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The Blizzard

An older guy, a young girl and a well-timed snow storm.
Sometimes I can’t help but be disgusted by my own stubbornness, or maybe I should say, my own stupidity. Why, just an hour ago I was sitting in my car shaking my head at myself, wishing I’d listened to my gut instincts to stay home I’d felt earlier. But no, not me, I got ready and went to work. Heck, the weather predictors are never right anyways, right? Every school in the five county area was closing due to the weather reports of a monster snowstorm bearing down on our town. But of course I knew better…

After five hours of work, if you could call it work after being interrupted every twenty-five minutes by the few other people who had made it in today. They passed by my office asking the same old questions about the snow: Have you looked outside? When do you think it’ll stop? Should we call it a day or what? You going to send us home before we get stranded here? Blah, blah, blah. Finally I said: “Yeah, whatever…go home already.” As I sat back in my chair and listened to the stampede to the front door, I noticed how deep the snow looked outside my bank of windows that ran across one wall of my new office. I flipped off my computer, grumbling ‘Whatever’ as I grabbed my coat, keys and turned out the light after making sure everything was turned off.

The commute home was a bit treacherous. What was normally a fifteen-minute drive turned out to be a forty-five-minute slow grind, that included stopping twice to help stuck motorists who showed no obvious skills at driving in a Wisconsin snowstorm, much less one of these ‘lake-effect’ ones you get as a bonus for living on the shores of Lake Michigan. By the time I was shedding my pants at home, I was soaked from the knees down. I went and let out my dog Dakota, who was thrilled to romp about in the thick layer of white stuff, laughing as he bounded through the knee high drifts. I lit the logs in the fireplace thinking how fires seemed more appropriate on days like this one. A nice bottle of wine I had, but alas, no one to snuggle and share it with. Oh well.

I guess I’d been home about an hour when I heard the faint, but distinctive sound of spinning tires, which was out of the ordinary here as my house was a good hundred yards off the road. Not that getting stuck on the patchwork blacktop road was strange, just being able to hear the sound was. I went to the front window and spotted a small red sport scar trying to work its way out of the base of my driveway. Probably trying to turn around I thought as I watched the efforts for a while. Eventually it sat motionless for a couple of minutes, and then the gears in my head engaged. I realized that if I didn’t get out there, the guy’s car would be stuck there for the rest of the day. Unless the county snowplow workers miraculously plowed out my road the same day Mother Nature buried it in, which as far as I could remember hadn’t happened yet. But there’s always hope, right? I grabbed my heavy winter boots, thick coat, gloves and keys. Of course Dakota was coming along, he’d not have it any other way as he shot out the door as soon as I opened it! We climbed into my BMW and drove down to where the helpless individual was out and looking at the rear of the car. When I got out and approached I could see the bad news before even getting down on my hands and knees for a closer inspection. This car wasn’t only stuck, but he’d somehow managed to blow both back tires, too!

“Hi. It looks like you’re having a bit of bad luck. How’d you manage to pop the tires?”

“Not much rubber on ‘em to begin with I guess,” came the response from beneath the hooded ski jacket, as it popped up from behind/beneath the vehicle. It felt like a One-Two punch to my gut as I realized One: This was not the voice of a man; and Two: I have never seen such a bright shade of green eyes before!

“You got anything else to say, Mister, or you just gonna stand there gawkin at me?”

“I’m s..sorry,” I stumbled. Then I remembered to close my mouth. “What did you say?”

“Oh nothin’…Are you here to rescue me,” she asked with a smile that could make me forget about the swirling snow that pelted our faces and blinded our eyes. Suddenly Dakota broke in by jumping up on her and knocking her to the ground. I ran to the woman, scolding my ill-mannered dog and offering her a helping hand up out of the snow. She seemed very light as I lifted her up, giving her tall frame. “Sorry about that, he gets excited when new people come over. I can call someone about your car,” I said.

“Oh, I just did that. They said it’d be at least a couple of hours before they can get out here to pick it up. But thanks anyways. What’s your dog’s name?”

“Dakota, but his friends call him Cody.”

