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Real Chemistry On The Set

A pornstar and her first time shooting a genre she has never done before.

At the age of thirty-five, Myla made good money working as a porn star, and was not set on quitting anytime soon. Myla had accumulated enough cash due to her porn career to buy herself the finest things in life. With age Myla gained curves, but they were in the right places to where she simply looked curvy rather than flat. Myla had the appearance of the stereotypical blonde MILF, and looked exactly like famous porn star Charlee Chase.

On a hot and humid afternoon in Florida, the blonde headed to a nice house to shoot a scene - but this time it would be different. Myla had been known as a porn star that dodged interracial scenes for years, but she had recently changed her mind and decided to shoot one. She arrived at the address of the house, which was secluded, and knocked on the door; soon a man wearing a hat answered.

"You're finally here," said the man.

"Pleasure to be here, Ron," replied Myla, hugging the man. Ron was an overweight man who had regularly shot a lot of the scenes that Myla was in.

"Well, he is in the bedroom right now," replied Ron, referring to the man that Myla would be shooting the scene with.

"I'll see him after they do the makeup," said Myla.

"He likes to meet his co-workers before they do the scene," replied Ron.

"Fine," replied Myla, rolling her eyes.

The man Ron was referring to was a male porn star by the name of Tyler Slams. Tyler Slams was a bald, muscular black man who was about Myla's height, but a little more than a decade younger than the blonde. Myla walked to the bedroom and walked into a man in underwear with a huge bulge, six pack abs, and an athletic body. The man had somewhat of a baby-face compared to the sharp features of Myla's face, and she was in awe at how he was almost naked, yet looked comfortably into her eyes.

"Wow," said Myla, with a shocked look on her face.

"Well, we're going to be naked anyways when we do the scene, so why not get comfortable with each other?" asked Tyler, walking up to the blonde.

"I'd like to get my makeup on, I don't look my best right now," said Myla, before being grabbed by the nearly-naked man.

"You look fine, don't worry about it; now let's get comfortable with each other before we do the scene," said Tyler, kissing the blonde on the neck.

"But... makeup," said Myla.

"Don't worry, we can get to all of that later, it's early," said Tyler, kissing her on the neck again as she slowly gave in.

Myla was not used to such boldness from any of the porn stars she had worked with, and the way Tyler touched her had turned her on immediately. The MILF was completely thrown off by the younger man's confidence and turned on by how he grabbed her body. Tyler kissed her behind the ears, on the neck, and on the cheeks as she started to moan and take deep breaths.

"Slowly, come on, let's get these clothes off and see what you like; strip down to your bra and panties," said Tyler, grabbing the blonde's thighs as he continued to kiss her. Myla obeyed and slowly started to strip off her clothes, finally stripping down to her bra and panties.

Tyler put the blonde MILF over his shoulder and walked over to the couch. Myla was in awe at how easily the younger man could lift her and how strong he was while doing so. Tyler gently placed her down on the couch and put his hands around her neck, looking her right in the eyes.

"So, what does Myla like?" asked Tyler, staring into her eyes and smiling.

"Well," said Myla, taking a deep breath and smiling as her heart rate sped up and her body temperature started to rise.

"Well," replied Tyler, putting one of his hands gently over her crotch and softly grabbing it as the blonde smiled.

"Chocolate," replied Myla, in a soft voice.

"Nah, I have to know more than just that. What does Myla want to do with Tyler Slams?" asked Tyler, softly kissing the blonde on the neck.

"So flirty... well, Myla loves to be eaten, fucked doggystyle, and she has to be dominated, but right now she wants to see Tyler's toy," replied the blonde, smiling.

"Here is Tyler's toy," replied Tyler, whipping his cock out of his underwear; it was inches away from reaching up to his chest. His cock was thick, one of the biggest Myla had ever seen in all of her years working as a porn star, and she immediately grabbed and massaged it.

