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Seducing Kevin My Son's Best Friend

Seducing Kevin My Son's Best Friend

The night I had my son's best friend
My son Jake was home from college on summer break. He'd told me that he would be bringing his friend Kevin to stay with us for a few weeks. My husband Frank, was in Japan with his job for a month. I hadn’t seen my son in a while and was looking forward to spending time with him and his friend.

My name is Maria and I'm a MILF (a mother that likes to fuck.) My husband is always traveling and I’m often alone and very horny. I’ve met a few man toys that I meet up with regularly to have sex with. I have an insatiable appetite for sex. I’m horny all the time and get off on just looking at things. Forget if I watch porn, I’m just a wet mess.

I’m a very attractive woman, so it's not hard for me to have sexual encounters. I have long blond hair and blue eyes. I’m 5’7” and weight 110 pounds. I have long legs and I wear a 38-D cup size bra. I have a shaved pussy, because I go wild for oral sex.

Anyway, when Jake had brought home his best friend Kevin, I wanted to go to bed with him. Kevin is this young, gorgeous, man. He’s twenty and very good looking. He is 6’2” and probably weighs around 210 pounds. He’s bald with green eyes. He has a mustache and a goatee. He’s muscular and has those washboard abs. He’s a dream come true for a middle aged woman like myself.

Since he'd been staying here, I’m often masturbating, while thinking of him. I just love to lie back on my bed, and put on some soothing music, and light some candles, and rub my clitoris. I love to slide my fingers deep in my pussy and dream of Kevin’s hard body on top of me.

I fantasize that he is fucking me, hard, and deep. I fuck myself with two fingers in my pussy. I like to curl my one finger, so I can rub that spongy part of my g-spot. My thoughts are very lustful about Kevin and eventually I will have a mind blowing orgasm.

This is the story, of how I sent my son to another state to pick up my new Red Ferrari, and how I had sex with his friend Kevin. I told my son that if he left his friend here with me, I would give him five hundred dollars and he could go and pick up my prized Ferrari in Maryland. Well he just made up some story to Kevin and left to pick up the car. My son would be away for at least two nights. I was planning on seducing Kevin my son’s friend.

I left a porno DVD on the table of two women having sex together. I knew he would enjoy it and then I could work out my little plan to seduce him in having sex with me. I was going to be having him tonight, he just didn't know it yet.

I went to see if he was indeed watching the tape. The kitchen is in back of the family room. I could pop into the kitchen and he would not even see me. I saw that he was watching the movie and drinking some beers. I also could tell that he was jerking his cock. He was moaning and groaning and watching the tape that I left for him. He was talking to himself, while he was stroking his cock.

I then ran back to my room and got changed into a black lace teddy. I put on black lace topped stockings and attached them to a garter belt. I put on my black five inch stilettos. I was not wearing panties. I lit some candles and sprayed my room with some tropical fruity scent. I opened my drawer and took out my Hitachi Magic wand and plugged it in.

I got comfortable on my bed and started masturbating. I was fucking myself with my wand. The thing about my toy is, it sounds like a fucking power tool on high. Kevin was definitely going to hear it. Once I start to play with my wand, I always moan and scream. About twenty minutes later, I heard Kevin approach my bedroom door.

“Mrs. Vogel, are you okay in there? I hear all these noises.”

“I’m good. But I need to ask you a question. Please come in dear.”

Kevin opened the door and found me on my bed in my lingerie. He saw me fucking myself hard with my wand. His mouth was wide open and his eyes were as big as saucers.

“Come over here Kevin. I want you to hold my vibrator. Come over here and be a good boy and do this for me.”

“I don’t think I should be in here Mrs. Vogel. I mean Jake is my best friend. He’d be pissed if I had sex with his mother.

“Don’t be silly. Come here and hold my vibrator. I want you to.”

Finally Kevin approached the bed and fucked me with the vibrator. It felt so good.

“Oh God, that’s it. Fuck it feels so good. Why don’t you get undressed and fuck me now Kevin. I want you to fuck me hard with your cock.”

“I really don’t think that is a good idea. I mean I want you, but you’re my best friend’s mother. A sexy, beautiful, hot mom. I mean do you really think I should do this?”

“Of course, come and fuck me now you delicious hunk. I want you to fuck me. Give a middle aged woman a thrill. Please fuck me. I love to have sex and tonight is your lucky day. Get undressed and come to bed!”

“I just don’t want to take advantage of this situation. Jake is my best friend. If he knew I was having sex with his mother, we might not be friends anymore. Please never tell him about this. I would just be devastated to lose him as a friend.”

“Oh sweetie, I won’t tell him. Now get undressed and come into the bed with me. I’m going to make you feel so good. You’re in luck, I love to have sex and love sucking a good, hard, erect cock. I’ll be rocking your world tonight. Hurry up and get undressed and come into my bed.”

With that Kevin got undressed. He had the most amazing body I'd ever seen. The boy was blessed with a nine inch cock. I was thinking to myself that I had died and gone to heaven. Kevin came to me on the bed and we shared a deep and passionate kiss. I loved kissing him. He’s much younger then the man toys I usually fuck, so I was really getting very aroused. My pussy was already creamy and slick from the toy.

