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Seduced By My Buddy's Wife

Seduced By My Buddy's Wife

My buddy's wife, Suzy, seduced me with the full knowledge of her husband.
Gary and Suzy bought Donna's house a couple of months after she and Becky moved out. They are a young couple, married for just over two years, and have no kids. Suzy is the cutest little thing I've ever seen! She is small, has a perfect body, and an adorable short dark brown haircut that is always perfectly arranged; every hair in place. Her blue eyes are stunning and seem to reveal her every thought. I just can't imagine the privilege Gary has being able to sleep with her every night.

I met Gary a few days after they moved in when I heard him crank up his dirt bike. I looked out the window and saw him sitting on his Yamaha 360, the same model as mine. I immediately went down there and introduced myself. We talked for an hour and hit it off right away. We are both avid dirt bike riders, so we soon agreed to go trail riding the following weekend. I knew all the local trails and he was new to the area.

Suzy also rides and has her own Yamaha 125. She joins us occasionally, but is not as fast and aggressive a rider as Gary and me, so we have to dial it back when she comes along so she can keep up. She is so adorable when she removes her helmet, runs her fingers through her hair, and it falls right back into place. Suzy is the vision of sexy femininity and I want her terribly.

Gary and I would usually ride every Saturday morning, then come home and jump in my pool to cool off. Suzy would join us for an afternoon frolic of sun, water, and tanning. Around six she would usually leave to go home and fix dinner for the three of us. But today, I had offered to fix my famous spaghetti. It needs to simmer for an hour, so I started at five.

After about twenty minutes, Suzy came inside and asked, “Can I do something to help?”

“Sure. Just stand there and look gorgeous.”

I can't believe I said that, but it came out before I knew it. I had wanted to flirt with Suzy from the very beginning, but had managed to resist.

Suzy came over beside me, slid her hand onto the small of my back and said, “That's a sweet thing to say. Just how close should I stand while I look gorgeous?”

I turned and looked into those beautiful blue eyes and my heart jumped into my throat. She was rubbing my back and staring at me with an expression that said, “Is this close enough or would closer be better?”

“From this distance you look more gorgeous than I've ever seen you look before. So, right there is probably close enough.”

“Really? Wouldn't closer be better?” She moved closer and pressed her bikini-covered tits against my arm and slid her hand from my back to around my waist.

“Suzy, you are such a BEAUTIFUL girl that I can hardly stand it. But Gary is my friend. We are all friends. Plus, what if he were to come in here right now and catch you rubbing against me?”

“He wouldn't mind. We've talked about having a threesome with you.”

That shocked me so much that I nearly fainted! The thought of making it with Suzy, even if Gary was there, was just overwhelming! The visions of the two of us having sex started running through my mind like a videotape in fast-forward.

I quickly glanced out the window and saw Gary swimming laps, so I turned to Suzy, put my arm around her tiny waist, pulled her to me and said, “A threesome? That sounds interesting.”

She reached up with her other hand, put it behind my neck, and pulled me to her sweet lips. We kissed softly for about thirty seconds, then she pulled away and said breathlessly, “That is so nice, Tom. But we need to wait.” She then turned and went back to the pool and swam over to Gary.

We ate dinner and laughed at each other's jokes. Suzy would sneak a peek at me from time to time with an expression that said, “I can't wait to make it with you.” Gary didn't seem to notice.

* * * *

The following weekend Gary had to work, so we didn't go riding. Suzy called me at nine and invited herself over for coffee. When I opened the door, she was standing there in a yellow tank top and white cutoff shorts. She was obviously braless and her nipples were sticking out like they were about to puncture her top.

I said, “Hey Suzy!”

She came in without saying a word, closed and locked the door, placed her hands on my shoulders, pressed her body against mine and we kissed for a good minute. Then she said, “I want you so bad I can't stand it anymore. Gary knows that I talked to you about a threesome and said that I could go ahead and make love with you if I wanted to. He'll join us after work.”

“Are you sure about this?”


We walked into the bedroom and quickly undressed. Her body was fantastic; perfect shape, perfect breasts, perfect tan, and a meticulously groomed pubic area. She was standing there waiting for me to take her; apparently wanting me to make the first move.

Suzy is only about five-foot-four, so I reached out, picked her up just high enough that my cock slid between her legs. She moaned and put her arms around my neck as we kissed hungrily. Our tongues explored each other’s mouths and entwined with excitement.

