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Pool Party

She was a widow, but also the stuff of fantasies for the boy next door...

Kate Hamilton lay out in the backyard next to the pool, soaking in the sun and working on her tan one summer’s day. She was enjoying the peace and quiet of her large backyard. Of course, it was always quiet around the house since she lived alone these days, but after the hectic week she’d had at work, she could use all the peace and solitude she could get. 

This is nice. I like the quiet of the backyard and the sun feels great, she thought to herself as she lay there. Having a place like her home to get away from the demands of work and the hustle and bustle of city life was good for her most of the time, but she did miss the socialization she used to have. She used to be quite the party girl, always the center of attention and the object of the menfolk's eye.

But that life was over for her now and while her new reality was not what she would have chosen for herself, she made the best she could out of it. Sometimes a person has to work with what is given them. “You got to play the hand your dealt sweetheart,” her daddy used to tell her all the time. Well, she sure wished she could play a different game sometimes!

It wasn’t that Kate couldn’t find a man easily enough - she was a very attractive woman still and would have no problem finding someone to keep her company. But finding a man who would treat her right and give her the love and attention she needed was the question.

Kate had been married, but one day on his way to work, he had been killed by a drunk driver. Fortunately, her husband had left her a very sizable life insurance policy which, along with her job as a real estate broker, made for a very comfortable living for her.

Comfortable in that she didn’t want for money; however, for a thirty-two-year-old widow, money isn’t everything. She had other needs that didn’t show up on financial statements.

Kate had tried dating a few times, but the pickings were pretty slim; either they were so full of themselves they acted as if they were doing her a favor, or they were so taken with her money that they didn’t see the woman in front of them. And she certainly wasn’t into the whole singles bar thing. If she was going to party, she wanted to pick her playmate sober! So, after several failed attempts, she gave up, figuring if it was meant to be, it would happen on its own time.

Kate always enjoyed reading and laying there in the sunshine today was a good day for that. Suddenly she remembered that her yard was enclosed by a solid wooden privacy fence, put up right after her husband died to keep the reporters and other unwanteds out.

The thought hit her that she could sunbathe in the nude if she wanted to, and at one point, she almost gave in to the whim and removed her two-piece swimsuit. No one would have ever known - her nearest neighbor only had a one-story house and couldn’t see over the fence and there was no one in the back that could see her, either. She had complete privacy where she was laying. But she dismissed the idea as being ridiculous. 

Imagine me laying out here in the nude, like some teeny-bopper or something! she thought to herself. Besides, lying out there by the pool naked would only get her thinking more about sex and make her hornier. With no prospects for helping her alleviate her horniness as it was, she did not want to add to that frustration.

She had just dismissed the idea of sunning herself in the nude and had mentally resigned herself to spending another Saturday night alone in her big empty house, when suddenly a basketball came over the fence from the neighbor’s driveway and landed in her yard, rolling onto the concrete patio up close to her chaise lounge chair. Kate sat up startled a bit by the noise and then she saw a young man slowly open the gate and peer around it cautiously.

“Sorry, Ms. Hamilton,” he called out. “Is it okay if I come in and get the ball?”

It was Andrew Thomas, the son of her next-door neighbor, whom she hadn’t seen in a few years, apparently, because he was not the young boy she remembered him as. He had grown up and she smiled appreciatively.

“Sure, it’s okay, come on in.” 

As he walked into the yard, Kate removed her sunglasses and let her eyes get used to the brighter light. “Andrew? Is that you?” she asked with a tone of amazement.

“Yeah, it’s me, Ms. Hamilton.” 

Kate stared admiringly for a moment as she watched him walk over to retrieve his basketball. He was only wearing shorts and sneakers and his well-toned muscular body was glistening with sweat.

“I almost didn’t recognize you,” 

“Yeah, it has been a while,” he responded as he picked up the ball and walked over to where she was sitting. “I’m a junior in college now, going to State. I don’t get to come home too often. I just thought I would shoot a few hoops like I used to till my parents get home from work - I’m sorry to disturb you. I guess the ball got away from me a little. I’m kinda out of practice these days.”

