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Seducing the Man in Black

Tags: toys, voyeur, oral
A nurse seduces a stanger
At 2 am Laurie comes home from the late shift, earlier than usual. She tosses her frumpy nurse’s scrubs to the floor next to the rest of her laundry, both dirty and clean.

“I’ll clean up tomorrow,” she says to herself, knowing she won’t.

After a long shower that fogs up the mirror and leaves more water on the floor than her regular shower, Laurie makes her way to the bedroom of her tiny, one-bedroom apartment, vibrator in hand.

“I can always count on you.” She squeezes the handle of her battery-operated lover, while lying on her bed, towel cast aside to join the mess on the floor.

The vibrator has three settings, but Laurie only needs one. With legs spread wide, she rubs the blunt tip in circles around her clit, the motion of her wrist enhancing the feel of the vibrations.

Once her pussy is good and wet, she slides the entire length of the velvety shaft inside her tight hole. Though her toy is long, it doesn’t have the girth of a good penis. For that reason alone, Laurie often longs for the real thing.

As her thoughts drift to the loneliness of singlehood, she prolongs the oncoming orgasm. Simply put: her toy is not enough. It doesn’t stop her from thrusting it in and out while the pulses soothe her need, if not satiate it.

But her heart isn’t in it, and neither is her mind.

As she scans the room, thinking about all the cleaning she has to do on her one and only day off, continuing to rotate the toy back and forth, Laurie notices a pair of shoes that don’t belong to her.

Though she doesn’t stop the motion of her wrist, her heart skips a beat as she realizes the shoes belong to a man… a man currently wearing them as he stands in the dark.

How did I not see him before? How long has he been inside my apartment? How much has he seen? Why am I not scared? Shouldn’t I reach for the phone?

With each question Laurie asks herself, she turns the vibrator’s intensity up a notch. By the time it reaches full power, she realizes she has no intention of calling for help.

Writhing against the mattress and moaning her pleasures aloud, she watches the intruder as she brings herself to climax.

“You like what you see?” she asks.

The stranger, dressed all in black and somewhat difficult to see, says nothing at all. Laurie knows that his eyes are fixated on her though, so she clicks another button on her toy, changing the rhythm of the pulses to a series of rapid shorts.

“Mmmm,” she moans, prompting the stranger to unfasten his zipper. He pulls his cock out and begins fisting it in time with her hip thrusts.

If she closed her eyes, she could visualize him inside her, pummeling her with his thickness… but she can’t bring herself to tear her eyes from his delicious stick.

It’s then she has an idea. Letting her knees fall to the sides, exposing herself to the intruder completely, she clicks the button switching the vibrator off, but doesn’t stop the manual in/out motion.

“Oh dear… the battery…” She thrusts again before dropping her toy. “Can you help me finish?”

It may have been careless, but at that moment she needs to be fucked by a man… any man… and this stranger has a massive tool that will fulfill her need.

He doesn’t hesitate. He kicks off his pants as he walks toward her, still fisting himself.

Laurie circles her clit with a finger in anticipation, but instead of climbing on top of her, he walks past and stands near her head. His intention is clear, which turns Laurie on more. With parted lips, she leans forward and takes his beast of a dick inside her mouth. Its impressive girth is just what she needs, just what she’s been craving.

The man attached means absolutely nothing, but she does love the way his thin frame doesn’t intimidate her in any possible way. Clearly, he had come to her house looking to steal; he wasn’t the slightest bit threatening. She probably took him by surprise when she came home earlier than her regular 4 am Saturday morning shift finish. As the helmet head of his cock tickles the back of her throat, she’s glad he stuck around for the show.

He reaches behind her head and grips her hair, holding her head in place as she works his fabulous member. She moans again, this time cupping his balls, hoping to coax the orgasm out of him, or at least let him know that she wants this.

When she feels him tighten both his grip and his sac, she knows his release is coming. To her utter disappointment, he pulls her head back, far enough that his cock is no longer within her reach.

Before she can make any further requests, the stranger moves to the end of the bed, and reaches his gloved hand between her legs. He slides two fingers inside and presses his thumb against her nub.

“Oh fuck…” Laurie squirms, loving the feel of his leather-clad hand.

Given his face is covered by a ski mask, Laurie can only speculate that the stranger is grinning. He lowers himself, and discreetly lifts the bottom part of his mask to just under his nose, and extends his tongue to her slit. She can’t see anything but the top of his head, but his tongue nearly makes her orgasm at first flick.

Between his fingers, his thumb, and his wonderful tongue, Laurie is in absolute Heaven. Just when she thinks she can take no more, he nips at her bud with his teeth causing her to burst and scream out in pleasure.

As he stands and fixes his mask, Laurie for sure sees the smile before he covers it. The masked man tucks his still hard cock back inside his pants and makes for the door.

“But…” she cries.

Stopping and tossing a glance over his shoulder, Laurie knows he’s waiting for her to continue her plea, but choosing to remain silent.

“I want…” she tries again.

The intruder makes his way back to the bed, picks up the vibrator and clicks the button. Betraying her earlier lie, the sex toy rattles in his palm. He thrusts it in her hand, silently telling her to finish herself off, as he leaves the apartment without ever saying a word.

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