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Sally Gives a Gift to Jack

Sally seduces her husband, offering a gift he could not refuse.
She stood naked in the open balcony door of Ryder’s bedroom talking to her husband Jack on her cell. Ryder adroitly moved her out of the open door back towards his bed, tickling her, caressing her, playfully poking her in the ribs, pinching her nipple. She was trying to defend herself from Ryder’s relentless attack, trying not to laugh, trying to talk with Jack on her phone. He was saying something about his graduate assistant. “You say she is getting married?”

Ryder had maneuvered Sally till the calves of her bare legs pressed against the side of his bed. He smiled, gave her a gentle nudge, and she plopped back onto his bed, a place familiar to her because she had been there a number of times the last couple of months.

They had finished a good run in Centennial Park and come back to Ryder’s apartment overlooking the park. It was a warm spring afternoon in May, a good afternoon to be outside, to work up a good sweat, to enjoy the sun and each other. He had worn running shorts. She had worn a running bra and shorts, not just for the run but that is how she arrived at his apartment a couple hours ago. When he opened the door, the first thing he did was drink in her body with his eyes. Her nipple hardened under his gaze, the telltale that she knew what he was thinking.

They grabbed a couple of bottled waters and towels, went down to the park and ran. Down by the pond, through the dog park, and back around the pond again. When they stopped, Sally’s bare shoulders glistened with sweat in the afternoon sun. They walked in the shade of the trees to cool down. They sipped the bottled water, and Ryder toweled Sally off. It was all he could do not to pinch her nipple through her running bra.

Why not, he thought, and he did. Sally laughed and pushed his hand away. “No PDA,” she said, smiling. She had learned that Ryder was a big fan of PDA, always patting her ass or kissing her or stroking her arm, always when someone was looking at them. She had to admit she had come to like his attention and had dressed for their run to get his attention.

They went back across the street to Ryder’s third floor apartment, and back inside Ryder made the astute observation that their clothes were soaked from their run.

“What do you think we should do?” Sally asked.

“I can’t let you go home in those soaking wet clothes. I will have to put them in the wash.”

He undressed her, stripped out of his shorts, and threw those three skimpy little pieces of material into the washing machine, shook in a little soap, and set it for the longest cycle.

“Now, what should we do?” Sally asked, rubbing her body playfully against Ryder’s. She noted his rather immediate response.

“Your clothes will be clean, so we should take a shower,” Ryder said. In the shower, Ryder washed Sally’s hair, and she could feel his cock against her ass. He covered her with soap and bathed her, touching her everywhere, caressing her, holding her, pressing himself against her, caressing her soapy breast, feeling her nipple in his hand. She turned, they embraced, and kissed letting the water run down their bodies. She loved the feel of his naked body.

They toweled each other off and then in the bedroom, Sally’s cell had gone off, and she thought she should take the call from Jack. Now, sitting on Ryder’s bed, she was listening to Jack. Ryder pushed Sally backward, and she lay back. Her legs hung off the side of Ryder’s bed, her feet on the carpet.

“You say she came in today and announced she is getting married?” Sally said into the phone. “As though she wanted you to tell her she could not get married?”

Ryder knelt down and gently pushed Sally’s knees apart. He loved to look at her, and as she talked with her husband, Ryder’s eyes drunk in her beautiful, smoothly shaven pussy. He was drunk with her, and he could not resist letting his hand move slowly up her thighs. Sally’s eyes closed. His fingertips caressed her labia. Sally held her breath to suppress a moan.

“You want to have her and her fiancé over for dinner?”

He parted her folds and ever so gently stroked her clit.

“Oh, yesss,” Sally said, perhaps a little too eagerly, trying to close her legs but Ryder not letting her. “I think they should come over.”

Ryder bent down over Sally and started kissing her thighs. He kissed his way up her thighs until his fingers parted her pussy lips and he licked her clit.

Her flinch spoke without words of sexual arousal, and her arousal made him very hard.

