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Steve and Rachel: An Erotic Fantasy Realised
Debbie2013 & Will_greybeard

Steve and Rachel: An Erotic Fantasy Realised

Contributing Authors: Will_greybeard 
I fantasise about my husband Steve fucking my new sexy best friend, plan how to make it come true
This is a story about my obsession with getting my two most loved adult friends together so they could have sex with each other. The only problem was that they were my husband Steve and my new best friend Rachel, so it was not going to be easy.

Let me explain.

Steve and I have been together since we were both fifteen. We met in our last year of secondary school when Steve asked me out on a date. From that very first day our relationship was always destined to result in marriage. We spent every spare minute of our time together, both expecting the other to get bored, but it never happened because we were so in love and absolutely made for each other. When we were both twenty one we had the wedding of our dreams and have carried on ever since with our ‘Happily Ever After’ married life. Steve works hard, and I take care of the house and his business needs, sorting out his orders, doing the accounts and keeping the taxman happy.

We have a great life, a wonderful house, nice cars and regular holidays, with no money worries. Above all, we have the sweetest daughter in the world, who we both adore. But up there with Holly, we still love each other passionately. The magic that happened on that first date has never ever dimmed for either of us.

Steve has never been inside another woman, just as I have not had another man, and after seventeen years, things were still as fresh and exciting as they had ever been. A combination of making love, frantic sex, and solo masturbation gave us both everything we could ever want sexually, which meant a lot of solo masturbation in my case!

But all of that has changed dramatically a few months ago thanks to a rather fit woman called Rachel. I’d signed up for a 10k run to raise money for a local charity, and I joined a gym to prepare myself for a chance of achieving a good time. Steve joined too so that he could come with me when he had spare time from work, and to give me encouragement and support. It was there that we met Rachel, an athletic 28 year old. She was a really attractive well spoken ‘girl next door’ type, a brunette with a tiny frame and firm body. She told me she was in training to do a 10k run, the same one as me. She looked in a good enough shape to run ten marathons but assured us she’d ‘let herself go!’

Over the coming weeks Rachel and I got very close. We spent lots of time together training. Steve joined us whenever he could spare the time. We all got on so well with lots in common. Rachel was single, still living with her parents. She maintained that she had no time for a relationship due to her commitment to her work as a volunteer at an animal refuge charity. Her Mum and Dad were decidedly wealthy and supported her financially.

Rachel aroused my mind every time I was with her. She had this way of making everyday, boring things seem sensual, sexy and erotic. Steve had picked up on this as well, and we often discussed Rachel during our time alone. We both openly admitted to each other that we fancied her, but for totally different reasons I imagine. I liked her because of her mind, her mannerisms, and her sensuality, particularly the way she touched me as she told me a funny story. Her body was as beautiful as her personality.

Steve was becoming more aroused by the physical side of Rachel. Whether it be at the gym or our house, I noticed him eyeing her up as she talked to me. It was the first time that I got the impression that he really wanted another woman, although he would never say that. He always commented on her fitness level, her stamina and tiny firm body. She was just his type, size 8-10, 32C breasts and brunette. I had very mixed feelings about him wanting her, as he’d only had eyes for me since we met.

Suddenly, he lusted after another. But those feelings were soon replaced by my own fantasies of what could happen. Rachel had often commented on how lucky I was to have Steve, so l knew that getting them together was a possibility. With that in mind I set about plotting my master plan.

The 10k run came and both of us ran together, although I know Rachel could have cut her time in half her time without me. Steve was there at the end, cheering us on, hugged us both together and showered us with kisses. We stayed around for a while to cheer the others on, and after we had caught our breath. We said our goodbyes before Steve and I drove the short distance home, dropping Rachel off at her parent’s house. She kissed me as she got out of the car and told us that she was so happy we had met. I told her that we'd be forever friends.

Over the next few days, we talked lots about Rachel, and I suggested that we invite her for a meal, as a celebration of the run and the money we raised. The next day, I phoned her up to ask how she was, and invited her to our house for the night. I added that Steve was doing all the cooking, giving us time to chat. She seemed delighted, openly jumping at the chance of quality time together with us, and added that she could stay overnight, so she wouldn't have to mess around with getting a taxi in the early hours of the morning. Her positive response made me tingle. I told her to be at our house on Saturday night about seven-ish. When the phone call ended my pulse raced at the thought of what might happen.

Over the coming days, I planned out just what l wanted to happen, with the intention of getting Steve and Rachel to sleep together in the guest bedroom.