“No, no, that’s okay, you’re not disturbing me. I actually could use the company.”

By now Kate had put her sunglasses back on so that she could check the handsome young man out without him seeing her eyes move over his athletic body. She was caught off guard by how the sight of him stirred such shameless and lustful feelings in her. As the two of them talked, she mentally debating whether or not she should’ve given in to the urge to sunbathe in the nude. She began going through several erotic scenarios in her mind of what would have happened if he opened the gate and found her naked.

Pull yourself together, Kate. You’re not some doe-eyed schoolgirl! He’s almost half your age for Pete’s sake! she thought as she chastised herself for thinking such things.

For the next several minutes, they caught up on the events of the last few years. They had lived next door to one another for the last eight years. She had watched him grow from a gangly, awkward, shy boy to this strong confident young man. And looking at him now, she fully approved!

“I heard about what happened to Mr. Hamilton… I’m really sorry. But you know, I also remember that you and he fought a lot. I often would lay awake at night - my window was open and I could hear you two going at it - and I wondered if you were really happy living with him or just stuck with him. I hope I’m not out of line, but I never liked the way he yelled at you.” 

“No, you’re not out of line, dear. I’ll admit, we did have our troubles. I suppose every marriage has its ups and downs. He was difficult on some things and he did spend more time at work than I would have liked. But he was a good man and he was a good provider.” 

“Well, I’m glad you didn’t move away,” Andrew said, suddenly aware that his only reason for being glad was he had been attracted to her for as long as he could remember.

“Why is that, hon?” 

All Andrew could come up with as an explanation for his happiness to have her still there was the feeble sounding comment, “You’ve always been a good neighbor.” He cringed when he heard himself say that. What a lame answer! he thought to himself. Of course, he couldn't say, “I’m glad you didn’t move away because I get a hard-on every time I see you.” So, at that point, the conversation fell kind of flat.

In an attempt to break the sudden awkward silence, Kate blurted out, “You sure look hot.” She quickly realized what she had said. To her embarrassment, her lust-filled thoughts had just slipped out!

Before she could say anything else, he simply responded, “Yeah, it’s hot out here today.”

Whew, that was close! she thought, knowing she must be blushing crimson right then but hoping it didn’t show. She was relieved he apparently didn’t notice her tone and realize she was talking about him. Then, further trying to cover the lustful feelings she was afraid were showing, she said, “Why don’t you cool off in the pool. Go ahead jump in, it’ll feel good.”

“Really? Are you sure? Are you sure you don’t mind?”

“No, it’s fine… I don’t mind. Go on, have fun,” No, she didn’t mind at all watching the hunky young stud some more!

“I’ll have to swim in my shorts. I don’t have a swimsuit here,” he announced as he removed his shoes and socks.

“That will be fine.” 

Andrew kicked off his shoes and dove into the refreshing water and began swimming around. Kate just sat there on the chaise lounge chair watching him, enjoying the company and the scene before her. She indulged in a little fantasizing about Andrew, thinking she should have just told him to go skinny-dipping. She started noticing how stimulated her body was becoming because of her wanton fantasies, when her thoughts were interrupted by Andrew calling out to her.

“Ms. Hamilton, why don’t you come in too. it must be hot there in the sun, and the water feels great! Come on in and cool off some.”

Kate was a bit hesitant at first, but she agreed she needed to cool off. She meant it more than one way, but doubted he had a clue. It was inconceivable to her that he would find her the least bit attractive. She was at least twelve years older than him and she was certainly not one of those hot college girls he must be used to seeing on campus. Still, the sun was hot there on the patio and that water did look inviting…

“Okay, I’ll come into the water, just to cool off,” 

She did need to cool down. But more importantly, she wanted to be closer to him. Andrew waded over to the steps just as she got to them and offered his hand to help her down the steps into the water.

“Mmmm you’re right, this water does feel nice,” 

Andrew led her deeper into the pool. He took her into the pool until the water was about halfway covering her breasts and she stopped, leaning against the side of the pool.

