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Studio Seduction

Classified: Male looking for roommate to share studio apartment. NEED ASAP
It was to that ad I responded the day I decided to leave Kansas and move east to North Carolina. There was no school waiting for me, or man, or job, but it was out of Kansas and away from my obsessive ex. I pointed at a map, saw NC in big letters and instantly went online to find listings. That was the first of twelve ads I responded to with cheap rents and immediate results. That ad was the only one that said yes, and within five hours I was packed and in my car heading east. I didn't have time to think, and that was fine by me. I didn't want to think any more. I was done with thinking. The drive lasted ten hours and I was exhausted by the time the town of Raleigh sprawled out around me. The car clock said 8 am and I knew I was starving from no breaks or pit-stops. There was a small restaurant at the edge of town that I pulled into for one reason only: "Help Wanted" posted in the window.

I went in, gave them my resume, and instantly got the job as a waitress for the morning shifts. The boss could tell I was exhausted so she told me to come back tomorrow, which was great for me. I got an order of scrambled eggs and toast to go with a large coffee and cream before climbing back into my Pathfinder and driving down the road to find my new apartment. 128...128...128 ah! There it is. I pull in and get out, tossing my bag with my stuff over my shoulder. I go in and head up the stairs to the third floor before knocking on 301.

"One second!" Someone shouts before heading for the door. When he opens it, I am pleasantly surprised to see an extremely attractive shirtless guy standing in the doorway, "Hey I'm Theo. You must be Alice," he says as he smiles at me. His brown hair falls lightly into his blue eyes which smile at me from a chiseled face. I let my eyes drop over his torso which is muscular and very tan like that of a Greek God.

"Yeah hi..." I reply. He smiles and steps aside so I can slip past him and into the apartment. It is quite large for a studio apartment with a kitchen to the left, separated from the rest of the apartment by an island, which has a couch pressed against it. To the left of the couch is a bathroom and on the wall next to that is one bed with a dark blue comforter that was tossed aside hurriedly. Under the window is a very long cabinet that has the television on top and clothes peeking out from the drawers underneath. Next to that and in the right corner of the room is a bed made neatly that sits in the crevice of two windows and against a small window bench, "Did I wake you?" I add as I point at the covers tossed on the floor. He smiles sheepishly and runs his hand through his hair.

"Yeah, I wasn't expecting you so freakin' early...especially since you said you were coming from Kansas." He takes the cup from my hand and takes a sip. Theo laughs as I gape at him before handing it back. "I smelt the coffee."

"I left super late in the evening yesterday. Drove all night," I mumble as I drop my bag of clothes on the made up bed, "So I see this place is small...any ground rules to start?"

"Rules?" he smirks before shaking his head, "Nah there are no rules. If you wanna see guys or girls, you will need to go to their place obviously, and try to keep it as neat as possible. That's pretty much all," I nod before looking at his part of the apartment.

"I'm sure I could do better than that," I retort and he laughs a very sexy laugh.

"Clever. Maybe you should sleep though. You kinda look like a ghost and its scary," He teases. I only grunt and open my to go tupperware before nibbling on the cold eggs and toast while Theo goes to shower.

In my exhaustion, my brain asks why he isn't sharing with his girlfriend, or what about other friends, and why allow a girl to stay so openly in a studio with him...? He must be gay, I conclude as I hear the shower go off and I finish my toast. I toss it in the trash before going over to my bag and finding my cotton shorts and an old high school jersey. I pull off my sweater, unclasp my black bra, and just stand facing one of the old windows looking over a beautiful green field and then the bright bright blue of the ocean. Alice you are so not in Kansas anymore, I think with a grin as I stretch topless in the window before I hear a noise behind me. I spin around with my arms covering my chest as I see Theo staring.

"Enjoying the view?" he quips.

"Are you?" I reply as I pull my jersey on. He smirks and shrugs as I kick off my sneakers and jeans and pull on the shorts. He watches as I slightly expose my black lace panties in the momentary swap of clothing. He walks from the bathroom to the wood cabinet and pulls out jeans and a T shirt.

"I was indeed," he comments as he gets dressed next to his bed. I watch as he drops the towel, exposing a very taut bottom and more tanned flesh that I would love to dig my fingers into. I shake the thought as I crawl under the covers, exhaustion claiming my attention, "I have work, Alice, so I will leave you to your nap," he adds as he takes my coffee from the window bench I set it on. I gape at him again as he carries it out with a laugh. This is going to be fun, I think, before sleep consumes me.

I wake up in a daze to my phone chirping from my purse. I curse and throw myself towards my bag before an unknown number flashes for a third time on the screen. Hurriedly I answer it, not knowing exactly who it was.

"Hello?" I drawl out as I walk tiredly to the kitchen for water.

"Hello, am I speaking to an Alice Prescott?" the voice on the other end says. I confirm that that is me before the woman goes on to say that my book was getting picked up by the Avon Publishing Company and that they would like to have a celebration meeting with me and an agent of my selection at the end of this week. I pinch myself several times to make sure I'm not still asleep before accepting for this evening around six at a restaurant on the beach for the meeting spot.

As soon as I hang up, I squeal and do a small victory dance around the kitchen, forgetting about the water. This was what my dreams were leading up to, and now it's here, and the nightmares of Kansas seem long over. Theo walks in about two seconds after my happy dance ends with a small group of guys following him.

"Oh hey Alice. This is Aidan, James, and Henry. Guys this is my new roommate. She just got here from Kansas... And you look like you just woke up," he says with a smirk at my scantily clad body.