There was that bright smile again that I’d seen when she’d popped up from behind her car. “Well then, can I offer you a warm place to wait for them?” I extended my arm towards the house atop the hill at the opposite end of the driveway, and wondered if she thought I was some sort of freak or something. “I mean, instead of waiting outside and freezing,” I tried to explain.

“Well, sure …okay. You look like you’re pretty safe. I should call someone and let them know where I am, too,” she said as we walked back to my car. She grabbed a backpack from her front seat and locked it up. I couldn’t help but notice the shape of her ass in her light blue denim jeans as she leaned inside her car, before hopping into mine. When we got to my house, I pointed to my kitchen phone and left her to have some privacy to make her call. I hung my coat over the back of a chair and went to feed the dog, and then added another log to the toasty fire that blazed in my front room.

“Okay, all set. I called my mom at work and told her I was at a friends house…otherwise she’d freak out and send the National Guard to get me.” I turned and offered her my hand saying, “I’m Jon by the way.”

She smiled and said, “I’m Kelly! There, now I didn’t lie to my mom, I am at a friends house.” I offered to take her coat and hung it over a chair next to my own. Then as she looked around at my home, I had a chance to look her over, too.

She was about 5’8” tall I guessed, because she appeared a little shorter than my own 5’11”, maybe in her late teens or early twenties. She wore a white cotton T-shirt under a red blouse, which had the buttons undone and it hung at her sides. She looked sort of average; not in a bad way, just not like a supermodel or someone who’d stand out for any extra-ordinary reason in a crowd. I actually preferred women who didn’t appear like they needed a ton of high maintenance, and she fit that profile perfectly. Not a lot of make-up, but just enough so that it highlighted her natural features and drew you to them, like those amazing emerald eyes! Her blond hair had one of those spiral perms to it and lightly brushed her round shoulders whenever she turned her head, which she had just done and caught me checking out her nicely shaped ass again. I quickly asked her if she was hungry or thirsty, and she told me she’d just eaten but could sure use something to drink. I went to the fridge and began reciting what I had to offer, but she cut me off when she asked, “Got anything that’ll warm me up?”

“Ah, well…just before you got stuck, I was about to open a bottle of wine to enjoy by the fire.” Her smile was my answer and I soon found myself pouring two large glasses in front of the fireplace. She sat nearby and sipped the warming liquid as we chatted and talked. It seemed she and I had graduated from the same high school, although she had done so two years ago, and I had done it nearly twenty. I did the math and was surprised that she was probably only about twenty or twenty-one years old. All romantic fantasies that had begun to formulate in my head faded as I realized she’d never go for an old fart like me, even though at thirty-seven I felt like I was only twenty-eight, and thanks to many walks with the dog I was often told I looked it too. But facts were facts, right? Just then she stood to refill her glass, embarrassing me for my bad manners by not seeing it and refilling it for her! She turned and topped mine off as well, then gave me yet another pleasant surprise. When she sat down, she subtracted two feet from the three feet that had separated us when we first took our places on the sofa by the fireplace. Hmmm, maybe my imagination wasn’t quite so far off after all.

As we sat talking I was amazed at how fast we covered a variety of topics. She was very interested in my business comments, eventually telling me that she’d be starting classes at our local UW, (University of Wisconsin), this next coming semester. I knew she was very intelligent from the questions she asked of me, and the answers she gave. Some of her ideas on managing business impressed me, proving she’d go far. I got up to toss a couple more logs on the fire and fought the urge to turn and catch her checking me out, thinking the wine must be making me sense things that weren’t really there. It wasn’t long before we emptied the bottle of wine and went to get another, and she followed me into the kitchen to keep the conversation going. I prepared a tray of cheese, meat and crackers to nibble on, then followed her back to the sofa while I wondered if she could feel my eyes burning as I adored her sweet butt! With the wine we’d been drinking I felt my inhibitions quickly disappearing, but didn’t want to screw up and come off as some old pervert, ruining the start of a nice friendship. I hoped there’d be a chance to see her again sometime. I also couldn’t help but wonder what kind of effect the second bottle of wine would have on her.