She watched as Andrew dived to the bottom of the pool swimming underwater to pop up right in front of her. She giggled at his antics acting just as giddy as if she had a schoolgirl crush on him. She couldn’t believe she was acting so goofy around this much younger guy - this was not the Kate Hamilton she knew!

After several minutes in the water, Andrew became even more playful than she expected. First, it was just a brush of his body as he moved past her or the brush or touch of his hand as she stood at the edge of the pool while they talked. It was innocent enough and easily explained away as an accidental touch.

The truth is, being in the pool with Kate had long been a fantasy of Andrew’s. He had watched her in her skimpy bikini swimsuit when he was a few years younger and Ms. Hamilton had been the subject of many night time fantasies and resultant morning erections. 

Naturally, his fantasies involved sex with the amazingly sexy neighbor woman. Nevertheless, he was now in the place his fantasies had began. And the more real it became, the more bold he felt. And the bolder he became, the more he was convinced he was smooth enough and man enough to handle this older woman who had been at the center of his dreams for the last several years.

Kate was beginning to realize, too, that there was more to his actions than she had first thought, especially as she found herself pressed between the side of the pool and his body. He wasn’t forcing himself on her, he was actually trying to make it seem like a playful hug, but the unmistakable feel of his erection pressed against her ass ruled out “just playing.”

She was actually not offended or upset by his advances, but at this point welcomed the attention. Andrew, not getting any kind of negative reaction from her, turned them both so that his back was against the wall and she was backed up against him facing the middle of the pool. Kate leaned back into him, a reaction which he welcomed by reaching around her waist and embracing her. Then when he started nuzzling her neck, she tilted her head to one side to allow him. Smiling to himself, he moved to kissing her shoulder.

Kate only cooed with approval which emboldened Andrew and he was soon cupping her firm breasts in his hands. Slowly, he massaged them through the top of her swimsuit before slipping it up and freeing her tits. That brought a gasp from her, but she did not object or try to push his hands way. Instead, she was focused on the hard cock she had reached back and grabbed hold of just moments before. His shorts were still covering him, but she could easily distinguish its length, girth, and hardness.

Finally, Kate realized there was no more need for pretenses. Spinning around and facing him, they kissed passionately for just a few moments, before Andrew pulled back and looked into Kate’s eyes.

“Kate, can I tell you something? Can I be honest with you?” 

This was the first time he had ever used her first name and Kate gave him her full attention. “Sure Andrew, what is it hon?” she said.

“It’s just that… well, I have had a terrible crush on you for years now and I have wanted to be here like this so many times. I used to see you sunbathing like this or out working in the yard and I wished I could be the one who got to be with you. I was mad at your husband because he didn’t appreciate you for what you are and he didn’t treat you the way you should be treated. The way I would have treated you.

"Now I know that I’m only a college guy and you probably think this is some schoolboy crush, but it isn’t. I have wanted you for years and have had a great many dreams about you… dreams no schoolboy should be having. Kate you are a beautiful, sexy, and very desirable woman and…”

She cut him off in mid sentence, putting a finger to his lips. “Shhh, honey… we need to go inside,” Then she took him by the hand and led him to the steps and out of the pool. They went over to where she had some towels in an outside closet and they dried themselves off as best they could then hurried into the house.

Now safely inside the house, the pair quickly stripped one another of what clothing they were still wearing; each one enjoying undressing the other and exploring them as they did. Once both were fully undressed, they paused for a few moments to fully take in the naked form of the other.

Andrew’s eyes moved over the uncovered curves of Kate’s body, mentally comparing it to his masturbatory fantasies; it was more amazing than he could have ever imagined. Then he reached out and slowly moved his hands over her body, tracing every curve. She was everything he dreamed she would be and more.

Kate closed her eyes for a moment enjoying the feeling of a man touching her like this again. It had been such a long time since she had been touched, rather than grabbed and manhandled. Andrew’s touch was gentle and loving so unlike the animal pawing and groping she had gotten used to from other men.

