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Sally Gives a Gift to Jack Part 2

Jack enjoy the gift his wife gave him.
All Sally knew about the weekend was that Bob would be coming in about bedtime Friday night. She knew how she wanted to get the weekend started. She just wasn’t sure how things should go from there. Audrey came over to the house about two Friday afternoon. Sally took the bag Audrey had packed for the weekend upstairs to the guest bedroom.

“Now, let’s go over to the mall,” Sally said to Audrey. We shall see what happens, Sally thought. She wasn’t sure how she thought things should go. She just wanted Bob to meet Audrey and Ryder.

At the mall, Sally took Audrey to Victoria’s Secret. Sally noticed that Audrey was looking over at Nine West.

“Is Ryder working?”

“I don’t think so. I’m not sure what he is doing this afternoon.”

“Maybe, he is playing volleyball?”

“I don’t think so. I know he has games tomorrow.”

That was good to learn, Sally thought. She would make sure Bob got to see Ryder play.

“Really? Where do they play? What time?”

“There are new sand courts at Centennial Park. I will text him to see what time.”

“Have you ever shopped at Victoria’s Secret?” Sally asked Audrey.

“Nooo,” she said, embarrassed but smiling.

“I want to buy you something to wear for Jack. You know he likes to look at your body, and something sexy to wear will encourage him to look.”

So into Victoria’s Secret the two women went.

“Are you going to buy anything?” Audrey asked Sally.

“I might. I want to find some things for you, but if we find something for me too, well that is good.”

While they were looking at all the sexy things in Victoria’s Audrey got a text back from Ryder. “1:00.”

They went back to Sally’s with some sexy bras and panties. Jack was preparing supper when they arrived. Sally took Audrey back to the bedroom.

Jack saw the bags from Victoria’s. “You have been shopping?”

“Yes, we have, and if you are lucky you might get to see what we have bought,” Sally said.

A few minutes later the two women came back to the kitchen.

“Jack,” Sally said, “We need you to tell us. Do you like our new undies?”

And there were Sally and Audrey wearing only their new bras and panties. And high heels. Audrey had borrowed a pair from Sally. Sally had picked out for Audrey the same peach-colored bra and panty set that she had worn to Manages one night a couple of months ago. Both bra and panty were so sheer. And as Audrey modeled, Jack could see all of her, her nipples, her neatly trimmed bush, her slit. He feasted on her body, looking forward to when he could have her again. Sally had on a new, black bra and panty set that also was sheer showing off her smoothly-shaven pussy and her nipple. They both looked very sexy, and Jack gave his wholehearted approval of their new undergarments by giving them a hug and a lingering kiss.

“Do you need any help preparing supper, dear,” Sally asked.

“It is almost ready. You girls can sit at the table, if you want, and I will pour you a glass of wine or fix you a margarita.”

Sally sat down, saying she would like a margarita.

Audrey said she wanted a margarita too. “Do you need any help?” she asked Jack.

“Sure, Audrey, I would love your help.”

She went into the kitchen with Jack, and Sally was pleased that Audrey was so comfortable already with Jack. Audrey seemed to like Jack a lot and since yesterday perhaps she liked him even more. It was interesting that Audrey hardly talked about Ryder since their talk last Monday.

In the kitchen, Audrey was modeling for Jack again, letting him enjoy her in her new bra and panties that were so sheer and hid nothing of her charms from him. And Jack was taking in all of her.

“Just reach up on the second shelf and get me the triplesec.” Audrey stretched to reach the triplesec on the second shelf. What a fine ass she has, he thought, and what a lovely crack. He caressed the round loveliness of her ass, and she pulled down the bottle of triplesec and smiled coyly.

“Will you teach me how to make a margarita?” she asked.

“Of course. First, a shot of tequila.” He poured three shots of tequila into the blender.

“Then, a shot of triplesec.” He poured the triplesec into the blender.

“Now, squeeze a lime in the lime press.” Jack cut the lime in half and put one half into the lime press, and gave it to Audrey. She squeezed. Then he stood behind her, took her hands in his as she held the lime press, and they squeezed together. Fresh squeezed lime juice dripped into the blender. He wrapped his arms around her waist and held her tight, pressing his body into hers as she held the lime press. He cupped her breasts in his hands and kissed the back of her neck.

They stood together like that as he put in the other half of the lime into the press, and again he held her hand in his and they squeezed, his cock pressing into her crack sending her pleasant signals of desire as the lime juice dripped into the blender. He reached down inside her panties and let his finger slip into her slit. She was wet. He brought his finger to her lips, and she tasted herself on his finger.

