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The Gift

The Gift

Tasha was more than eager to explore and indulge her new friend and this new experience.
For the third time in the last fifteen minutes, Tasha looked at the time display on her phone, it read 7:21 pm and still no calls or texts from Bryan. As she sat at the bar, she thought it was so typical of him to make plans for them to meet for dinner then get stuck at work, a least she hoped that was the reason. Over the past couple of months they had been at each other throats about every and anything, especially concerning how much he has been working lately and Tasha feeling a little neglected.

Earlier today while she was at work, Bryan sent her a text message, asking her to meet him at 7 o’clock at their favorite restaurant for dinner and drinks. After receiving the message, Tasha was so excited and couldn't help anticipate their dinner date all day long. It has been a while since she had her boyfriend’s undivided attention. It has been an even longer while since they went out on a romantic date.

Tasha decided to leave work a little earlier to go home and prepare for the date. First on her list to do, a long and luxurious bubble bath. As she sat in the warm rose scented water she began to fantasize about the possible outcome for the evening. For her, the perfect dinner date with Bryan would be for them to enjoy their favorite meal with several glasses of her favorite wine. Afterwards, they would return home feeling a little tipsy and very much randy, as the result of wine on her. They would make out like teenagers before heading up to the bedroom for a long, leisurely night of fucking like crazy rabbits.

As this scenario played out in Tasha’s mind, she slipped her fingers between her soapy thighs and parted her labia. She slowly massaged her little pink bud, eliciting a soft moan. It has been a long time since Bryan touched her like this. Lately, the extent of their foreplay was her giving him a quick blowjob or handjob before he mounted her. The sex was usually hard and fast as they both climaxed from the rush. Alone in the tub, Tasha enjoyed the slow arousal her fingers skillfully sought before sliding inside her silken folds, pressing her fingers knuckle deep before easing out. She lay back with her eyes closed, lips slightly parted, and slowly pumped her fingers back and forth, causing the water to lap against the sensitive bud until her much needed orgasm came.

Savoring the sensations of her orgasm, Tasha wrapped a warm fluffy towel around herself as she languidly rose from the bathtub. After gently patting her skin dry, she applied her favorite body oil, massaging it into her entire body. She liked taking the time to do so, the result was smooth and supple chocolate toned skin that glowed and begged to be touched.

Leaving the towel in the bathroom, Tasha walked into their adjoining bedroom. Passing the full length mirror on her way, she stopped to admire the view of herself. Standing five and a half feet, most people would call her thick or full figured, but she preferred calling herself blessed. She had a perfect hourglass figure with a full DD bust, slender and toned waist that flared out with a plump derriere and curvy hips.

During her high school years, she hated her figure. The boys in her classes would make fun of her big booty and the girls were envious of her endowed chest. Tasha tried every exercise and diet to get to a “normal” figure, she even joined the track and field team, until her growing bust size made that very difficult. It wasn’t until college when she became sexual active and guys started approaching her to say positive things about her big booty, that she stopped the insane diets and exercising and embraced her shape.

Now at the age of twenty-eight, as she stood in front of the mirror, she thought how foolish she had been to ever want to change her body. Tasha continued on to the dresser, opened her lingerie drawer, and pulled out her skimpiest thong, simply a black lace triangle on the thinnest elastic. She picked this one, because the dress she planned on wearing was skin tight and she didn’t want to ruin the look with a visible panty line. Along with that, she picked the matching black lace bra that gave good support to her large chest as well as accentuated her cleavage.

As Tasha continued to dress, she lay out the perfect outfit to set her sexy mood for the night, a red body-con dress with a plunging neckline and a hem a few inches above her knees. She paired the dress with tall red velvet platform heels. She hoped the complete look would inspire Bryan to rush through dinner eager to get her home, rip off the dress, and make her his dirty slut. Tasha smiled, a girl can dream, she thought.

Finally, there was activity on her phone as she heard the personalized ringtone she programmed just for Bryan. It was a text from him saying that the trial, he and his partners were working on, have been moved up and they have to stay late to prepare witnesses. Tasha sent him a text in reply, telling him that she understood that it was a big case for him and that he had better make it up to her another time. As she was gathering her wallet to settle her tab at the bar, an older gentleman sat on the barstool next to her.

