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The Beginning--Lust in a Snowstorm

I will give you an orgasm that will make you scream

Callie had been driving since early morning and hoped to be halfway to her destination by dusk. Unfortunately, she'd run into a freak snowstorm and was forced to pull off to find shelter until morning, like thousands of other motorists. There were several motels located on the exit she took but none had vacancies. Callie thought about trying or the next exit but she knew she'd find the same results – no vacancies. Seeing a well-known truck stop, she decided to pull in, hoping the snowstorm would abate soon and she could be on her way.

When she walked into the restaurant area of the truck stop, she realized she was not the only one using it as a stopping point. The restaurant was packed, the waitresses scurrying around trying to make sure everyone was served. Spotting an empty booth, Callie made her way to it and sat down. Within minutes a waitress appeared with a glass of water and a menu.

“I don’t need a menu, thanks,” Callie said. “I will have a cheeseburger well done with lettuce and mayo, fries, and coffee.”

The waitress brought her a cup and a carafe of coffee. “We're swamped with the snowstorm so it may take a little bit.”

After the waitress left, Callie glanced around at the different customers, wondering what their stories were. The writer in her conjured up different scenarios and story ideas.

Just as her gaze had made it around the room to the entrance, she saw a man of about six-feet with a body that would make any woman wet her panties – including Callie, who was recently divorced and had sworn off men. His brown hair was cut short and spiked on top.   Their eyes met and Callie felt her face getting red so she quickly looked down at her coffee cup.

“Excuse me, miss, but the restaurant is quite crowded and I was wondering if you would mind sharing a part of your table with me?” It was a deep voice with a honey sweet southern accent.

Looking up, she saw it was the man she'd been fantasizing about.  "No, please, have a seat.”

He slid into the other side of the booth and stuck out his hand. “I am Doug LaSalle.”

“Callie Martin,” she answered back, noticing that he had hazel eyes that sparkled.

The waitress brought Callie her food and then asked, “Usual Doug?”

“No, think I will change it up and have what this young lady is having, except make my cheeseburger dressed, Lily.”

While Callie poured ketchup onto her plate and dipped a fry in it, Doug gave her a quick appraisal. He loved the way her curly shoulder length red hair framed her heart-shaped face, how her green eyes appeared to see right through him. She had a very kissable mouth and he also loved the freckles on her cheeks.

“Here’s your coffee, Doug,” Lily said as she set a cup and carafe of coffee in front of him. “Need a refill or anything else, miss?”

“I am fine, thank you.”

After the waitress left, Callie said nonchalantly, “I am five-foot three and curvaceous,” knowing from the way he was staring that he was trying to envision what the table hid.

Doug laughed. “Busted... but I thought since you were undressing me with your eyes while I searched for a table, I would return the favor.”

Callie felt her face turning bright red and kept her eyes down, concentrating on her meal.

“So, since you're here, I would take it that you're headed west.”

“New Mexico,” she said. “And you?”

“Sitting in the lot with a load for Arizona. May I ask what’s waiting for you in New Mexico?”

“New job, new life,” Callie said matter-of-factly

By this time Doug had his food and was eating as he glanced at her ring finger, noticing an area that was slightly paler than the rest of her finger.

Noticing that he was looking at her left hand, Callie said, “Recently divorced, making a new start, leaving ex with his trophy wife. And you?”

“I've been divorced about ten years. She couldn't stand me being gone so long but refused to come with me.”

Both turned quiet, lost in their own thoughts while they finished their meals and coffee.

Breaking the silence, Doug asked, “Were you lucky enough to find lodging for the night?”

“No, figured I would be like a lot of the other stuck travelers, occupy a seat in the restaurant and drink coffee.”

Reaching out, he took her hand in his and whispered, “I want to fuck you. I have a warm comfortable cab I will share with you.”

Callie’s green eyes opened wide and she snatched her hand back.

“Sorry, I mean no disrespect, Callie," he said quickly, "but when I see something I want, I go for it.  I know you're not a lot lizard. They are skanks but you are a lady who I sense needs a good old fashion fuck that will make you orgasm so strong you will see stars, make you scream, and cover my sheets with your juices. My truck has a comfortable cab. It will be better and more fun than sitting here drinking coffee all night.”

Callie knew she should excuse herself, pay her bill, and sit in her car until he left -- then return to the restaurant . But that's not what she did.

Leaning forward, she whispered, “Make me scream.”

Doug motioned for the waitress. “My bill please.”

After he got his bill, Doug told Callie, “To not embarrass you, give me five minutes, then leave. I will meet you in the gift shop.”