"Hold on, let me get a quick sample," replied Myla, stuffing several inches of Tyler's cock in her mouth as Tyler moaned in pleasure. Myla kept his cock in her mouth for about five seconds before finally letting it out.

"Yummy, this is going to be great! I am going to get my makeup done and you talk to the director," replied Myla, excitedly getting up and putting on her clothes as she walked to the room where the makeup work was done. The makeup artists were just arriving, along with a lot of the cameramen; Myla was beyond excited.

The blonde saw a makeup artist named Amy, a skinny brunette with glasses who usually did makeup for her. "Finally, you're here," said Myla.

"I'm not late or anything, am I?" asked Amy.

"No, I just really want to get this scene done," replied Myla, taking a seat in the chair as Amy prepared to start doing makeup on her. The makeup wouldn't take long, so Myla could start the scene soon anyways.

"So, first interracial scene?" asked Amy, working on the blonde's cheeks.

"Ya, first one," replied Myla, smiling as Amy applied the makeup.

"What took so long?" asked Amy, who was now working on the blonde's eyebrows.

"Well, just production companies not allowing me to do one sooner and that kind of bullshit," replied Myla.

"When is the last time you fucked a black guy?" asked Amy, still working on the blonde's eyes.

"About a year ago, but he was kind of a nerd; don't run into too many blacks where I live," replied Myla, as Amy applied the makeup.

The conversation stopped there as Amy now had to apply the lipstick and work on Myla's mouth for the scene. A few minutes later the makeup was done and Myla walked over to the room where the scene was going to be shot. Myla walked in to see Ron and the director talking to Tyler, who was explaining to them what Myla wanted. The director was a laid-back guy and if the actors had a good idea he usually went along with it, but if they didn't he would propose one himself.

Tyler and the director had planned the scene together a month in advance, after Myla had agreed to do the interracial scene. The scene involved Myla as a MILF that wants to stay in shape, so she hires a fitness instructor. After doing a few workout sessions with the fitness coach, she decides that she is falling for him and cannot help but notice the large bulge in his pants. After a long, hard workout together, the two have passionate sex with each other. Myla was told about the script well in advance so she was well-prepared for it, especially the rough sex that was going to come with it.

"So, are we ready to get started, boys?" asked Myla.

"Yes," replied Tyler, walking up to the blonde; he hugged and kissed her.

The shooting of the scene would begin as Myla was wearing her tanktop and yoga pants, stretching and waiting for her fitness instructor. After a few minutes, Tyler arrived and Myla went up to him, hugging him and smiling. The two get to stretching properly and then started doing crunches together. After the crunches, Myla got on a treadmill and ran for a minute as Tyler watched her and cheered her on. The way the scene is shot makes it appear as if she is running for a while.

"Well, how about a break?" asked Tyler, as the cameras zoom in on his face.

"Ya, I can use some water," replied Myla, as the scene cuts and someone tosses her a water bottle.

The next scene showed her drinking the water and then getting back to the workout with Tyler. Now the workout involved Myla doing some pull-ups and push-ups as Tyler did them with her. The cameras zoomed in on the sweaty blonde and her fitness coach as they struggled with the push-ups and pull-ups towards the end. Now Myla and Tyler had to act tired; they were covered in sweat, and Myla noticed the bulge in the front of Tyler's pants.

"Workouts always do this to you?" asked Myla, looking at his dick.

"No, just workouts with you," replied Tyler, smiling.

"Well, it is hot in here so let's make the workouts a little easier on us," replied Myla, stripping down to her bra and panties. The scene is shot in slow motion as the blonde is now in her two-piece black bra and panties set. Tyler took off his shirt and stripped down to his underwear as the two start making out.

Myla locked lips with Tyler while grabbing the bulge in his underwear as the cameras zoomed in on the two. Unlike other scenes which were her job, the blonde felt invested in this scene because of the chemistry she'd had with Tyler before the scene was shot. Myla felt Tyler's massive dark hands on her soft pale skin, and she was already receiving tingles before even getting naked, the first time this had ever happened to her in her career.