“Do you like to taste me?” she asked.


It was hard to resist tasting her then.

“Now, for some ice.” He filled the blender with crushed ice.

“Put the lid on the blender,” he told Audrey, and he put his hand over hers on the lid and turned on the blender. Then, he slipped his hand into her panties again and fingered her. As they kissed, he brought his finger up to their lips and they licked her taste into their mouth and tasted her sex together. They were hot for each other.

But they waited, and Jack poured frozen margaritas into glasses for the three of them.

After supper, Sally and Audrey still in their underwear, the three of them went out on the deck. It was dark now, and they talked quietly.

“Are you ready to get in the hot tub?” Sally asked Audrey.

“Do you want me to be naked?” Audrey asked, quietly, submissively.


Audrey stood, and Sally unhooked Audrey’s bra and slipped it off her shoulders, laying it on the table. Sally sat forward in her chair and slipped Audrey’s panties down her legs to her feet, and Audrey stepped out of them. There was something in Audrey’s movements, something her movements said about her feelings. It was then that Sally understood. She understood Audrey perhaps better than Audrey understood herself, understood that at the deepest levels of her being she wanted to be Sally’s sexual submissive.

“Does it arouse you to be naked now here on the deck with Jack and me?”

“Yes,” whispered Audrey.

“I don’t think Jack can see you in the dark, so be a good girl and go ask him to touch you so he can see how lovely you are.”

“Yes, ma’am.” Audrey walked around the table to Jack. “What shall I say, ma’am?”

“Ask him to touch you, and ask him if he likes you naked.”

“Would you please feel of me and tell me if you like me naked?” Audrey was pleading, almost begging Jack, hoping that he would really like her nakedness.

And Jack did feel of her, felt her breasts, felt her nipples hardened to his touch. He felt her stomach, let his hands touch her sensitive skin just above her bush.

“You are so lovely, Audrey, and I love to touch you,” Jack told the girl.

He let his fingers touch her between her legs, heard the quick catch of her breath.

Sally heard too. “You like Jack to touch you, don’t you?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“You wanted him to touch you yesterday, didn’t you?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Have you wanted that before, for Jack to touch you?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Do you want him to do more than touch you?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“What do you want him to do, Audrey?”

“I want him to be inside me. I want him to kiss me all over my body. I want him to cum in me.”

Jack undressed and he and Audrey got into the water together. They held hands and slowly sank into the hot water. They held each other in the water, kissing, letting the water wash away the busyness of the day. They were clean and wet in each other’s arms. They were hungry for each other. Sally watched and enjoyed as they made love. Audrey wrapped her legs around Jack’s waist and could feel his hardness pressing between her legs, seeking entry. He reached down and rubbed the head of his cock against her slit. She was wet, very wet, not from the water, but from her own juices. Her arms around his neck, she held onto Jack hard and kissed him as he lowered her down onto his shaft. He went into her, and they were joined together. She could feel him hard and deep inside her as though she were spitted and about to be roasted.

Sally enjoyed Audrey’s sexual arousal, enjoyed watching Jack flood Audrey’s mind and body with sex. She sat on the deck, her legs in the hot water.

“How does Jack feel inside you?”

Smothering his mouth with kisses, Audrey said, “He feels like a stallion inside me.”

“How does he make you feel?”

Audrey was in ecstasy, delirious with sex. “I am his mare.” She wrapped her legs even tighter around Jack’s body, taking him deep into her body, craving him, wanting him, wanting him to cum in her, wanting to cum all over his cock. She clung to him and lowered her head onto his shoulder, breathing hard, so close to cumming. Her legs tight around his body, she pushed hard against him and felt him deep in her belly.

As Jack and Audrey, in their passion, were wrapped up in each other, as Sally stroked Audrey’s hair, a car pulled quietly into the drive. The engine shut off, and Bob got out. For only a moment Audrey lost her concentration, but Jack held her tight.

“It’s okay, my lovers,” Sally said. “It’s just Bob.” Sally got up and left Jack and Audrey in the hot tub and greeted Bob at the gate.

They kissed.

Bob said, “I like the way you dressed to greet me.”

She turned showing off herself in the sheer bra and panty.

“I bought them today just for you.”

Bob held Sally, felt her warm flesh against his body, and already was aching to have her. He kissed her, let his hand slip inside her panty, felt her bare ass. Sally could feel Bob’s response against her belly.

