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The Stranger

It is late and I have been on the go for fourteen hours straight. All I really want is to go home and relax, but Debbie has others ideas’, begging me to join her at local bar because she wants to see if the hot guy from last week is there again. I roll my eyes but go with her, knowing that she would do the same for me.

We touch up our makeup in the taxi on the way and soon we are in the bar. The music is pumping and there are lots of customers in, too many for us to find a seat so we stay close to the bar and scour the place, looking for Mr Hot from last week. Debbie had spotted him looking over at her but she chickened out of talking to him.

“You had better not be a pussy this week!” I tease her with a wink.

“Oh! No chance!” Debbie laughs, “If he shows up I am definitely just going over.”

The night goes on and it gets later, still with no sign of Mr Hot, when suddenly Debbie gasps.

“There he is! Look, Ali!”

Sure enough, he is here and he is looking over at her again, so without any hesitation she is off after him while I get us another round of drinks.

The bar is more crowded now, and as I wait at the bar to order some drinks someone sidles up beside me, brushing my arm. I turn to look and a good-looking older guy smiles back at me. I study him for a moment before I smile back. I feel like I know him from somewhere but I don’t think I do.

I quickly look away, embarrassed after staring at him for longer than I probably should have. My heart is suddenly pounding. Who is he? I question myself, and why do I feel like I know him?

He speaks to me then.

“I’m Tom.” His voice is deep and sexy, it instantly makes me feel tingly.

“Hey, I’m Ali,” I get another look at him, “Do I know you?”

“I wondered the same thing when I saw you, but I know that I would remember if we had met before,” he shrugs.

He is right, so would I. I have never felt chemistry like this before. I mean he is just a random guy that I have only said hello to, but I have an intense feeling about him.

He is cute, tallish, with greying hair, bright blue eyes and a wonderful smile.

I smile at him. “Well it’s good to meet you Tom.”

Eventually we get drinks and stay at the bar and chat for a while, we seem to hit it off instantly and it feels as if we have known each other for ages. My god, I find him so hot! What is wrong with me? I have never met this man before!

Some time later Debbie comes to find me with Mr Hot in tow, she is excited and tells me that they are going to go for a walk and that she will see me at work in the morning. We say goodnight and after me telling her to be careful, they leave.

I turn back to Tom and find that he is looking intensely at me, his eyes are full of lust and I almost quiver with pleasure just from his gaze. His hand moves to my arm, our eyes now fixed on each other, it is like some unspoken communication and I just know that he feels the same way that I do. I am so drawn to him, it is like some strong connection and need that I feel to have this man.

Suddenly he is close to me, pressing me against the bar with his body.

“You’re fucking hot,” he growls.

I am breathless and aroused by his words, by his simple touch. I smile and wrap an arm around his neck.

“You know that I feel the same.” I look up at him and bite my lip.

It is funny, I am usually so coy with guys, but something about Tom makes me feel very sexy and confident. The mutual attraction is sizzling between us.

“I just want to fuck you.” Whoa! Say what you mean Tom!

I bite my lip and grin at him. “Then do it.”

He grabs my ass and pulls me hard against him, slowly grinding his hips to mine, making me aware of how hard he is. It is enough to leave me breathless.

“Yes,” I moan, my lips finding his neck, “I want that. I want you.”

We leave the bar right away. Soon we are out in the cool evening air and walking to his car. I feel like a hypocrite for a moment, I always tell my girl friends how careless it is to go off with a stranger, yet here I am doing the very same. I cannot help myself though; Tom just does not feel like a stranger to me.

He drives and we do not speak, the air crackles with heat and passion, with a knowing of what is coming.

We finally end up on a quiet road a few miles out of town. He pulls up the car and turns to me, I look at him and bite my lip and he is on me instantly, his tongue thrusting past my lips, exploring every inch of my body with his hands. I grab at him, unbuttoning his shirt eagerly. God, I want this man right now, more than I have ever wanted anything.

He pulls away from me, opens his car door, and walks around the bonnet to my side, opening my door and offering me his hand. I climb out and look around, it is dark other than the lights of the car.

He smiles at me and it is sexy and suggestive. “Not spacious enough for fucking you senseless.”

