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The Perfect Scent

Who is seducing whom?
There’s a chill in the air, the first cool air we’ve seen in months. I love this time of year, mainly because the women get to break out their sweaters, tights, jeans and boots that have been stacked in their closet for months. On top of that, it gives them a new season for shopping and that puts a huge smile on my face. You see, I am a man who loves, let me repeat, loves to shop.

I enjoy a leisurely stroll through a shopping mall, more so than most men. While I tend to behave myself most of the time, I am not opposed to enjoying the scenery while taking my time perusing the racks of ladies clothes. And there is nothing which turns me on more than having a woman offer their advice when I hold up a spicy little dress or great sweater. I have found that a woman with a great rack tends to notice a man who is making his way through a rack of ladies clothes.

On this particular day, I made my way through the throngs of shoppers on a Saturday afternoon. Definitely worth the effort to fight the traffic and find a parking spot as the energy from the female shoppers is palpable at this time of year. A woman carrying a shopping bag is in her glory, a bit of an aphrodisiac, if you ask me. There is a little bounce in her step. Think about this the next time you’re in the mall and see an attractive woman with two or three bags on her arm.

I entered Bath & Body Works for two reasons: these smells attract women and then cleavage is sure to follow. The place is busy as you would expect, the checkout line winds among the displays of soaps, scents and bath goodies. I don’t think anyone noticed, but the grin on my face seemed like I couldn’t hold it in, just mesmerized by the scene of lovely ladies…. and their reasons.

Two young ladies are working feverishly behind the counter, trying to maintain order and their composure at the same time. One is about nineteen or twenty, a college student with long, straight brown hair and glasses, fairly ordinary but very efficient. Bet her boss loves her. The other young lady brings an end to the slight grin on my face.

She is a little older, maybe twenty-four, 5’5”, size 2 and brown hair a few inches below her shoulders. With my love of shopping, I have a habit of trying to estimate dress size. She wears the look of a confident and pleasant young lady and I cannot help but stare from a distance across the store. She is wearing a brown skirt, a light green turtleneck sweater and flats. The skirt flatters, the turtleneck impresses and her smile is just downright contagious. This is surely not the right time and place to introduce myself, so let’s think of how to go about this in a proper way when I can be sure to have her full attention.

I walked out to my car as my mind drifts back to the light green turtleneck and the body which lies beneath it. A finger subconsciously traces the outline of this very aroused man. She has absolutely no clue that a man she has never met is unzipping his pants at this very moment.

Two nights later, I stop by the mall again in the hopes that a Monday evening will find the store far less crowded. No sign of her, so the tension in my brain and my pants will heighten at least one more day.

One more try on Tuesday night after work and there she is, this time wearing gray pants and a gray turtleneck. Damn, this young lady fills out a sweater! I enter the store and start to look around. I nervously picked up and looked at a few things while trying to think about what to say to her. From behind, I heard the clicks of approaching shoes and a friendly female voice.

“How may I help you? Looking for anything in particular?”

It’s her. Swallow, take a breath. “Just looking for a little something for my wife,” I reply. “Nothing too expensive.”

“Let’s see what we can find that she would like,” she says with that smile and a finger on her chin.

“I was here over the weekend and this place was crazy. I figured I’d come back when I could take my time looking.” The view, I must say, was simply extraordinary, size 2 was right and probably 34D up top.

“Well, I am very glad you came back for another look around,” she said, brushing past me to go across the store. She talks to me as she walks away and my eyes are glued to her ass. “Does she have a favorite bath salt?”

“Personally, I love the smell of lavender, what do you think?” I say with a grin that she can’t see.

“Ooo, the perfect scent, that’s my favorite! Here you go, we have several sizes,” as she stops suddenly and bends over at the waste to reach for a jar.

This woman knows exactly what she’s doing. Her ass is a mere inch or two from the head of my cock, which suddenly strains to stay inside my pants. It takes every single bit of self-control to keep from placing my hands on her hips and pulling her back to me.

“The medium will do. I can always come back again for something else if it doesn’t work.”

I follow her to the cash register, enjoying the view of her hip sway as we go. “What’s your name?” I ask as she turns to face me with two very erect nipples pressing against her turtleneck. She enjoyed the waist bend as much as I did. “I’m Catherine, it’s very nice to meet you...?” extending her hand while she waits for my introduction. Now it’s her turn to be bashful as she looks down and blushes while she rings up the transaction. She will not look me in the eye, but the physical reaction says it all.

“Catherine, it is very nice to meet you, too. My name is Franklin. This was just what I needed.” I suspect she knew I had plans for her as my cock stiffened. “I look forward to seeing you again, so have a great evening!”

Upon leaving her store, I went next door to the ladies clothing store and looked for the right top for Catherine. Nothing too revealing or form-fitting, yet pleasing to the eye in a dark blue with some red mixed in for color. Not too suggestive, yet the meaning is clear. Upon paying for it, I wrote my name and phone number on the back of the tag, tore off the price and placed the blouse back in the bag. As I walk back into her store with a smile on my face, she simply beams when she sees me. “I didn’t expect to see you quite so soon, Franklin.”

“Please accept this as my personal thank you for making my visit such a pleasure. Hope you like the colors. I’d like to see you soon, maybe over lunch?” I waved as I walked away. This time, surely she knows there’s a man unzipping his pants in anticipation of her opening her gift.

Three days later, I get a call from a number that does not look familiar. I am one of those people who never answer calls from numbers that I do not recognize. Give it a minute until I see the voice mail icon. Voice mail starts, “Hi Franklin, this is Catherine from Bath & Body Works. You have quite an eye for colors, you just knew it would look great on me. Now, about that lunch...” (click).

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