“Do I get to take you to bed now, or do we have to visit with that cute young thing in the hot tub with Jack?”

“You can take me to bed as soon as I introduce you to Audrey.”

Sally took Bob by the hand and led him up the steps to the deck. “I gave Jack a sex toy,” she said quietly to Bob. “Audrey is his graduate assistant. Worked for him all this last year. I met her last Friday night. She and I talked, and she and Jack fucked for the first time yesterday afternoon.”

Sally knelt and tapped Audrey on her bare, wet shoulder. Audrey looked up still sitting with her legs wrapped around Jack and his cock deep inside her.

“Audrey, this is our good friend, Bob. Bob, this is Audrey. She too is our good friend.”

Bob and Audrey said hi to each other.

“Audrey, Bob and I are going to bed now. You and Jack enjoy the night.”

Sally took Bob’s hand and led him into the house. They turned the kitchen light down low and stood at the kitchen window for a few minutes, watching. They could tell Audrey was cumming on Jack.

Then, Sally took Bob’s hand and led him to the bedroom.

Audrey was cumming as Sally and Bob watched from the kitchen window. She held on to Jack, her legs spread around his hips and locked tight into his back as she rode his hard cock buried deep inside her. And as Sally and Bob turned away from the window to go to the bedroom, Jack came into Audrey, the head of his cock caressing her cervix, his cum shooting deep into her womb.

A few minutes later Jack and Audrey got out of the hot tub and enjoyed the pleasure of toweling each other off. Audrey’s pussy held Jack’s sperm deep inside.

“Did Sally go to bed with that guy?” Audrey asked.

“Yes, and his name is Bob. Sally invited him down for the weekend to meet you and Ryder.”

“Why did she want him to meet us? And are they going to fuck?”

“Yes, he is a very good friend, and he has privileges, so he is sleeping with my wife tonight.”

“And what about you? Who are you sleeping with tonight?” She snuggled up against Jack and smiled up at him coyly.

“I was hoping that now perhaps I have privileges with you.”

Audrey took Jack’s hand and placed it firmly on her pussy and held his hand there. “My pussy is your pussy, and you can have it any time you want. You can sleep with me if you will fuck me again.”

She reached her mouth up to his and kissed him, holding his hand still firmly against her pussy lips. His fingers began to caress her, and she moaned.

“Take me to bed, Sir,” she said.

Not bothering with their swimsuits, they went in the house, resisted the urge to tiptoe down the hall to the master bedroom to see if they could hear anything, and went up the front hall to the stairs. Audrey went first up the stairs, and in the dim light, Jack watched her naked ass dancing in front of him, inviting him. He loved her lithe, young, slender body, her perfect ass cheeks, her beautiful legs and even her feet. They went into the guest bedroom, went into the bathroom. Audrey sat on the toilet and peed as Jack watched her. She let him wipe her off and lift her off the toilet into his arms.

They kissed and he felt her between her legs.

“You are very wet still.”

“That is from all the cum you left inside me.”

They brushed their teeth with the extra toothbrushes Sally always left for company, and then they went to bed.

“Should we turn out the lights?” Audrey asked.

“Not until we are ready to go to sleep. I want to see you while we play.”

She reached down and when she felt him, he was already getting hard again.

The two couples did finally get a little sleep after copulating well into the night.

Next morning, Jack and Audrey were slow going downstairs. Audrey seemed hungry for Jack. When they did go downstairs, they found a note from Sally.

Bob and I have gone to meet Ryder. Ryder has a couple of games sometime mid-morning, and Bob and I wanted to see him play as well as give Bob the opportunity to get to know Ryder a little. You can come join us if you want. If not, have fun, and we will see you when we get home. Love you both, Sally

“So why does Bob need to meet Ryder and watch him play volleyball?”

Jack was making a fresh pot of coffee. Audrey rummaged through the fridge and found bacon, eggs, orange juice. She found break on the counter for toast. Jack threw bacon into the skillet. Audrey buttered bread and put it in the toaster-oven. Jack poured the orange juice as the bacon fried.

“Last September, Bob called one evening with a request that caught us by surprise. Bob said he wanted to visit a nude resort but that he could not go as a single.”

Audrey’s eyebrows went up. “He wanted Sally to go with him?”


“How could he ask you? You said no, didn’t you?”