"Ah, yeah...I didn't have time to change since my phone went off," I mumble without explaining what the call was. Usually when I tell people I am a writer they give me this "oh poor you" look and mutter their false admirations. I'll skip that part thank you! Theo and his friends all flop on the couch and flip on a sports game before chatting back and forth. I wander to my bag and grab fresh clothes and a towel before wandering across the apartment to the bathroom. I notice the door gets stuck about half way closed, so I leave it cracked. What else can I do? I think as I strip, start the shower, and step into the boiling water. I look over to the small shelf and see Old Spice shampoo and body wash. My favorite on a guy but definitely not on me.

"First pay check I am getting shampoo," I mutter as I think about the book and my new job at the restaurant and how everything seems to be going my way. Definitely not in Kansas anymore. I smile and get out of the shower before seeing piercing blue eyes staring at me from the crack in the door. Of course he could see me from the couch, my mind grumbles as I wrap my small towel around me to dry. Well, if he can see me I might as well give him a show. I drop the towel and stand in front of the mirror completely naked, before lightly drying my blonde locks with the towel. I rub in over my breasts slowly, irritating my nipples to small peaks, before lowering it to the soft clean shaven mound between my legs. I put a foot up on the toilet and bend, showing him more of my ass and pussy all the while playing oblivious to my actions. I can hear that his friends have silenced themselves as well, probably because they can see my reflection in the mirror.

Good job! I inwardly cheer as I see his reflected eyes staring at me with fiery passion. I take my little seduction to the next level as I wander out into the apartment completely naked with this innocent look on my face.

"I'm sorry I totally forgot my panties in my bag," I apologize as I cross in front of the television and stop by my bed to pull out a thong. Instantly I hear whispering behind me before Aidan says, "Let's go get a pop guys... See you later, Alice."

"Bye," I chime over my shoulder as I slowly step into my panties. I hear the door shut before Theo curses and suddenly has me pinned to my bed with his leg pressed tightly between mine. His lips slam into mine and our tongues wrestle for control as I rub up against his denim legs and T shirt, my skin so sensitive to the fabric. It has been years since I have had such desire in me and given to me in the kiss of a man. Theo's hands stroke my neck, my breasts, my hips and thighs before his fingers find the wet mound between my legs and pressed against his. I gasp as he pinches my clit first before rolling it between his fingertips. Slowly, those luscious fingers slip into my pussy, one long digit after another until he has three inside me, thrusting deeply and wrenching soft gasps from my lips.

"This is what happens to good girls who walk around naked around bad men," he rasps in my ear as the combination of his fingers and the denim from his leg drives me farther over the edge than I have ever been. I cum and press my face into his shoulder to keep my screams softer than they would have been. My juices flow onto his fingertips and he grins wickedly.

"If I knew that I would have stripped on the doorstep," I murmur before my hands run down his shirt to the edge of his jeans and the bulge that is right underneath it. He watches my hands with intensity as I undo the button and slowly release the zipper. His cock springs out after I tug his jeans from that tanned skin of his and I pause for a moment at how hard and long his cock is. He chuckles before wrapping his fingers into my hair and gently shoving me down. I wrap my fingers around the base of his cock and lick from my fingertips to the tip of his cock and back again as if he were a human lollipop and I the good girl who won him. I repeat that several times before licking the tip and sliding as much of him into my mouth as I can. I make it to my fist before I gag and pull back before deep throating him again and again as my hands stroke him in the same pace.

After minutes of this I hear him growl in his pleasure before he pulls up on my hair and kisses me roughly. He shoves me back and I fall onto my mattress spread wide open for him to stare at all of me. He smirks again as he kisses my lips, my neck, that sweet spot above my collarbone that has me squirming, and then my breasts. His lips circle each nipple before his teeth lightly scrape them as he suck on them. I moan as he does the same motion with his hand on the other nipple and my clit. Within minutes, I am coming again with the same quivering orgasm as before. He kisses down my stomach to my pussy and slowly laps up my juices while enticing my clit and sliding his tongue into my pussy. I wrap my fingers into his hair as he continues to use his mouth to tease me and fuck me before I come again. I laugh as I think,  My ex couldn't even bring me to one and here is some stranger who is now my roommate who got me to three without even fucking me.

"I want you now, Theo," I cry out after coming down from my last orgasm. He kisses up my body back to my mouth and kisses me before tugging my legs around his waist and slowly penetrating me with his hard cock. My body has to adjust to his size, but soon he is thrusting into me while staring at me with those intense blue eyes as I moan and gasp from his thrusts and the pleasure they are giving me. At one point, he picks me up and lays down under me as I sit upon his cock on his waist. Instinctively I rotate my hips and feel the different sensations his cock gives me like this and the power that it gives me as well. I continue to thrust back and forth before I feel his cock start to quiver inside of me, and at the last minute he pulls out and cums on my breasts and belly. I lay down next to him as we both catch our breath and laugh at the same time. He hands me my towel and I wipe off his cum before he wraps an arm around my body and I rest my head on his chest.

"Well that was exciting," he chimes before sniffing my hair. "You smell like me," he adds.

"In more ways than one," I retort before kissing his neck. "So can I be a bad good girl more often, because that was awesome," he laughs again and nods.

"Please do. I love watching you shower and then dry off like you did. I was freaking ready to pounce sooner, but I had to kick my friends out first. I'll see them at work tomorrow so it doesn't matter," he replies as he kisses me with some of the desire as before.

"What is it that you do, Theo?" I ask, curiosity getting the better of me.

"I'm a writer," he responds and I smile widely.

"So am I," I say before we both grin goofily at each other. He had that "poor you" response too.

"Looks like I just found my muse," he whispers before softly kissing down my neck for another round of fun.

I am definitely not in Kansas anymore, I think as he pleases me again and again.

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