The two continued to kiss and make out until the director stopped them and the scene cut. When filming began again Myla stripped off her bra and her naturally large breasts popped out; Tyler started sucking on her soft pink nipples.

"Ya, get some of that vanilla milk," said Myla, moaning as each of her breasts are sucked on. Tyler motorboated the blonde's massive breasts before cutting to the next scene where the two stripped down naked, just what Myla was waiting for.

A cameraman tossed Tyler a condom but Myla protested. "What is that for?" asked Myla, standing naked alongside Tyler.

"It's a condom - you always ask for these in your scenes," replied the cameraman.

"Don't need it," replied Myla, throwing it back to the cameraman as he looked at her in shock.

The next scene cut to Myla getting on her knees and stuffing as much of Tyler's cock as she could inside of her mouth, only managing to get half of it in. Myla was not accustomed to having a cock this massive inside of her mouth, so she gagged as the cameras zoomed in on her. She started to suck his cock as Tyler placed his dark hand over her light blonde hair, moaning as she did so. Cameras started to zoom out as Tyler received the blowjob, moaning while the blonde was almost out of breath. Myla took the cock out of her mouth and turned to the side, taking deep breaths.

"Need a break, Myla?" asked the director, as the blonde simply shook her head and continued to take more deep breaths. After a minute or so, Myla goes back to sucking on the cock and now strokes Tyler's testicles as the two continued the scene. Tyler moaned as the blonde milf blows him before the director says cut, moving on the to the next scene, which involved Tyler eating the MILF out.

Myla stood with her hands pushed against the wall as Tyler licked her calves and then worked his way up to her thighs, making the blonde moan. The blonde felt powerful tingles in her pussy as the man's tongue licked her pale skin and his hands grabbed her pale body. Tyler licked the blonde's thighs and then started to lick her anus. Tyler stuck his tongue out and ran it up and down from Myla's pussy to anus for thirty seconds before stuffing his head between her legs and starting to eat her out. With his head between her buttocks, Tyler started to violently shake it around as he ate the blonde out, making her moan louder than she did in most scenes.

"She's really into it," said one of the cameramen.

"It's her first interracial scene," whispered the director, hearing the blonde moan, something which didn't happen in most of her other scenes.

The cameras zoomed in on Myla's face and then Tyler's face before getting to the part of the scene known as "the walk". "The walk" is the part of the scene where Myla attempts to walk from the wall to the couch as Tyler is eating her out. Myla has to look back at the director and see the thumbs up, and as soon as that happens she gets to do the walk. Myla looked back to see the thumbs up, and attempted to walk to the nearby couch.

Myla walked to the couch, dragging the aggressive Tyler with her while she tried to maintain her balance. As she is close to the couch, Myla attempted to fall on it but Tyler had a strong hold on her lower body. The blonde's upper body fell on the couch and she lay on her back. Cameras now had a better view of Tyler eating her pussy as she moaned.

Tyler pressed his clean-shaven face and nose tightly against the blonde MILF's pussy, burying his tongue deep inside as he ate her out. The director and cameraman noticed Myla's entire lower body vibrating as she started to moan and scream, the cameras zooming in on her. Tyler kept up the intensity and kept eating her out as she moaned louder than she usually does. The blonde's lower body shook and her breaths became deeper as her heart started to beat faster, something she was not used to when she was at work.

"Oh, fuck yes," said the blonde, closing her eyes and biting her lip, moaning as Tyler continued to eat her out. Over five minutes passed as Tyler was eating the blonde out before the director called a cut to the scene.

Tyler sat down and lay back on the couch as the tall blonde squatted over his dick, her body facing the camera, and stuck it inside of her wet pussy. His cock was thicker than she was used to, and she moaned and struggled to get all of it in there. Cameras zoomed in on her face, as she cringed while Tyler gently pushed more of his dick inside of her pussy, grabbing her hips and holding on to her tightly.

