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A secret affair full of passion, energy, lust and love
The room was in an average sort of seventies hotel, pastel coloured walls with out-dated lights casting dirty shades across the corridor carpets. Probably good that the lighting wasn’t too bright, expose all the cigarette burns and wear and tear of thousands of feet that have trekked these halls for better or for worse.

We had checked in late afternoon. We had only one thing on our mind - selfish, uninhibited sex.

I had checked into the hotel, receiving the usual two key cards for the room. I dropped one in the pot plant next to the elevator and from a distance you watched me enter the car, the doors close as I travelled to the fourth floor.

You followed after about a minute, folding the newspaper you were pretending to read and laying it on the table of the foyer. You walked casually towards the elevator, reached into the plant and retrieved the card with the room number folder wrapped around it.

Now the sun was slowly setting. I had the curtains pulled wide open, the dull light of the pending evening creeping into the room slowly illuminating the white sheets of the bed where I lay waiting.

The door mechanism whirred and you quietly walked in.

You stood at the foot of the bed, looking me over still in my shirt and suit pants.Your shoulder bag dropped to the floor, then your jacket, then your dress.

Surprise - you had no other clothes to remove. My face showed my pleasure in seeing your now naked body standing only inches away from me.

You slid onto the bed beside me, on the window side of the bed and I could see the soft pink flesh of your body, your light tan lines, your smiling face, huge, dark eyes and your dark hair wisping all over your face. Damn you had me aroused!

Without a word, you unbuttoned my shirt and slid your hands over my chest. I was hot, hard, excited but pretending to be cool.

The warmth of your body, your breasts, your abdomen, against my body was sensuous, sexy.

I kissed you, long and hard and allowed my hands to swim all over your back and round your neck. You responded with motions over my face, my shoulders and slowly downwards to my pants and I felt the freshness of the air wash across my groin as you freed me.

I sat up and removed my clothes calmly as you pushed the sheets away. We embraced and kissed, tongues lashing, now travelling over our skin, licking, biting, hands moving everywhere.

I felt you between your thighs and found my fingers coated with the juices of your sensations. You took that as a green light to play with my member and to extrude my precum to the tip and rub it around and around until I moaned.

We both felt warm and wonderful - you lifted yourself up and straddled across my waist. We both watched in the diminishing light as you lowered yourself onto me until both our groins were in complete contact.We waited almost a minute, stroking each other’s faces, fingers over bodies, chests, hips.

And then that moment when you start to rock back and forth, up and down and we gyrate our bodies and fuck each other rhythmically sustaining that feeling where we could tip over the edge to climax - but we just keep the motion going and listen to the pace of our breathing and the slapping of our sweating skin.

We both loved this, sliding in and out of each other. We both maintained this until the natural light completely disappeared to be replaced by the indirect glow of street lights, until we could take no more of this continuous tease.

Your first orgasm was long, intense and passionate. As was your next. And your next. And on the last sweep I joined you as I could no longer handle the intensity.

Collapsing on my chest, we rolled over and fell asleep, together. We would awake when the sun had risen and do it all again. There was nothing better that I would want to do.

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