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Seducing My Neighbors (part two)

Seducing My Neighbors (part two)

Time had passed. It was a year later. The Wrights were again going on vacation. And again they were glad when I suggested that I stay in their home to watch over their daughter, Susie. Becky would not be there. She had turned 18 and had gone off on a cross-country tour with some friends on their bikes. That left 17 year old Susie alone in the house, which would not do. Cal and Samantha knew their daughter, Susie, was a virgin. She had only started dating last year and always in groups of friends. And they always returned home by 11:00 p.m.

I had barely noticed the girls growing up. They were around, but I had not put in my pool until last year, so they'd had no reason to visit me, and I'd had no reason to pay attention to them. I was not interested in younger girls. Not until they had both passed their 16th birthdays did I begin to notice that they had grown up. Susie was 16 at the time the pool went in and Becky was 17. That was when I had seduced her. Now it was going to be Susie's turn, as a lovely, lithe 17 year old swimmer, to receive my attentions.

Susie had let her hair grow a bit, and it was a lovely brown color, matching her eyes. Her body was long and quite compelling. Her breasts were small, but just perfect for sucking. I really enjoyed watching her by my pool. When she knew her parents were not at home she always sun-bathed in the nude. This was a practice she and Becky had established last year when I stayed with them during their parents' previous vacation. I was now just Paul, not Mr. Dirk, and she felt comfortable being nude around me.

Her parents left on a Friday. She was going to be a virgin no longer on Saturday.

I moved into her parents' master bedroom the afternoon of Friday. I was a very good cook but decided to just go for take-out later. Much easier and I knew she would prefer it. What young person does not like fast food? The Wrights had left me plenty of cash to take care of their daughter. They could afford it. It was a warm summer and we both went out to the pool before the meal.

"Go ahead Susie. Get your tan. You're looking great you know?"

"Thanks Paul. I want to be tanned well for the swimming season when it starts this fall. I'm swimming at least three events this coming senior year."

"You have the body of a swimmer. I noticed that last year."

"Thanks. It does help to have the right body type. You look like you could have been a swimmer yourself."

"Well, I was more into track and field. I ran cross-country. So I stayed in shape and I've tried to maintain that body as I got older."

"You did a great job Paul. I guess you might as well take off the speedo yourself if I am going to be nude."

I had been hoping for this to happen. I had held myself back. My prick was soft and not imposing as I took off the bathing suit. Then I dove in and swam a few laps, with my cock and balls hanging free and happy. I finally got out and got onto a chaise longue beside Susie. I could not track her eyes behind her shades, but I knew she was checking out my cock.

Taking it slow was my plan. This would work and I knew it would. I knew women.

We both went in as the sun was going down. Susie went to her room and I went to her parents' room. We were going to take showers and wash off the chlorine. I stayed naked and got into the shower. I jerked my cock for awhile and got hard just thinking of her luscious tits, made to fill a man's mouth. And her triangle of curly brown hair between her legs. I did not cum. I was waiting to give her a full load of spunk. I got dressed in some sweats and went into the living room.

"I'm going out for some food," I yelled, and she yelled back, "Hurry up. I'm starving."

Later, when I returned, we just ate at the coffee table and watched the tube. It was companionable. I was hungry and also horny. My cock was rising and I knew she could see it as we sat together. She kept glancing over. But tonight was not the night. I was getting her used to my presence and the fact that I was a real sexual man.

She slept two rooms down the hall, and I could clearly hear her moaning before I went to sleep.

The next morning I awoke with wood, of course. I had to let it go down before pissing. Then I put on my shorts with no underwear and a tee shirt and went in to make breakfast. As I was cooking Susie came in, already in her bikini. She sat at the counter and I served her eggs over medium, hash browns, and crispy bacon. I had the same and we again ate companionably. She was being as adult as she could but I could see the shy 17 year old teen still there in her eyes. She could see up my shorts to the bare cock there with its balls.

"I happened to hear you moaning last night, Susie. Were you feeling alright? Tummy ache?"

She blushed bright red and now I knew for sure what she had been doing. I took her hand, sniffed her fingers, and knew all I needed to know. I grinned at her, and she blushed even redder. But I gave her a peck on the cheek and said, "You're a great girl. Have fun with your life."

