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A teen girl comforts and seduces a weary traveler…

“Are you here with the missus?”






“Oh, so you’ll be looking for some company this evening? Do you have a preference?”

“What? No. Oh God, NO!”

He glared at the young girl behind the counter; her inappropriate age filled with inappropriate innuendo shook him to the core. He hoped like hell no one heard what she had said.

“How old are you?”

“Old enough. Why? Oh, I get it. You like them young.” she baited. “You want a young virgin?”

“Jesus! NO!”

Willis’s his head spun and he almost regretted stopping at this expanded ocean side bed and breakfast. He just wanted a warm shower, a hot meal, and soft bed. He had been riding all day, as fast as he could, from where he came. He sure as hell did not want to do any time from conversing with this jail bait in the lobby.

“Do you your parents know you talk to customers this way?”

“I don’t see them around, do you? And I’m only talking to you and you haven’t given me your credit card, so you are not a customer.”

“You are a cheeky little monkey, aren’t you?”

Her devilish grin told him that he had inadvertently found what she was looking for - acknowledgement of her raucous behavior.

“Where you headed, mister?”

“No place in particular.”

“Whatcha running from then?”

His deer-in-the-headlights look told her she had hit pay dirt, so she coyly added, “Got caught fucking the babysitter, did ya?”

The man again leered at the young girl with the potty mouth and matching naughty imagination. He did not expect something like all this to come out of something seemingly as sweet as all that. What he was running from, he sure as hell was not going to share with her.

Her name tag said Lola, but who knew with her. She was a tiny Britney Spears wannabe but two decades late – short, blond pig tails; untanned but naturally freckled skin; sky blue eyes; cute little, turned-up nose; clear braces; shiny, flavor-glossed lips; white buttoned-up short-sleeved top; and he assumed a short pleated, tartan-patterned skirt. Sitting behind the counter, he could not tell until she stood up. She had the skirt, white knee-highs, and black patented leather shoes to complete the horny school girl ensemble. She was a short thing too but what grabbed his cock’s attention were her hard, little nipples. No breasts or none to really speak of, but puffy little bumps pressing through her almost see-through blouse. When she moved her shoulders back, which she did during this stare-off, the sheer fabric stretched taught across her chest, putting those wonderful little cherry pits on display, centered on their puffy silver dollar sized areolas.

Damn. How old was this little Lolita.

Shit. Lola. Yah, right.

She sat back on her stool and continued to stare at him while waiting for a response, a response that was not soon coming, so she continued in a hushed breath.

“You like them young, don’t you? You can’t get enough of their tight little bodies and their bald little cunts, I can tell,” she snickered. Seeing the stunned mute affect she had on the shell shocked stranger, she leaned in and whispered, “Don’t worry. Your secret is safe with me. Dinner is at six. Don’t be late or you’ll piss off my mom.”

She winked, shot him a wry smile, and mimed zipping her glossy lips. Holding his attention a moment longer, she took his credit card, ran it through the machine, and then slid his room key along the counter to his hand. Willis was leaning on the counter, both wearing from his long day of riding, and this completely unexpected sexual barrage from the tiny nymphet, supposedly named, Lola.

“I gave you the cabin at the back of the property. You’ll have less road noise and more privacy.” She looked at his credit card before handing it back. “Here’s your card, Mr. Willis.” Willis was his first name, but he did not correct her, he just wanted to get the hell out of there before someone saw him.

He left without saying a thing and arrived at dinner a few minutes before six. Keeping his distance from the other guests, he thoroughly enjoyed his home cooked meal, but did not see Lola the rest of the evening. After dessert, Willis returned to his room with a night cap in hand and mind full of naughty thoughts about the young girl that verbally and visually accosted him that afternoon. The warm evening encouraged his nakedness, plus, if he was unable to sleep, it would be easier for him to assist with that effort. He did not have to worry about that and was out as soon as he rested his head. He did not even hear the storm.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Willis woke to the sounds of the morning ocean, the chorus of various mountain song birds, the smell of pot, and a burning sensation between his legs. Oddly, he first wondered if he had left his window open and if some of the staffers had sparked up next to it, then what the time was, and finally, why his regular morning erection was burning cool. The middle-aged man opened his groggy eyes to see Lola at his side, smiling in a way that would harden a dead man, which he knew he would be if anyone caught this horny teen in his cabin, especially in the condition he was in.