While Kate had been Andrew’s fantasy woman for years, Kate had never thought of Andrew in such terms. But that had changed. Now she was consuming every inch of his tight hard body - especially his solid erection, standing boldly out as if taunting her to reach for it. Leaning forward she started to kiss him, but suddenly leaned back as if she had just awoken from a dream.

“What am I doing?” she said, questioning herself in a tone of disbelief.

“What do you mean?”

“I shouldn’t be doing this. I’ve known you since you were a young teenager. If your parents knew what we were doing they would freak!

“It’s okay,” Andrew began to reassure her, “They will never find out. Besides, I’m not that young kid anymore. I’m an adult now, almost finished with college.”

“I know, but…” 

“But nothing,” he shushed her, stepping back. Gesturing to his naked body and full hard-on, he asked rhetorically in a confident tone, “Does this look like the body of a boy?”

Gazing at his body, and wanting badly to feel his protruding cock inside her, she responded hesitantly, “No,” adding after a brief pause, “No, not at all.”

“Kate we are both adults here. You aren’t dealing with a minor anymore. And this was, after all, my idea so you don’t have anything to worry about. All you have to do here is say yes. Just say yes, Kate and let me show you how you should be treated and appreciated,” he said, pulling her hand to his mouth and kissing it gently.

Offering him a playful smile, she became visibly relaxed and, stepping forward, reached out and took hold of his erection, slowly stroking it as they began to kiss. Andrew’s hands now began roaming over her body while he kissed her neck - she returned his kisses with kisses of her own.

Then she slipped down from his embrace, slipping down to her knees while her hands followed her, sliding down his bare chest and onto his hips. She then moved them around behind him and she pulled him to her. Andrew felt her mouth go down on his cock.

The warmth of her mouth encasing him and the feel of her tongue weakened his knees for a moment, causing him to moan out loudly in pure pleasure. Spurred on by his reaction, she took his cock deep and began sucking him hungrily.

Andrew looked down, wanting to watch her work. He pulled her hair up and to one side, holding it out of the way. Her head in his hand and his cock in her mouth, the urge to begin thrusting his cock into her mouth was overwhelming. At that point, he knew she could wait no longer. He had to fuck her.

Dropping down, his cock slipped from her mouth. Disappointed and confused, Kate looked up at him as if to question “why.” Without a word, he lifted her to her feet and, reaching down, took hold of each of her legs just below her buttocks, lifting her upward.

Instinctively, she wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck in sort of a reverse piggyback. His hands now cradled the cheeks of her firm, round ass and she could feel the head of his cock moving around, brushing against her as if trying to decide which of her openings to enter.

Andrew looked into her eyes as he began walking toward the bedroom down the hallway. She laid her head on his shoulder as he carried her down the hallway.

“I have had a crush on you forever,” he told her as he carried her towards the bedroom. He opened the door with one hand and stepped inside with her, adding, “And I have fantasied about fucking you the whole time.” he said with an impish grin.

As he took her over to the bed and stood there for a moment, she responded coyly, “You have? I never really noticed you,” she taunted him a bit.

“Oh, is that so?” Andrew responded in a quiet but assertive voice. “Well, Kate, tell me if you notice this then.” He suddenly thrust his hardened cock into her soaking wet cunt, filling her up and going deep.

Her eyes widened in surprise as she gasped and then shouted, “Oh…yes! I definitely noticed that!”

With his cock nestled snugly in her warm, wet tunnel, he gently laid her down on the bed. Kate automatically spread her legs wide and brought them up over her head holding them there and offering him total access to her eager pussy.

“I’m all yours darlin’ Let’s see some of those fantasies!” 

Having plunged in as deeply as he could get, to her delight, he now began piston-like thrusting to which she responded with moans and cries of encouragement.

“Oh yes, baby, that feels soo good! Keep fucking me just like that! Oh God yes! Ohhhh…”

Minutes later, when she was finally able to compose herself and they settled into the rhythm of their motions, she began to enjoy the feel of his body and his firm cock filling her up. Andrew was lost in the moment when she whispered in his ear in a sensual voice, “Is it like you thought it would be?”