“It would be easy to come . . . I mean, they could come Friday evening.”

Ryder put his hands under her bare ass and covered her pussy with his mouth. He sucked her clit into his mouth, and Sally felt his tongue on her clit.

“Oh, yesss, baby, that is so fine.” And she punched off.

It only took a few minutes of his mouth and tongue, and Sally, holding Ryder’s head, pulling him hard against her pussy, was cumming into his mouth.

“Get up on your hands and knees, baby.” Sally obeyed his command, and Ryder’s eyes feasted on her nakedness. Light from the afternoon sun streamed in the open balcony door lighting the bedroom in a soft warm light made for lovers. He followed the curves of her body with his eyes, her breast hanging down, so young and perky though Sally said she was becoming an old woman (Ryder conceded she was mature, but he could not imagine she would ever be old). Now, with his hand he caressed the curve of her ass, her smooth, and wet, labia between her legs, and the long, gentle lines of her thighs down to her knees. He loved even her calves and feet, and grequently found himself sucking on her toes as she convulsed with laughter on his bed, or hers, or wherever they might be and he could get her out of her clothes. Sally purred and cooed as Ryder caressed and touched and felt her body, claiming her for himself. He felt her wetness as his fingers slipped inside her. He tasted her wetness, and, she near orgasm, his cock throbbed.

He got up behind her between her legs. He pressed the length of his cock against her pussy lips and felt her wetness soaking him. Sally cooed with pleasure.

“What are you going to do with that very hard rod?” She asked.

“I am going to mount and ride you.”

“Ride her, Ryder,” she said, breathlessly, in sweet anticipation.

He rubbed the head of his cock into her slit and her labia parted.

“You are so wet.”

“It is your fault, my love.”

He leaned forward a little, and the head of his cock slipped inside her. She gasped as she felt him enter. He pushed. His cock went deeper. He watched his hard cock disappear into her. He felt her ass. He thrust. She went down on her elbows. She closed her eyes and took in all the pleasure he gave her. He grabbed her hips and pulled her hard against his groin, and his whole shaft was buried deep in her very wet pussy. And they gave themselves over to each other and for a little while nothing else mattered except that deep connection they had and their united pleasure.

Late that afternoon, Sally went home filled with Ryder’s cum. He always had so much cum, and as she maneuvered through the afternoon traffic, she could feel his cum beginning to leak from her. She was still aroused from the thought of all that maleness inside her doing things to her femaleness. When she went into her house, her panties were soaked with Ryder’s cum, and she could feel his wetness running down her thighs. She had to take another shower.

The week passed and Friday evening, Sally and Jack were putting the finishing touches on dinner. Jack had grilled steaks, and they needed only another minute or two, and he was uncorking the wine. Sally had prepared a broccoli cheese casserole along with potatoes and salad. Peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream would be the dessert.

Sally covered the table with a fine, white linen table cloth and got out their china and silverware.

“She never said anything about getting married?” Sally asked Jack.

“This week was the first time I knew she was interested in someone.”

“And you say she seemed almost hurt when you congratulated her?”

“It was very strange, sweetheart. She seemed miffed the rest of the day.”

Sally was putting the last of the silverware on the table when the doorbell rang.

“You get the door,” she said to Jack, “while I get the potatoes out of the oven.”

When she brought the baked potatoes into the dining room, Jack said, “Baby, let me introduce my graduate assistant. This is my wife, Sally, and, Sally, this is Audrey and her fiancé. What did you say your name was?”


“Ah, yes. Sally, this is Ryder.”

Sally looked Ryder in the eyes. He said, “It is a pleasure to meet you, ma’am.”

She remembered the first time he had called her ma’am. She shook his hand. “Likewise,” she said and turned to Audrey. “My dear, it is a pleasure to meet you too. I am so sorry we have not had a chance to meet before now. Sometimes, I just do not know what my husband could be thinking not to have invited you over before now.”