“Can I buy you a drink?” he asked.

With a quick look his way, Tasha saw that he was well dressed, maybe late 40s, with a full head of salt and pepper hair, and dazzling blue eyes. Tasha smiled politely at the handsome stranger. It has been a long time, since before she started dating Bryan, that a stranger had offered to buy her a drink. There was something flattering about the way he asked that made Tasha accept.

“Sure, I would love another drink,” Tasha smiled as she shoved her wallet and phone back into her clutch bag.

As the bartender poured her another glass of wine, Tasha took a longer look at the gentleman. He was very attractive, for an older guy, she thought, then she noticed the wedding band on his finger. Warning signs should have went up, but Tasha reminded herself it was just a drink, he had not come on to her, not that she would have minded. An innocent flirt always boosted the ego, she thought. The wine was making her a little risky, she felt carefree, especially without Bryan to tamper her.

He noticed Tasha looking at his ringed finger and smiled, “Ah, yes, I am married. Happily, to the beautiful woman sitting over there,” he said pointing over his shoulder at a cute blonde sitting at a table alone. She gave them a friendly smile before picking up a glass of wine to sip. “Actually, the drink is courtesy of my wife. She was at the bar when you came in. You ordered her favorite wine. We couldn’t help but notice you seem to be waiting for someone.”

“Yes, I was. My boyfriend, Bryan. We were supposed to have a dinner date tonight, but he just texted me that he won’t be able to make it,” Tasha said disappointed.

“Sharon, my wife, she guessed that might be the case.”

“Your wife is a lucky woman,” Tasha smiled, “You actually show up when you say you will.”

“No, I’m the lucky one. That woman is the love of my life.” Don smiled with a sparkle in his blue eyes.

“Then you’re both lucky,” Tasha said before taking a sip of the wine.

“So, it seems like a waste, you dressed up, made the effort to come out, and then stood up. Why don’t you join us for dinner?” he suggested.

“Oh, that’s okay, I can’t intrude on your date,” Tasha stated.

“You won’t be intruding. We would love nothing more than your company. We haven’t ordered yet, so join us.”

Tasha had to admit she was hungry and didn’t want to spend the rest of the night at home alone waiting for Bryan to show up. She would likely order take out, stew in her anger, and then have a big fight with Bryan when he finally did show up.

“Um, sure okay,” Tasha agreed and followed Don across the room.

When they reached the table with his wife, he finally introduced himself, “Excuse my manners, I don’t think I introduced myself. I’m Don Whiting, and this is my lovely wife, Sharon.”

“Hi, I’m Tasha,” she smiled, then added, “Thanks for the wine.”

Sharon stood to greet them, extending her bejeweled and well manicured hand. Tasha rarely got intimidated by the beauty of other women, but Sharon was stunning and left her feeling shy. Sharon appeared to be in her 40s with a yoga-lean body that towered over Tasha at least another four or five inches. Her blonde hair was cut in a short pixie and meticulously styled. Both Don and Sharon had a distinguished upperclass look and made quite the power couple. They most likely were CEOs or presidents of some multi-million company, Tasha thought.

Sharon smiled warmly at her. “You’re welcome. It’s nice to meet you, Tasha. Glad you can join us for dinner,” she said as if they had always expected her.

Don summoned another chair for the small intimate table. After sitting Tasha at the apex of their acute triangle, Don settled into his own chair.

“I really hope I’m not being a third wheel here,” Tasha said right away.

“You are not,” Sharon reassured her. “When I heard you order my favorite wine at the bar I thought, now, there’s a girl with good taste. And, after a while, when no one showed to claim you, I kind of felt terrible that a beautiful young lady was sitting all alone. That unlucky bastard doesn’t know what he’s missing,” she winked at her.

Tasha smiled at Sharon’s words. That a woman of Sharon’s caliber and class took notice of her, a shop girl still paying off her student loans, made her even more intrigued about this couple.

“That unlucky bastard is my boyfriend, Bryan,” Tasha explained. “He just made partner at his firm and he’s a consummate workaholic. Something about a big case and preparing briefs and statements.”

“Well, his lost is our gain,” Sharon smiled.

