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Some Steamy Things

We’re in the streets, finally, after a boring night at the bars - two relatively lost souls, wandering the suburbs of Seoul. I think Tracy’s going to come home with me, not that she’s horny for me, but because the rain is starting to come down.

I’m horny for her, but she’s never responded to me that way - maybe because my shy approach isn’t to her tastes. Maybe the idea of a white guy dating a black girl just doesn’t naturally cross her mind, as she has plenty of black guys interested in her. She seems to think I’m interested in her friends more than her or all the small Asian women around here. She’s even tried to set me up with them.

Her high-pitched squeal, as the rain jumps up a notch, sucks me away from my drunken fantasies. “It’s so cold!” she shouts. She decided to wear a small black dress to the bars, completely unprepared for a late winter rain. She runs ahead of me, “I’ll see you later.”

“Your bus stop is seven blocks away!” I almost laugh. “Just come duck into my apartment for a while.”

“Okay! Good idea, but let’s hurry!”

I run behind her, absorbed in her figure as we weave through the rest of the rushing crowd. In the noise of these streets, with my cloudy min., I’m wondering what we might get into in the quiet comfort of my tiny apartment room. We’re teachers, only here for a few more months. I’m not sure what to do about my crush on her, with such a temporary relationship. Maybe I ought to leave it alone.

As I whip the door open and wave her in the building, I look at her and realize she’s we’re both so bitterly cold…

“Thank you,” she whispers.

I look at the sky before following her in. “Thank you,” I whisper to the clouds. Then I shout up the stairwell, “I’ll make you hot tea.”

I have a single room with a bathroom attached to it. As I heat up some water in the kettle, she stands by the bed awkwardly, shivering, with her hands clenching her sides. I try to keep her in good spirits but she’s hardly focused on my words.

“You okay?” I ask.

“Cold…” she says, staring at nothing in particular.

“You gotta get those wet clothes off,” I say.

“But do you have anything I can wear?”

“Ummm…” I start to chuckle as I gather up a T-shirt, boxers, and athletic shorts from my dresser. I turn to her, offering the clothes up.

She looks at them and starts to sarcastically cry. “Why did this night go so sour?”

“Wow… Sorry I can’t be a good host to you.”

“No, it’s not that. Just - I need something warmer. Is that clean?” She points to the bath robe in the dresser.

“Yeah. You want that?”

“This looks great,” she says, as she pulls it out. It’s a thick cloth bathrobe, which I almost never use. She’s goes into the bathroom to change and I slowly put on the clothes I offered her, somewhat hopping she’ll walk out while I’m still naked. She stays in there quite a while longer, probably drying her hair on my towel, maybe thinking about how to act natural when she’s in my apartment wearing so little.

She emerges, looking like her spirits have slightly risen, and hangs her clothes on the drying rack to the side while I pour the tea.

“So why was this night so sour?” I ask. I look at the drying rack, and I’m disappointed to see that she only took off her dress - still wearing underwear

“That guy Derrick. I think he’s hooking up with some other girl tonight.”

“Who cares?” I say. “He’s just one guy.”

“I know. But, I thought he liked me.”

“I guess he’s an idiot.” I smile, handing her a cup of tea.

“I don’t care anyways. I’m only here for another three months.” She takes a moment to inhale the steam coming off the top of the cup then sips the tea, and a sense of delight spreads across her face. “Mmm. This tastes so good. It’s just what I needed.”

We sit on the bed and keep drinking the tea for a moment and then she relaxes her head against the wall.

“Are you warming up?” I ask. I put my hands on her knees and feel that her skin is still chilly, then rub lightly with each of my palms.

“Almost,” she says. Her eyes are closed and her voice is drifting low. “This is such a disaster. How am I even getting home tonight?”

“You can sleep here,” I say, a bit too quickly.

She opens her eyes and peers at me, with the teacup blocking half her face, then, “On your floor?”

“No. I’ll take the floor, I guess.”