“Lola, damn it!” he shrieked. “How the hell did you get in here?”

“Master key. I have access to all the rooms and cabins,” she cooed as the key dangled between her puffies on her flattish, white shirt-clad chest. The burn grabbed his attention again so he looked at his raging erection. He saw the tube and he now understood.

Lola had peeled away his covers, slathered his exposed penis with minty fresh, gel toothpaste, shocking awake his slumbering member. The cool burn was from the menthol, activated each time she blew the thick smoke over his fleshy obelisk. His cock twitched when she did it again, this time directing the thick exhaled smoke to gather around the base, his balls, and in his pubic hair. The lingering smoke reminded him of that morning’s fog that seemingly clung to the blueberry bushes along the highway.

Lola was also teasing his balls, and rubbing his perineum to his asshole, with the bristles of his toothbrush. She has spread the toothpaste to his manhole, and he now felt that same cool burning sensation inside. These actions had him as hard as the mountain granite that surrounded his cabin.

“I need a little buzz to kick start my day. I hope you don’t mind,” she said as she inhaled more of the weed. Lola then crawled onto his bed, and while facing him, folded her petite body between his legs, sitting her small ass onto the heels of her bare feet. She then positioned her pouty mouth near the top of his attentive cock. The menthol had aggressively opened the blood vessels and his erection was not going away any time soon.

“Want to see a neat trick, Mr. Willis?” she teasingly asked.

Lola again filled her lungs, held the joint to the side, and slowly lowered her mouth over the burning skin of his large, cucumber-sized cock. He was big but even to him, seemed huge next to her narrow face. Lola’s saliva activated the menthol even more, causing Willis to twitch again, and the jerky movement assisted with his cock disappearing into this young girl’s face. Her eyes began to water as he reached the back of her throat, and then with a little downward force, she pushed his cock into her neck. She held her mouth tight around his shaft, and when her lips reached the base and his cock was no more, she slowly fucked her throat, moving it up and down the length of his hard shaft. Willis was mesmerized. Never had he seen or experienced such a display.

After a few moments, Lola lifted her head from his lap, carefully withdrawing his cock from her throat and then mouth. Still holding her smoke, she circled his smooth, minty head, and then flicked his opening with the tip of her tongue. Willis was on the verge of cumming on this nubile’s face, but Lola moved forward, bending his cock against her belly, trapping it between their bodies. She then pressed her lips against his, opened his mouth with her tongue, and blew out her dizzying high, forcing it into his lungs. When completed exhaled, she closed his mouth by pinching his lips, and then kissed them.

“Now I don’t need to freshen my breath before I go to work,” she giggled.

As she sat up, Willis’ cock stood straight up against her blouse. He saw the mess the green toothpaste made and Lola then noticed it too.

“Shit,” she bellowed.

“Sorry, Lola,” Willis apologized.

“You silly man, why the hell are you apologizing?” she laughed. “I’ll just rinse it.”

Lola lifted her shirt, pulling it over her head, revealing the smoothness of her skin, and the burgeoning shape of her young breasts, and of course, the master key hanging between those cherry pits imbedded in the puffy areolas that caught his attention at checked in. She tossed her shirt to the floor and watched Willis explore her body.

“Do you like my little titties, Mr. Willis?” she pouted. “Would you like to touch them?”

He did, but he was still petrified with what was happening. It was early, way too fucking early, he now had a buzz, a cold burning erection, another cold burn in his ass, and his cock was ready to explode. However, Lola moved much too fast for his slower moving mind. She unzipped her mini skirt and peeled it away, revealing her bald, teenaged beaver. He could not see anything other than that his cock had rested against her unbristled skin, stretched along her flat belly, and almost reached her unpierced belly button. His balls now burned too, so he was not sure if he felt her wetness, or her dripping pussy had activated the menthol.

Lola inhaled one last time, leaned forward while sliding up his thick shaft, and then placed the remaining sparked bud between Willis’s lips. She then reached behind her and grabbed her frilly pink, bikini panties.

“I need to be at the front desk in ten minutes. Do you think you can cum for me so I’m not late?”

Lola moved forward, forcing down his cock onto his belly. She then placed her panties at the end of his dick, readying them to catch every last drop of his seed. Willis filled his lungs with some of the Pacific Northwest’s finest, while savoring the feel of Lola’s young cunt slide up and down the length of the underside of his shaft. He was close. Her eyes never left his as she began to smile, feeling his body twitch and tremble. She too knew he was close.