Over the course of their meal, Tasha grew really comfortable with Don and Sharon. They revealed to Tasha that Don was the CEO of a multimedia advertising and marketing firm, while Sharon was a designer and CEO of a high end jewelry company, but they remained laid back and very approachable people.

After their main course, Sharon talked Tasha into sharing a decadent rich chocolate dessert with her, along with another glass of wine, while Don sipped on a bourbon neat. When the bill came, Tasha reached for her wallet to pay her portion of the bill, but Don wasn’t having it.

“It’s our treat. Besides, your company was well worth the cost.” Don said tucking his gold card into the bill holder.

“Thank you,” Tasha smiled. She had truly enjoyed her evening with the couple. It wasn’t everyday that she dined with a couple of their status and wealth.

Don excused himself to the mens’ room, leaving the ladies alone.

After a sip of wine, Tasha laughed, “I have to admit, when Don approached me at the bar, I thought he was hitting on me. And I have to admit, I kind of liked it. Your husband is very attractive and charming,” Tasha blushed, then added, “Sorry, I don’t know why I said that, it must be the wine getting to me.”

Sharon smiled, “It is really good wine, isn’t it. And don’t apologize, Don is a very handsome man, and women notice him. I like a woman who appreciate the finer things.”

Tasha couldn’t help but smile back. Sharon was not what she expected, not flaky or stuffy at all. Tasha felt like she made a really good friend tonight.

“So, are you ladies ready?” Don asked when he returned from the mens’ room.

“I should be heading home now, too,” Tasha said as she stood.

“We would be happy to give you a ride, “ Sharon smiled broadly as they walked with Tasha out of the restaurant and Don got the valet to bring his car around. “Isn’t that right, Don?”

Tasha smiled as Sharon pulled Don to her and gave him an intimate kiss before she whispered something into his ear causing them both to smile at Tasha.

“So, if you don’t have urgent plans, we would love to invite you back to our place for more drinks, a night cap,” Sharon suggested.

Tasha didn’t hesitant, “Sure, I would like that.” She was very curious to see how these two interesting people lived.

“Good.” Sharon smiled, taking Tasha’s hand to help her into the back seat of the car.


As they pulled up to their house, Tasha stared wide eyed at the mansion before them. She just couldn’t believe her night so far. When she left for the restaurant, she couldn’t have imagined that she would befriend such an interesting and high power couple, much less end the night invited to their mansion home. Even with Bryan ditching their date, she was still having an incredible night.

Once inside, Don poured them all drinks and Sharon wasted little time showing Tasha around and making her feel right at home. From the huge open atrium with a curved staircase spanning two upper floors to the richly decorated sitting room, Sharon explained that the house had a total of six bedrooms, four and a half bathrooms, a state-of-the-art chef grade kitchen, formal dining room, elegant den, and entertainment room, but she wanted to show off her large master bedroom first.

“Wow! I’ve had apartments smaller than this room,” Tasha said, amazed by Sharon’s huge walk-in closet as she did a 360 degree turn, taking in all of Sharon’s fine clothing and shoes. “Seriously, I could live in here,” she said fingering the fine designer garments.

Sharon smiled, she liked watching Tasha’s appreciation, “And I still have to show you my pride and joy,” she said as she opened an armoire door. Inside was a full display of Sharon’s jewelry. Tasha’s jaw dropped at the stunning array of jewels before her, from necklaces and earrings and bracelets with diamonds to pearls, gold and fine silver. “Pick one that you like,” Sharon suggested.

“Oh, I can’t. They are all beautiful,” Tasha said, even as she was immediately drawn to one particular necklace of filigree rose gold set with twinkling diamonds..

Sharon picked up the necklace and slipped it around Tasha’s neck.

“Oh my goodness, its gorgeous!” Tasha beamed as the expensive metal and precious diamonds encircled her neck.

“And your smile makes it shine even more. Actually, you do it better justice than I ever had. Why don’t you keep it?” Sharon offered.

“Seriously?” Tasha asked skeptical, “I mean, this must cost thousands of dollars and you barely know me.” All the while Tasha couldn’t keep her fingertips off the exquisite jewels.

