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Seducing my stepsister

Seducing my stepsister

A stepbrother is more than willing to do what he needs to, for his stepsister
My name is Ryan, and I'm twenty-five. I have black hair, and brown eyes. I have a stepsister named Kate, who is twenty-seven, and she just got divorced. She caught her husband cheating, and she was devastated. She came right to me, because she had no one else to go to. She cried in my arms constantly, and I had no idea what to do or say.

We had been close ever since our parents introduced us, so she didn't waste a lot of time asking me if she could move in with me. Sadly, we both lost our parents when we were young adults. Kate had one daughter, Anna, with her husband, and she stayed with me too. Kate's ex-husband still had visitation rights, so I volunteered to be her taxi driver.

I always made sure not to stay too long. Anna was only five at the time, and I almost thought of her as my daughter too. During her hard times, something happened. I saw her as a nice, sexy, and possible sexual partner. She needed someone to be there for her. Someone that was there, physically, and emotionally.

I decided to be that person, because I loved her that much. She was my older step sister, and there was nothing I wouldn't do for her. I knew if I just came out, and told her my idea, she would say no. So, I decided to seduce her in a way. One Saturday afternoon, when Anna was with her dad, I took Kate out.

I brought her to the mall, and got her a nice dress. She said no, but I still insisted, and bought it anyway. I took her out for a very nice dinner. I knew it was just what she needed, to get out there, and have a good time. I fed her, and made sure she loved the night. I even brought her to a small dance floor they had. She resisted though.

"No, I'm not much of a dancer," she told me.

"Let's try it, I know you'll love it," I said.

I actually slow danced with her, and she actually began crying on my shoulder. She told me she loved me, and she had no idea what she'd do without me. I guess it was working, she was falling for me in a way. I didn't have a fantasy about having sex with her, I just wanted to do something amazing for her.

After the meal, I took her back home, and she commended me. I gave her another hug, and she began balling. She told me she would die without me. Then she leaned back only inches away from me.

"Ryan, may I kiss you?" she asked me.

"Yes," I replied.

She leaned towards me, and kissed the man who loved her most. The kiss lasted for about twenty seconds, and then she broke out more tears.

"This just figures, that asshole cheats on me, and the only guy there for me, is one that tried to talk me out of even dating him," she said.

We just stayed close to each other, and I kissed her on the lips again. It lasted for twenty seconds again, and then we both laid down. We locked eyes for a minute, and then we made out passionately. It seemed everything was working. I was trying to get her to find me, emotionally. She took the bait.

"Ryan, will you please make love to me?" she asked.

"Yes," I replied.

I undid my pants, and took them off, along with my boxers. I climbed towards the bottom of her dress, and moved it up. I slowly pulled off her panties, and threw them on the floor. I got on top of her, and slowly inserted my cock into her pussy.

"Oh my god, Ryan," she moaned.

I began making love to her. I wanted her to know just how mutual our love was, and there was no limit to what I'd do for her. The physical feeling was great, but the emotional feeling was absolutely wonderful. We maintained eye contact the whole time, and she just smiled.

"Will you kiss me again, please?" she wondered.

I leaned down, and kissed her as a lover. I stayed really close to her, and kept my thrusts consistent. She told me how dry her sex life was. She needed me more than I knew. Then I wrapped my arms around her, and put my head next to hers. I felt her boobs leaning up against me, and I wanted to see her.

I slowly leaned up, and pulled her dress off. I stripped both of us. I seemed to have a beyond beautiful woman in the palm of my hand. As we were both naked, we made love again, and she put her hands onto my neck. She teared up yet again, and it was clear what she was feeling.

She was getting the real picture, and I was happy. Although, at the same time, I found myself beginning to fall for her too. She was my vulnerable step sister, and I wanted to be there to protect her, from everyone, and everything. After a short while of making love to her, she wanted something more from me.

"Ryan, please, cum inside me. I wanna feel it, and I want you to be the father of my next baby. Will you please do that for me?" she asked.

"I'll do anything for you," I replied.

I was ready to cum inside her, and try to knock her up. I knew it was a lot to ask, but I didn't care. I tried to seducing her, and it worked. It was almost too perfect, but I loved her to no end. I moaned softly, and shot my load right into her.

"Oh, shit," I moaned.

She moaned too, because she felt it. She seemed to love it, and then we both tried to come down from our emotional highs. I stayed on top of her, and she kept her eyes on me. I felt her naked body on mine, and it was love. It seemed like she was seducing me. Trying to get me to do something big for her. I wasn't sure, but either way, I loved what we did.

"Please, don't ever leave Anna, and I. We need you, and I want you to be there with us through everything. Including, when you get me pregnant," she told me.

"You got it. I love you," I replied.

"I love you too, now will you please make love to me again?" she pleaded.

"I wanna do something else you, Kate," I told her.

She didn't know what I was talking about, but she quickly found out. I went down to her beautiful pussy, and leaned right in. I had only eaten out one woman before, so I was far from perfect. I was more than ready to try to get her off, despite having poor pussy eating skills. It didn't seem to really matter all that much, because I had her moaning right away.

"Oh, fuck, Ryan. I've missed having my pussy eaten, please don't stop. Make me cum all over your face," she pleaded.

I was more than willing to do that. It was almost too easy, considering all I had to do was stick my tongue into her slit. I began moving it around a bit, and so did she. Then I put my hands up onto her boobs, and began sucking on her clit. She began shouting. It hurt my ears a little bit, but for her, I let it go.

"Fuck! That feels so damn good!" she shouted.

I held her boobs, to keep her down, but it was useless. She leaned right up, and put her hands right onto my head. She wasn't about to let me leave until the deed was done. I stuck my entire tongue into her pussy, and she was feeling like a whole new woman. I even heard her laughing a bit, I guess I tickled her a bit too.

As I was getting close to finishing the deed, she began repeatedly leaning down, and leaning back up. She was going really fast, and so she having major difficulties holding off. She wanted it last, but it was a battle she was never gonna win.

"Fuck, Ryan, I'm cumming!" she screamed.

She splattered me in a way I never thought possible. On the other hand, she did mention her slump. So maybe she had a lot that needed to just get out. After that, I just got right up with her, and we cuddled together.

"That was nice, Ryan. I've never felt like such a woman. If you did that, you must have a serious thing for me," she mentioned.

"I just wanted to be there for the best woman on the planet," I let her know.

"We're are gonna have to do this again," she told me.

We made love many times that, and I came inside her many times too. We had gotten a little more physical too, and we took our relationship to some great new levels. At our four month mark, we found out she was pregnant, and her ex-husband was skeptical who the father was. She just told him it was it was none of his business. Anna was just happy to have a brother or sister. Now, we're truly a family.
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