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Photoshoot gets out of hand

Contributing Authors: Green_Man 

Things get carried away when a wife wears lingerie at a photoshoot

This is her favorite way of being seduced. Step by step. As one thing leads into another, one after the other. 

Her wedding anniversary is coming up and she wants to do something special and sexy for her husband. She works out three to five days a week, and at least two of those workouts is with a trainer, so she stays fit. She has a wonderfully sexy body for a forty-nine year old lady. Her body is 36D 28 34 and she is five feet five inches tall, with a flat stomach and a firm, tight ass.

She decides to do a glamour photo session to give hubby a set of sexy pictures of her in lingerie. She asks around and is given the name of a photographer.

Mike runs a photography business that is successful in its own right. However, he has a most lucrative side business. He has found that there is a great market for hot pictures of MILFs, both by themselves and having sex. He has also discovered that he has a talent for getting them to, shall we say, give in and play along. When he sees Lynn he knows he has to add her to his portfolio.

She is very nervous when she arrives. She has brought along several lingerie sets and some just downright slutty robes. She is embarrassed to find herself already getting turned on. She has had a few affairs during her marriage but for some reason the idea of wearing these things for a couple of strangers is both scaring her and arousing her.

Lynn arrives at about 5:00 p.m. Mike had explained that evenings are better for glamour shoots. This way no one is likely to come in. Her husband, Jim, has left this morning for a business trip to Asia giving her the opportunity to do this. And to not have to worry about the time. When she gets there she is struck by how ruggedly handsome Mike is. And his young assistant, Jake, is just as hot. Suddenly, she is too embarrassed.

Mike and Jake lead Lynn to the stage they have set up. There is a settee, a bed, some background lights, and other things, along with the camera. Mike decides that not only does he want to take her pictures, he wants HER! Seeing that she is a little conflicted, and she has some doubts that might be winning out, he offers her some wine. He also offers her a shot of tequila to relax her. She accepts them eagerly. Lynn does love to drink and the way it releases her inhibitions.

He also has a secret weapon if that fails. He has her go into the changing room and tells her to put on her lingerie. She picks a set of red and black garters with a matching bra and thong. Also some black, laced, seamed stockings. She puts on a floor length transparent black robe and an expensive double strand of white pearls. He is happy to see her nipples are so hard they cannot be hidden. The first thing is to get her to relax. 

Jake hands her another glass of wine and also offers her a shot. She admits to herself she finds it very exciting to be dressed like such a slut. Mike insists it is sexy, not slutty. However it is a bit unnerving to see that his assistant, Jake, has a hard-on that is bulging in his tight jeans. She can tell Mike is getting hard as well, but being older and more experienced it will take more than a housewife to get him really turned on.

Mike just sits with her while Jake continues to set up. She realizes that he is getting her to relax. He starts going over different poses. His hands on her sides, shoulders, arms, and thighs are occasionally brushing her ass and breasts. Always apologizing, but explaining it is only to show her what to do.

It is working. The more contact he has with her, the easier it is to manipulate her. He feels her body responding more and more to his touches. After a bit he has her on the settee, lying back with her robe open, and he starts with the pictures. He coaxes her through poses and slowly makes them more seductive.

Eventually he talks her into shedding the robe. He keeps telling her how lovely she is. He drops hints that she is still hot enough to do professional lingerie modeling. He then comes to her and has her lie on her stomach, face to the camera, and propping on her elbows. His hands are becoming freer and freer on her ass. 

She is biting her tongue as Mike's hand presses and moves on her ass. His hand on the exposed ass cheeks really sets her on fire. She is thinking she needs to put a stop to this before it gets out of hand. However, he smoothly explains that he has to do it so he can get just the right pose. He hands her a glass of wine and tells her to hold it for the picture.

The first shot is straight at her face, with the glass rising like a phallic symbol to her mouth. She keeps sipping from it and Jake keeps refilling it. She has no idea how much she has to drink but is definitely feeling it. And it doesn't occur to her to say no. She likes the way it makes her feel.