"Zoom in on her face," said the director, seeing Myla's eyes rolling back as she moaned.

"Get that cock in there, baby, yes, yes!" shouted Myla, as she rode Tyler's dick.

The blonde bounced up and down on Tyler as slapping sounds were heard from her thighs hitting his. Covered in sweat and breathing as if she was getting an aerobic workout, Myla moaned while riding Tyler. She got the workout of her life as the large, thick cock hit home inside of her wet pussy, Tyler moaning as the blonde rode him. Tyler squeezed her hips as she continued to ride him and her sweat dripped onto his body. The blonde took in deep breaths, the dick-riding an aerobic workout for her as the slapping sounds of her making contact with Tyler's body became much louder.

"Stop, stop," cried Myla, taking deep breaths as she got off of Tyler's dick.

"What's wrong?" asked the director.

"I need a break," replied the naked blonde.

"Well, where are you going to be?" asked the director.

"In the makeup room," she replied, walking to the makeup room naked.

"She usually doesn't call for breaks," said the cameraman, who had shot over twenty scenes for Myla.

"Well, something must be up here," said the director.

"I am going to go talk to her," said Tyler.

"Fine, talk to her, because it would be great if we could finish the scene today," said the director.

The nude and muscular Tyler walked to the makeup room where the nude Myla was sitting in a chair and taking deep breaths. Tyler shut the door of the makeup room and went up to the naked blonde, massaging her shoulders as she took in deep breaths. Despite being much older than Tyler, she had skin that was a lot softer and she felt comforted by Tyler's rough hands. Myla felt so comfortable and at ease with the naked black man standing beside her, it didn't even seem to bother her.

"What happened?" asked Tyler.

"I just needed a break, that's all," said Myla.

"You don't usually take breaks," said Tyler.

"Well, I am getting older and didn't really think the scene today was going to last very long," replied Myla.

"You haven't been with dick this big, that's what the issue is," said Tyler, massaging the blonde's shoulders.

"Well, aren't you full of yourself," replied Myla, smiling.

"No, here, just touch it and feel it," said Tyler.

"Look, I just needed a break," replied Myla.

"No, see you haven't experienced dick like this; touch it and feel it so you can get better used to it," replied Tyler, rubbing his body against the blonde's.

"Tyler," Myla responded, rolling her eyes.

"Just touch it and feel it," replied Tyler as he stopped rubbing her shoulder and stepped right in front of her.

"Whoa, like, it is different," said Myla, grabbing his dick and gently stroking it as her heart started to beat faster.

"Yes, that's good, get used to just getting a feel for it," replied Tyler, taking deep breaths as the blonde stroked his cock.

Myla had lied to her make up artist; she had never really been with a black man before. The darkest that Myla had gone is when she used to get fucked by an Indian doctor but he moved away, making the blonde go back to being with white men. Myla had always done her best to avoid interracial scenes and black men in general until she finally got such a nice deal from her director that now she had to try it.

For the first time in many years, Myla was feeling the same powerful tingles she used to feel when she first started having sex. The way that Tyler invested so much love in her and was so passionate about every scene just turned Myla on; it was not just another scene for her now. Myla stroked Tyler's cock and looked into his eyes as the tingles became more powerful. She still couldn't believe that she was stroking the largest cock that she had ever touched.

"It's the size of my fucking forearm," said Myla, laughing.

"There, just get comfortable with it," replied Tyler.

"How many white women has that thing been inside of, anyways?" asked Myla, smiling.

"Over a hundred; I work as a fitness trainer on the side," replied Tyler.

"Well, I am going to need one of those as I get older," replied Myla, laughing as Tyler laughed with her.

"Hey, Myla, look - we're going to do a light wrestling exercise on the floor of this room now; come on, let's go, and I want you to resist me all the way," said Tyler, as Myla obeyed and got on the floor.

