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The Hot Hygienist

A surprising discovery that flirting at the dentist office was not accidental
The Hot Hygienist

Starting the day off with a dental appointment at 8:00 a.m. may not seem like a fun thing, but today changed my outlook on the potential of dentistry. This was the third visit when Teresa was scheduled to clean my teeth. She’s 24, light brown hair, blue eyes and average height. The blue scrubs she and the other assistants wear hide most of their physical attributes, but following Teresa to the assigned room, I noticed that the scrubs could not hide a nice firm ass as she moved down the hall.

The usual small talk was soon over and she was poking metal things here and there in my mouth as usual. And, just like the last two times, she leaned over me more than I thought she needed to as she worked. One of her breasts was firmly pressed against the side of my face. The first time it happened, I tried to ignore it. The last time it happened it caused an erection and I had no way to hide it but it seemed to go unnoticed.

Today, however, I was hard not long after she began cleaning my teeth. I stared past her face at the ceiling, trying to avoid her eyes, as always. When she moved behind me to get a rinse cup she paused a moment and when she leaned back over me, her eyes stared down at mine.

“Mr. Jameson, the last time you were here I noticed that something made you, um, uncomfortable and it appears something is bothering you today as well. Are you all right?” she asked politely.

“Oh, yes, I’m fine, Teresa,” I answered rather sheepishly, not knowing how to respond. “It’s just that, uh…well, it’s hard to explain.”

She slipped off her mask and smiled at me knowingly. “Just a little case of morning wood, is it?”

I was shocked and could only nod my head apologetically. “Yeah, I’m sorry about that.”

She rolled her chair around where we could talk face to face. “Mr. Jameson, you know that Dr. Rains teaches at the dental school in the mornings; that’s why all the cleanings are scheduled before noon. The other hygienists and I have an office fund that we created for donations from our patients.”

“An office fund?” I asked.

“Yes, we all share the proceeds and donations from some of our patients are confidential. Of course Doctor Rains is not aware of the special services we provide while he’s not here,” she said.

“Special services?” I inquired. “What kind of special services?”

She reached over and punched a button on the intercom and said, “Randi, could you assist me in room 4, please?”

In less than a minute another girl in blue scrubs came in, and immediately knelt down by my dental chair.

“If you would like to make a donation to our office fund, Randi can help relieve the discomfort you’re having,” Teresa said very matter-of-factly.

I suddenly starting feeling generous, especially since Randi was unzipping my pants already. I asked how much of a donation I should offer and Teresa gave me a quick “menu” of the services available.

Randi had already had my erection sticking up out of my boxers as Teresa spoke. “Randi is good with her hands and would appreciate a $25 donation, or $50 if you want her to use her mouth, and she won’t spill a drop. She can ride you for $50 if you prefer and we have condoms. We can do a double for you, which is $150 but if either one of us comes, you get a discount.”

I have not paid for sex in several years, but I had already been compromised by my cock, so what could I do? I decided to go for the gold.

“I’d like to have a double, but what if we’re interrupted?” I asked nervously.

Randi answered my question as her hand began so slide slowly up and down my shaft. “Any time one of us calls for assistance, we all know what that means and nobody will disturb us.”

Then Teresa added, “But I will need to finish cleaning your teeth first.” She put her mask back on and continued picking at my teeth with the metal instruments. Suddenly I felt Randi’s mouth taking control of my cock and the morning got much better.

Teresa could have cut my tongue out and I would not have noticed nor cared. I was so focused on what Randi was doing with her mouth that I hardly realized when Teresa had finished and told me to rinse my mouth for the final time.

Almost within seconds Teresa was leaning over me again, but she was pressing a naked breast into my mouth. I sucked a mouthful of breast flesh as she whispered softly above me, “Yes, that’s it, nice and gentle. You can suck the nipple if you want.”

I don’t know if Randi had any warning but I came in her mouth, my hips jerking involuntarily off the chair. Her hand wrapped around my shaft and stroked it until I was finished, but she never removed her mouth.

I gasped for breath and as Teresa moved away I looked at Randi, who was licking her lips. “Ready for your double?” she asked as she stood and slipped out of her scrub pants and panties.

“I guess so, but how…?” I asked, looking at Randi.

Teresa pressed the floor control and the chair reclined fully, just as it would for serious dental work. Teresa had also removed her pants and panties. “Slide down until your legs hang off the end of the chair,” she said.

When I did so, Randi unbuckled my pants and pulled them and my boxers off, struggling when my erection got in the way. She giggled and told Teresa, “He’s still good, I’m on it, Teresa.” She pulled a packet from her blouse pocket and in seconds she had the condom on me.

Randi straddled my hips and guided my cock into her and settled slowly down on it. I had not felt a pussy that tight in a very long time and I knew I must be stretching her a little as she worked her way to the base.

When Randi had finally become comfortable with our union she put her hands on my lower rib cage and began rising up and down on me. Her pussy was warm and I actually sighed out loud, “Oh, my God…”

Teresa climbed up on the chair straddling my chest. I could smell her sex as she inched her way closer to my face. With her knees on either side of my head she pressed her pussy into my face. Her pubic hair was matted and damp with the smell of her pussy. I know my cock pulsed inside Randi at that moment.

Teresa leaned back a little, settling her weight on me and open her labia with her fingers. I knew what she wanted and I didn’t disappoint her. I lapped at her clit like a hungry puppy and she moaned approvingly. “That’s it, Mr. Jameson, right there…just like that…”

Randi had taken to slamming her weight down on me, driving my cock into her with each thrust. Her warm juices were running down the condom into my pubic hair, down to my balls and I was beginning to feel the early signs of a climax.

Teresa moaned as my lips closed over her clit and I sucked gently on it. “Oh, yes, yes, Mr. Jameson, you’re getting awfully close to a discount.” She moaned.

I grabbed her hips and pulled her down harder onto my face and sucked her clit hard and deep into my mouth. I flicked my tongue over it at the same time. She fisted my hair and I felt her legs shudder against my face. At that very moment I came again but Randi didn’t stop. She probably couldn’t even tell I had come already.

When Teresa’s orgasm eased off a little I slipped my tongue into her pussy, savoring the rewards of my efforts. “Mr. Jameson, you’re such a naughty man,” she said softly, letting me lap at her hole for a long time.

When I released my grip on her hips and Teresa climbed off, Randi lifted off me as well. She carefully removed the condom and held it up like a prize she had won. “For another $25 I’ll do something naughty with this,” she teased.

“Done!” I said without hesitating.

She tipped the condom upside down over her mouth and squeezed it with her fingers until the entire contents had dribbled into her grinning lips. She swallowed again and licked her lips. At that point I wondered if I should ask her to marry me.

Teresa and Randi were both dressed by the time I was dressed and buckling my belt. Randi smiled and said, “Thanks, Mr. Jameson, for your donations; come back soon!”

Teresa took me to check out and there was a separate charge slip for the “donation” which read, “one special oral exam, $50, one double assist in cleaning, $150, extra clean up after assist, $25, less repeat customer discount $25, total due = $200.”

As I left the dental office, I felt that my smile was probably brighter than ever.

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