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The Taking of Cassidy Lynn: Part 2

Cassidy continues her illicit affair
The Taking of Cassidy Lynn: Part 2

When Cassidy arrived at Manuel's door she had found it surprisingly difficult to ring the bell. She really didn't know him at all and yet just less than an half an hour earlier she had allowed him to take her sexually on the balcony during her Firm's company party that was still taking place upstairs.

And then, even after fucking her as if she were some coed slut, he had dared to assume she would follow him here to his apartment. And yet, here she was.

She had wondered how he would greet her. Would he take her right there, pressed against the door the moment she walked in? Part of her hoped he would. At least then she wouldn't have time to reconsider her decision.

Not that she would have. Manuel De la Cruz had proven to be a man whom she could not refuse. There was something in his voice that made her want to obey him. Cassidy was mystified and confused by his power over her. She was highly educated, a lawyer in fact and not a women to be easily manipulated. But still, when she looked into his eyes her knees felt weak and her breath caught in her throat.

So she had knocked, just as he knew she would. He met her at the door, looking freshly showered and wearing silk pajamas under a scarlet robe. He had genuinely seemed surprised to see her but something in his gaze told her that he wasn't surprised at all.

Still he was pleased and he invited her in. The living room was richly appointed and impeccably clean. The rhythms of a Spanish Guitar emanated from hidden speakers and he had offered her a glass of Cognac and invited her to sit with him. The dichotomy between how forceful he had been upstairs with the patience he demonstrated now had Cassidy reeling and unsure of what would come next.

Manuel pulled a cigar from his tabletop humidor and deftly clipped the end. He then sat in an overstuffed chair and bade her sit on the sofa next to him. Cassidy felt confused at his apparent nonchalance so when he reached for the lighter she forgo the sofa and walked over to him and took the lighter from his hand.

"Allow me," she said as she sat across his lap. She raised the ornate lighter and drew her thumb across the flint wheel. A bright, long flame burst to life from its tip and she held the flame to the cigars end as he drew on it. Moments later it was glowing red and Cassidy flicked the shutter closed over the flame.

Manuel blew a thick cloud of the aromatic smoke into the air. "Thank you my dear. You are most considerate. There is nothing more precious to a man than a woman who desires to be attentive to his needs."

Cassidy snuggled into his lap and watched quietly as he smoked. There was something distinctly masculine about it and Cassidy was content to enjoy the moment. The scent of fine tobacco soon filled the room with a rich, flavorful aroma. It was entirely different from the stale, bitter smell of cigarettes and there was something about it that Cassidy found serene and pleasing.

There, in his domain, with that cigar in his hand and the subtle melodies of the Spanish Guitar playing in the background, Manuel seemed to her as the epitome of what a man should be. She felt a connection to him unlike anything she had ever felt for her husband. She felt like she belonged there with him.

She took his hand and brought the cigar to her mouth, filling it with the rich smoke. "You have other needs that I desire to attend too as well."

She slipped off of his lap and knelt on the floor. Slowly she untied his robe, exposing his powerful chest to the soft light of the room. She ran her nails through the dark hair that grew not to thickly over his body and caressed his well defined abdominal muscles. His body was hard and warm and Cassidy licked her lips in lurid anticipation.

When she reached the waistband of his pajamas she unsnapped his fly. Reaching in, she wrapped her fingers around his semi hard shaft and gently squeezed. As she pulled his penis free she heard him moan softly in appreciation.

"Yes, my beautiful girl. Show me how much you want to please me."

Cassidy stroked him slowly and caressed her face with the soft, hot head of his uncircumcised cock. "I do want to please you and I want you to be pleased with me."

She trailed kisses along the length of his penis as he became fully erect in her hands. She swirled her tongue around the mushroom shaped head and flicked it over his foreskin, wetting it until his purple flesh glistened in the soft light.

Feeling the power of his erection become fully rampant from her touch made Cassidy wet with excitement. She took him into her mouth as deeply as she could but much of his impressive length still remained beyond her lips. Wrapping her fist around the base of his cock, she stroked him in time with the up and down movements of her mouth. Rivulets of saliva soon escaped from her lips and lubricated her hand, allowing it to flow smoothly over his shaft.

Manuel shifted on the chair slightly, moving his thighs apart to give her more space to touch him. Cassidy watched his scrotum appear as he did and she cupped his balls in her free hand, lightly rolling them in her fingers.

Pulling her mouth away for a moment, she gazed hungrily at his cock. It was pleasantly thick and long with a slight upward curve leading to its fleshy head. While not huge by any means he did have more to offer then her husband did.

"I like your cock. It feels almost as good in my mouth as it did inside my pussy."

Manuel dipped his cigar into the cognac and drew on it again as she slowly stroked him with her delicate hands. "You have such a wonderful touch my dear. Please, continue. I wish to experience more of your...attentiveness."

Cassidy smiled and granted his request, lowering her wet mouth over his cock once more. She loved how his penis tasted and how smooth it felt as it slid over her tongue. She sucked hard on the head and then pulled back so that she could run her lips over the shaft.