I told myself that my plan couldn’t fail. This is how it worked out.

The bell went, and I opened the door. Rachel was there and looked even more amazing than usual. I kissed her and took her coat and bag.

“Go through to the kitchen," I said. "Steve’s in there, I’ll pop your coat and bag in your room."

The spare room was warming up so nicely, part of my plan for later. By the time I got back downstairs, Steve had already poured us all a drink. I declined the white wine that they were drinking, and poured myself ‘vodka & coke’ (without the vodka). A trend I intended to keep going all night if this plan was to work, so I put myself in charge of drinks for that reason.

Rachel and I sat at the breakfast bar while Steve cooked, as we chatted freely about day to day things. I explained that Holly had gone to my Mum's for the night, so she was to get spoilt rotten, whilst we could relax without worrying about her. As Rachel chatted, I looked her over; she looked so beautiful, dressed in a short red dress, with black leggings underneath, and minimal jewellery, plus a matching rich red lipstick.

We enjoyed a lovely meal and great conversation, and then Steve went into the lounge to relax while Rachel and I washed and tidied up.

I told her, “My Steve can’t take his eyes off you tonight! He’s never seen you dressed like that!”

“Really? Me?” she said shyly. “Well, he looks pretty neat too!” and we both shared a laugh.

We finished off in the kitchen and joined Steve in the living room. My body was tingling from the excitement, thinking about what was to come. It was approaching 10:00 pm, too early for me suggest we go to bed without making it too obvious. We played some music, and Steve and Rachel drank some more, with me sticking to my ‘vodka’ and cokes. It was funny to see them both tipsy, laughing at the silliest things. The mood was good with the odd dance in the middle of the lounge.

By 11:30 pm the mood changed, Steve and Rachel were both past their best and tiring. I was still wide awake, although I had to join in with the tiredness thing so as not to rouse their suspicions. Becoming more excited by the minute, I got up and took the glasses and empty bottles to the kitchen. On my return, Rachel announced that she was turning in for the night, while Steve lay dozing on the couch. Rachel stood up and we hugged. She held me tight, and thanked me for a lovely evening, sexual tension strong in her voice and manner.

If only she knew my plan. I so wanted to tell her but couldn't. She playfully kissed Steve on his forehead and he tried to stroke her leg but missed, which made her smile at me as she left the room. As I heard her walking up the stairs I could help myself from fantasizing about the night ahead. It was fair to say that Steve and Rachel were drunk, but not overly so. Steve works so hard that most of his sleepiness was due to exhaustion from another long week, whereas, I was aroused beyond belief. I had spent so many days leading up to this night, fantasizing about this situation, and what could happen, and I had spent all Saturday in a permanent state of arousal.

I woke Steve and told him to come to bed. As we walked past Rachel’s room the door was pushed to but not fully closed. There was no sign of movement or sound, and the room was in darkness. We entered our room and Steve had stripped and was in bed before I had even sat down at my dressing table, something that happens most nights. Steve always says that I take too long to get ready for bed. Tonight I deliberately spent even longer wiping my eyes and face, while I ran things over in my head. Finally I got into bed, turned out my bedside light, cuddled up to Steve and waited.

My plan was to wait until he had fallen into a deep sleep, then to creep stealthily into Rachel’s room. I had left the radiator on in her room purposely, so that she’d sleep naked, hopefully on top of the sheets. I was going to start to arouse her by stroking her legs, and then wait for a response that would allow me to prepare her for Steve. I wanted to entice her to play with herself, and then I planned to leave her alone.

The next step of my master-plan, or is it my mistress-plan, would be to return to our bed, and prepare Steve for Rachel. Steve’s favourite has always been oral, which never fails to work. No matter what mood he is in, or how tired he is, going down on him always results in great spontaneous sex. Tonight it would be different, when he was just ready to come in my mouth, I was going to stop, turn over, and tell him to go to see Rachel.

Before long Steve’s breathing told me he was in a deep sleep. I pulled away from him slowly so as not to wake him. I lay there for a few minutes to compose myself, running through the plan in my mind. It was amazing that just lying there thinking, imagining what will happen next was so arousing, to the point where I found myself masturbating, just a finger gently tracing my clitoris through my panties, with the juices of my tutu beginning to well up.

This was it. It was time to make the first part of my plan come to life. I stood up and crept across the hallway to the spare room. I slowly opened the door just wide enough to slip through. I left it open to help the speedy exit I hope to make, and if things went wrong so that I could make my escape. Second by second my eyes adjusted to the darkness of the room, and I could see Rachel sleeping softly, the duvet on the floor, with just a cotton sheet covering her tiny body, so deliciously outlined by the thin material.