The four of them sat down to dinner and passed a pleasant evening with good food and lively conversation about marriage and many other things. She had seated Ryder across the table from her, and she could not help it that when he looked at her, she could feel herself getting wet.

Besides learning that Ryder was soon to be married to Jack’s graduate assistant, Sally learned another interesting thing about Ryder. They were talking about various sports when Audrey said, “Ryder’s favorite sport is volley ball.”

“What?” Sally said.

“Yes, back in his college days he was a third team all-American.”

“Is that right?”

Ryder rather sheepishly admitted that it was and that he still played recreationally.

Jack said that Sally loved to play volleyball.

“Our team is co-ed,” Ryder said. “You should play with us.”

“I should,” Sally said.

Already, she was planning a call to Bob to tell him she had a new player for the team. The nude volleyball tourney would be in September. Ryder would make a great addition to the team. Maybe, even give them a chance to make it to the semi’s or even finals. And, she thought, he already knows how to play with me.

Toward the end of the evening, Audrey insisted on helping Sally in the kitchen. While Jack took Ryder into the sun room so they could check on a baseball game, Sally and Audrey stood at the kitchen sink, putting away left overs, rinsing dishes, and putting them into the dish washer. In the sharing of this work, the two women, the older and the younger, became friends.

“Thank you,” Sally said, “for your willingness to help.”

“Thank you for letting me help, “Audrey said. “I was hoping we might have a chance to talk.”

“Of course, dear, whatever could be on your mind that we need to talk about? But I would be delighted to.”

“Our conversation about marriage tonight was very helpful, but still . . . well, there is . . . I hardly know how to bring it up.”

Sally intuited where Audrey was trying to go. “You want to talk about the sex?”

“Yes. Oh. Thank you for understanding.”

“I will try my best to be a help.” Sally smiled.

“What worries me is that Ryder is older than me. He is already 31, and I am only 26. I am sure he already has experience with sex. I don’t expect that he would still be a virgin. I am sure he has had sexual partners, but I have not had much experience, and I am so afraid he will not like me in bed.”

Once Audrey got going, the words came out easily, and she poured out her heart. She was on the verge of tears.

Sally stopped, dried her hands, brought Audrey to her breast and wrapped her arms around her. She comforted the girl.

“Audrey, maybe it would be best if we got together on our own without the men around. You could come over next week, early in the week. We don’t want to put off the conversation.”

They agreed that Audrey would come over Monday afternoon.

When the women went to find the men, the evening was over, and it was only a few minutes before Audrey and Ryder had left.

In the bedroom, Sally and Jack were getting ready for bed. Sally was aroused from being so close to Ryder all evening. She was naked as she took off her makeup and naked as she slipped under the sheet. She was teasing her husband, wanting him to fuck her.

In bed, Sally wanted to know how Jack thought the evening went. She told him she liked Audrey.

“She is a beautiful young woman,” Sally said.

“Yes, she is.”

“Do you ever think about fucking her?”

“What? No. I would get in so much trouble.”

“I didn’t ask if you have fucked her, but if you have thought about fucking her. She reminds me of that cute young reporter in House of Cards. You know. The one Kevin Spacey is fucking. What’s her name? I don’t mean Zoe, her character’s name in the TV show, but Kate something. Audrey has that same kind of breathless, take-me-I’m-yours sexiness. She is very sexy. Don’t you think Audrey is sexy?”

With her talk about fucking Audrey, all Sally had to do was reach under the cover and take Jack into her hand. That night after Jack was asleep, Sally knew Jack had thought about Audrey, and she went to sleep with Jack’s cum inside her body. Saturday morning, Sally sent an email to Bob.

Monday afternoon, Audrey rang the doorbell, and Sally welcomed her in. Audrey wore her cut off shorts and a t-shirt; Sally too wore her cut offs and a halter top. Audrey brought her bikini too because Sally said they might get into the hot tub. Sally got two wine glasses and an unopened bottle of red wine and took Audrey out to the deck. They sat at the table under the umbrella. Sally opened the wine bottle, let it sit for a few minutes, and then poured. Audrey sipped the wine.

