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The Breast Exam

The Breast Exam

When Ricardo helps Ivy with her monthly breast exam...

In a loose T-shirt and panties, Ivy laid on her bed and sighed. She’d known to do this monthly but, she wasn’t sure she wanted Ricardo to do it for her. But, since he had insisted, she closed her eyes and called out, “I’m ready.”

The door opened and a shirtless Ricardo entered, seeing Ivy on her back with her eyes closed. She laid on the bed and the light morning sunlight swept over her in bars because of their window shades. He licked his lips and shut the door behind him, feeling his cock twitch at the very sight of her.

Ivy waited quietly as Ricardo walked over to the bed while removing his pants, tossing them aside as he climbed on top of the bed. At her feet, he positioned her ankles next to each other and then, he climbed up her body, stopping when he straddled her hips.

Ricardo leaned over her body, his hands on the bed under her arm pits. He kissed her lips gently with partially parted lips, but not too roughly. When he lifted his face from hers, Ivy opened her eyes and whispered, “Ready?”

Ricardo leaned back and helped Ivy remove her shirt before tucking a small pillow first under her right shoulder. Ivy sighed and relaxed her body, her arms at her sides with her hands resting on his thighs. Ricardo leaned over her body and then, with the soft pads of his fingers, he moved them in circular motions around her right breast. As he moved, he pressed down with medium pressure.

Ricardo took care as he felt for any lumps and he watched her, also, seeing her feel his touch as well as for any lumps. He took care to be thorough before his fingers dragged over her skin to her nipple. He squeezed the nipple gently, checked to see that it was dry, and then, he leaned forward and licked her nipple before sucking on it gently.

Ivy gasped and looked down to see him enjoying it too much. “Hey, the other one, now,” she stated, though she was flushed. Her wetness betrayed her as he smelled the heat between her legs.

Ricardo, however, obeyed as he made a note of her statement. He released her nipple with his mouth and sat upright, leaving her nipple and the skin around it a light shade of pink. Ricardo moved the small pillow under her left shoulder before he moved his finger pads onto her breast in circular motions, again.

Ivy watched Ricardo, this time, noting his attentiveness and touch. This time, again, when he finished the check up, he leaned forward and suckled her left breast. Ivy sighed, biting her bottom lip, as Ricardo lapped her nipple and sucked. “Are we done, now?” she asked, softly, trailing her hands up his thighs to his crotch.

Ricardo sat up abruptly and pulled back from Ivy, to her surprise. “We have a few more tests,” he stated. He moved back, pulled off his boxers, and tossed them aside. He moved a big pillow under her buttocks and folded it once to prop her hips higher up. He slid off her panties slowly, dragging his fingertips against the skin of her thighs as he did so.

Ivy moved as he moved her and then, she gasped when he pressed two fingers against the entrance between her legs. She looked up at him and asked, “What tests are these?”

Ricardo gently pressed his fingers inside as the other hand held onto her right thigh. “The movement test,” he replied, slowly inching two fingers inside her body.

Ivy panted and trembled, “What,” she gasped, “what movement test?” she asked, breathless and flushed.

Ricardo gently pulled his fingers out and then, he pushed them back inside her to increase her wetness, “We have to make sure it moves as it should.” He pulled his wet fingers out and her scent was intoxicating. “Shall we try it?” he asked, rubbing his stiff, but not completely hard, cock against her entrance.

Ivy moaned softly and then, Ricardo brushed his tip up her pussy entrance to her clit. As her folds parted for him, Ivy’s breathing was erratic and Ricardo watched carefully as his tip moved along her moist folds. “Please,” Ivy whimpered, attempting to shift her entrance to his tip.

Ricardo moved his left hand to her mound to keep her hips in place. She whimpered and obeyed, getting more wet with every passing second. As she flushed from the growing scent of her arousal, Ricardo dragged his tip down to her entrance, again. This time, he rubbed his tip against her and she clenched her jaw, her hands clenched the bedsheet.

Ivy swallowed and Ricardo pressed his tip against her wet entrance. Ivy’s thighs tensed, her back arched, as Ricardo pressed his full hardness into her, bit by bit. He slid his cock inside as her entrance pulled back the hood of his foreskin. Ivy whimpered and she opened her eyes, staring up at Ricardo’s blissful gaze.

Once fully inside, Ricardo rested lightly, and then, he asked, “Ready?”

Ivy nodded eagerly and Ricardo shifted his legs, holding onto her legs, and then, he pulled out and pushed back inside. As he picked up speed, Ivy moaned, a light orgasm wet her pussy even more. But Ricardo did not stop, and pound into her.

Ivy moaned, trying to reach for his hands, but Ricardo, moved her legs together, giving her amazing pleasure, as he reached forward and laced his fingers with hers. Ivy cried out every time she orgasmed and when she opened her eyes, she saw Ricardo watching her breasts.