Her feet were poking out at the bottom of the bed, and I sat on the mattress and caressed them, so soft and warm. Rachel acknowledged my actions with soft sleepy moans. As time rolled by, my hands wandered higher up her legs under the sheet. She soon changed position to lie on her back, stretching her legs out as she shifted. I continued my massage, and soon both hands were up past her knees gently stroking her inner thighs.

I soon sensed that she had woken, but as far as I could see, she never opened her eyes, as though she was wallowing in the stimulation of my touch. My heart was racing, my mind buzzing, and my body tingling with excitement. I lifted the sheet up over my head, and shimmied my way up between her legs. I could see she was completely naked, as I had hoped and expected. I made my way straight to her tutu, and start lapping with my tongue at her sweet slit. Without hesitation, her hands found the back of my head and she directed me to her pleasure, showing me exactly where she wanted me, moaning in delight.

She was so hot, and once I parted her lips, her juices flowed so freely. She responded easily and sexily to my every move. My hands were all over her body, my eyes shut, but I could see with my hands - my mind full of her tiny waist, her perfect breasts, and her wonderful taut body. Eventually my hands pushed their way under her bottom, to raise and tilt her hips upwards. I wanted more of her, all of her.

My mind was so mixed up. I never thought this would give me this much pleasure. For a split second I hesitated and thought about abandoning my plan, and instead spend the night there, with Rachel, just the two of us. I’m sure it would be have been one of the most mind-blowing sexual experiences of my life, but that wasn’t what this night was meant to be about. I was also quite sure wasn't a ‘one off’ with Rachel, and that there would be other times. There had to be, because I wanted them so much now I had felt another woman's body for the first time, tasted her juices, smelt the love pouring out of her, sucked on her swollen lips and clitoris.

I stopped my attentions and directed her hands to her pussy, encouraging her to take over, and to carry on playing with herself. Rachel’s disappointed whimper of frustration was so satisfying for me, it told me she was ready, wanting more.

“Please, carry on, I need to get something,” I whispered softly.

Rachel nodded her head, and she settled into a gentle rhythm of masturbation. I left the room so aroused; walking away from Rachel was nearly the hardest thing I had ever done, and required so much self-discipline. I knew I was denying myself so much, but, I was thinking of my dream, and turning it into reality.

I slipped back into bed next to Steve, cuddling up to his warmth. I was so aroused at this point, needing to be had, filled and used. I kissed Steve, my hands cradling his sleeping cock and balls, two fingers stroking him, something I have done for years when I need him during the night. His cock started to stir in his sleep, his beginning to grow and stiffen in my hands, but eventually he woke and turned over. I stopped him in his tracks, and put my head down between his legs, taking him in my mouth, still only half erect. The amazing feeling of his cock growing firm in my mouth is something I never tire of.

He murmured and moaned, as he became more and more aroused. I used a hand to masturbate him to full hardness in my mouth. He put his fingers under the waistband of my panties, fingering my hole, which was so wet. Both of us were speeding along to our climaxes, but I had to stop. I could not risk him coming, otherwise he wouldn't be able to give Rachel his full attention. I pushed him away, and for the second time in minutes, I heard a frustrated whimper.

“Go to Rachel,” I said calmly. “She’s ready for you, please, go to see her.”

He looked at me, puzzled, shocked at my suggestion. I re-assured him that I was fine with him and Rachel.

“Please, go, do it for me.” I added.

He slowly got up from the bed, walked around towards my side of the bed, our eyes locked on each other. As he walked by me to leave the room he kissed me, and we embraced for a few seconds.

“I love you” he said.

“I love you too Steve," I replied.

Before he left me, I took him in my mouth to fully arouse him once more, and he walked out completely ready. My work was done. I got up to shut our door to give them privacy, and I heard a click from the spare room door, a sign that he had done the same. I was happy that he wanted Rachel to himself; after all it was my plan, my idea, my obsession.

I slipped my panties off and got into bed, reaching underneath it for my magic wand. The thought of Steve thrusting deep into Rachel's tutu, and the two of them moaning in ecstasy as Steve pumped her full of his come was so exciting that I came time after time, until I was too exhausted to continue. Satisfied and tired from many delicious orgasms, I got comfy and drifted off into a deep sleep, dreaming of what I had achieved, and what was happening just a few feet away . . .
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