She looks at my floor as if it’s the most unpleasant sight she’s seen all night. “That would be so uncomfortable.” She looks at me with a questioning face.

Is she inviting me to sleep in the bed with her? The thought makes my blood stir a bit, especially to my crotch. “We could both fit in my bed,” I say. “That would be quite comfortable… and warm.” I smile at her.

She smiles and closes her eyes again. “Hmm… It wouldn’t be weird?”

“No.” I go back to rubbing her knees, and then slide my hands slightly up to her thighs.

“Thanks, Nick. You’re being so nice tonight. It’s like you’re my stand-in boyfriend for the night.”

I chuckle. “What does that mean?”

“…I don’t know. Just - comforting me.”

We’re silent for a while. Now I’m massaging her shoulders and back. “Do I get all the benefits of a normal boyfriend?”

“I don’t think so… Girlfriend is so tired right now.”

“Well, that tea I gave you had a lot of caffeine in it.”

She gives a delighted purr and leans forward so that her shoulders are closer to me, so I keep rubbing, more firmly. I don’t know what’s going on between us. Only fifteen minutes ago, we were entering my apartment as two friends escaping the rain. Now I’m not sure what she wants from me, but I decide to peel the robe back just a bit, so that her shoulders are bare. She doesn’t show a hint of resistance, and she even slides closer to me. I’m able to look down her front side, and I realize she’s not wearing a bra - either it’s hanging in my bathroom or she never had one on to begin with. Maybe she’s not wearing panties either. The perfume she sprayed on herself hours ago, when she first left to meet our friends for dinner, wafts into my nose, beautifully mixed with her natural scent, and I’d be filled with bliss if I could just keep rubbing her the way I’m doing now. This doesn’t even need to go any further. We’re both letting this moment flourish without words, maybe still unsure of who wants what.

“I think that caffeine is kicking in.” The tone in her voice stirs the air around me, and I can vividly picture her coming on to me in the bed, in the depth of the night, without the bathrobe or anything else on.

My dick is fully stiff, but I sit back so she won’t notice it yet. “Good,” I manage to say.

She breathes in deep and jolts off the bed. “Okay,” she says. “I’ll need to shower if I’m sleeping here.”

“Oh…” my vocal cords lock up. She’s cutting me off, I think. She leaves the robe hanging off her shoulders. As I’m staring at it, I see it drop to the floor. I catch a glimpse of her whole naked body, half-turned to me, and an instant of her winking at me before she goes into the bathroom. I can still see part of her side, as the bathroom is only the size of a large closet, with a handheld showerhead that hangs above the toilet.

She starts to shower that way - with the door wide open, for me to watch her. Or is she so unaware that she forgot to close the door? As the steam starts to rise up, an uncontrollable urge in me puts me on my feet and drags me up to the frame of the door, to fully take in the sight of her, and the flowery scent beaming off her. With her back to me, she peers at me through the mirror then looks away and keeps showering normally. We stay like this for several minutes. The blood in me surges to my penis, while the layers of soap build up on her perfect skin, and she’s using only her hands to slowly apply layer after layer, standing outside the stream of water.

She suddenly turns around, leans her back into the corner, and stares straight at me, biting her lip. She’s rubbing her hands across her stomach, first as if she’s scrubbing herself, then she transcends into an erotic motion, moving her hands along her inner thighs, down to her knees then back up to her breasts. Each time she moves her hands down, they rub closer to her vulva, until she leaves one hand there to start focusing on her clit. Her tiny fingers move in a swift, circular motion, massaging her plush vulva. Her other hand squeezes her rather small but perfectly shaped breasts. She spreads her legs more, slides into a crouching position, and grinds her back against the wall.