“Well, a couple of months earlier, we had spent a week at his place, a farm up in Missouri, and the last afternoon we were there, Bob took Sally swimming in one of the ponds on his farm. They ended up skinny-dipping, and then they ended up on the blanket on the bank.”

“Oh.” Audrey thought of yesterday afternoon. She had been the one on the blanket.

“So when he called he didn’t know we would say no. We had the freedom to say no, felt the freedom to say no, but you can see he had reason to think we might just say yes. And we did.”

“Sally slept with him. How long were they there? And you did not mind him sleeping with your wife?” Audrey was bursting with questions.

“They were there for two weeks, and I did not mind. Sally was having a wonderful time, and I found it quite arousing to know she was being entertained quite well by another man.”

Audrey took in this revelation about the man she was sleeping with. “You like the idea of another man fucking your wife?”

“Audrey, it is very arousing for me to know that she is being aroused by and pleased by and is pleasing to another man.” Jack was forking the bacon onto a paper towel on a plate.

Audrey’s mind seemed to go in another direction. “That explains Bob, at least a little, and why Sally slept with him last night. But why did they go to see Ryder?

“While they were at the resort, one of the activities was a nude volleyball tournament. Bob rounded up some guys and put together a team. But it turned out not to be just recreational. It was a real tournament, and this team Bob put together won.”

Bob was flipping the eggs over easy. “Because they won, they qualified for the regional tournament in October, so they went back for another two weeks.”

“Went back? Sally went back too?”

“Sally was on the team. Five men and Sally.”

“Ohhhhh,” said Audrey, rolling her eyes. “She played naked on a team with five guys?”

Jack put the eggs on plates. Audrey put the toast and bacon on the table, and they sat down to eat. Jack explained that the tournament was the national nude volleyball tournament, and they had a national competition at nude resorts across the nation and there was a national champion every year.

“It is recreational. I mean it is not like the college national championship. But it was more than just recreational because the further a team goes the competition gets greater.

“Like yeah. Of course.” Audrey was incredulous. “The competition over your wife. Five guys fighting each other and Bob over your wife!”

“Audrey, does Ryder know yet about you and me?”

“No. I couldn’t tell him.”

“What if he knew? What if he knew and was okay with it? What if he was more than okay but actually enthusiastic about you and me?”

Audrey was quiet and seemed to consider Jack’s questions. “I don’t know. It is such a different way to think.”

“Sally knows, and Sally considers you her friend. You know that. And she pleased to share me with you. Audrey, Sally and I have discovered a different way to think about . . . well, about sex. The guys on that volleyball team had no need to compete with each other for Sally because they all got to have her. She gave herself willingly to them, and they were more than happy to share her.”

“And you are more than happy to share her with them. That is a lot to take in. I guess I am just so naïve.”

“Audrey, in a way that is what you and I are doing. Ryder and I are sharing you. It’s just that he doesn’t know it yet.”

Audrey smiled. She already knew that it would be very hard to give Jack up. She wanted him. She wanted him even as they sat at the breakfast table. And really she didn’t care if Ryder did know. She was glad Sally knew. She would be able to talk about Jack with her, ask her questions about sex, ask her advice about how to please Jack. She understood how good it could be to have Sally as her sexual advisor, maybe even teacher. Sally would know so much about Jack’s sexual wants and needs and desires. Just the thought of feeling him inside her . . . .


“Oh, I’m sorry, love. I was just thinking.” Picking up the thread of the conversation about Bob. “So Bob is here to scout out Ryder.”

“That is what I think,” Jack said.

“What about me? Is he here to scout out me?”

“I don’t know, Audrey. I do not know what Sally is thinking. I think she is thinking you and Ryder are getting married, and so maybe you would be like salt and pepper or bacon and eggs. To have Ryder she will have to have you.”

They were clearing the table, rinsing and stacking the dishes in the sink, side by side, hip to hip.

“But, baby,” Audrey said, “It seems like she wanted you and me to be together.”

“She gave us ample opportunity to be together, didn’t she!” Jack smiled and pulled Audrey close. “Baby, you . . .” He held her tight, pressed her body to his. “You are . . .”

Audrey pressed her finger against his lips. “Shhhhh!” And she reached up and kissed him tenderly as his lover.

They decided they did not want to go to Ryder’s volleyball games. Whatever Bob and Sally and Ryder decided they would deal with later. For now, they wanted just to be together. They went back upstairs and back to bed.