She became almost instantly aroused and started pushing her pelvis against mine, causing my cock to slide back and forth on her pussy. I laid her on the bed, spread her legs, and buried my face between them. She was already so wet that I could lap up her tasty juices easily. I ran my tongue around her thick pussy lips until she was desperate for more.

“Oh God, that is so good!”

I found her clit and began to work on it as she humped against my tongue. Her pussy was so wet that my face was getting smeared with her juices. She soon began to climax as she pushed hard against my tongue and moaned loudly.

“Mmm! You're so good! Don't stop. I'm cumming! Oh fuck!”

Suzy’s orgasm must have lasted a full minute as she groaned and humped against my tongue. She had a grip on my head and wouldn’t let go. She was fucking my face as though she wanted to push my head inside her. I inserted two fingers deep inside her pussy and bent them slightly, trying to find her G-spot.

“Oh God, Tom, that is SO good! Right there! Don’t stop!”

She let go of my head and grabbed two handfuls of the bed sheets, gripping tightly as a second orgasm began, “Mmm, fuck me! I’m cumming again! Don’t stop! Mmm..Mmm..Mmm!”

While she was still having her climax, I quickly moved up to straddle her chest and she gobbled my cock into her mouth.

“Mmm, you have a nice cock! Choke me with it. Make me gag.”

I eased my cock further into her warm mouth as her tongue danced around it. Her tongue felt so good that I pulled out a little to experience her talents more. Then when I thought I was going to cum, I pushed down into her throat and she heaved.

“Agg!” She gagged and her stomach flinched. “Agg!” She gagged again and I pulled out.

“Oh, don’t stop! I love to choke on your cock.”

“I have to stop or I’ll cum, and I don’t want to yet.”

“But I want you to cum in my mouth. I want to taste your cum and savor it. Please!”

Suzy was pleading with me. She wanted me to cum in her mouth and just the thought pushed me to that point of no return when a guy knows he is going to climax and can’t stop it. I had just two or three seconds left before that happened, so I pushed my cock to the back of Suzy’s throat and held it there while she gagged and coughed on it.

As my loins tensed and I felt my cum gathering for the eminent explosion, I held her head in both hands to make sure she didn’t get away when it happened.

Then my explosion of sperm erupted into her throat like the blast from a fire hose. Suzy’s eyes, which had been tightly closed, suddenly opened in surprise when my flood of cum filled her mouth and flowed out and ran down her cheeks. But she started to swallow repeatedly, trying to take everything my cock was giving her. She was a real trouper and was able to contain everything after that first big surge. The gulping sounds she made as she swallowed my cum were such a turn-on, that I think they extended my climax immensely.

When I finally stopped cumming, I was still erect and started to fuck her throat again. I had been holding still in her throat, but now I needed more thrusting.

“Mmm,” Suzy moaned as she realized that I wasn’t through with her mouth yet. I was still holding her head by two handfuls of hair so I could pump in her mouth until my cock went soft.

As I slowly withdrew, Suzy sucked and held my cock tight between her lips to milk the last drops of cum from it. “Mmm! That was SO nice! I just knew you would have a lot of cum for me. And I knew your cock would be perfect for me.”

I rolled onto the bed and pulled her close to me and we cuddled for a long time before I regained enough breath to speak.

“You are the ideal woman for a guy. You seem to really enjoy sucking a cock.”

“I do. But not just any cock. I enjoy YOUR cock. I’ve wanted to hold your cock in my mouth and feel it spurt ever since that day we met in our driveway.”

“Really? That’s the day I started to have fantasies about you.”

“Tell me one of your fantasies.”

I chuckled and said, “I just fulfilled one.”

Suzy laughed and said, “I see! Well, I have a few of my own.”

We were both drifting off to sleep and spoke no more. I woke up an hour later when I felt my cock being swallowed. It was soft and it felt like Suzy was trying to literally swallow my cock whole. She was making coordinated flexing motions with her tongue and throat muscles that actually felt like my cock was being swallowed! And it was SO arousing! My cock grew at an astounding rate!

Suzy said, “There. I think you’re ready to fuck me now.”

She was right and I pushed her down on the bed and crawled between her legs. She spread them wide and waited for me to enter her, thrusting her hips to encourage me.

“Fuck me hard, Tom,” she whispered. “I’ve been waiting for this for weeks.”

Her pussy was still wet and flowing with her fluids from our sex an hour earlier, so I gently pushed my cock into her as she wrapped her legs around my waist.

“Oh, you feel so good!”

I kept pushing into her until about eight inches of my cock was buried in her warm, moist pussy. I pushed deep and ground my hips to stimulate her clit.