This is where I give in. My clothes come off and I go back to watching her for a moment. I appreciate the stark contrast in our skin tones - a first experience of this kind for me. I hope this is new and a bit strange to her as well. As I mesh my body into hers, we immediately feel natural together. I remove the shower handle from its holder and bring it down between her legs, pressing my chest hard against her, kissing her neck and cheeks. She’s moaning softly. As I use my free hand to stimulate her further, she seems to zone out for a minute. I speed up the pace of rubbing, and search for the perfect position for the showerhead to spray her clit, and I know when I’ve found it, because she lifts her arms up to grab anything nearby - only the cabinet for one of her hands - letting out a deep, loud moan. The silky juices rush out of her pussy, dripping onto my hands and cock. Along with all the lubricant that has oozed from the tip of my penis, she has no trouble jerking me off with a slow, strong grasp.

I drop the showerhead and cut off the water. The feeling of both her hands squeezing my cock has almost paralyzed me with ecstasy, and I fall against the other wall, meeting with her mouth in the corner. Her smell keeps getting better as the night goes on. Then she crouches down all the way and suddenly she’s sucking me deeper than any woman ever could before, while stroking the shaft and playing with my ball sac. This woman is divine eroticism bound in the form of human flesh - I can’t even think straight or begin to pull her back on her feet so that I can kiss her. Even though I was the one to get her in here and put her in the mood, her sexual power has completely seduced me. I manage to glance around the bathroom - no panties or bra, which means she never wore any for the whole night, and that little sign of how she began the night in a horny mood almost sends me over the edge, yet I haven’t even been inside her yet. I manage the willpower to push on her shoulders so she’ll stop sucking me. “Oh, fuck,” I say.

She’s laughing, smiling beautifully, while I pull her up by her arms. We make out for a while. Suddenly I have the urge to pick her up, using one hand under each of her perfect ass cheeks - easily done, as she weighs so little, and adrenaline is pumping through my entire body. We keep our mouths locked, with her hanging far above my head, her arms wrapped around my shoulders. The edge of my orgasm subsides a bit, and I can begin to fuck her.

I don’t even have to look down or use my hands; my dick slides right into her without a single readjustment between us, like it was always meant to be there. Her pussy is incredibly warm, lined with such silky moisture, and within seconds, I’m pounding away at her at a burning pace - weeks of crushing on her are being fueled into this fuck. I groan away as I’m licking at her neck. She pulls my chin up so we can kiss again, with our tongues going everywhere. She moans along with me, loving each and every pound that rings throughout the bathroom.

As I’m bumping her up and down the wall, the hand that’s holding most of her weight slides further up the crack of her ass, which is still slippery with layers of soap on it. I pull my index finger up and play with the tip of her asshole, hearing moans of delight in response. Then I push it in - and it’s even warmer. With each one of her delighted moans, I press my finger deeper into her ass, until she’s sitting as far down on my finger as possible. Part of me can’t believe what I’m doing. I had no idea I could become such a sexual beast, but we’re both lost in this moment of ecstasy together, and the past and future mean nothing for now. We came in this apartment both shivering cold, but now we’re almost sweating in this steamy bathroom. I work my finger and cock into her with alternating rhythms, until she has another wild orgasm. It sends me into my own incredible release. I push my cock as deep inside her as possible, only gyrating in short bursts, to keep the feeling lasting as long as possible, because a strange urge in me wants to fill her with the biggest load of cum I’ve ever left in a woman. When I’m finished, we stay in this position for a moment longer, until my mind resets to something more normal. “Holy shit,” I moan. Then I let her stand on her feet once again, still amazed, exasperated, and we finish showering.

Without a doubt, the best fuck I’ve ever had.

Our night in my bed is pleasant, filled with some light-hearted conversation and mild touching. She falls asleep first, and I spend a while looking at her face lit up by the dim, orange streetlights right outside my window. Out of everything I’ve been through in this country, I wish this very moment was my normal life here. It’s almost gone. I can hope to see her next weekend. At the very least, I hope her clothes are still damp when we wake up in the morning, so she’ll be confined to her nakedness in my apartment for a couple hours longer.

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