I sat down right in the corner of the sofa, marveling at how easy we seemed to be with each other already. We ate, drank and she soon stood to get another glass…then when she leaned over to fill my glass, she caught me checking out the way her white T-shirt swelled out provocatively. Our eyes met and I was about to apologize when her eyelids slowly, softly closed for a second or three before opening again…half way. She leaned forward slightly, or was it I, and our lips met in a ‘first kiss’ that was ultra soft, only lasting for a brief moment in time, but the heat that passed between us nearly singed my moustache off! When we pulled back and I looked into her deep green pools again I could see the fire was burning in them, too. She put down her glass, the bottle and took my glass from my hand while holding our gaze. I slid my arms about her waist, pulling her gently into an embrace, seeing her red tongue within her parting, moist lips before they joined mine for a second time. She was anxious to explore my mouth with that tongue of hers; probing and poking it farther than I’d ever had a woman do before she sucked my own back into her mouth. I could feel myself growing hard inside my pants just from the way we shared our very first French kiss!

As we molded our bodies to one another, I reached up and stroked her left cheek while brushing her silky golden locks from the side of her face. She sighed as she seemed to like my attentiveness…but she groaned when I lowered my digits to her T-shirt, rubbing her hardening left nipple through it! Even through the thick fabric of her bra and shirt, I was impressed by the thick, hard nubbin atop her breast. I remember thinking…36B…and wondered how close I was to being right. She soon banished my distraction though, by biting down playfully hard on my lower lip and pulling it back with her teeth before releasing it. She had me turned on, even without that sexy smile of mischief playing on her face.

“I just love to have a man’s hands on them,” she said as she took off her red blouse, reached behind her back and unsnapped her bra. Then she moved it over her shoulders, eventually pulling it out one of her shirtsleeves, tossing it near her blouse and leaving her breast free from confinement beneath her white shirt. I could now see both dark nipples straining, thrusting to escape from the stretched cotton. She took my right hand, guiding it to her flat tummy, to encompass her firm left globe. I gripped it adoringly as I began to tweak the taught tip between my thumb and forefinger, while she moaned out load just before crushing her mouth back onto mine. There was no turning back now, as if either of us wanted to!

As Kelly and I tongue wrestled, I alternately toyed with her nipples and was surprised how her medium sized tits had just the right amount of firmness and tenderness, too. They felt perfect, looked even better, and I couldn’t stop myself from pulling her shirt above them to find out how they would taste. I latched on to her right nipple with my lips after kissing and licking a circle around it, only to hear her sucking in air through her clenched teeth. “Yesssss, suck my boobies,” she hissed. I got the same verbal encouragement when I switched to the left side of her chest. I kissed her stomach and sucked her midriff as I explored her young body to both of our delight! When she ran her left finger through my dark hair, it felt wonderful, but it was no match for the way her right fingers felt when they surrounded my thick, hard shaft through my pants and began a back-n-forth rhythm of squeezing, then releasing. She’d occasionally push the open palm of her hand against me until she felt my sack beneath her, and then she’d squeeze me there too! While I worked her out of her T-shirt, she worked on my belt and zipper, intent on freeing the monster that raged within.

She suddenly stood up and beckoned me to follow her lead. I stood and pulled my shirt over my head, kicking off my shoes as she bent and undid her own laces. I ran my thumb roughly up the inseam of her jeans, over the bulge made from her opening flower between her legs and up the crack of her tight rear, too. She only squirmed, as she stood shirtless and shoeless before me. I undid the snaps on her tight 501’s and took a knee to help her out of them. She was wearing a pair of red silk panties that matched her bra & blouse set. They had a thin strip of lace around the edges, and I told her of lace being my favorite things on a woman. She reached down, silently motioning me to stand up, and then gave my cock the release that it was crying out for. She helped me out of my pants, but didn’t waste any time as she lowered my boxers with them to the carpeting. My thick 9” shaft sprang forward, making a slapping noise as it hit her left cheek, to which she only smiled as her right fist closed around it at the base. Her cool hand felt so good I could only moan softly, but as she smiled it conveyed the right sentiments, I think.