We virtually lived at my pool during the summer. Usually the girls would put lotion on each other, but Becky was not here.

"Susie, you got a little red out here yesterday. Let me put lotion on you. Here, give it to Paul."

She handed me the lotion and lay in a prone position so I could get her back and the backs of her legs. I started placing lotion around her neck and slowly worked my way down, first on her arms and hands, then her back and her sides, rubbing her side-boobs as I was working. She moaned slightly. Then I worked her back and lower back until I was massaging her curvy ass cheeks. I worked on them for 5 minutes and finally moved to her legs and down each one to her feet, then back up slowly massaging those swimmer's muscles. I got to the top of her legs and gently worked around her pussy. Again she moaned. I did not actually touch it. Not yet, but I was stretching the muscles and fatty tissue around her labia.

"Okay, turn over. I need to get the front now."

She did. Her nipples were hard as jade. Her pussy lips were wet. I was hard. And I was naked. I knew she could see how hard I was. But I started working on her neck with the lotion. I massaged the lotion into her front shoulders and neck and again slowly moved down her arms in front to her hands. Then I slowly put lotion on my hands and started working on her breasts. I smoothed and rubbed her nipples and squeezed her small tits. She was whimpering. I moved on to her tummy and worked on her hips, moved down her thighs again to her feet and then back up. I reached her pubic area and worked around it but did not touch her pussy. Then I smacked her ass cheek.

"That should do it Susie. Now do me."

I could see she was trembling. Her pussy was wet and glistening in the sun. And her nipples were still so hard they could have cut glass. This was going fine.

As she had done, I placed myself upon my stomach and chest with my arms at my side. This was going to be interesting. She basically did the same as I had done to her. Virtually identical movements. When she massaged my ass I could feel her spreading the cheeks and she could clearly see my hairy ass hole. She tentatively rubbed some lotion around it and I groaned and pressed upward a little. Then she moved on. When she moved up my legs she came to my balls and again she slowly spread lotion near them. My cock was hard and underneath me.

"Okay Paul, I guess I should get your front too." Her voice was muted and I could hear the shyness coming through.

I flipped over with my prick flinging itself about and still hard.

This time she giggled and that was a great sign. I grinned back and she started putting lotion all over my front, slowly working her way to my cock.

"You know Paul, Becky told me all about last year. We're very close. I always wondered what it was like. She was almost raving with how much fun she had. Just so you know. Now I need to put some lotion on this thing so it won't get any redder than it already is." And she giggled again.

She slowly moved up and down on my dick with plenty of lotion smoothing the motion. I stayed hard and even got harder. The she moved faster as if to see what would happen. I knew what would occur.

"Sweet Susie, you know what will happen if you keep that up? I think Becky must have told you all about it. And you learned in school. I want to make a woman of you first. Do you understand? Let's go into your room and let me show you what Becky learned last year."

Susie pinched my cock head and reluctantly let go of my prick. I took her hand and we went into the house to her room. We were naked. We laid ourselves down on her bed and I gathered her into my arms. I embraced her strongly and began to kiss her slowly. I kissed her neck and sucked lightly on her ears. She moaned, pressing her long body into mine. She could feel my long prick laying against her tummy and her nipples were hard against my chest. We made out for over half an hour. I was in no hurry and neither was she.

While we had been making out one of my hands had been rubbing her clit and her swollen labia. Very gently. She had a hold on my cock. She squeezed it and we made out and she made new love.

"Soon enough," I thought to myself.

At last she sighed and said, "I'm ready. Make me a woman."

This time I was ready to fuck immediately. I would eat her out, surely, but I wanted to fuck first. So did she, I could tell. I rolled over her, put on a condom, and put my hands beside her body and raised up on straight arms. I took my legs and spread hers. Sliding slightly down, my prick slid across her creamy cunt. It was still swollen and ready for my cock. She spread her own legs widely apart. All the while she was quietly begging for my dick. She was begging to be de-flowered. Her pussy spread its lips in anticipation and I pushed the cock head in slowly and surely. As I screwed my prick into her I came up against her hymen. I drew my cock back and then rammed it hard through her maidenhead. She grunted, but took it and felt all of my cock jamming into her ready pussy.