Stopping his thrusting for a moment, he answered her in a whisper, “No,” he said, pausing for effect, “It’s better than anything I could have imagined,”

Kate smiled “I’m glad,” she said. Then he kissed her deeply and passionately.

Now feeling more confident, she grabbed his ass cheeks firmly in her hands as she tried to pull him in deeper and harder. Her knees recoiled upward, she focused on the velvety-soft head of his cock as it brushed across her g-spot as his cock plunged into her over and over until she felt her long-awaited orgasm build to the breaking point.

“Please, Andrew…. please make me cum. I need to cum so badly. Please make me cum, please?” she whimpered, childlike.

Andrew leaned forward once more and kissed her. As he did, he plunged his cock into her deeper than he had gone so far. Kate’s body tensed, rocking with his motions, then her legs shot out straight, stiffened with ecstasy, quivering with the strain as her orgasm hits.

“OH, FFUUCKKK ANDREWWW!” she screamed out, her dam bursting as she poured her sticky, sweet juices out of her long neglected pussy. Kate thrashed about on the bed, hands grabbing at whatever they could find to hold onto, her head whipping back and forth as reason abandoned her and her body bucking like a rodeo bronc.

At first, Andrew thought he’d broke her; that somehow she had lost all her senses and that he should call for help. But then he realized that she was just a woman who had not had a good cum in a very long time and was reacting to it. He began to feel quite pleased with himself, being able to make her feel this good.

After several moments of this intense pleasure, Kate began to come back to him laying on the bed panting and quivering as spasms of her orgasm still raced through her.

When she had recovered enough to continue, Kate looked up at him. “Let me on top,” she said simply.

Only too eager to please her, Andrew withdrew and lay down on the bed, waiting to see what she had in mind. Kate enthusiastically got up and without any further explanation straddled him and planted herself astride his lap, pausing only long enough to guide his hard, thick cock into her before beginning to ride him slowly. Obviously pleased with herself, she smiled at him and asked, “How does that feel?”

“It feels great,” was his response as his hands began rubbing her ass and thighs.

“Yeah, it does feel good,” she agreed as she began massaging her own breasts and playfully pinching her nipples. Andrew smiled with approval as he admired her ample breasts.

Seeing his appreciation for her body, Kate leaned over a bit, cupping one of her breasts in one hand and fed it to him.

Enthusiastically Andrew opened his mouth and took the soft creamy offering, sucking the tasty nipple and as much of her milky tit flesh as his mouth would allow. 

He began licking and sucking on the sensitive nipple gently biting and chewing on it as she moaned her delight. It felt so good to Kate that she found herself clasping her hands around the back of his head and forcefully burying his face in her plentiful bosom. 

Andrew’s excited indulgence in feasting on her spurred an increase in her rocking motion and soon she was grinding her pussy down onto his rigid erection and moaning incoherently. Andrew responded by kneading her ass cheeks with both hands while indulging his lust for the feel of a woman’s breasts.

Groaning with every new sensation, each was lost in the moment. For Andrew, it is the fulfillment of a long-held fantasy. For Kate, this was the raw sex she had been needing for some time now. Knowing this young man had been dreaming of her and this moment made the whole scene very hot and sexy.

Kate and Andrew both realized about the same time they were close to climaxing. For Kate, the feel of being on the verge of an orgasm was almost as pleasurable as experiencing one. For Andrew, there was an urgency to release that was quickly building and all he could think of was how and when it was going to end. 

In the heat of passion, he had never thought of it, but now he realized he had not been wearing a condom. But he did not want to say anything to Kate that would ruin the moment.

Momentary panic set in, the thought of him getting her pregnant briefly shook him. How would he explain that to mom and dad? As it turned out, maybe he was not so far removed from his teenage days as he had thought!

Regaining his focus and trying to position himself so that he had more control over how it would end, he pushed her back slightly and looking up at her said abruptly, but politely, “Get on your knees.”