I watched as Kelly sat down on the edge of the sofa, the fire still throwing off a good deal of dry heat while the wind and snow whipped around the windows outside. It was as if in slow motion when she looked up into my eyes just as she opened her mouth and leaned forward, taking my head into her wet mouth. Her tongue immediately bathing it in her hot moistness as she softly grazed it with the edges of her teeth. I felt her switch hands; her right hand reaching for my left and placing it on the back of her own head, encouraging me to take a handful of her own blond hair, which I did. It seemed as if she wanted me to act like I was in control of her sucking my cock, although I knew better I was smart enough to play along. I pushed forward, forcing her to take another inch or two as her cheeks swelled out, and I heard her moaning as though she was enjoying it more than I was. I tightened my grip and pulled her head back-n-forth by her curls, starting a rhythm that imitated me fucking her face! She quickly began to bob up and down on my fully engorged prick as she increased the suction on it. The feeling was out of this world.

I could tell she was used to making guys cum this way, probably a lot quicker than an experienced man, someone who could last longer than a mere 5 minutes. So I let her blow me for a while before she started to slow down, most likely her jaw starting to get stiff, then I pulled out of her mouth and sat down beside her. “That was magnificent,” I whispered to her. Before she could speak though, I read the look of ‘I’m not finished’ on her angelic face, and I held her devilishly innocent face in my hands while pulling her into an embrace with my own. We kissed wetly, the passion growing as I lowered her down onto the thick rug that was in front of the crackling fireplace. When she was comfortably reclined, I began kissing her young body from her delicate ear lobes, slender neck and shoulders, down past her firm breasts, flaring hips and the backs of her knees. When I nibbled on her ankles and toes, she giggled…when I kissed her inner thighs, she moaned softly… and I heard such a gasp when she felt my tongue slide along her glistening folds of her sweet treasured slit! I felt her hands in my hair, almost pulling me away from it…but I was persistent. I spread them with my fingers as I licked her up and down repeatedly, marveling in how sweet her nectar was before thrusting my tongue inside of her and fucking her with it.

“Oh, God…mmmm,” she hissed as she spread her knees, one towards the hearth and the other towards the couch, opening her wetness completely to my hunger. I eagerly lapped away at the juices while kneading and playing with her tiny, stiff clitoris, much to her squeals of delight! Before another ten minutes had passed she was clamping my head in her thighs and pouring out her lust to me in the form of a massive orgasm. I drank as much of it as I could, but simply could not keep up, and by the way she dug her nails into my head, I thought she was going to tear the scalp right from my skull.

I continued to digitally play with Kelly’s sweet tasting pussy while she began to relax slightly, her breathing returning to a smoother pace rather than just short, sharp gasps. I loved the way she was shaven smooth below her opening but left her bush grow untamed above it. I played with her small butt and she seemed to be enjoying that, too. She smelled like soap, perfume and fresh hot sex.

I felt her tugging gently on my hair and I crawled up until I was lying next to, and slightly on top of her slender body. ‘Thank You’ she said without opening her mouth…it was in her eyes. She pulled me by the back of my head to her mouth, timidly tasting herself on my lips with the tip of her tongue before pulling me into a much more passionate kiss. We devoured each other’s tongue as she licked the efforts of my oral attention from my wet face. I crawled on top of her and between her spreading legs, while I felt her left hand circle my tool and pump it tenderly. She went to place it against her now very juicy opening, but I pulled her hand away, saying, “I’ll do it.” I took each of her hands in mine, lacing them together as we shared another series of kisses. She felt me moving towards her, bumping my hardness against her down below. I could feel her wanting to pull her hand from mine and help out, but I resisted. “Please…let me help you. I want you inside of me!” I only gripped her hands and shook my head ‘no’. Then her eyes opened wide as she felt me insert my fat cockhead between her slippery folds before thrusting just enough to plow it inside her tight opening.

“Oh my, I’ve never had someone do that without using his hands before,” she said softly. I slowly but firmly began to push inch after throbbing inch inside of her, in awe of her snugness and the way her inner walls seemed to grip onto me tightly, yet stretching for more at the same time. After a few minutes of alternating between filling her, playing with her hard nipples and receiving her hot kisses, we felt the end of my cock bump against the end of her love tunnel. “OH. Ohhh, you’re all the way in me now. It feels so good, so full!” I knew exactly what she meant because I was feeling it, too.

