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Sexy Intruder Caught at My Alaska Cabin

I arrived at my vacant Alaskan cabin and found to my delight a sexy homesteader.
The snow secretly crept into the wooded valley like a silent thief stealing the mountain’s foliage. It was delivering a peaceful white blanket of a fresh new season.

It was a cold, dark night. My destination was a mountain cabin so far into the forest that I had to walk the last three miles of the trip. 

Already I could feel the warmth of the fireplace. I was in excited anticipation of the hot rabbit stew I had planned to hearth cook in my cast iron. There were no utilities. The hearth was the only means of heat and cooking.

It was a perfect setting to finish my novel. As I left the wooded path into the clearing, I could see my cabin. Curiously a flicker of fire was apparent as it bounced through the old windowpanes. I tore these windows off an old rundown church down the road and installed them on my cabin. This cabin was truly a product built from only what was available in the forest.

I approached with some trepidation and peeked through the window. Lying on my elk skin in front of the fire was a dark haired, brown skinned goddess. She was scantily attired in the elk pelt breast and loin coverings I made some years ago.

"What the fuck?” I mumbled under my breath.

At least I thought it was under my breath. She jumped up and bolted to the window. I laughed as the Tarzan type loincloth fell to her ankles causing her to trip and fall at my feet as I opened the door.

I looked down and at once was aroused by the sight. She lay there looking up at me in shock. The loin cover around her ankles and her shiny chocolate, perfectly rounded, naked ass reflecting a combination of firelight and moonlight. She sheepishly struggled the loincloth upward and got to her knees.

She was both embarrassed and irritated.

"You startled me! Do you always walk into places without knocking?"

“I do when I own the place and it's in the middle of nowhere!” I stammered while my eyes feasted on her form.

“Do you...uh…like rabbit stew?”

She ran her eyes up and down my body appearing to undress me in her mind. She caught my knowing glance and abruptly stood.

"Right now I would like anything as long as it was edible."

"Yeah, I could tell by the way you are eyeing me up. I didn't know if you wanted to fuck me or cook me."

"Don't flatter yourself. I'm not some easy target."

"Target, I don't plan on shooting you. Only feeding you, seducing you, and then fucking you all night.”

She looked at me in shock and amazement. I was just testing that line to see her reaction. It will help me when I use it in my novel. She headed for the door as if she were going to leave in a huff. She stopped, turned, and looked at me.

"Well that was a stupid threat! Where do I think I'm going?"

I calmed her down. Then we talked as we chopped, minced, and diced. Working as a team, we made a very tasty vegetable stew. Yeah that's right another fucking vegetarian.

"Would you like something cozy to put on?"

Again she ran her eyes up and down my body.

"Either that or you put on that other Tarzan outfit. It's only fair."

And so I did.

She was a mystery. Very secretive! She was obviously hiding from something or someone, tucked away in my mountain oasis. We agreed not to ask questions and just enjoy each other and the night.

I always felt that snow was sexy. Yeah I know weird right? But hey I proved my hypothesis that night. I invited her to follow me outside into the snow with nothing on but our Tarzan and Jane outfits. So there we were two strangers in the middle of the forest scantily clad walking in the snow. We both agreed on two very obvious conclusions, at least to us. One is that yes indeed snow can be sexy. The second, cold on the other hand is not sexy at all.

We returned to the warmth of the cabin. The fireplace exuded peace, warmth, and security that just drew you to it.. The crackling of the fire and smell of the wood burning continued to drive our desire. We were very comfortable in our loin cloths. Mine was loose and now rubbed on my cock lightly as I moved looking at her. She made me hard and wanting. We brought in a bucket of snow, knowing there was more outside if we needed it. We playfully decided to have a little contest of who could use snow in the most sexy and hot way. This would be our foreplay.

First I stood her near the fire and blindfolded her. I held the snow just above her succulent breasts so that as it melted it would drip onto her nipples. As the drop would run down across her nipple I would suck it off and lick her dry only to have another drop hit the other nipple. The snow made her nipples stand at attention like little soldiers waiting for their orders. She moaned with quiet passion. I called it her silent heat springing from cold snow.

I was proud of my contribution to the contest. Just as I was thinking she may just concede the victory to me and allow me to continue playing with her body, she snapped to alertness and said

“My turn.”

She used the same blindfold on me and I made some crack about her not being original and losing points. I heard the door open and close allowing a cold gust of wind to cut through. I assumed she had gone for more white sexy flakes.

She had me sit on the sofa with one foot propped up on the coffee table and the other on the floor with legs slightly spread open. With precision timing she pulled the string on my loin cloth and it fell open exposing my manliness. She placed snow ever so lightly upon my balls. At the same time her hot mouth sucked my hardness. She used her tongue deftly tantalizing the tip. The hot and cold sensation drove me crazy. She then began sucking the cold melted snow from my balls. She took them fully into her mouth and transformed the coldness to instant heat.

She then positioned herself straddling me with her legs spread and in an instant removed my blindfold to reveal her naked body and her moist passion zone mouth high. I of course took the hint and began licking her between her legs. Melted snow was running down her thighs as I licked and licked trying to get it all.

She began moving her hips in a ritual dance as she lowered herself to my lap. Positioning herself so my erection would penetrate her just enough to tease. The circular movement of her hips now with my phallic pride slightly inside her was almost too much to bear. She fondled my cock with her vagina muscles pulsating me to an intense high. Those muscles pulled me inside her as she throbbed and folded me inside her. Then as she came down further pulling me all the way in I moaned and she whispered,

“I win!”

“Indeed you do. Indeed you do!”

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