Sally waited for Audrey to begin.

“I just was hoping you might be able to help me,” Audrey said. “Ryder seems to have so much experience and understanding about the world. And I just want him to want me so much. I want to please him, but I am so afraid that he will not like me in bed.”

“You are such a lovely girl,” Sally said. “Why would you think that Ryder would not enjoy sex with you?”

“I just don’t have a lot of experience, and I don’t know why I feel like this. I just think he will feel like I don’t know what I’m doing. That I am just not a very good lover.”

“I would be very upset with him if he has done or said anything to make you feel you are not a good lover. He has not mistreated you, has he? He has not abused you, has he?”

“Oh no, nothing at all. He treats me with the utmost respect. He treats me as though I am completely innocent. And really, sometimes, I wish he would treat me with a little less respect and a little more . . . a little more . . . like . . . I don’t know what words to use. I want him to want me. I want him to chase me. Sometimes, I just don’t think I turn him on.”

Sally could not imagine that Ryder would not want to fuck this lovely young woman every day. “So you want to be his sex object?” Sally smiled. “Is that what you are saying?”

“Please don’t think me some kind of slut,” Audrey said, “But yes, I really want to be Ryder’s sex object. I want him to ravish me. Is there a nicer way to say what I am feeling?”

“Perhaps, but I am not sure there is anything wrong with those words, Audrey. Sex is not just something we do. It is such an important part of who we are. What I know from my own experience is that if we want to be fucked there are good men who will happily accommodate us. I hope you don’t mind my language. If we are going to talk about sex . . . . Do you want to be fucked, Audrey?”

There was a little pink in Audrey’s cheeks, but she swallowed and said, “Yes. I want Ryder to fuck me.”

“That is a start, but that is not quite what I asked you, is it? Have you thought about other men fucking you besides Ryder?”

Now, Audrey’s face flushed deep red.

“It is okay,” Sally said. “We are sexual beings, and so we have sexual thoughts. And you and I are friends. Tell me about the men you fantasize about.”

Audrey took a deep breath. “Besides Ryder there is really only one other man.”

“And who is that, my love?” Sally already knew. Sally knew when Jack told her how upset she was that Jack was happy she was getting married. But she thought Audrey should say it aloud.

Audrey looked down sheepishly and almost whispered, “Your husband.”

“Sweetheart, I am not at all surprised you think about sex with Jack. You are with him every day. In close proximity. Take almost any man and a woman and put them together for a while, say a semester, it is normal as rain for them to be attracted to each other.”

“You don’t mind that I think about having sex with your husband?”

“No, sweet girl, I do not mind at all. The university minds, but what they do not know . . . . So really we can say there are two men in your life. Ryder whom you want to marry, and my husband whom you want to fuck.” And Sally knew what she was going to do.

Audrey blushed again. But something came to her mind. A question. “If I have two men in my life, what about you, Sally? Do you have men in your life besides Jack?”

“For most of my life, there was only Jack, but for about a year now there are several men in my life.”

“Do you have sex with them?”


“Does your husband know?”

“Yes. Well, he knows about all of them except one.”

“And he does not mind? He is not jealous?”

“My lovely Audrey, sex is the play of consenting adults. No, he does not mind because he reaps all the lovely benefits of my sexual play. Audrey, Jack is the most important man in my life, and all my sex play is to enhance our sex play, our being together.”

“I couldn’t tell Ryder that I fantasize about your husband.”

“Perhaps, not yet, but didn’t you say you want Ryder to ravish you?”


“Jack never ravishes me so much as when he knows I have been with other men, and I suspect the same would be true of Ryder. Meanwhile, let’s set aside Ryder for a while and think about you being with Jack. Jack will be home in about an hour, and I think since he is the closest male at hand we should begin with him.”

Sally refilled Audrey’s wine glass.