Sally and Bob first ate breakfast at the coffee shop on Belmont, and then went to the apartments where Ryder lived. Ryder was already at the volleyball courts in Centennial Park across the street, so they parked and walked over. Ryder was warming up with the team, but he took a couple of minutes to come over and say hi and meet Bob. Bob and Sally spread out a blanket in the grass and watched the match. It was a good match, and right away Bob was impressed with Ryder’s skills. He was clearly a cut above the rest of the players. He was the offense for his team with an excellent leap and great kill shot.

“What are you thinking, Sally,” Bob asked her.

“I think he need to recruit him,” she said.

“Do you want to fuck him or do you think we have a chance to make the finals with him.”

Sally smiled wickedly. “Both.”

After the match, the three walked back to Ryder’s apartment. Ryder took a shower and cleaned up. They decided to go pick up some hamburgers and spend the afternoon by the apartment pool where Bob could practice his recruiting skills.

“Did you know that Sally plays volley ball,” Bob asked Ryder.

“Her husband said.”

“She is the best setter I have ever seen play.”

“You have seen her play.”

“Quite a lot.”


“She plays on a co-ed team that I put together last fall.”

Ryder had a thought buzzing around in his head. I know this guy, he was thinking.

“The league we play in is tough, and we need a couple more good players. Sally thinks you’ve got what it takes.”

Ryder looked at Sally, and she blushed. Right then it dawned on Ryder. The man in the shadows with Jack that night at the club.

“What does it involve?” Ryder asked.

“I might as well tell you that the team competes in the national nude volleyball tournament.”

“What you say?”

“You heard me. Sally went to a nude resort with me last September, and I put together a team of guys to play with her.”

Ryder got the double entendre.

“And they won. Which qualified them for the regionals in October. We made the final match, but lost. Had we won that game we would have made the final four. That is what we want to do. So we need a good player like you.”

Bob looked at Sally. “Hon, why don’t you go up and put on your bikini?”

Sally looked at Ryder. He gave her his keys. “Okay,” she said, and as she stood, she swished her tail at the two men and walked away.

While Sally was upstairs undressing, Bob and Ryder were working out the details.

“Each guy on the team got to have her multiple times.”

“And she was okay with that?” Ryder was remembering Sally at the club. He was wondering if Bob knew about the second time.

“She thought it was good for team morale. And there is no question they each played with much greater enthusiasm and commitment once they knew they each had a chance.”

“How did you decide?”

At the end of each match, the team and I selected the MVP other than Sally, and he got to have her right then. They liked the idea of deciding which of them would have her.”

“I have to admit that thought is very enticing. You know I am planning on getting married?”

“Yes, Sally introduced me to your fiancée last night when I arrived.”


“You didn’t know she is spending the weekend over the Jack and Sally’s? She and Jack were in the hot tub when I got there.”


Bob pointed, and Ryder turned to look. Sally was coming back, towel in hand, in her bright orange, extra thin bikini. “If you want, I can sweeten the pot for you.”

“What are you suggesting?” Ryder asked.

Sally came to them and stood in front of them. They were sitting in lounge chairs and their eyes were level with Sally’s crotch. The bikini barely covered her labia. She was teasing both of them by just standing, letting them look.

“I think Ryder is interested, Sally. But he needs probably just a little more friendly persuasion.”

She sat down in Ryder’s lap, put her arms around his neck and kissed him. “What kind of persuasion does he need?” she asked.

“Well, I think you have the right idea, Sally.” Bob said.

Sally took Ryder’s hand and put it on her breast. His hand had, of course, fondled her breast many times, but neither said anything about that.

“Does he want to fuck me?” Sally asked Bob, looking at Ryder. “Do you think if I let him fuck me, he will go?”

“What I think is that if you let him fuck you, you can lead him around like a bull with a ring in his nose, and he will follow you anywhere.”

“Then, we all need to go upstairs,” she said. Sally got up, dangled Ryder’s keys in front of his nose, and began pulling the string of her string bikini bottoms until the knot popped. Her bottoms partially fell away on the side revealing her smooth little ass and her groin just above her mound. And she walked away.

They heard her as they looked at each other. “You boys coming?”

By the time they got upstairs, the door to Ryder’s apartment was standing open, and when they went in, Sally was naked, her bikini top and bottoms on the floor just inside the door. Sally turned on Ryder’s Pandora and picked out his dance station. She looked so hot standing at the book case – long legs, great calves and thighs. At the T of her legs her beautiful ass with curves that invited caresses. Her smooth back showed the muscles of her shoulders, and her smooth clear shoulders invited caresses. A sensuous dance beat came from the speakers, and Sally began a sensuous and naked dance to the rhythm. Bob and Ryder were mesmerized and forgot to shut the front door. They snapped out of their trance when they heard someone give a low whistle at the door. Some of Ryder’s buds from down the hall were crowding into the door.