Cassidy could feel Manuel's breathing come in a long, slow cadence and he seemed to be calm and relaxed but his cock throbbed and pulsed at her touch.

She glanced up and saw him watching intently as she sucked his cock. His eyes smoldered with dark intensity, following her every move. Cassidy ran her tongue down his length and then she took his balls into her mouth, lathering them with saliva.

As she moved back up she stroked his shaft. He seemed to have gotten even harder as it jutted out proudly from her fist. Cassidy wiped her lips over the bulbous head several times and then once again slid it into her mouth, swirling her tongue over his hot skin.

Pulling back, she dragged her soft lips over his shaft and left long, viscous strands of saliva clinging to the tip of his penis as it slipped out of her mouth. Cassidy spit the moisture back over his glans and then dived back down, letting his cock pass over her tongue until it slid deeply into her throat. His penis felt so much thicker than her husband's and, savoring the illicit difference, she sucked as hard as she could until she had to come up for air.

Manuel caressed her face and wiped the moisture from her chin. "How incredible you are! My blood burns at your touch!"

In that moment Cassidy felt very proud that she had pleased him so thoroughly. He made her feel sexy and desirable in a way that she had not felt in several years and that simple appreciation of her as a women inflamed her passion even more then did his masculine sensuality.

Cassidy's excitement gripped her chest tightly and her heart quickened with her arousal. She sucked Manuel's finger into her mouth as her wet hand slid up and down over his cock. When Manuel gently pushed the dress off of her shoulders Cassidy slipped it down her to her waist, exposing her breasts to him for the first time.

With her hand still lightly playing with his cock she rose up and offered her distended nipple to him. When his mouth captured the tender bud she sighed and held him to her breast.

"Mmm, that feels so nice" she cooed as he sucked on the pink skin of her nipple.

Manuel set down the forgotten cigar and dribbled a bit of the cognac over her full breasts. The amber drops beaded on her skin and raced over the natural rise of her boobs as it flowed down into her cleavage. The strong aroma of the French brandy wafted up from her breasts and tingled on her skin. When he brought his mouth to her bosom and began to recapture the rogue drops of the liqueur, Cassidy moaned softly "Ohh my gosh..."

Manuel chased each drop with kisses and slight flicks of his tongue until he had Cassidy squirming in front of him. Then he drew her moist lips to his and, with a kiss, shared with her the full bodied, cinnamon spiced flavor of the drink.

Cassidy inched her dress down over her hips as Manuel feasted on her breasts and then eased his robe and shirt off his shoulders. Once free of their unneeded clothing, he lifted her and cradled her body in his strong arms.

"It is time, my sweet, beautiful girl. Now I will show you have a gentleman makes love to a women!"

Oh shit, his arms are like iron she thought as she wrapped her arms round his neck. She felt weightless in his embrace and laughed excitedly as he carried her effortlessly in to his bedroom. Candles flickered from every corner, filling the room with a soft, natural glow. When he set her gently on the sheets, she stretched out languidly, enjoying the feel of the silk against her skin.

Cassidy watched him intently, feeling the sexual tension in the air as she fully appreciated his nude body for the very first time. His bronzed skin looked smooth in the candlelight and his well defined muscles flexed sensually as he moved. There was an almost feline grace about him that made her belly flutter in anticipation as he casually picked up an alabaster spritzer bottle from his nightstand.

"As I said before my dear Cassidy, you are rare jewel and as is fitting something so precious..."

He lifted the spritzer over her and with a quick squeeze a mist of aromatic jasmine and lilac perfume spread over her naked body. More remarkably, the mist shimmered with golden luminescence as it drifted down upon her skin, covering her from her breasts to her thighs.

As the wonderful scent drifted over her she saw that her skin was glittered with a fine dusting of sparkling powdered gold. "Oh my god, it’s so beautiful!" Cassidy said appreciatively.

"It is the finest of French perfume infused with pure golden dust. An appropriate setting I believe, for one so beautiful."

Cassidy could not have dreamed of a more romantic moment and her body responded with a hot flush of arousal that made her thighs ache to be touched. When he lay next to her and drew her mouth to his, she surrendered a kiss to him as if he were her concurring warrior, home for the ultimate reward a woman can give to her man. She moved to mount him but with a single hand he stopped her and gently urged her back into the soft embrace of the silken sheets.

"No my dear, you have pleased me greatly and now it is my turn to please you." He kissed her with the hot passion she was still discovering within him, a passion that continually threatened to overcome her. He kissed her neck and then slowly moved down her body, sucking her breasts and kissing her belly until he had slipped down to her pubic mound.

He started slowly, kissing her inner thighs and flicking his tongue around her vulva, making her tremble with excitement. His breath felt hot on her skin and when his fingers gently parted her petals she tweaked her nipples hard. "Yes, lick my pussy, don't make me wait! I want to feel your tongue on my clit!"

Manuel curled his arms around her hips as he brought his mouth to her wetness and Cassidy allowed her knees to fall outward, spreading herself openly to his touch. Laying back into the sheets, she arched her hips upward, anticipating the probing warmth of his mouth on her sex.