However, she is still a bit shocked when Mike says, “How about you take off the bra.” She hesitates. She can’t be topless in front of two strangers. Mike reminds her that they are professionals and no one will see them but her husband. While he is soothing her fears he has somehow ended up sitting next to her. His hand is on her back. When she agrees, he asks if she wants him to undo it. She rather surprises herself by nodding yes.

She is completely surprised when she feels a surge of heat in her pussy as he does it. He then has her move to the bed. His next pose for her is on her back, head hanging off the bed and facing him. Her breasts jut up to the ceiling. 

Once the bra is off she knows she has to go through with this. And she knows it is possible for even more. Mike works her around and he keeps her moving. The touching increases. In reality she is a natural at this but that isn’t why he was touching and groping her. He not only wants to get her used to it but, damn, he really likes groping her body.

His hands are all over her tits and ass “to get the right angle” or “the right pose.” Her nipples are solid steel bullets. Without breaking rhythm he has her remove her thong. She is buzzed and turned on enough that she only hesitates a moment. Now she is down to only garters, stockings, heels, pearls, and her four carat wedding ring.

Mike calls her over to take a look at what they have so far. His reason for this is to get the mega-horny, (even if she doesn’t realize it) buzzed, hot, MILF standing close to them, dressed and exposed as she is, and to make it seem normal. Sure enough she stands there leaning in, her breasts brushing Jake's back as she leans over him. Her garter framed hips are pressing into Mike's. Sipping wine, she is flushed with excitement. It is TIME, he thinks. 

“Can I ask a favor? This is for Jake. He's working on his portfolio for a class. He needs pictures of a couple being intimate. Before you say no I need to tell you that NO ONE will see them but his instructor without your permission. Also there wouldn't be any actual sex. If you did this for him I wouldn't charge you for your session.”

Her jaw hit the floor! She admits to herself that her first thought is that it sounds like fun. However, then she panics. Her head is reeling. Even as she is thinking this, Jake asks Mike if it was okay if he “lights one up.” it is after hours after all. This distracts her from her panic wondering what “it” is. Mike looks at her and asks, “Would you be offended if Jake and I shared a joint."

She is so stunned she just stammers that it is fine. Jake lights it up and takes a deep draw. He starts to hand it to Mike but then offers it to her. Lynn chuckles and decides, “What the hell. Why not." She hasn’t smoked since college decades ago. They share a few more hits and she is really feeling relaxed…and very turned on.

Strangely she thinks to herself that it doesn’t embarrass her anymore. So she tells them she will do some mild pictures. Jake takes over and has Mike stand in front of the settee facing the camera, and she stands with his left arm around her waist and with her hands resting on his shoulders. Part of her mind is screaming that she is almost naked in a stranger's arm, and another part is screaming YES! Jake then has her stand behind Mike, with her breasts against his back and her arms around front holding his chest. Her head is still reeling. When Jake tells her to slide her hands down to Mike’s crotch she freezes, but then she does it. She finds out that Mike is not only hard but is HUGE! 

They know they have her. Not only is she holding his cock through his pants but she is involuntarily squeezing it. Jake and Mike had worked out this routine before. He is smooth and orders them to switch, moving Mike behind her. She reluctantly lets go of his cock and moves in front of him. He wastes no time in pressing his bulge into her garter framed ass. Jake tells her to cup her pussy with her hands and for Mike to hold her breasts, one in each hand. "GOD DAMN," he thinks, "her heavy firm tits feel good." He can’t resist tweaking her nipples a bit. When he does this he feels her knees weaken as her ass presses a bit harder into him.

Jake moves around them taking pictures, then tells them to switch their hands. Now Mike's hands are cupping that hot bald pussy. His fingers find how wet she is. He presses a fingertip into the lips and meets no resistance, she is so wet. Her body tenses and allows a gasp to escape her lips. He very slightly wiggles his fingers as Jake snaps pictures.