“Mmm!” Suzy moaned as I held my cock deep inside her.

Then I began a slow thrusting rhythm that matched her involuntary hip movements. We continued to fuck for probably twenty minutes without a break. The passion in our kisses grew stronger as we each approached our climaxes.

I pushed my entire ten inches into Suzy for the first time and she gasped, having never felt a cock so deep inside her before.

“Oh my God! You're so big and hard. Oh fuck!”

She held on with her legs as I rammed my cock into her as hard and fast as I could.

“Don’t stop. I’m going to cum again. Fuck me! I’m cumming again!”

She continued to climax as I quickly started to shoot off inside her.

“Oh, I can feel you cumming. God it's so good. Turn me over. I want you from the back.”

So I turned her over and pulled her off the bed until her legs were hanging over the side. I moved to her, pulled her legs apart and reached forward, took her hands and pulled them behind her back. She turned her head to watch me as I guided my cock toward her waiting pussy.

“Hurry! I want to cum again.”

I pushed my ten inches into her again, put my free hand on the side of her head to hold her down, and pumped on her as she moaned with each thrust.

“Mmm! Mmm! Mmm!” She moaned, loving every inch of me.

I grabbed a handful of her silky brown hair as she started to climax again.

“Mmm! Mmm! Mmm!”

Suzy was enjoying our sex so much that she seemed to lose control. “Fuck me more. Fuck me more. I want you in my mouth.”

Even though I had just climaxed, I turned her over and straddled her chest a second time, took her head in one hand and leaned forward on the other hand as I pushed my cock into her mouth.

She gagged as I pushed into her, but I couldn't stop. I continued to slowly push my cock down her throat. Her eyes got really wide as she put her hands on my stomach and tried to push me away. After a few seconds I allowed her to push me away and she took a big breath and said, “You feel bigger now than before.”

“I think I am. That’s how you affect me.”

I pushed my cock into her mouth again, all the way down her throat as she gagged again. But she didn't struggle or try to push me out.

I pumped her mouth for maybe thirty seconds and started to climax again, but I had no sperm…I was empty. But the head of my cock pulsed in her throat as though it was shooting off. She looked up at me with those beautiful blue eyes that said, “I love this.”

When I was finished, I rolled off and we cuddled again.

After a while I said, “We should get up and get in the pool before Gary gets here.”

Sleepily, Suzy said, “Why? He’ll want me when he gets here. Let’s just wait. I like cuddling with you.”

Sure enough, a few minutes later the doorbell rang. “That’s him,” Suzy said. “I’ll let him in. You stay here.”

She went to the door totally nude and I could hear her greet him, “Hi Honey! I’ve been waiting for you. We’re in the bedroom.”

When Gary walked in, he smiled and was already half undressed. “Hey Tom! Did you two have fun without me?”

I was so uncomfortable that I couldn’t say a word. Here I was totally naked, having just screwed the brains out of his wife, and he asks me if we had a good time!

Suzy came to my rescue, “You know we did, Gary. Tom is worn out, but I’m ready if you are.”

Gary and Suzy crawled into my king size bed and had sex for an hour while I lay there and watched. Suzy looked so gorgeous lying on her stomach while Gary pounded her from behind. She looked over at me and whispered, “Let me suck you.”

As she rose up on her elbows, I maneuvered in front of her and she took my cock into her mouth. It wasn’t fully erect yet, but she soon had it ready to deep throat. Gary was turned on by her giving me a blowjob and he suddenly yelled out and shot his load.

“Ahh! Ahh! Ahh!” Suzy I’m cumming! Suck him off. Suck him hard!”

That spurred her on and she quickly pressed her nose against my stomach as my cock went down her throat. Over and over she rammed my cock down her throat until I shot my load, too.

We were all three exhausted and went to sleep with Suzy in the middle.

* * * *

After that, we had our threesomes almost every weekend until Suzy got pregnant. No one ever expressed concern that her baby might be mine. If either of them was wondering about it, I never knew.

About a year after their baby was born, Suzy called me and asked if I could come over and help her with something. Gary was at work.

When she opened the door, she put her finger to her lips and whispered, “The baby's asleep.”

I whispered, “Okay. What did you need help with?”

“I'm so horny I can't stand it and Gary doesn't have time for me much anymore. I need for you to fuck me hard for about thirty minutes. Can you handle that?”

“I think so.”

* * * *

I continued to meet Suzy secretly of months. I'll never know if Gary knew or just didn't care.

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