“What’cha got going on, Ryd?”

Sally seemed unaware that a handful of young men were watching her dance naked. She seemed almost in a trance herself. Her erotic dance was having its effect on her.

Ryder, laughing, went to the door, pushed his friends back into the hall. “I will tell you next week.” And he closed the door.

Fortunately, we are not Ryder’s friends who had the door shut in their face, and we can see and enjoy all that went on in Ryder’s apartment that afternoon and evening.

Sally went to Bob and made him dance with her. She took his hands and rubbed them over her body. But Bob said he was not much of a dancer and he did not mind watching. Sally pulled Ryder up from his seat. He said he was not much of a dancer either, but Sally was naked and her movements were so sensual and sexual that he danced in rhythm with her. Sally, with her legs spread, rubbed her pussy against Ryder’s leg, and he tried to hold her, but she danced away from him.

“You can’t have me that easily, boy,” she said. “If you want me to lie down and open my legs, you have to work a little harder. And you too, Bob.”

Both men danced around Sally, trying to feel her, but she was teasing them, letting them look but with very little hands on. After a short while, both the men sat down saying she was wearing them out. Sally danced up to Ryder sitting on the couch, and swayed in front of him, and then she climbed onto the couch, her knees on either side of Ryder’s legs, her legs spread. She rubbed her pussy against Ryder bulging shorts.

“He thinks he wants to fuck me,” she teased.

She slid effortlessly off the couch when Ryder tried to grab her. She danced in front of Bob.

“Do you want to fuck me too?”

Ryder went into the kitchen, and when he came back he had a coil of cotton rope. Bob knew immediately what the rope was for. He caught Sally and through naked body over his shoulder.

“Bring her in here,” Ryder said.

Bob carried her into the bedroom and threw her down on the bed. Ryder grabbed one arm and tied the rope around her wrist. Bob stretched out her arm, and Ryder tied off the rope on the corner post of the bed. Sally struggled, tried hard to free herself, but Bob sat on her and held her down. Ryder grabbed her leg and tied the rope around her ankle. He stretched her leg and pulled the rope tight around the post at the foot of the bed. Bob got off Sally, and the two men stood together at the foot of the bed to survey their work. Sally tried to reach her tied wrist. Ryder went to the other side of the bed, grabbed her arm and tied rope around that wrist. He pulled the rope tight and tied it off on the post. He rejoined Bob at the foot of the bed.

Bob said, “I think we need to get out of these clothes.”

The men undressed as Sally watched. They were both very hard and big. Ryder tied her other leg into the corner, and Sally now lay spread-eagled before them, naked, her legs wide open, her pussy on display, her body on display.

“Yes, dear,” Bob said, “we are going to fuck you.” Bob pulled out a quarter. “Call it, Ryder, heads or tails.”

The quarter spun in the air.

“Tails. For Sally’s tail.”

Bob caught it, slapped it onto the back of his hand. They looked. “Tails it is. You get to go first.”

Ryder climbed onto the bed with Sally and began caressing her. It was not too long before she was beginning to make little moaning sounds.

“She’s wet,” Ryder said to Bob.

Ryder went down on Sally and kissed her pussy lips. He licked her and sucked her clit into his mouth. She groaned. He made her cum. The sex made the afternoon go quickly.

As the sun went down, he got between her legs and rubbed the head of his cock on her slick slit.

“You were a cocktease, dear. And do you see what happens to sweet wives who think to be a cocktease?”

His cock slipped down her slit and into her. She groaned as she felt Ryder going into her. She strained against the ropes, but she was not trying to get away. She was trying to get Ryder’s cock deeper inside. Ryder kissed her and whispered in her ear. “Bob is watching me fuck you, baby.”

And Bob had his phone out. He was texting Jack. Here at Ryder’s apartment. Ryder fucking Sally now. Don’t wait up. We may be late.

Jack showed Audrey the text.

“Sally is the bait to get Ryder to go for the tournament,” Jack said.

“I guess he is going,” Audrey said.


Audrey was mad, sad, disappointed, bummed. Jack sat her down in his lap in an oversized easy chair in the sunroom. She lay her head on his bare shoulder, and he leaned the seat back so she lay on him. They were naked. Had been since last night. Jack held her close and waited.