“My pussy lips are starting to burn now too. Come on, you big-cocked motherfucker, fill my tiny panties with your hot cum.”

At first he thought it was her finger, but then he felt the bristles moving deep inside his ass. That was all he needed. His first semen blast struck the middle of the pink fabric; his white creamy mixture struck the bull’s eye. Lola moved her body down so she now massaged the base of his cock, while watching each subsequent discharge strike its intended target. She continued to brush the bump inside of his body even after the last release, then grabbed his fat cock and squeezed out as much cum from his length as she could.

“Jesus! That’s a lot of cum, Mr. Willis,” she beamed. “It’s like you’ve been saving it just for me.”

Lola rose and stood directly above his still standing cock. Willis could now see what was hiding behind his cock and it was a pretty in pink sight. He saw a smooth, vertical smile, with a little toothpaste froth on the sides. It was unmistakably a young girl’s pussy. He was certain this was his ticket to prison.

“So yummy, Mr. Willis, and all for me,” she teased as she licked her lips while looking at the puddle of jizz in her panties.

His cock could not relax, especially after hearing that, and with her posed above him, he was, against his better judgment, ready. However, his hope was soon dashed because instead of lowering her pussy onto his cock, she stepped off the bed and went to the bathroom. She quickly returned, saying she had to wash off the toothpaste. She then stepped into her cum-filled panties, bringing his seed in contact with her hidden but cleansed opening.

“This way, Mr. Willis, you’ll be with me and a part of me all day,” she winked. While still standing next to him, she reached for and then reattached her skirt. She returned to the bathroom, quickly rinsed the toothpaste stain from her shirt, and went to the door.

“Oh, did you want me to remove that, Mr. Willis?” she asked, smirking at the end of the toothbrush sticking out of his ass. She waited and watched as he removed it himself.

“Breakfast is in thirty minutes. Blueberry pancakes and maple sausages. I picked the blueberries myself. Don’t be late!” she pointed at him.

Willis watched her pleated skirt-covered ass disappear behind the closing door, laying there stunned that she walked out with a large load of his cum against and finding its way inside her young pussy. He put the remains of the spent bud into the ashtray next to his bed, looked at his minty fresh, semi-flaccid, cool burning cock and wondered....

What the fuck just happened?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Like the evening meal before, breakfast was delicious but uneventful, apart from watching Lola a few times, come into the dining area before returning to the front desk. Not once did she look his way. She was still wearing her white t-shirt but it had dried clean. He saw the string around her neck but the key was hidden behind the fabric - the master key that enabled her to access his room. He imagined it hanging between what he had had seen, causing him to both feel arousal and fear. This was someone’s teen aged daughter that an hour or so earlier, he was smoking weed with, and now, she was wearing her cummy panties that he had filled.

Oh, for fuck’s sake!

She just buggered his ass with his toothbrush!

Willis did his best to wash, but he still felt something. Maybe it was a phantom burn from being violated with his personal grooming tool, maybe not. However, her actions did make him chuckle. This was not the Bates Motel, but this girl. Oh my. Never before had he ever…

His intention was to leave immediately after breakfast, get the fuck out of there before anyone was the wiser, and continue along his journey, but that plan was unexpectedly altered. The mother greeted him at the front desk, with Lola standing by her side.

“Lola tells me you’ve decided to stay another day. We’re delighted you can stay. She says you wanted to ride around the bay before continuing on your trip. That is a fantastic idea. We have so much here to see.”

Willis looked at the smirking Lola. She certainly was a conniving little shit disturber. He delayed his response, only to see if her expression would change. He wanted her to think he would rat-her-out. He wanted to test her young resolve, but he wisely decided not to. He could not. He knew if he said no, she would just say she misunderstood him. Plus, she had that whole sex thing hanging over him. Willis decided he could stay. His journey did not have a timetable. What he was running from was no longer chasing him.

“I’m glad you are able to accommodate my late request. Thank you for that,” he said while he smirked back at Lola when her mother shuffled some papers he imagined, confirmed another night’s stay.

“Oh, it is our pleasure. Enjoy your day. If you have any questions about some rides, ask Lola. She’s been exploring these parts on her scooter as soon as she could ride.”

Somehow, it did not surprise Willis that Lola enjoyed exploring.