“What do you want me to do?” Audrey asked. Later, when Sally thought about this conversation with Audrey, she realized Audrey was responding unconsciously and revealing something quite profound about her sexuality. But she did not realize it then. What she knew then was that Audrey was a more-than-willing accomplice.

“First, what do you think might be some things you could do to be sexier around Jack? That is really all we are talking about. We spend so much of our time doing the mundane things of life. In a marriage, buying groceries, paying the bills, running errands. And we spend so little time thinking about and doing the things that make a marriage or any relationship. We do things that keep life going, but we hardly know what makes life worth living. At the office, you and Jack are always talking about grading papers, or some book, or some literary theory. It is all in the head.

"But life happens in the body. Sex play is what makes life worth getting up for the next day. But it is not just the fucking, the physical sensations, my dear. It is the feelings, the emotions that make up the greater part of great sex. It is the feeling of being wanted, of being needed, of being one with another person. It is the giving of yourself completely to another person, the feeling of two or even three melting together into one being.

“But we have to give a little thought about how to get there. For us females, it is relatively easy because the males are built to see us as sex objects. Rather than try to cure them of their ‘disease’ we should treat them as normal and take advantage of the way they see us. We should take advantage of the way Jack naturally sees you. So how shall we begin?”

“I am not sure.”

“Audrey, you want Jack to see you sexually. Think sex is the play of consenting adults.”

“I guess I could put on my bikini?”

“That is a good start. Well thought, my sweet girl.”

Audrey took off her shorts and her t-shirt there on the deck, and slipped on her bikini.

“Oh my,” Sally said. “You look wonderful. You are so sexy looking. Do you feel sexy?”

“Yes, I do. I feel almost naked.”

“You are almost naked, dear. See how your nipples poke through the material of your top?”

Audrey blushed a little, but she was gaining confidence from Sally’s praise.

“Do you think your husband will think me sexy?”

Sally thought about Friday night and how hard Jack had been as she talked about Audrey. “Yes, love, I know he will think you are very sexy.”

“Will he want to fuck me?”

“Yes, he will, but he probably will not. If you want him to and he will, then he is all yours. Enjoy him. But I suspect we will have to seduce him. He will be concerned about university rules, and so we will have to lower his resistance. And too we have to let him think he is seducing you while you will be seducing him.”

They sat quietly for a few minutes, and Sally filled Audrey’s wine glass full again.

“There is another thing to think about.”

“What is that?”

“Great sex is sex play, but sex play is a part of play generally. So I want you to become Jack’s playmate.”

“Aren’t you his playmate?”

“Yes, love, I am his playmate, and I want to give him a new playmate. We all need more than one playmate, Audrey. You will need more than Ryder. And Jack needs more than me. You and I have become friends, so I do not mind sharing my playmate with you.”

As Sally was filling Audrey’s wineglass full again, Jack pulled into the drive and parked. He came through the gate and up on the deck, smiling at Audrey.

All the while letting his eyes feast on Audrey in her very skimpy bikini, Jack said, “I see you and Audrey have been enjoying the warm afternoon sun here on the deck.”

“Yes, we have,” Sally smiled to Jack.

Jack gave Sally a kiss, a peck, and he went around the table to Audrey, and as he bent to give her a kiss on the cheek, she turned her head and kissed him on the mouth. Their first kiss. A little more than a peck, and in that kiss a hint, a promise. Did Jack understand, Audrey thought.

“We have been talking about how we are so busy these days we hardly have time to play and just enjoy life, haven’t we, Audrey?”

“Yes, we have.”

“So, baby, why don’t you go put on your bathing suit and come enjoy the hot tub a while?”

While Jack was inside changing, Sally told Audrey to find things to do with Jack, games to play, fun things to do. “He is your new playmate, and you want to enjoy life with him.”

When Jack came out, he got in the hot tub and offered his hand to Audrey. She took his hand and stepped down into the tub. The water was hot and the water swirling and bubbling from the jets felt really good. Sally told them she was going to start preparing supper and for them to have fun. When they first sat down, they sat across from each other. The afternoon light faded as the sun set, and as Audrey and Jack talked and as the water jostled them, they slowly moved closer to each other till they were sitting beside each other and their legs were touching under the water. Side by side, their hips touching, their arms touching. From time to time Sally would look out the window and watch them. Their slow movement toward each other. And she was pleased.

