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Out of my comfort zone

I was always the dominant one, always in control. Well until that night.
It all started not long after I turned twenty-six, and by this time I was getting pretty tired of the bar scene. I was so tired of it all that on that Friday night I was contemplating staying home. Lucky for me my sex drive won out, and I took off to the bar.

I had been there for about an hour, and was remembering why I was going to stay in that night. There were the same types of people that you see out every weekend. The groups of girls that want to flirt, the Barbie doll girls with bleached hair, and to much makeup. The same lower back tattoos that the girls all swear they don't want you to see. In a very short time I had the place figured to a T. I knew exactly which girls I could take home that night and exactly what I had to say to seal the deal.

Scanning the room I was weighing my options. The blond girl in the corner sipping her drink, she was five words away from slipping her tongue down my throat. The two very tan girls dancing with each other, well it wouldn't take me much to take them back to my place for a wild threesome. Then I saw her, sitting at the end of the bar by herself. I knew right then that she was different.

She had raven black hair which was an extreme contrast with her milky white skin. She had a zip up black hoodie on but I could tell her breasts were big and full. The short skirt she had on was another story, and did little to hide her shapely long legs. She was gorgeous in a different type of way. Not the type of woman I usually see out on a Friday night.

I watched her for about an hour getting hit on by most of the guys in this bar. Mostly amateur's. I chuckled to myself as she turned down one after another. Between the guys hitting on her I would watch her scan the room as if she was searching for something, or someone. I knew she was going to be my prize tonight and I made my move.

I sat down beside her at the bar and casually ordered my drink. I looked over to her as she looked me up and down as though she was inspecting a piece of merchandise. She started to speak, but I smugly interrupted her.

''Stop right there,'' I said quickly.

''I'm flattered really but I am tired of all of you women hitting on me. I just came here to have a drink and relax.''

She pulled her head back stunned for a moment then gave me a funny little smirk.

''My name is Alexandra,'' she said. '' I didn't mean to come off so rude and forward.''

''James,'' I replied giving her a reassuring smile.

We sat silent for a few minutes sipping our drinks, and stealing glances at one another, both waiting for the other to speak first.

''Nicely played,'' she said breaking the silence.

''I have no idea what you mean,'' I shot back.

''No idea huh? So if I said your place or mine you wouldn't jump at the prospect?''

''Maybe, then again maybe not,'' I replied to her with a big smile.

''You're different aren't you?''

''You have no idea,'' I responded.

Without saying another word she moved her hand to my knee and started rubbing circles on it. The circles got bigger and bigger as she went. I could feel my cock begin to twitch in my jeans and hoped her hand would not get any closer.

''Just what do you think you are doing?'' I asked.

''Testing your resolve,'' she said giving me a devilish smile.

''You will find that my resolve, along with everything else is strong and long lasting,'' I replied.

She bent in, and pressed her lips to mine. It was a long passionate kiss. Our tongues touched a bit, but I could tell something was different. She took more control than most women. She controlled the speed, and seemed to push my tongue back into my mouth when I got a bit ambitious. I could tell the kiss was about over so I plunged my tongue deep into her mouth, whirled it quickly around hers and gave the roof of her mouth a few quick flicks before I pulled my mouth away from hers.

She sat there with a little smile on her face for a moment. Her breathing had quickened, and at that moment I knew I had her. I smugly took a sip of my drink, trying to act cool and collected.

''How did you know I was done with that kiss?'' she asked.

''I didn't,'' I replied with my best wicked smile.

She sat quietly for a moment. The look on her face had changed like she was thinking deeply about something. Soon after she stood up, and started to walk away. She had a wonderful ass, round and firm as I watched it sway while she walked away. She stopped a few feet from me, turned slightly, and motioned for me to follow her.

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