"So what do you mean by resist?" asked Myla.

"I am going to try and wear you out by wrestling around with you but I want you to put up a fight," replied Tyler.

"Oh, I will put up a fight alright, boy," replied Myla, laughing.

Tyler grabbed Myla as the two hugged each other and tried to overpower one another. Myla attempted to move around but Tyler managed to grab on to her. The two were covered in sweat and smelling of musk as Myla tried to overpower Tyler, but had no success.

Myla was starting to get winded after a minute, and Tyler pulled her back and coiled his arms around her waist. The blonde attempted to roll over and escape, but Tyler was stuck on her, his dick rubbing against her thighs. Myla took in deep breaths as she tried to free herself from Tyler's hold, but it was just not working; her only hope was to keep rolling to try and set herself free.

Myla felt Tyler's powerful thighs almost suffocate her right leg as his arms remained wrapped around her waist. The blonde attempted to use her left leg to move but was having no luck with it at all; her body was heating up as she started to sweat. Myla could be heard taking in more deep breaths, and now all of the fight in her was gone; she just lay naked on the floor with Tyler on her back.

Seeing the blonde give up, Tyler started to kiss her neck and lick her behind the ears as she moaned. Myla used her hands on her pussy, fingering it as Tyler kissed and licked her neck. Tyler kissed the blonde's neck and her cheeks, eventually locking lips with her as she fingered herself. After a minute, the two stopped and Tyler told Myla about another exercise.

"Alright, Myla, I am going to lie face down on the floor and I want you to rub your pussy against my back, just grind on my back," said Tyler.

"That works," replied the nude blonde.

Tyler lay face down on the ground and relaxed as the blonde sat on his muscular back and started to grind her pussy against it. Myla moaned and breathed heavily, feeling her sex drive go up as her pink pussy started to grind against the man's dark, muscular back. The blonde started to grind on Tyler's back more aggressively as she felt the tingles between her legs getting stronger and her breaths getting deeper. The nude blonde MILF then laid on top of Tyler's back and started to hug the naked black man, feeling her body come to life. Myla even turned over, rubbing her buttocks and back all over Tyler's rough muscular body and his thick skin. She started to moan and even fingered her pussy while doing all of this.

"Ready!" shouted Myla.

"Great, but I want to give you a naked piggyback ride, hop on!" said Tyler, as the blonde MILF hopped on the man's back. Tyler arrived on the set as the director looked in shock and surprise at the man.

"We're ready to continue," said Tyler, sweaty and breathing hard along with the naked blonde on his back.

"Alright, you were riding him," said the director.

Myla got off of Tyler's back and as soon as Tyler laid down on the couch, she squatted down on his cock and started to ride it. The blonde was not bothered at all by his dick being inside of her now as her entire body was aroused, her massive breasts flopping around as she rode Tyler. After a few minutes of riding the man without having any issues, the director cut the scene and called for the finishing part.

"Alright, final part - doggystyle - and Myla, do you want his cum on your face or in your pussy?" asked the director.

"He can cum in my pussy," said Myla, taking a deep breath.

"Wow!" said the director.

"I have never seen her so excited for a scene before in my life; she might want his kids," whispered one of the workers on the set.

Myla got on her knees and into a doggystyle position as Tyler's wet cock slid inside of her anus. The blonde's felt his wet and slimy dick slide inside of her anus, easing the pain. Tyler firmly put his dark and powerful hands on the blonde MILF's pale, soft-skinned buttocks to keep her in position. Myla felt his cock go in slowly before Tyler started to speed up and thrust his lower body against her buttocks. The blonde only started to moan as Tyler got more intense and his dick stretched her anus more than it had ever been stretched in her entire career.

"I want a baby!" said Myla, moaning out loud.

