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The Servant's Queen

A young servant gives in to her rich employer.
We called her Queen. Yes, that's Queen with a capital 'Q'. She wasn't really a queen at all, of course. She was only a spoiled bitch that demanded the utmost respect and honor from all who chose to stick it out and stay in her life.

I was lost in a life of emptiness and prostitution and near homelessness when she'd found me so many years ago. She offered me a place to stay, assuring me that I would no longer have to worry about clothing or where my next meal would come from. In return, I would be her housekeeper.

She introduced herself as Nadine Charizzo. She told me that she was a retired film star, but I later learned that she was only a widow who had inherited her deceased husband's fortune after he died in prison while serving a twenty year sentence for a mafia related gun crime.

I clutched the beautiful emerald broach that Nadine had given me so long ago. My eyes grew hazy with tears as my mind drifted back to that evening when we'd shared parts of each other that noone else would ever have.

"My stars!" Nadine called out as she made her way down the long and winding staircase. "You've done more in a few hours than that bitch Maureen did in two days! Aren't you glad I got rid of her ass?"

I laughed softly. By then, I had been working as Nadine's housekeeper for over three years, and though she definitely had her ways, she was the closest thing to a friend I had ever had.

"Come sit beside me," she said softly as she poured two glasses of wine. "I need someone to talk to."

I sat obediently on the white suede sofa beside Nadine. I stared over at her admiring her beauty and the way she carried herself. I loved the way the light made her blonde hair shimmer and the way her green eyes lit up when she smiled. I hoped that I would look half as attractive when I got to be her age. I'd thought she was in her early forties, maybe, but I was astounded to find out that she was fifty one!

"What's wrong, Queen?" I asked her. "You aren't having Tad trouble again are you?"

I reached over to massage her shoulders and neck, kneading away the tightness and tension. Tad Kellar was Nadine's off and on love interest of over eleven years. He was too old for her, I thought. He was only a year older, but I knew that Nadine needed someone much younger to hold her interest.

"Yeah," she answered dryly. "This time it's over for good."

She was crying again. She did that a lot lately, and I hated it. I felt out of place when she cried. I wasn't very good at consoling people, because I had never really been shown any affection in my own life until Nadine came along, and even the affection she showed felt strange.

"There will never be anyone like Lorenzo."

"I know." I tried to think of words to comfort her but couldn't think of anything.

"I want you to have this." She handed me a sparkling emerald broach with diamonds all around it.

I marveled at the finely crafted jewels, moving the broach back and forth in the light. That's when it happened. Nadine took my face in her hands and kissed me full on the lips. Tingles crept down my spine. It was the oddest, yet most sensual thing I'd ever experienced. She was unapologetic.

"Run my bath water, angel." Her husky voice made my heart thump a little harder on this particular day.

"A woman's scent says a lot about her," she'd said as I poured her favorite bath salts into the running water. The smell was intoxicating. I breathed in the sweet fragrance. She reminded me of moonlit evenings on the shore.

"Why don't you join me?"

I looked up at her, startled out of my daydreams. I thought that she was joking around, but when I saw her face, I knew she was serious.

"Are you sure?" I felt my cheeks redden.

Nadine was powerful and charismatic, and she loved playing on my curiosity.

"Noone will ever know," she whispered into my ear.

My mouth dropped as she unfastened her bra, and her large, perfect breasts sprang free.

I remember the feel of the warm suds caressing me and the way her body enveloped my own. I shivered as I felt her voluptuous chest purposely press into my back.

"Relax," she whispered. "We don't want anyone to hear a commotion, do we? Besides, we are already lovers. We just haven't made love yet."

I turned around to face her in the large clawfoot bathtub. She moaned softly as my mouth closed around one of her dark, erect nipples. She twisted her hand in my hair as my tongue circled around her sweet breasts, and I was enjoying pleasuring her more than I ever thought possible.

She lifted herself from the tub, and we stood together with water dripping from our skin. I stared at her for a moment before she pushed me down to my knees, pressing my face into her nearly clean shaven cunt. She was truly beautiful all over. I gently pushed a finger into her surprisingly tight opening and felt her gasp as I moved in and out of her. As I ran my tongue up and down her opening, I hoped that my inexperience wasn't too obvious.

I felt my own wetness trickle down my thighs as I swirled my tongue around her swollen clit, tasting her. She whimpered, trembling beneath my hands, and her salty sweet fluids filled my mouth as I brought her over the edge again and again.

"Enough," she murmured weakly after awhile.

My knees were red and sore, and my tongue felt as though the skin beneath it had been broken, but I forgot all about any discomfort I felt when Nadine pulled me into her bedroom, wearing only a towel, to return the favor.

I squealed as she forced my knees apart, biting down on my clit gently.


Her long blond hair tickled my inner thighs as her tongue worked, giving me sensations that I had only dreamed of experiencing. After giving me several mind blowing orgasms, Nadine rested her head on my thigh and we both fell into a dreamless sleep. It was an experience unlike any other, and after that night, we shared those intimate moments often.

As time passed, I married Seth, one of Nadine's landscapers, and Nadine continues to play around with different young guys. Though our lives changed, and we have been separated by distance, I always think of her when my husband goes down on me.
There is no comparison of course. She knew every inch of my body as though it belonged to her. Noone will ever please me the way she did.

As the summer approaches, I think of the evenings the two of us spent on the shore, staring at each other as we sipped our mixed drinks. I plan to visit her for a girls night very soon!

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