I slowly pulled my cock out of her and then thrust back in, burying myself to the base again and again within her depths. As we made love, her inner grip relaxed, so that we could speed up and slow down at our leisure, making our own rhythm. After a few minutes of this I released her hands and she begged me to let her ‘ride’ me for a little while, so we rolled over and she ground herself down against me in a slow but erotic scene. At one point she even whispered hoarsely into my ear, “Sometime I’d love for you to do me from behind…I like it that way too.” Then we rolled again and resumed our original position.

After perhaps twenty minutes or so, she wrapped her arms and legs around me and said, “I’m Cumming, I’m Cumming, I’m Cumming,” over and over as she shook and did just that! I could feel more juices running over my shaft and seeping between our tight junctions. It was much more than I could take, and soon her cries of ‘I’m Cumming’ switched to cries of ‘You’re Cumming…I can feel you spurting inside me… filling me up…” We both knew it was spilling onto the rug beneath us as I emptied my load inside her!!

When I slowly began to rock back n forth again, she looked surprised that I wanted more. She had a look like most of her young experience had been with guys who got dressed and ran away two seconds after they got their relief. Maybe she’d heard older guys are only good for one fuck…not this guy. But this time we didn’t just ‘make love’. This time, we fucked.

We started out slowly, but soon I was pulling nearly all of myself out of her and then slamming my throbbing prick back into her tender meat! I’d pound her a few hard strokes…then stop, and screw her opening with just my bulging fat head…then return to slamming my shaft all the way inside again. Each stroke would move her forward a quarter inch at a time. Kelly really got into it, thrusting her pelvis up and back, meeting each of my thrusts and even outmatching them at times, too. She’s a superb partner and very enthusiastic about her sexual side of life! We hadn’t even noticed it was getting darker in the room as daylight was giving away to evening time. It was later that we figured we’d been going at it for about two hours or so.

Remembering what she’d whispered earlier, I suddenly pulled out and tugged her up towards the sofa, guiding her until she was kneeling over it. She placed her hands on the cushions and pushed her butt back in the air at me. I got behind her and mounted her from behind, filling her back up with my cock as she leaned back and groaned loudly, “Oooh, yeah… fuck me hard. Fuck, Me, Hard! …Harder, …FUCK meeeee HARDer!!” I did as she commanded, pinching her clit from behind and heard her squeal pleasurably. It was at this moment that I wet a finger and pushed it inside her tight anal opening, feeling her grip my finger so hard I thought she might just pinch it off. I pulled it back out and continued to play with her asshole until she said, “That’s it, come on Jon, fill me with your seed!” and began shaking in another orgasm, cumming once again as I felt my own rod twitching and then sending ribbons of cum inside her once again!! It was all I could do just to hold her waist and empty myself inside, splashing her inner walls with our mixed lust juice, while she softly said “…Yes, oh yes… oh my god, yes…” over and over.

Later, after we had calmed down and were sitting facing the fire with our backs to the sofa, she said to me, “I’m sorry I panicked.” I wasn’t sure what she meant, so I asked and she said, “I mean, when you touched me back there. I’ve never let anyone do me there…” I kissed her forehead and heard her say, “But who knows, there’s always a first time for everything, right?”

Then I asked a question that had been in the back of my mind for a while now, but didn’t seem important at all before. “Where the heck is that tow truck anyways?”

“Oh that,” she said with a very naughty look in her eyes, “I guess I should call them pretty soon, huh?”

As we kissed again, I whispered, “Might as well wait until tomorrow morning now”…and she readily agreed.


Kelly and I have gotten together a few times more since then. Those times with her will always be some of my greatest memories. We became great friends and passionate lovers for almost a year, until she went off to an out of state college the following year. In her junior year she called me and said it would help out her degree if she could spend her summer working as an intern for a business, and would I be able to help her out with that. 

I told her I had the perfect position for her in mind…


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