“Consider it a gift from me to you, a sign of our budding friendship,” Sharon softly ran her fingertips down Tasha’s arm, smiling, “You have beautiful skin, like the finest dark chocolate.” Sharon pressed closer, her small breasts pushed into Tasha’s back, her touch growing bolder as she moved her hands up the front of Tasha’s body. They both looked at their reflections in the mirror before them. Sharon’s hands, creamy whiteness against the dark chocolate of Tasha. For Tasha it was such a foreign sight, yet arousing, seeing Sharon looking at her with unmasked desire.

Tasha smiled at Sharon’s reflection, “I feel like I’m being seduced. Is that what you are doing? Are you trying to seduce me?”

“Yes,” Sharon said plainly, “Are you okay, accepting all that I can give you?”

“In exchange for what?” Tasha asked, her eyebrow arched with her curiosity definitely peaked.

“You.” Sharon smiled and placed a soft kiss on the base of Tasha’s neck.

Tasha couldn’t resist a small moan at the brief brush of Sharon’s lips on her neck. “I’ve never been with a woman. What can I offer you?”

Sharon’s hand moved up to Tasha’s ample breasts, “Any and everything I ask of you,” she said giving Tasha’s nipple a firm pinch.

Tasha’s panties immediately flooded and she moaned out loud, “Yes!”

Sharon grinned, “I was really hoping you would.” Sharon slided her hand down the deep neckline of Tasha’s dress, her hand cupping her left breast as she lifted it from the dress. Sharon smiled at Tasha’s reflection in the mirror as her fingers circled around the tight, dark peak.

Tasha stared back at their reflections, her eyes locked on Sharon’s green eyes. “You seem to have some experience in seducing a woman.”

“Like I said, I enjoy the finer things life offers,” Sharon smiled.

Sharon continued pressing kisses along Tasha’s neck and shoulder before moving around to the front of her. She pursed her lips against the dark pebbly tip of her nipple before covering the large, plush breast with many kisses. She parted her lips, slipped out her tongue and flicked it across the hard peak causing Tasha to moan softly.

Sharon continued her feast on Tasha’s breast, sucking the peak into her hungry mouth, and rolling her tongue around it. She started a trail of kisses up to Tasha’s collarbone, her tongue fleeting across the sparkling diamond necklace, up to the warm pulse of Tasha’s neck.

When she pressed her lips to Tasha’s, Tasha pulled away at the contact. It was all so surreal to her. She smiled at Sharon, who smiled back, before she brought her lips to Sharon’s, again. She had never kissed another woman before and found it to be much more sensuous than anything she ever experienced before. Sharon took her time slowly sucking Tasha’s full bottom lip like a sweet ripe plum, teasing and pleasing with her touch. Tasha was more than eager to explore and indulge her new friend and this new experience.

As they kissed, Sharon slid her long, manicured fingers under Tasha’s dress and between her smooth thighs. She caressed the damp lace panties that greeted her touch, loving this girl was already so wet for her. She pushed the crotch aside and ran her fingers along the moist labia until it parted, sliding her first two fingers inside Tasha’s warm cunt.

“Mmmm, yes!” Tasha let out a long moan. She couldn’t believe how horny she was right now. Yes, it was partly too many glasses of wine and due to Bryan’s neglect. Mostly, it was her own sexual appetite being awaken by this woman.

“Fuck my fingers,” Sharon said with her lips against Tasha’s earlobe. Tasha began grinding down on Sharon’s hand, pushing her fingers deeper inside until her clit sat in the palm of her hand. She slid up and down as Sharon held her hand steady. “Fuck me harder,” Sharon encouraged with a soft whisper.

Tasha increased her pace, slamming her clit against Sharon’s palm, juices lubricated and squished as her breath became heavy and ragged.

Sharon smiled, “Yes, make that pussy all good and wet for me.” Sharon began thrusting her fingers to meet her movements, curving upward to press against that glorious spot, finger fucking her hard and deep until she felt the pulsating rush of Tasha’s orgasm.

“Oh fuck!” Tasha stared at Sharon in astonishment, as her honey flowed down Sharon’s skillful fingers.

Sharon slowly stroked her until the rush subsided, then pulled her sticky fingers free. Smiling at Tasha as she did so, she opened her mouth, wrapped her pink lips around her fingers and sucked Tasha’s juices from her fingers.