Bouncing like jelly, back and forth, he smiled and slowed his pace, despite her objections. “The first test was successful, but I think we need another test, just in case,” he stated.

Ricardo pulled his cock from her wet pussy and, though she moaned softly, Ricardo pulled her up, leaning his back against the headboard of the bed. She climbed onto his lap and, as she slid him inside her, she gasped and kissed his lips. Ricardo smiled and, this time, Ivy whispered, “I’m ready.”

Ricardo smiled and replied, “Good.” Who hands on her waist, he ground her hips down, on top of him, testing her wetness. He liked that she dripped onto his balls and then, he helped move her up and down on his lap.

The movement was difficult for her, but as she moved and gained momentum, Ricardo looked down and watched her breasts bounce. “Mmm,” he whispered, his hot breath against her skin, “my beautiful B-cups.”

He, then, shifted her higher up and caught her nipples in his mouth. This broke Ivy’s pace as she orgasmed hard, this time, an after wave hit moments after her initial orgasm and she stopped moving, unable to for a moment.

Ricardo watched her hold onto him, kissing her neck and cheek. He pulled her face back and kissed her lips. They were sultry kisses, and he languished in her pleasure and daze.

But, Ricardo was not done, yet.

Whispering in her ear, he stated, “I want to cum inside you.”

Ivy opened her eyes and pulled herself up right to look down at him, “Doggy?”

Ricardo nodded and Ivy smiled. She moved herself upwards and as she crawled to face away from him, Ricardo whispered, “Help me?”

Ivy turned to face him, seeing his cock at half its size. She smiled and crawled back to prop his cock into her mouth with her tongue. Ricardo moved his hands to the back or her head, but she moved his hands to the side, lacing their fingers together.

She moved her head up and down as she sucked and licked his wet cock. She looked up at him to see him watching her as he grew in her mouth. Ivy smiled and kept going, moving her head faster as she could feel his cock reaching the back of her throat. Each time, she felt his cock twitch a bit more.

Suddenly, Ricardo released her hands and pushed her back. Ivy turned around and as Ricardo grabbed her hips and moved apart her knees, he felt her feet hook around his calves. He pressed his tip to her entrance and entered without preamble.

Ivy gasped and lowered her shoulders to the bed, helping the angle of his penetration. Thinking he had forgotten the purpose of the position, Ivy moved to lean fully on her chest but Ricardo pulled her up, so that she rested on her elbows.

Ricardo, then, leaned forward, humping her slowly, and rested his elbows on the bed as his hands cupped her breasts. Ivy let out a laugh but Ricardo kissed her back and bit gently as he increased his pace and deepened his penetration.

Unable to stay silent, Ivy cried out and moaned, as Ricardo pumped himself into her. Ivy whimpered as she orgasmed, trembling slightly, but Ricardo simply continued and squeezed her breasts in his hands, massaging them.

Ivy managed to open her eyes and ask, “How are they, daddy?”

Ricardo groaned and replied, “Perfect. You are perfect, Ivy.”

Ivy trembled, as she orgasmed shortly after the confirmation. Ricardo, wanting to cum, stated, “Daddy wants to cum.”

 Ivy whimpered as she replied, “Please do.”

Ricardo moved his legs so that Ivy could close her legs as he lowered her hips. Keeping her butt tucked against his crotch to increase the penetration, Ricardo released her breasts and held onto the edge of the bed, her fingers laced his from behind.

Holding nothing back, unwilling to relent or give way, Ricardo slowed his pace and allowed for a near full exit before penetrating deep inside her heat. Ricardo kept going, encouraged by Ivy’s moans and groans.

With the slow build, Ricardo let his lips graze her back before he felt his balls tighten and then, he squeezed her fingers between hers and felt himself release fully inside her.

Ivy panted as Ricardo stayed inside her for a moment after his own orgasm. And then, he pulled from inside her and laid back. Ivy remained on her chest but pulled herself into his arms, resting her cheek on his left bicep, staring at his face.

Both were flushed, fully pleasured, and struggling to even out their breathing. After a moment’s silence, Ivy asked, “How was my breast exam?”

Ricardo thought for a moment and then, he replied, “Good.”

Ivy smiled and propped herself up on her elbows, looking down into Ricardo’s face as she stated, “I have to do it once a month.”

Ricardo looked up at her and then, his right hand went down to touch his soft cock. “I can handle that,” he replied.

Ivy smiled and added, “We can do it in the shower next time.”

Ricardo thought for a moment, again, but protested, “I like the bed better.”

Ivy smirked and rolled her eyes, “I guess we’ll see in a month.”

In that moment, Ricardo pulled himself up and around her body, pinning her to the bed. “How about we try again tonight?” he asked and kissed her before she could respond. Both happy with a successful test and both fully pleasured.


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