Kevin removed my bra and he played with my breasts. I don't think he'd ever seen breasts as big as mine. He was rubbing and massaging them and sucking on my nipples. He really spent a lot of time on my breasts.

"Mrs. Vogel, you have the greatest tits. They're so big and I just love to feel them. Later you have got to let me tit fuck you. I've never seen such big tits. They're fucking amazing. Holy shit."

“I want you to pleasure me Kevin. I want you to eat my bald cunt. I want to feel your long tongue deep inside my married cunt. And when you're eating me, think about my son and how you're eating his dirty, slutty, cheating, mother’s cunt. I want you to eat my pussy and let me gush in your throat. You’re in luck, I can make my pussy squirt. If you get me excited enough, I'll squirt my hot cunt juices onto your tongue.”

I spread my legs and Kevin got to work on my bald pussy. I was still creamy and wet from fucking my wand. He licked my cunt up and down and worked his tongue over my hard, stiff, little, clit. I’d already fucked myself silly with my vibrator. My juices were flowing out of my wet cunt. He replaced his tongue with his fingers and worked his two fingers really fast in my wet, bald cunt.

“Oh fuck, here it comes. Get ready Kevin I’m going to squirt.”

With that my pussy starting squirting. The juices were gushing out of my cunt.

“Holy fuck that was so hot. I’ve never seen something like that before. Mrs. Vogel, you're surely the hottest mother I’ve ever been with. Hell you’re the only one.”

I was moaning and groaning and bucking my cunt into his face.

"Oh Kevin you're so amazing. That was so amazing. Let Mrs. Vogel put her tits around your big hard cock. You said you wanted to put your cock between my breasts."

Kevin stood up and I wrapped my breasts around his cock. I worked my tits up and down his nine inch cock. He was playing with my hair, while I was moving my huge breasts around his cock.

"Fuck that feels so good. You really have the best tits I've ever seen."

"Now I will get on my hands and knees and you'll fuck my pussy doggie style. I want you to fuck me really hard and really fast. Once you're in my pussy, I want you to take your cock all the way out and then jam it fast and hard back into my cunt. You’ll grab my hips and really fuck me. Do it!”

I got into position. I presented my ass and pussy to Kevin. He then slid his nine inch cock into my pussy. Most of my man toys all have eight and nine inch cocks. So his cock slid right into my slick and wet cunt. He grabbed my hips and pumped his huge cock into my tight cunt. His cock felt so good. He was proving to be a real good fuck. I was so happy to have sent my son away for a few days.

"Kevin, your cock feels so good in my dirty, slutty, married cunt. Fuck me harder and faster. I want to feel your balls slamming into my ass. Do it!”

He was fucking me so fast and so hard. I think he really was getting into it and then he smacked my ass. He was fucking me as hard as he could do. My pussy was so wet and creamy.

“Oh fuck, I’m coming. I’m fucking coming. Holy crap your cock is amazing. Now you have to let me suck that gorgeous cock. Stand up and let Mrs. Vogel delight you with her cock-sucking talents.”

Kevin stood up and I took his lovely shaft down my throat. I was fondling his come-filled balls. I slipped my finger deep into his ass and gave my young friend a prostate massage.

"Oh fuck, that feels so good. You’re really wild Mrs. Vogel. Your mouth feels so good on my nine inch rod."

"Suck my cock Mrs. Vogel!"

I wrapped my lips around his thick cock and took him as far as I could down my throat. My mouth was warm and my lips loosely worked my magic along his cock. I was sucking and gagging on his nine-inch cock. I put more fingers deep inside his ass.

“Mrs. Vogel, shit it feels so good. I don’t think I’ll last much longer. Oh fuck! Open your mouth wide. I’m going to come now. Fuck, here it comes.”

Kevin blew a huge load of cum down my throat. I swallowed it all down like the slut I am. I continued to suck and slurp on his hard dick.

“Mrs. Vogel you’re such a slut and I mean that it a good way. I can’t believe I have licked, fucked and had my dick sucked from my best friend’s mother. I may never recover from this wicked and naughty night. You’re like the greatest fuck I’ve ever had. I'll never forget this night as long as I live."

“Don’t worry sweetie Jake will be gone for the next few nights so we'll have lots more sex in the next few days. You’ve really made a middle aged woman feel like a million dollars. It’s almost like finding the fountain of youth. If I had a big cock like yours fucking me every day, I would be the happiest bitch alive.”

“Can I ask you a question? Does your husband know you cheat on him?”

“He’s always traveling with his job. I’m sure he has his share of affairs. I just have a very insatiable appetite for sex. I almost can’t control myself. Enough about that, let me hold you and kiss you.”

Kevin and I fell asleep in each other’s arms. We had sex a lot in those next few days. I was so happy to have seduced him and had my way with him. Another quest to mark off on my sexual bucket list. It’s tough being a mother that likes to fuck. A life of lots of cheating, and affairs to satisfy ones urges. I love my life.

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