“I guess it is not fair for me to be mad at him, is it?” she said.

“Probably not,” he said.

She snuggled into his body. They were quiet. He held her. He loved the feel of her warm naked body against his.

“What is Sally’s plan for me?”

That was an interesting thought to Bob. He had thought Bob was in charge, but Sally did seem to be taking more of the lead. She and Bob together?

“I don’t know,” he said.

They had stayed up very late last night. The sunroom was warm, and their late night caught up with them.

When they woke, it was dark. The whole house was dark. They could see the new moon and stars out the sunroom windows. Audrey still lay on Jack in the easy chair. Jack was hard. She took hold of him. He squeezed her in his arms and kissed her hair. She reached up to his face, and they kissed. They were like teenagers whose parent have gone out for the evening. They kissed and fondled and touched in that easy chair until they ached for each other, for the bliss of being one. She straddled him in the chair. She rubbed his cock into her slit.

“See how wet you make me.”

“I feel how wet you are, and you make me want to be inside you.”

She slipped his cock back along her wet slit until it caught in her opening. They both gasped. She put her hands on his shoulders, leaned forward and kissed him on the mouth, and lowered herself onto him.

They were hot and breathing hard. She swayed her hips side to side, and they were lost in the pleasure of each other.

In their embrace, in the kissing, mouth to mouth, she said, “I’m right where I want to be.” He held her hips and thrust up into her. “Me too.” She groaned.

They called out for Chinese, and Audrey slipped on one of Bob’s button-up shirts when the doorbell rang. She took the cartons of food and paid the delivery boy. It was the first time she had done such a thing, and she found it very erotic. She did it because Jack asked her to. Jack put down blankets on the floor of the sunroom, and they ate by starlight and candles and Pandora. After they had eaten their fill, they put aside the empty cartons. They lay down together, listened to the music, and it was not too long till they discovered they were still hungry. The second meal lasted for several hours until they both were satiated with love. There was no hint of Sally and Bob. They crawled back up into the easy chair, Audrey lying on top of Jack. They turned on the television, and half watched something silly. But Jack was like a young man on his honeymoon, and he could not help himself. He was hard again. Audrey held him in her hand, and she played with him until he was on the edge. “You are going to make me cum,” he whispered into her hair. She got over him as she had earlier and straddled him. She lowered herself onto him, and he was so aroused, as soon as she was sitting on his, his cock deep inside her, he came in her. She could feel his cum as he released himself into her. And for an older man there was so much. Much more than he would have thought. And millions of his sperm shot up through her cervix into her womb. “Should we wait up or should we go to bed,” she asked. “Let’s go to bed,” he said. They went upstairs and straight to bed. And this was the third night running, Audrey slept with Jack’s sperm deep inside her.

Jack and Audrey slept late Sunday morning. Jack woke first, got up, went to pee, came back to bed, and snuggled up to Audrey’s behind. The moment Jack’s cock touched the softness of Audrey’s ass, it sprang to attention. Jack was amazed at his own cock. He had not been so hard so much for a long time. His horniness for Audrey reminded him of his and Sally’s honeymoon many years ago. He put his arm around Audrey, who was on her right side, and snuggled up close, pressing his hard cock into the crack of her ass cheeks. He cupped her breast in his hand and felt her nipple harden. She snuggled back into him, and though her eyes were still closed, he heard the little snigger under her breath. He held her close and kissed her neck and the smooth skin of her shoulders and back. She sighed.

“Good morning, love,” she said.

“Good morning.”

She pushed back against him, and his cock responded. He slipped his cock down between her legs so it nestled up against her pussy lips.

“You are making me wet,” she said.

“You are making me hard,” he said. He pushed against his groin against her hips so she could feel his hardness between her legs.

“That’s why you are making me wet. When you do things like you are doing to me.”

He moved his hand down her body.

“Oh, don’t press too hard on my bladder. I better go pee,” she said.

Audrey slipped out of the bed, and Jack watched her nakedness as she danced into the bathroom. He listened as she peed. She pulled the covers off Jack when she came back and got into bed with him again. She curled up with her back against him and reached between her legs and put his hard cock against her pussy lips like before. She moaned.

“You feel so good there, love.”

“I love to be right there between your legs.”