“Mmm, you taste exquisite.” Sharon said, then placed her fingers to Tasha’s lips. Tasha wrapped her thick juicy lips around Sharon’s fingers and sucked with pleasure. She had tasted herself before, from Bryan’s kisses, but she found this much kinkier to taste herself from Sharon’s elegant fingers.

Tasha grinned, “And to think, I thought you were such a high brow lady, now I see you’re just a freak like me.”

Sharon led Tasha to the silk covered king-sized bed in the middle of the bedroom. They stood toe to toe, breast to breast, next to the bed, as Tasha grew bolder in her exploration of Sharon. She unzipped Sharon’s conservative navy sheath dress, revealing pink satin bra and matching panties. Tasha covered both small breasts with her chocolate hands, gently grazing the flesh with her fingernails, bringing a tinge of pain along with pleasure, before she lowered her mouth down to the rosy pink flesh. Tasha delighted in the sight of Sharon’s nips drawing tight at the touch of her tongue.

With her appetite already whetted for the taste of pussy, Sharon sat back in bed, pulling Tasha on top of her lap, “I want to see how freaky you can get with me, I want that pussy on my face.”

Tasha answered with a smile as she shimmied out of her skimpy lace thong and Sharon laid back in the spacious silken bed. Tasha stood above Sharon’s face, giving her a good view up the skirt of her dress, at her bald wet pussy before she knelt over her. Tasha’s dress rose to her waist, exposing her plump chocolate ass. She was a bit self conscious about her size compared to Sharon, but only for a second. When she felt Sharon’s hands caressing her thighs, squeezing her generous hips with surprisingly strong and capable hands, she knew this woman could handle her.

Sharon smiled, licking her lips, as Tasha touched herself, parting her brown lips to reveal her creamy pink center. Sharon took a swipe at the sweet folds with her tongue, softly licking up and down.

“Mmm, yes.” Tasha moaned. She reached down between her thighs to caress Sharon’s soft blonde hair, encouraging her to lick more. She had always wanted to sit on Bryan's face, but he was never into it. Now here she was fulfilling her fantasy with another woman, that idea alone made Tasha dripping wet.

Sharon needed little encouragement, as her tongue stroked at the succulent fruit in front of her. She wrapped her hands around Tasha’s plush ass and pulled her closer, smothering her face as her tongue pushed deeper.

“Mmm, yes! Fuck, yes!” Tasha moaned grinding her pussy against Sharon’s wicked tongue. Reaching behind her, she lowered her hand between Sharon’s vanilla thighs, pushed her hand into Sharon’s undies, over her carefully trimmed mound, and rubbed her clit. Tasha had never touched another woman’s cunt before, but she had plenty of experience touching her own, so instinctively knew how to pleasure her new lover, as she plunged her fingers into the fleshy soft folds.

From the muffled moans that came from Sharon, Tasha knew that what she was doing was working for her. She continued, swirling her thumb around Sharon’s hooded clit as her fingers pushed inside. Along with being dew soaked, Sharon’s cunt was hot and tight, so tight, Tasha thought as she danced her fingers back and forth in the entrance.

“Mmm, you’re so tight. Your pussy needs a good fucking, huh?” Tasha smiled as she went to work, fucking her first cunt. For every moan that Sharon brought to her throat, Tasha reciprocated with great pleasure. Her fingers sliding into the pink tunnel, going deeper with each thrust aided by the slick wetness.

In all her years as a sexual being,Tasha had never experienced the kind of satisfaction as making Sharon cum while she hit her second orgasm of the night, third for the whole day. With Sharon’s doing tongue laps around her pussy to her clit, then rolling the swollen nub gently between her teeth, Tasha was floating on the highest high and taking Sharon with her.

After Tasha caught her breath, she noticed that they were not alone. Since Sharon welcomed her into the bedroom for a tour of her walk-in closet, Don had quietly escaped into the shadows. Tasha realized that he sat in the overstuffed velvet armchair the whole while and witnessed the entire scene of his wife’s skillful seduction of her and her first sapphic encounter. Now, Don emerged from the shadows, smiling at her with a gift of his own to offer.

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