He then tells her to kneel at Mike's feet, arms wrapped around his thigh. Her head is at eye level with his crotch. Working quickly so as not to lose the momentum, Jake keeps taking pictures and has her change positions so she is in front, facing Mike. "Now unzip him.”

She hesitates a bit and he tells her it is alright, it is for art so it's not cheating. Which is bullshit but it works. She undoes the pants and pulls them down enough so that a ten inch long hard cock pops out into her face.

“OH MY GOD IT IS HUGE!” she yells. Her husband's is nine inches but this one is a bit longer and thicker. And it was in her face! Before she knows what she is doing she has both hands on it. She totally forgets about Jake taking pictures. Just holding it she feels as if she is about to orgasm. Mike chuckles, saying, “Most women are scared of it. They can’t get it all into their mouths.”

Yet he isn’t bragging, he is….mournful. He sounds like his huge cock is a curse. “No, Mike baby. It isn’t a curse. It's wonderful. A woman would be sent to heaven by this thing!” She can’t believe she just said this. "I sound like a slut in heat," she thinks. But she means every word.

They know they have her. Mike knows how to play it. With this type of woman you can’t insult her husband or it will just turn her off. But to challenge her, that was the key. “You think it isn’t too big?” He is still playing as if she might think it a curse, of course. “Oh, Lynn, your husband is a lucky man!”

Jake pitches in that it will be perfect for the project to see a pic of the cock next to her face and then as deep as she can get it in her mouth. “However, I don’t want to make you do anything. Besides, it is huge and I don’t think any woman can take it all.” The whole time Lynn is stroking it slowly, still in awe.

Suddenly she moves the mushroom head of the cock past her lips. Jake never stops with the camera as she takes it slowly, deeper and deeper. Mike feels his cock stretching her throat and his balls on her chin. "GOD, IT FEELS GOOD," he thinks. Her hands are on his ass holding it. He puts his hands behind his neck showing to Jake all this was her own doing. Moving slowly back off, as her breasts rise and fall. Then she takes it again, this time faster. She starts bobbing on it. "God, she is good." He doesn’t want her to stop but it is time for the next level.

She loves this cock. She has to have this cock. That is all she can think of. The wine, the tequila, the weed, two strangers, and her in lingerie. She was on fire! Then she feels an emptiness and she realizes Mike has pulled out of her mouth! She moans in disappointment!

Jake is tilting her face up to look at him even as Mike's cock teases her cheek. “Lay down on the bed baby. I need some pics of you two lying together.” She eagerly scrambles up on the bed and reclines there waiting for Mike to join her. She will later remember why she doesn’t smoke weed anymore. It makes her a raging slut. Both times she had smoked it in college she took on more than one lover at a time. 

Mike strips naked and lays on top of her. Lynn's eyes roll back in her head as his cock head caresses her pussy lips, She arches her hips to let him enter her but he doesn’t. Jake is taking pictures but all she thinks of was that she wanted Mike in her!

"Please fuck me!”

“No baby I can’t…You didn’t sign the waver for this…“ His cock keeps teasing.

“PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let me sign it!” Jake is there with a form and pen. And she signs!

As soon as Lynn signs and Jake has it in his hands Mike SHOVES his cock into her wet, bald pussy! Her legs wrap around his waist. “Tell me to fuck you.”


He keeps up a steady, fast pace. “BEG ME!”

“PLEASE FUCK ME. PLEASE FUCK MY PUSSY. FUCK MY MARRIED PUSSY,” she screams. The she blows up as huge orgasms rock her body. She spasms out of control. 

Mike pulls out and flips her onto her stomach, pushes her legs apart, and lines his cock up….with her asshole. In a slow, firm, relentless push he enters her ass. She screams into the bed. “You like me fucking your ass?” he asks, loudly.


After about five minutes of pumping her ass, she is screaming in orgasm again. He can’t hold off and he shoots into that firm ass.

Through the haze of her reeling mind she feels her ass filling with cum. Then she hears Mike's voice tell her, “If you think my cock is huge you should try Jake's. Oh, and by the don’t have a choice. We own the pics now...”


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