She raised her leg for him, and he rubbed his cock against her slit. She was, as she said, wet. Her pussy lips parted for the head of his cock. He drew his cock back along her slit until his cock found her opening and caught there. She put her leg down over his leg, and he pulled her down onto his cock until he was fully inside her. If he pressed on her belly, he could feel his cock in her. They lay together for a time, he holding her close so he was deep in her. He kissed her neck, and she began to coo. And she began those familiar movements of sex, her body seeking to get him ever deeper, ancient movements that meant the continuation of the species. He held her tight and rolled onto his back. She lay on top of him on her back, her legs splayed and his cock buried in her. He began to caress her body. He pinched her nipples, and she cried out in pleasure. He caressed her belly, stroked her pussy lips, and rubbed her clit. Every time she was so close to cumming, he would stop briefly. But he just kept loving her, and she was longing to come. And when he knew that he would come, he brought her to climax, and he came in her. She bucked, but he held her down on his cock, and he felt and she felt his sperm spurting up inside her. She was breathless as they rolled back onto their sides. He was still hard in her, still throbbing, and they lay together, snuggled together, wanting to stay like that as long as they could.

When his erection had gone down, she turned over so they were front to front, her breasts against his chest. They were wrapped up together. They kissed. “You have made love to me four days straight,” she said.

“I could not help it,” he said. “You have spent four straight days naked with me.”

And they stayed naked well into the afternoon, but finally, as they waited for Sally and Bob to come back, Audrey began to think about Monday, about work, about being around Jack with other people around.

“It will be hard not to come up to you and kiss you tomorrow,” Audrey said.

“But we must act as though nothing has changed since we left the office last week,” he said.

Much had changed. Her pussy and even her womb were full of his seed. That was a change that would last a lifetime. But tomorrow she would be his graduate-assistant, and he would give her assignments to give the students, and she would get coffee for him just like always. And they would wrangle over who was the better writer, Jane Austen or Thomas Wolfe. And they would not let on that they had fucked all weekend or would fuck again the first good opportunity they got to be naked together.

“I better go,” she said.

“I know.”

They went up to the bedroom, and he sat on the bed and watched her dress. He caressed her pussy through her panties, pinched her nipples through her t-shirt. It was silly she said to put on a bra just to drive back to her apartment. They went down. He kissed her in the hall, and he walked her out to her car. He watched her car turn at the corner, and he was surprised at how alone he felt.

Bob and Sally were very late getting back. It was dark. After Bob had texted Jack, Bob got on the bed with Jack and Sally. They took turns with her through the night. They made her cum over and over, and she was in sexual ecstasy through the night. She was not surprised how often Ryder fucked her and came in her, but she was surprised that Bob kept up with Ryder. Sometime near morning, both men fell asleep either side of Sally, and so she finally slept too. They did not untie her until the morning was well on and she was begging to go relieve herself. She came back to the bed, lay down as before, and they tied her back down to the bed. They were not gentle in the tying, and she hoped the apartment complex did not catch fire. They used her again for the day, and again she was in sexual ecstasy. They kept her on edge with a vibrator for the longest time. They took turns. When one’s arm got tired, the other took over. She begged them to let her cum, but they would not let her cum until finally she could not help herself. Ryder had her just on the edge, but when he took the vibrator away from her pussy, she cried out.

And they watched her cum. They watched her pussy throb and twitch now with no external stimulus. And after she had cum, they started over, but this time she came convulsively, explosively. And they both fucked her again.

When Bob and Sally arrived back at the house, Bob was disappointed that Audrey had gone. She had to get ready for Monday, so she needed to get back to her apartment. “I hope you had a good time with her,” Bob said. Sally watched Jack as he answered. “I did,” he said. “We had a wonderful time, and even got out of bed once or twice.” He laughed at his little joke. But Sally knew he was hardly joking.

Bob stayed the night, and both he and Jack slept on either side of Sally. The weekend seemed finally to catch up with the three of them, and they slept soundly.

June passed. July passed. In early August Sally and Audrey, who had become a guest at their home almost every weekend and some weeknights, were at Victoria’s Secret.

“Sally, thank you for sharing your husband with me,” Audrey said to Sally.

“You are quite welcome. The two of you make a lovely couple.”

“Are you looking forward to going to the nude resort again with Bob and Ryder . . . and the others?”

“Yes, very much.”

“How long?”

“Depends on whether we keep winning.”

“I’m just glad I get to stay with Jack.”

Audrey held a sheer black thong to her hips. “I don’t think I will be able to wear anything as sexy as this.”

“Why do you say that, love?”

“The test strip indicated positive.”

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