partly but also a general feeling of being at ease with Darren.

“Well, I think I’d be too old for you-someone of my age anyway.”

“I don’t think so, age is just a number.”

She looked into his handsome face, the heat of their bodies radiating towards the other.

“Besides, isn’t this more important?”

“Sorry, I’m probably being dumb here but what do you mean by this?”

Ella laughed, her dimples re-appearing again.

“Conversation, banter- that’s key in relationships right? Alongside attraction and other things…”

“You’re a clever cookie.”

Darren resisted the urge to kiss her though her sumptuous mouth was inches away,

“I hope you find that dream man of yours, he’ll be a lucky guy.”

“Kiss me.”

She spoke her thoughts, gasping as she heard the words aloud before realising that Darren was looking at her with hungry eyes.

“As you wish Miss Ella.”

Darren took her face in his hands and pressed his lips to hers. Ella let out a soft moan as she kissed him back wholeheartedly while his cock stiffened for the teenage seductress.

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