Now we started the serious fucking. Her arms were tight around me. I was humping slowly at first, letting her get the rhythm of the screwing. She started grinding her cunt back into my hairy cock, and my balls were slowly slapping against her puckered ass hole. Now I increased the pace and her whimpering and moaning intensified. I was ramming my prick into her as deep and as hard as I could. She was taking it all and begging for more.

"AHHH shit, fuck me. Ohh, please Paul, fuck it harder. Damn fuck it fuck it fuck my pussy oh shit fuck me."

"Cum for me Susie girl, cum on my cock, cum and keep fucking cumming for me."

I could feel the cream of her cunt oozing out of that so tight pussy. It made the fucking so much easier and more pleasurable. Great fucking. Great virgin cunt being de-flowered. She kept getting louder and louder with her cries for more and more fucking. She was begging for me to cum in her pussy. I was going to oblige.

My spunk shot out of my cock with a gush filling the condom and her cunt and making her feel it and cum again. I was ramming as I pumped all my cum out. She could still feel it. And she loved it. I fucked and fucked and finally my arms gave out and I lay upon her long luscious body. My cock was still in her pussy. I slowly pulled out and peeled off the condom and threw it on the floor. Then I grabbed her legs and put them upon my shoulders so I could eat some of that pussy cum. She began moaning and cumming again as I tongued her clit and licked up the cream she had given me with passionate lust.

I sucked her dry. She could not stop cumming. This was what I always wanted for my women. It pleased me immensely. It was completed when she pushed me away and begged me to stop. It was too much. I decided that we needed to sleep together tonight and get cleaned up in the morning. I did not mind sleeping all cummy at all. I moved up and cuddled her in my arms and we were both so tired that we went to sleep in minutes. But she was holding my cock when she drifted off.

Next morning I awoke first. I got up and kissed her on the cheek. Then I passed down the hallway to the master bedroom and performed my morning ablutions. As I was shaving I could hear her shower down the hall. Again I went in and had breakfast ready for her and me when she came in with a broad grin on her face. It gratified me that she came in clean but naked. Sweet. I tossed my own clothes off and we ate breakfast in the nude.

It was now Sunday. Nothing to do except teach her some new tricks, if she was willing. We went out to the pool and again put lotion on each other. This time it was just as erotic as before and this time we did it the same way. I performed the necessary chore with pleasure upon her fine body and then she returned the favor. And again she came to the final part where she was putting lots of lotion on my cock. Only this time I did not stop her.

She was jacking me harder and harder. I reached up and took her brown hair in my two hands, drew her face down to my prick and she gladly opened her mouth and engulfed my cock. Then she began slobbering and fucking my cock with her mouth, up and down, fucking me and making me want to cum.

"Slow down sweet Susie. Make love to it. Take your time. Enjoy it for awhile. I will cum for you but you need to learn to enjoy sucking cock. Lick my balls. Suck on each one. Lick my cock. Play with it. Make up ways to please Paul. You are so sweet and you will make a great cock sucker. Take your time."

And I grinned at her to let her know she was my darling girl. She then played with me. Teasing me with licking up and down and swirling her tongue around my cock head and the whole cock at times. She spit on him and jacked him off and then bit him all over and got me twitching and wanting to cum. She was doing a superb blow job. I kept telling her that and I could see it pleased her. Finally, she had played enough for me and I asked her to make me cum. She was more than happy to oblige. She had wanted to taste my cum she had been telling me the whole time.

She was again fucking my cock with her mouth, my prick hitting the back of her throat as she bobbed up and down with her spit dripping onto my balls and down into my ass hole. As she fucked my prick I started to shoot my seed up into her mouth. She got all excited and started swallowing and licking any that dripped out of her mouth. She was eating all she could, with an eagerness that was gratifying. At last there was no more cum. She swallowed it all and licked her lips. Then she leaned down and kissed me. I tasted my own cum again.

Two daughters and two seductions. I wondered what the Wrights would think.

To hell with it. I loved seducing women and would continue to do so.

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