“Oh, Lola, I almost forgot. You need to go into town to pick up a package. The courier delivered it to the wrong place. The Johnston’s get so angry when they confuse them with us. Got to keep the peace. I need to stay here to help prepare lunch.”

“Sorry, Mom. With the power outage last night, my bike didn’t fully charge. I don’t have enough battery power to get to town and back. I could go later, but I don’t think I’ll be back in time to help while you and Dad prepare dinner.”

The silence was deadly and he knew it was coming. Fuck. It was almost there. He looked at Lola. Her eyes said yes, she was going to do it. Fuck. So, he did it instead.

“I could get it for you. I don’t mind,” Willis offered.

“No, we couldn’t… “

“Yes, you could,” Willis smiled. “Just give me the directions. I’m going out for a ride anyway, I could just swing by the Johnston’s for you. Honestly, I don’t mind.”

“This is highly unusual. If our daughter had her driver’s license, she could take the truck.” She then affectionately glared at her stubborn and mischievous little girl. "What sixteen-year-old doesn't have their driver's license?"

“I don’t know if you have any daughters, but they are a handful. Minds of their own. Stubborn as all hell sometimes. But I love her just the same. Next year she’s off to college. I’ll miss her more than she’ll even know.”

Willis just grinned knowing exactly what Mom was saying. He missed his kids. He also breathed a sigh of relief. She was legal, but just barely. Lola’s mom then startled Willis.

“Willis, if you want a guided tour of the bay area, please take the best guide we have with you. If you can have her back just before noon, so she can staff the front desk during the lunch, you can have her all morning.”

“Great idea, Mom!” Lola said before Willis could respond. Lola then disappeared into the room behind her. All Willis could say was thank you and yes he would return her horny fucking daughter before noon, cummy panties and all.

Lola returned wearing her jeans, boots, and a black leather jacket over her white B & B shirt. She also had her helmet in hand.

“Mom, we’ll be back in a couple of hours.”

“Thank you again, Willis. We are a small community and appreciate the help of strangers. Enjoy!”

Willis nodded to the mom. As he led Lola to his bike, she put on her helmet, leaving her shield up. Clearly knowing her way around a bike, she lowered the nearest foot peg and stepped on, whipping over her other leg, before straddling the back portion of the leather seat. Willis imagined what was in her panties and that his cum, whatever left of it, had long found its way inside her body. He hoped like hell she was on something.

Willis then saw Lola’s naughty, waif-like smile and knew she was thinking about something.

Before he mounted his bike, Lola whispered that she was still wearing her panties and she loved the feel of his cum against her skin. It had kept her pussy wet all morning. Willis never said a word, wondering how he got himself into this mess. He then lowered her tinted shield, straddled his bike, and started it. The vibration he felt between his legs did not affect him the same way it affected his rider. He would soon find out how so.

After they pulled out of the parking lot, and out of parental and Bed and Breakfast site, she wrapped her arms around his waist, resting her finger tips along the denim covering his groin. The bike’s vibration transferred directly through her touch, sending tremors directly to his cock. Willis tried his best to focus on the road, and the beautiful coastal scenery, but his mind was where her fingers were. His cock was bursting with excitement, the second time that morning.

When, he estimated, they were about five miles away, Lola’s fingers traveled the seam of his denim until they found the tab of his zipper. He was at her mercy given both hands were required to drive, and she knew this. She then tugged and twisted until she fully unzipped his pants. After a little fumbling with his underwear, she pulled his growing cock out and proceeded to give Mr. Willis a handjob on the highway.

He felt her hips grinding along the seat and her pelvic bone against his ass, but she stacked her two tiny hands on his fully erect cock, stroking him as the on-coming vehicles approached unaware of their activity. Willis felt Lola’s head rest angst his back as she turned to look at the ocean. Her fingers played his cock like a musical instrument and eventually, he too began rocking his hips. Willis thought, this had to stop or it could have some serious consequences.

“Turn here!” Willis heard Lola yell as they approached the chained off road. Willis nodded and followed the path next to the barricade, and then drove toward an abandoned building. It appeared like an overgrown campground which Lola later confirmed. Her parents owned the land too, but found the B & B much more profitable, with fewer headaches, so they closed the campsite until they knew what they wanted to do with it.

Lola stroked Willis’s cock until he came to a stop behind the mothballed shower and bathroom facility. She released her grip and jumped off the bike.