The blonde MILF's upper body collapsed to the ground as her buttocks remained up in the air, mainly due to Tyler tightly grabbing them. An expression of concentration came across Tyler's face as he continued to pound her anus without any protection. Myla felt his lubricated penis go deeper inside of her than any other penis she had ever felt, filling her every time it went inside of her. Finally, Tyler took his cock out of the blonde's ass and turned her over. As Myla lay on her back, Tyler stuck his penis inside of her pussy and fucked her missionary-style. After half a minute, Tyler shot his cum inside of the blonde's pussy and let out a loud moan.

"Here, wanna clean it up?" said Tyler, putting his dick in the blonde MILF's mouth.

"Ya put it in here, yum!' said Myla, sucking on his dick as cum dripped out of her pussy.

"Well, we are done here," said the director. The crew and cameramen started to pack up, but some looked on as Myla sucked Tyler clean.

"We'll stick around," replied a sweaty Tyler, taking deep breaths.

"Well, it's just going to be you two, you have the house for a day if you want but you have to leave by tomorrow. Bedroom is upstairs if you need it," said the director.

"We don't need a bedroom. Damn, baby, suck it!" said Tyler, moaning as Myla sucked him clean.

"She usually never stays after the scenes," whispered a man on the set.

"Never," replied the director, whispering.

Tyler laid on top of the nude blonde as the cameramen and crew were packing up, getting ready to go. Soon, the house was empty except for Tyler and Myla. Tyler looked into the older woman's eyes as he laid on top of her and smiled.

"You liked it," said Tyler, hugging her.

"Okay, it was new," replied Myla, smiling.

"Let's go upstairs," said Tyler, grabbing the blonde's hand and helping her stand up.

Myla stood up, and when she did, Tyler put his arm around her waist. Both Tyler and Myla were nude as they made their way upstairs. Tyler laid in the bed, under the sheets as the blonde made her way to the restroom, washing her mouth of cum but letting the cum remain inside of her pussy. After a few seconds, the nude blonde made her way into the bed with Tyler. She crawled under the sheets with Tyler as the two nude lovers hugged each other, Tyler kissing her on the neck.

"I am your first black man," said Tyler, looking into her eyes.

"Well, not really," replied the blonde.

"Myla, I have fucked girls who have never been with black men before, no need to lie, and I won't judge you for it," replied Tyler, kissing each of the blonde's pink nipples.

"Okay fine yes," replied Myla, smiling.

"So, why didn't you want to fuck black men before?" asked Tyler, gently massaging the nude blonde's back.

"Well, I grew up in a redneck family that was racist, and when I got into porn, my directors told me not to do it," replied Myla.

"Well, why now?" asked Tyler, kissing her on the neck. All of Tyler's kissing kept the blonde aroused, her breathing still deep.

"I wanted to try something different for once and I kinda thought you were cute, plus I'd seen your videos and you get so much of the little things right like this!" said Myla, letting out a loud moan as Tyler massaged her buttocks.

"Now what will your family and producers think if my man juice got you a mixed race baby?" asked Tyler.

"Who cares what they think? I either have the kids now or never, you just did something for me," replied Myla.

"Well, Myla, is today the last time we're going to fuck?" asked Tyler.

"Hell no, I need to get your number; come over to my place and I will cook you something too," replied Myla.

"Okay, I'll come over to your place only under one condition," replied Tyler.

"Name it," said Myla.

"I want you to greet me by wearing the same bra and panties you wore when we shot this scene together," said Tyler. Myla kissed Tyler on the cheeks as the two cuddled up, letting him know that was how it would go.

The blonde's soft-skinned nude body cuddled against Tyler's tough dark skin as his hard penis rubbed against her legs. Myla locked lips with Tyler as her pussy rubbed against his skin. Not wanting to get fucked by his dick again so soon, Myla gave Tyler a blowjob and massaged his testicles. To Myla's pleasure, Tyler did eventually cum in her mouth, and the two once again cuddled up naked and went to sleep together.
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