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Scotch Diaries - Dakota (Part 1)

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The best night in my life so far - getting rich and getting laid

I'm a very simple man; rich but simple. I have lived a pretty ordinary life till now - average student in school, quite dorky in high school, even nerdier in college. But hey, I'd learned the value of money very early in my life so I wasn't going to waste my important years on crazy parties that would be temporary fun.

You see, I understood that money is what can give you a permanently fun life. So I slogged in my years in college, fell in love, married too young, worked hard after graduating while neglecting my wife more often than not. She decided I was not the one for her after four years of marriage and a two-year relationship during college.

Every summer of those four years, she nagged me about my work. Sorry, nagging would not be an honest representation of what Alice would do. She would try to explain to me that my life should not revolve around my work. But I lived life with the simplest principle. Work your ass off for the next four to five years so that you don't have to run the rat race for the next forty to fifty years. Eventually, she found someone who gave her the attention and love she probably deserved and I found them in my bed one day. That day was the official end of our marriage, however for her, it had actually ended just half way into the marriage.

Now here I am, divorced and about to get rich enough to live the rest of my life comfortably while my money made me more money. To be honest, I was looking forward to it. It would allow me to travel and soak up new experiences, sexually too, as I was still attractive enough.

I have always ensured that my work didn't interfere with my daily runs and my semi-regular visits to the gym. I still had all my dark hair intact, a face that looked young enough, a fit body (not bulked up, but just muscular enough), a tall frame - at 5'11" and eyes that looked like they had seen the world. Alice had once told me that my eyes were my best feature and that for some reason she could get lost in my eyes for hours at a stretch. I guess my eyes ran out of fuel two years into the marriage.

So at 29, I was selling my boutique hotel to a bigger chain of hotels that was eyeing up properties in the prime areas in Florida. They loved the hotel for the small brand it had created, and for the efficient operation I was running there. Operational efficiencies can make or break a hotel and they were ready to pay a good price for the systems I had inculcated in my business. I got about four times my annual revenue after some persistent negotiation by their lawyers and mine. The deal almost fell through a couple times because of my greed, but eventually I signed the final paperwork in the offices in the presence of our lawyers and the CEO and CFO of their company. The person leading the deals from their side was their CFO, Dakota.

Now, Dakota was quite renowned in the hotel sector in the state. She had moved her way to the CFO post after being poached from an international hotel chain. She was known for her business acumen and ability to envision the best way for hotels to use their retained profits. She thought my boutique hotel would be a perfect fit for their company and had pressed hard to have the management agree to put in an offer for my hotel. She also played the role of mediator when I got greedy and pissed off the acquiring company. So in a way, I did owe her one.

After signing the agreement, we decided to head to a bar in one of their hotels in the city to celebrate. Their bar had quite a contemporary decor and still remained quite classy, largely due to the white collar crowd it attracted. We got a good corner table and got comfortable before ordering our drinks. Now I'm not a big fan of champagne and so I stuck to my whiskey even on the biggest pay-day in my life. Thankfully they all were whiskey drinkers as well and were quite happy to avoid the cliché of champagne. The conversation revolved around what I was going to do with my money and what my plans were on the professional side.

About an hour into the evening, the lawyers decided they were going to call it a night. I guess they couldn't wait to deposit their fat fee checks. Anyway, they were quite boring and did not contribute much to the conversation so we didn't insist on them staying. By the end of the second hour, we were into our third round of drinks and Dakota and I were sharing our stories from our past experiences in the industry and this was when I began noticing how insightful she was. The conversation moved to our personal lives - her single life and my divorce, with the CEO contributing small bits to the conversation.

This was when I realized how attractive Dakota was. I had never really paid attention to her appearance in all our dealings till now since I was concentrating all my efforts towards coming on top in the negotiation. Dakota was a 28-year-old blonde woman with olive coloured eyes and the juiciest lips I had ever seen. She probably was about 5'6" and had an hourglass figure which surely would have been tough to maintain considering her work schedule. I slowly found myself checking her out, but being seated, I could only see the top half of her body. She had a medium sized rack but her breasts stood out in tight blouse she was wearing. Thankfully, she had done away with her suit jacket after the meeting.

She excused herself to visit the ladies room and my eyes followed her. Her pencil skirt was hugging her thighs and her ass swayed in a rhythm while she walked. It definitely wasn't the alcohol, it probably was her persona that got me to look at her this way and now I had the hots for her.