“Leave it running,” she demanded while she undid her pants and pulled them and her wet panties down past her knees, exposing her hyper-aroused pussy.

“Move back,” she directed and Willis for some unknown reason listened and followed every order without question. Letting his bike idle, he moved to the back part of the seat where she had been sitting. Lola first sat side-saddle, then lifted up her legs and spun around on her ass until she lowered her legs, trapping Willis between them. She pulled him closer until his shoulders fell between her parted legs and her knees rested on his hips. She placed her hands on the gas tank behind her, lifted her ass off the seat, and lined up that shiny vertical smile with the end of his raging hard on.

Willis put his hands under her ass, each cheek barely filling each hand, and pulled her seemingly feather-light body towards his. When the tip of his cock touched her wet skin, he heard a moan from inside her shielded helmet. As much as he wanted to see her young face, he thought it best he not. He was about to fuck this young girl and but still felt he was headed to jail. He knew he was not, but his cock did not care. Clearly, her eager pussy did not either.

Willis rubbed his cock along her slippery slit, adding her sheen and gloss to his skin. If there was any pubic hair there, he felt none, which was unlike anything he had access to for the past twenty-five years. He wanted to ask if she was ready, but instead, when she felt the head of his cock at her pink opening, she pushed forward, stretching open her tightness, engulfing his fat head in one motion. She was so snug, Willis thought her pussy would rip the head right off.

Lola then balanced on one hand and lifted her tinted screen. Willis saw the steaminess of a young woman who needed to be fucked. Her eyes were crazy and her smile unmatched. He had not experienced this teenage hormonal rage since his own teens, thirty plus years ago, and certainly nothing like it since. Lola grabbed a handful of his leather jacket and pulled herself forward, taking about two-thirds of Willis’ big cock inside her. He felt he had hit her cervix and that was it.

“Just a moment,” she smiled in some frustration as she rocked her hips back and forth, working the head of his cock against her insides. After a short time, he felt her open, with her cervix ascending, and her body descending, taking his entire length inside. Willis cringed from the grip her cunt had on his cock. If she had not been so slippery, he felt he never would have entered her as easily.

Lola lifted his tinted shield and then wrapped both arms around Willis’s neck. She gripped and released the base of his cock while with her feet, she gentled nudged him forward on the leather seat. She used one of her hands and removed his from her ass, and placed it onto the grip behind her. She then did the same with his other hand, quickly returning her hands to his neck.


“What?” he astonishingly asked as if he did not clearly hear her the first time.

“I want to fuck you while we drive,” she beamed.

“What the hell, Lola? On the highway?”

Logistically, he knew he could do it. She was much smaller than him, and if she turned her head to the side or leaned back on the gas tank, he could see the road. But this was fucking suicide madness.

“Just ride up to the next chained-off road. My parents own that too. Turn in there.” She then pleaded, “Please Mr. Willis, I’ve always wanted to fuck on a motorbike, haven’t you?”

His ex-wife would have never considered the idea, and frankly, neither would have he, but here he was, doing it. As he got the bike rolling, Lola anchored her feet on the seat behind him and started moving her pussy along his shaft. Willis chuckled to himself wondering what he would not do for some young pussy, any pussy for that matter. This definitely topped the list.

As he rolled past the chained gate, and approached the pavement, he looked both ways before rotating his wrist. He was up to fifty-five in no time and the girl whose legs were wrapped around his hips was thrusting like a mad woman. Not only did she want to fuck while riding on the highway, she wanted to cum.

Willis focused on the road and his climbing speedometer, so wisely, he let Lola do all the work. He watched for fast approaching vehicles behind them but with the winding highway along the coast, he did not have time to react before the first car had come and gone, only to see their sudden taillights of disbelief in his mirror. He could only imagine their conversations, wondering if they had really seen what they thought they had.

The second and third passing cars were less unnerving and that began to worry Willis. He had hoped he was not getting too comfortable with what they were doing. He re-focused on the road, hands firmly gripping the handle bar, as this daredevil now fucked his cock with fury. He glanced down and saw the concentration on her face. He looked up just in time so that the transport truck’s air horn did not startle him off the road, but it did startle the start of something else.