Finally, she could just see in the dark that they were kissing, and she was pretty sure she could say they were now boyfriend and girlfriend.

She called from the doorway. “Supper is almost ready, dears. Here are a couple of towels.” She laid them on a deck chair by the door. “Jack, why don’t you take Audrey into the bedroom and find her something to put on.”

They both knew the point of that, and they looked at each other, smiled, kissed, and got out of the hot tub. They were like teenagers, giggling as they toweled off. Jack led Audrey down the hall to the bedroom.

“Let’s eat,” Sally called down the hall. When they came into the kitchen, Audrey was wearing one of Jack’s short-sleeved dress shirts with one button buttoned at her waist. She is just so very sexy, Sally thought, and she was very pleased. At the end of the evening, Sally persuaded Audrey to wear Jack’s shirt back to her apartment. “He can stop by and pick it up sometime,” Sally said. “And I will have him drop off your bikini and the t and shorts.”

And she had Jack take her out to the car to make sure she got off okay. While Jack was outside saying goodnight to Audrey, as they acknowledged that things had changed between them with a goodnight kiss, Sally was checking her email. Bob would arrive Friday evening about bedtime. She was glad he could come because she had some thoughts about September.

In bed, Jack was very horny, and Sally enjoyed his attention. She slept again with her husband’s cum inside her.

Tuesday Sally went by the shoe store and while Ryder was fitting her into shoes and she was flashing Ryder her bare pussy, she was scolding him for not telling her he was engaged and about to be married.

“I almost feel you have been ignoring the poor girl,” Sally said to Ryder.

“I confess there is another woman in my life, and I really like fucking her,” Ryder said, slipping a shoe onto Sally’s foot and letting his hand linger on her bare thigh. Sally did not say anything about Audrey coming over the day before.

Wednesday afternoon, after everyone had left Jack’s office on campus, he and Audrey were talking. They had not spoken about Monday evening. Really, they had not had a chance. This was the first time they had been just the two of them since Monday evening at Jack and Sally’s. They had both been busy with committee meetings and classes and course work. Jack allowed himself to think back two nights ago, to Audrey being naked in the bedroom and him putting his shirt on her. Audrey brought up tennis. She knew that Jack played two or three times a week, that he had a regular group that played together. She got him talking, and then she said, “I would love to play, but I don’t think I would ever be any good.”

“Sure, you would be just fine. You are athletic and well built . . . I mean.”

They both laughed.

“You do know quite a bit about how I am built,” Audrey said.

“Yes, I do,” Jack said, smiling. I tell you what. Why don’t we go play some tennis.”


“Sure, why not? Let’s go hit the ball around, and I will start teaching you how to play.”

“Okay,” Audrey smiled. She thought that was just the way Sally said. Let him think it was his idea. She felt Sally would be proud of her. “Do you need to call Sally?”

“I’ll call her on the way over to the tennis court.”

“I’ll need to change clothes,” Audrey said.

“I’ve got your stuff from Monday night in the car. We can change in the locker room.”

When Audrey came out of the women’s locker room, she carried her clothes from the day in a bundle with her bra and panties on top so Jack would see them. She had on her shorts and her t-shirt, and Jack could see her nipples, not just that her nipples were poking through the t, but he could just see the darker color of her areolas, and it aroused him. She gave him her bundle of clothes to put back in his car, and then they went out to the courts. He taught her how to grip the racket, and they spent most of the time on court hitting back and forth from the net position. Though it was a light workout, they managed to break a sweat. They came to the net, clasped hands, and Audrey leaned into Jack so he could feel her breasts against his chest. She raised her lips up to his and asked him to kiss her. And he did.

He took her to her apartment, promising to pick her up in the morning, so she left her car in the parking lot of their building on campus.