When he left, after leaving a tip, Doug was hoping that she would not change her mind within the five minutes they were apart. He was browsing in the gift shop when she sidled up to him and discretely patted his ass. Doug looked down and grinned, then took her hand and led her to his truck near the back where only a few trucks were parked.

Unlocking the passenger door and, placing his hands on her ass, he helped lift her into the truck. Sitting in the seat, she pulled off her boots and then crawled into the cab. Before climbing in the cab with her, he turned on the truck to warm it up, cracked the windows, then crawled into the cab.

Doug pulled her into his arms and kissed her deeply, his tongue dancing with hers. Settling her on his lap, he removed her coat, gloves, and hat, putting them in the passenger seat. With one hand around her waist, he cupped a breast through her sweater, feeling it swell, the nipple enlarging. His hand moved down and under her sweater, pinching her nipple through her lace bra. Doug moved her off his lap and removed her sweater, putting it with her other clothes along with her jeans and socks, leaving her in her thong and lacy bra.

The only light into the cab was from the parking light high on a pole, but it was enough for Doug to make out her form. “My God ,Callie, you are a beautiful woman. It will be my pleasure to bring you multiple orgasms and make you scream.”

Callie had always been shy when it came to sex but decided that this night she would pack her shyness away and become the wanton, bold hussy like many of her heroines in her romance books. Reaching out, she removed Doug’s jacket and tossed it in the driver’s seat. Sitting on her heels she began to nip and lick his neck, boldly leaving her mark – a small hickey by his ear. Callie helped him off with his tee shirt, tossing it out of the way as she devoured his nipples one at a time, causing Doug to moan.  Her hand, as if it had a mind of its own, reached down to rub the front of his jeans.

Grabbing a handful of her red curls, he pulled her head back, plunging his tongue deep into her mouth, kissing her so hard her lips were sure to be bruised. Her hands entangled in his short hair as she ravished his mouth.

Sinking down on the bed, he moved back to quickly remove the rest of his clothes, then removed her bra. He grabbed a nipple between his teeth pulling hard, causing her to moan in pleasure, and then did the same to the other nipple.

Moving down her body he licked her sex slit through her thong until it was drenched and she was moaning loudly and wriggling all over the bed. Callie raised her hips so he could remove it but, instead of returning to her sex slit, he kissed and licked his way down her inner thigh and back up the other, marking his territory with a love mark on each thigh.

Getting to her slit, he pulled her lips apart and blew on her clit. Then he rubbed his tongue over it, almost sending her through the roof as she grabbed his hair and pulled him closer to her pussy. Spreading her legs farther, his hands cupping her ass cheeks, he raised her throbbing cunt to his waiting mouth.

Doug started by licking her wet slit from clit to asshole and back several times before latching on to her clit. His sucking and tugging sent her over the edge. She squeezed his head with her thick thighs as she screamd, her orgasm seeming to split her body into thousands of pieces and sending them spiraling into the universe.

Doug continued his administration to her clit as he pried her legs apart and inserted two, then three fingers deep in her cunt, drawing her toward another orgasm as he probed and sucked her cunt. He put another finger from his other hand into her wet cunt and then gently into her ass. A finger in her ass was a whole new feeling for Callie. The way Doug was doing it, she could almost feel the fingers rubbing together through the thin membrane separating her holes. Callie felt her cunt vibrating, every nerve-ending on fire as her orgasm built until it exploded, her juices pouring onto the sheets.

But Doug was not done. As he removed his is fingers, he placed her feet over his shoulders and pushed forward, almost bending her in half as he sank his thick, eight-inch cock deep inside her warm, wet, pussy.

Callie felt her cunt stretching to accommodate his width and length and soon the uncomfortable feeling was replaced by pleasure. Doug knew he was bigger and thicker than many men so he gave her a moment to adjust before he began thrusting. Gradually, he increased in speed and depth until Callie wondered if he was going to come up and out her throat. Doug knew just how to fuck her cunt and hit her clit at the same time and soon Callie was breathing heavier, pulling at his hair, heels digging into his shoulders.

“Oh my God, I'm ready to cum again,” Callie screamed and her heart began to race while her cunt squeezied his cock almost to the point of strangulation. Suddenly, the volcano in her cunt erupted, drowning his cock with her juices. Callie felt like she was having a psychotic episode from doing too much coke with all the flashing neon lights that temporarily blinded her.

Doug speeded up his thrusts until he gave a primal scream, flooding her cunt with his cum. Removing her legs from his shoulders he lapped at her cum-filled cunt, loving the mixture of his cum and her juices. Moving up beside her, he kissed her deeply and they wiggled around and got under the covers.

Pulling her into his arms, he kissed her shoulder and whispered into her ear, “You think that was something? Wait until you see and feel what I'm going to do next.”


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