“Fuck!!!” was all he heard over the engine and road noise, but he felt every spasm from her body. Her pussy clenched his cock as she shook, almost making his bike dangerously unstable to ride. Her heels kicked his ass, as she pulled him in tight, grinding her pelvis on his. Her grip on his coat made him glad he wore leather, or he was certain she would have torn any other material to shreds. As she continued to tremble, he finally, thankfully, saw the chained roadway up ahead. He was surprised he too did not cum, but acknowledged that he was probably too scared.

When he stopped near another similar building as the last site, he turned off his bike and lifted Lola from his raging and raw cock. They both got off the bike, he then bent her over his leather seat, dropped his pants, and plunged his fierce cock into her soaking wet pussy. He fucked her hard, hard into the lean of his bike, rubbing her clit as he did. Her screams echoed in the forest, but like a fallen tree, no one was around to hear them.

When Willis, now dripping with sweat inside his helmet and coat, still could not cum, Lola replaced his hand with hers so he could grab her hips. He thought about what he was doing to this young girl, bending her over his bike in the middle of a forest, watching his thick cock repeatedly disappear between her shiny, pink lips while gripping her silky smooth white ass. He then grabbed those fleshy cheeks and spread them wide, fully exposing her tiny butt hole. The moment he touched it, it winked, tightening because he triggered Lola’s second massive orgasm.

If they were surrounded by bird filled trees, all birds would have taken flight. No wonder, he thought, she liked to fuck outside. She was a screamer and knew it. She was screamer and he loved it. With that, her screaming pushed him over the edge, and her convulsing cunt pulled his orgasm from his body. He held her tight and he slammed his cock to the hilt, splashing her insides with the seed of his fifty-one year old, recently divorced body. As Willis came, he felt the release of all of the stress from the past three tumultuous years, and a window of opportunity, not failure, open again. His spasming body needed Lola tight pussy more than he ever knew.

Any tension between them was now gone and they both giggled as they got dressed. Lola, of course, pulled up her panties, not letting any of his cum escape. Willis enjoyed her cum fixation. He just hoped like hell she was on the pill. She later assured him she was. Before Willis pulled his pants up, Lola masterfully cleaned his cock and balls, draining whatever remaining cum he had left, and any pussy juice that coated his skin.

They then continued on their merry way, completed their errand, with enough time to access a few of the panoramic spots that only the locals knew about that overlooked the Pacific Ocean. A highlight was watching a pod of Orca playing in the surf. To him, they seemed so unburdended and free. Lola and Wilis returned by noon, very much to Lola’s mother’s delight.

Willis ate lunch, retired to his cabin for the afternoon to recover, and then visited the dining room for dinner. This time, feeling more sociable, he ate with a few other guests, thanked Lola’s parents for their hospitality, and told them that he expected to leave early in the morning before breakfast. Willis then searched for Lola because he wanted to say goodbye, just in case he did not see her at checkout. After searching for almost fifteen minutes, he returned to his cabin with hopes he would see her in the morning. He dared not ask her parents of her whereabouts because he did not want to draw any attention to him or them. When he opened his cabin door, he found a stark naked Lola on his bed waiting for him.

“I should have expected this,” he laughed.

“Yes, you should have,” she giggled.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Lola did not spend the night, but did wait for Willis to check out. When he approached the front desk, a little groggy from the previous day’s and night’s activities, he placed his helmet on the counter, accidently knocking some brochures onto the floor behind Lola.

With her feet and knees together, Lola pivoted and turned, and then bent over. Her short, pleated skirt rose above her deliciously narrow hips, exposing some red marks where Willis had aggressively held onto her while he fucked her against his bike. Between her firm cheeks, he saw the heart-shaped, purple jeweled head of what he assumed was a shiny chrome toy imbedded in her ass. She paused in that position, ensuring he got a good look, while she slowly picked up the brochures. She then stood up with that pouty face of hers that will most certainly harden thousands of cock in her lifetime.

“Are you sure I can’t entice you to stay one more night, Mr. Willis?”

His cock began filling his pants.

Did this girl have no shame?

She pushed the room key back to Willis. “I’m preparing for you.” She then showed him another, larger chrome butt plug she had hidden under the counter.

Her smiled made him hard but her next words almost made him cum.

“I’m curious if my tight, little ass can take all of that big cock of yours, aren’t you?”

As he left, he overhead Lola tell her mom that Willis decided not to leave until the next morning. Of course, her mom was delighted. In the hospitality industry, the most expensive room is an empty room. She knew she would miss her daughter when she went to college. Lola had a knack for filling empty spaces.

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