When she got back to the table, we ordered the fourth round of drinks and her boss was practically absent from all conversations on the table. I noticed how she would flip her hair while talking to me and place her hand on my shoulder with every excuse she got. I decided to make a move on her, even if I had mistaken her signs, I could just get out of the mess and never have to see her again.

The power of my new riches had suddenly rushed to my head. I caught her staring at my lips while talking when I made my move. I slowly moved my right hand to her left leg. Her boss seated to my left was oblivious to what was happening under the table. I placed my hand on her thigh for a few seconds to check her response. When she let my hand remain on her thigh for more than two minutes, I began moving it up and down her thigh slowly, rubbing it softly. Again, she did not stop me, in fact, she now began a very steady eye contact without us talking at all. This got me bolder. I began rubbing over her crotch over the skirt from the right thigh to the left thigh and back while she just sat there staring into my eyes.

My right foot was now running up and down her left calf while I lifted the hem of her skirt with my index finger to about half way up her thigh, making sure that my finger smoothly ran over her bare thigh. My right hand spent some time massaging and caressing her left thigh and just then her boss excused himself to attend a phone call. I pushed her legs apart as I moved my palm to her panties and ran a couple of my fingers along her panty-covered slit. Feeling it get warmer, I continued to do this till I had my entire palm rubbing along her slit. My rough palm was definitely working as I noticed her shift a bit in her seat to adjust her position and bring her pussy closer to me.

While her boss was away, I grabbed the waistband of her panties and pulled them off down to her feet as she lifted her ass off the seat to let them come off. There wouldn't be a more definite go ahead sign. She lifted her feet off the floor as I got her panties completely off and put them in my trouser pocket. I then ran my middle finger around her now bare pussy lips and then over her slit, just moving along up and down slowly. My index finger moved upwards to uncover her hood, exposing her clit. I rolled her clit between my thumb and index finger for a while, now feeling her moan while looking at me. I couldn't feel a strand of hair around her pussy but instead, could now feel some moisture building up. How I wished I could see her pussy at that time. To me, there is no better sight than a woman's wet pussy.

I sunk my index finger into her now wet pussy, curling my finger upwards as I began a steady movement in and out. One finger quickly became two as it felt like I was scooping the juice out of her vagina. I continued this for another couple of minutes and then decided to surprise her. I grabbed a bread stick from the table and slowly let it move towards her vagina with my left hand. I saw her eyes and lips open wide as she saw it moving towards her pussy and they widened even further when the bread stick entered her. I let the bread stick stay in and wriggle around a bit before I started thrusting it in and out. She now began moans that almost sounded like purrs. I smelled the fingers in my right hand and was delighted by the intoxicating smell of my juices. God, I couldn't wait to taste her pussy.

Just about then her boss came back to the table. Noticing the deadly silence on the table, he attempted to kill the void by asking Dakota to tell me about her future plans for the hotel I just sold. She was struggling to hide her moans while he was at the table and now she had to talk while a bread stick was fucking her. She began answering with small moments of silence in between. I could see she was struggling to hide her moans, so I began picking up the speed. When she stopped for about 15 seconds midway in a sentence to catch her breath, he asked her if she was fine. She replied with a nod and continued to explain the future plans.

Her boss had to excuse himself for a couple of minutes again due to another phone call. While he was away, I removed the bread stick which was now soggy half way up and took a bite of it. I then offered her a bite and she gladly accepted. We finished the bread stick and she was now wondering what was next. The worst part for her was that she was close to an orgasm when I withdrew the bread stick from her vagina. She was now wet as ever but aching to reach an orgasm. I removed an ice cube from my glass and let run down her thigh to her pussy while being gripped in between my thumb and finger. I then began rubbing it all over her now puffed up pussy lips. God, they felt so thick and smooth, I couldn't wait to have my tongue buried in between them.

Soon her boss returned and this time, he apologized saying that his wife had called and he had to head back home due to some problems with the kids. In the meantime I was rubbing the ice cube over Dakota's clit, causing it to swell up; I could feel it get thicker in between my fingers. The ice quickly melted and mixed with the juices in her pussy. The bulge in my pants pulsed thinking about how wet and slippery her pussy must be now.

I quickly wiped my hands, expecting a departing handshake from her boss. He quickly said his goodbyes and walked out of the bar. I looked towards her with a smile and asked, "know where we can get a room?"

To be continued....


This is my first story on Lush, so I would appreciate if the readers would be completely honest rather than taking it easy on me. Please note that this story is entirely fictitious and has no association with any of my past/present partners.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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