My pussy clenches at the promise of what is to come, I am incredibly turned on by him, by this random guy that I do not even know. It is madness.

He gently pushes me back against the car bonnet. “You are so sexy,” he whispers.

Then he steps quickly to me, pulling me close and kissing me passionately. Our tongues meet heatedly as our mouths caress each other, my arms wrap tightly around him, pulling him closer.

His hands waste no time in finding the buttons of my blouse, tugging them open one by one. He takes the time to caress my skin between each one, every touch showers me with sparks, he tugs my blouse out from my skirt, it comes free easily and I let it slide from my shoulders.

With a brief pause to look at me his eyes then trace the curves of my breasts, drifting over my tummy. Then, gazing back into my eyes he pulls me close and kisses me again. One hand is at the small of my back pulling my hips to his, his delicious hardness presses firmly against my wanting heat.

His hands wander over my skin, finding my breasts, shivers run through me as they slide inside the cups of my bra, my nipples react immediately and I moan softly at the feelings he is giving to me. Pushing me back against the bonnet, his hands move to unfasten my bra, allowing it to fall free of my breasts. He moans sexily as he takes them into his hands.

He whispers breathlessly as he leans down to caress my breasts with his hot mouth. “I just had to have you tonight. As soon as I saw you I wanted to know you, to explore all of you.”

My back arches to him as he teases me, pushing my hips harder against his, I so want him, I so desire him.

“I want you to fuck me,” I pant breathlessly as I pull his face to mine, my lips find his neck, whispering into his ear. “I want you.”

He moans and pulls me up so I am sitting on the front of the car, pushing my skirt up over my hips as I pull his cock free.

“You aren’t wearing panties. Oh, you just get hotter and hotter,” he grins at me.

We move together more urgently, wanting each other so fucking much. I lean back, spreading my thighs for him, wrapping my legs around him.

“Fuck me.”

He moves to me then, his hard cock nudges my wetness and I lean back a little more inviting him to have me. He pushes slowly, sliding his cock inside of me, my pussy enveloping all of him as he goes deep. For a few moments we stay like that, lips meeting in lustful passion, tongues swirling. Then our bodies begin to move, slowly thrusting together, building a rhythm.

My legs tighten around his waist as I thrust to meet him, clenching around him each time I do. I so needed this, this mans hard cock filling me with intensity, it feels so good. I slip my hand between us, bringing it to my aching clit, my fingers move over it as he fucks me harder.

“Don't stop,” I whisper.

He groans as he feels my sex pulsing around him. With each hard thrust he brings me ever closer. I need this, I need to cum for this man.

I writhe beneath him, “Mmm, let’s change this up.”

I place my hands on his chest and push him back. I turn around, leaning over the bonnet of his car and raise my ass, looking over my shoulder at him.

“Fuck me from behind, hard and deep. Fuck me hard.”

He strokes himself firmly and groans at my insistence, and then he comes up behind me and teases me with the tip of his cock. I move against it, spreading my wetness over us, and then, with a low sexy moan he suddenly thrusts into me hard. I gasp and push back on him.

“Yes! Like that. Fuck me hard.”

His hips waste no time in pushing his cock deeper into me. I can feel his breath over me as he thrusts harder, and then he slips a hand underneath me and finds my clit, circling it, teasing me.

“Yes!” Oh god yes, right there.

His fingers find a rhythm and rub faster. It’s not long before my body begins to shake as I feel my orgasm approaching, I know he feels it too. My sex starts to clench his cock harder as he fucks me.

Mmm, that’s it. Oh yes. Heat washes over me. I’m going to cum.

“Yes. Now!” I cry out as my body tenses and wave after wave of pleasure crashes over me, I convulse, throbbing.

Tom cannot take any more, my writhing pushes him over the edge and he shoots his hot cum into my sex, groaning with pleasure as he does. He grips me hard as he pulses inside of me.

Tom moans and reaches for my nipple, pinching it. “Oh fuck! That felt so good.”

“Mmm, yes!” I smile at him, running a hand through my mussed hair. “It did.”

After dressing we drove back into town and Tom dropped me off at my home. No number exchange, no plans to ever meet again.

Will fate ever bring us back together?

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