“Thank you, Jack. That was a lot of fun.”

“Thank you, Audrey. I had a great time, and I look forward to playing more. You will be very good, and I can see us playing in some mixed doubles tournaments. You want to play again tomorrow?”

“If you don’t mind playing with a total novice.” They both laughed.

“Maybe we should just spend the day together tomorrow.”
“What about our classes?”

“We will give our students the day off too. I will pick you up at 7:00 tomorrow morning, and we will make a day of it.”

That evening Sally helped Jack plan a playdate with Audrey.

Thursday morning Jack went up to Audrey’s apartment for the first time. She was ready when he rang the bell. She dressed for tennis in a loose fitting t-shirt that made Jack want to caress Audrey’s breasts and a pair of loose fitting shorts that gave Jack the impression she was wearing no panties.

They went first for breakfast at the coffee shop on Belmont across the street from the campus. After breakfast they went to the zoo. They sat and watched the elephants for a long time, and the giraffes. They went into a grocery store to buy a picnic lunch – bread, sliced ham, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato. “Do you want onion,” he had asked her. “No, I don’t think so,” she had said. They were both thinking the same thing. A couple bottles of wine. Plastic cups. Breath mints. “Let’s not forget the breath mints.”

They went down the road to a small, intimate park called Paragon Mills. They carried blankets and the food between the two baseball fields and lost themselves in the trees near the creek. Jack spread out the blanket, and Audrey made sandwiches. Jack uncorked the wine and poured two plastic cups full. They kissed to celebrate their playdate, and they ate. They talked and watched the creek. They saw turtles and a few fish splash the surface. By the time they finished two big sandwiches, they had finished most of the wine.

They moved the food that was left to one side, making room on the blanket, and they lay down together, his arm under her neck so she could turn and snuggle up to him and rest her head on his chest. He held her close and felt the heat of her body next to his. She draped her leg over his, put her arm on his chest, her mouth against his neck so he could feel the warmth of her breath. He turned into her and held her. His mouth found hers, and they kissed. He reached down to her butt and pulled her against him. They lay together on the blanket, holding each other and kissing there in the park under the warm afternoon sky. He reached inside her shorts and felt the bare skin of her ass, and she pushed hard against him. They had not planned it; they had not thought beforehand that this would happen. Maybe a little kissing, but once his bare hand was on her bare butt – well, it was going to happen, and though they had not actually planned for it to happen, now they both wanted it to happen.

They did not undress right away. He lay on top of her and she opened her legs and felt his hardness pressing against her. They might not admit it, but now it was inevitable. He undressed her, took off those two little skimpy things, her shorts and her t, and she undressed him. They lay down again body to body on their sides on the blanket in the park. He was so hard, his cock throbbing to be inside her, as they pressed their naked bodies together. She lay back and opened her legs again, inviting him to lie down on top of her. He knelt between her legs and went down on her, covering her pussy with his mouth. He devoured her pussy and made her cum several times. Then, he got up over her, let his cock slip into her slit. She was so wet, and his cock found her wetness and he slipped into her and quickly they lost track of where one ended and the other began, and they held tightly to each other as he went deep into her. Time passed, and they actually came together, her legs locked around his instinctively so she could take him, all of him and all of his seed. He was hard like in his younger days when he was a young buck, and it felt good to him to ride this young doe hard and deep and to leave all his cum inside her. She had the best orgasms of her young life and was elated at how he had completely overwhelmed her.

They lost all track of time and by the time they noticed the sun was setting. Jack took Audrey back to the house, and Audrey helped Sally prepare supper and told her about the day. Everything about the day. “We didn’t mean it to happen. It just did. We couldn’t stop.”

“Are you glad it happened,” Sally asked her.

“Oh, yes. Today has been the most wonderful day of my life.”

“Then I am glad it happened too. I am thrilled that you and Jack have discovered each other. You were right in front of him for so long, but you had to open his eyes so he could see you.”

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