Surprised slightly by the change of pace, but eager to let him fulfill his fantasy, she willingly complied and soon was on her knees on the bed, resting her upper body on her elbows with her ass as high in the air as she could get it. He was ready to enter her from behind, and the sight of her lovely derriere elevated slightly made such a tempting target, but her looking back over her shoulder at him with a smile was enough to cause him to pause long enough to admire her body one more time.

Anxious to feel him inside again, she wiggled her ass at him playfully and, he taking the signal for what it was, guided the tip of his cock to her opening and began teasingly to slip it up and down the length of her opening.

Being more experienced, Kate ended the suspense by thrusting her ass back into him, skewering herself on his shaft before he could respond. With that, she looked back at him with a soft giggle, “I don’t like to wait,” she said, emphasizing her statement by pushing harder and forcing him deeper into her hungry pussy.

“So I see,” he replied, as he resumed plunging himself into her from this new angle. He gripped her hips and began thrusting hard and deep into her his balls slapping against her pussy as he drove into her. Her sopping pussy made delightful squishing sounds as he slid in and out of her, just like the porn tapes he so loved to watch. Adding to the cacophony was Kate’s moans, whimpers, and kittenish mewls of pleasure.

The visual and physical experience soon had Andrew near his point of release. Everything was combining to send him over the edge. It was the faint ripples in the flesh of her ass caused by the impact of his hips colliding with her ass. It was the sight of her breasts swaying forward and back he could see reflected in the mirror on her wall, the look of ecstasy on her face, and the feel of his cock sliding through the tight embrace of her warm and wet pussy, was finally all too much.

His orgasm came on like a runaway freight train and he only had time for a loud groan of “I’m gonna…” as an announcement.

Everything in him wanted to thrust deep in her and fill her with his cum like a cream puff. However, the consequences of possibly getting her pregnant and the subsequent questioning weighed on him. 

Through sheer willpower alone he forced himself to withdraw at the last possible moment. He shot his huge load onto her just outside her opening and then onto her ass and lower back. He could only groan as he unloaded on her at first and then as the intensity of his orgasm subsided a bit he could see his cum covering her and he became alarmed at what she must think of him.

Immediately, he began to apologize, “I’m so sorry! I realized I wasn’t wearing a condom and didn’t want to cum inside you, but…”

Kate placed her finger over her lips in a motion meant to quiet him. “It’s okay,” she said with a smile. Having felt the warm liquid on her skin, Kate looked back as she took her hand and felt for it. Casually wiping her hand across her buttocks, much to his horror, she found her hand covered in warm cum.

Starting to apologize again, she interrupted him again, “I said it was okay. But,” she continued, “looks like we will need to shower now.” With a wink of her eye and a tug on his cock, she added as she started out of the room, “And I mean together … and now.”

There was relief mixed with excitement as her meaning sank into Andrew’s mind. Seeing her pause in the doorway and motion with her index finger to come hither, his hopes began to rise - along with something else - at the thought of what was to come and he eagerly followed her down the hallway.

Kate got the water started and stepped into the shower, holding the curtain for him. Once they were both under the warm, pulsing water, she took him in her arms.

“Sweetheart, you don’t have to worry about getting me pregnant. I have been taking the pill for a long time now. So no more worries about that, okay? Now let’s get cleaned up - I’m not finished with you, young man. I want to see this cock hard and the next time you cum, I want you to cum in me, understand?

“You mean we are going to do it again?” he asked a bit shocked that she would want to have sex with him again.

“If you want to Andrew. It’s up to you, but I am game if you are!” she said, kissing him sweetly on the lips.

It didn’t take much thought for him to formulate an answer. “Of course Kate!” he said enthusiastically.

When they finished their shower, they went back to the bedroom and lay together on the bed. kissing and holding each other. The pair kissed and fucked away the rest of the afternoon and when both had had their fill, he left just in time to be there when his parents got home. But before he left he took Kate in his arms and gave her a very passionate and loving kiss goodbye.

“I hope this won’t be the last time I see you, Andrew. I had a very nice afternoon and I would like to do it again very soon,” she breathed to him.

“I would like that too Kate,” he said. So they planned to meet again in a couple days for another afternoon pool party.


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