Manuel though, seemed to delight in keeping her in a torturous state of frustration. He nuzzled her inner thigh, tickling her sensitized skin with his beard until she was actually squirming in his arms. "Ah, but what a beautiful flower you are my dear. Your womanhood rivals the delicate petals of nature’s greatest creations! Even your scent surpasses that of the rose."

Cassidy felt her wetness begin to leak from her pussy and slipped her own hand down over her mound, gently tapping her clit in uncontrolled desire. When she felt his lips finally descend, she caressed his cheek, urging him to give her what her body was demanding. "Yes, that's it! Lick my pussy like that, oh fuck yes, that feels soo good!"

Manuel didn't disappoint her. His tongue slipped into her moisture and traveled up and down her slit, dipping in and then swirling around her inner lips. His mouth pinched and pulled at her engorged flesh and sucked at her juices as they oozed from her body.

Cassidy's hips rolled and flexed in his arms, instinctively trying to bring her most sensitive spots to his tongue but it danced and flicked in ways that eluded her efforts yet still drove her mad with lust.

Cassidy whimpered and cooed at him, lost in the blazing, wet fire that that he kindled in her belly. His fingers dug into her hips hard enough that she was sure he would leave her bruised but the pain melted in the heat of her need, fueling her bodies’ race toward orgasmic release.

Just then Manuel centered his attention on her rock hard clit and twirled his tongue round and round over her bud. His lips locked around the fleshy hood and he sucked hard, causing the tiny vessels under the skin to fill with even more fresh blood. In seconds a sizzling series of contractions cascaded outward from her vagina and erupted through her body with enough force to make her belly ripple and to drive the breath from her throat. Cassidy moaned loudly, declaring with incoherent words that she had reached her peak.

Wracking spasms wound through her and beads of perspiration appeared on her skin as the moment crested. Her body pulsed and throbbed and then the orgasm receded like the tide. Presently her breath returned.

"Oh my fucking god!" was all she could say as the pleasant purring of her sex enveloped her like a warm blanket. Manuel kissed and nuzzled her thighs as she relaxed back into the sheets, seemingly content to let her enjoy the afterglow of her orgasm.

After a time Cassidy had begun to drift off into a hazy dreamlike state and Manuel moved up next to her, caressing her flanks with such a light touch that her skin barely registered the contact.

Lying on his side next to her, he let his gaze travel over her nude form, enjoying the pleasant curve of her hips and the gentle rise of her breasts. Somewhere deep in her mind, she noted the hypnotic affect of his fingertips as they roamed from her belly up into the valley between her breasts. When he cupped one firm globe in his palm, she opened her eyes. "Mmm, you have warm hands..."

"It is an unfortunate man whose hands chill the woman he makes love too my dear. I am indeed lucky to be blessed with a pleasing touch."

Cassidy turned her head and received a tender kiss. Her hand reached to him and found his penis hard and warm, waiting with controlled strength for her attention. Tightening her hold, she stroked him with long movements, pulling his foreskin over the crown of his cock until she felt the telltale thrust from his hips. It was the most subtle of movements but still enough to let her know what he needed. She drew him up, on top of her body and invited him to move into the cradle of her thighs. Manuel kissed her, softly at first but as his body rose and shifted, his kiss became demanding and insistent.

When she reached down to guide him into her, he grasped her hand and kissed it. "You have come so far Cassidy, yet there are things you have not yet experienced. You must trust me now if you are going to truly feel the pleasure that I can give you."

With deliberate slowness he gathered her wrists together and held them with one of his large hands. He then reached beneath the sheets and withdrew two scarlet red silk sashes, letting them trail over her breasts and neck as he showed them to her. "So I ask you, do you trust me Cassidy?"

Cassidy had never practiced any form of bondage before and the reality that she was about to be tied up while having sex with a man she didn't know suddenly became very frightening to her. "I don't know, I've never...ohh"

Her quiet pleas faded as he wrapped her wrists together tightly and then secured the sash to an antique wrought iron ring that was mounted to the headboard like a nineteenth century door knocker. He left her just enough play to flex her arms and no more. She tested the restraint and sighed worriedly.

"I do trust you, but are you sure we need this? Everything has been so good!"

He shushed her as one might do a child and then covered her eyes with the second sash. In a moment she was restrained and blindfolded, bound helpless in the bed of a man who seemed capable of almost anything. Part of her wanted to rebel, to scream for help but her passion would not allow such resistance. She was caught, caught by a man who had woven a web of her own sexual desires. Unsure of what he might subject her to, she surrendered none the less, just as she had ever since he first found her.

She still felt his hard body laying heavily on hers and when he drew her right leg up in his arm she felt his hard cock brush her thigh. "Oh my god" she whispered as Manuel brought his body in position to enter her.

"You see, my dear Cassidy, if I were to make love to you as you expected, you would have found pleasure to be sure, but you would have been denied the excitement that you must feel to be truly moved into bliss." His voice was calm and gentle but his cock pressed into her hard, filling her unexpectedly and causing her to gasp in surprise. "This way you will feel me as deeply in your mind as you do in your body."

Being unable to see caused her to focus on her sense of touch and soon she was keenly aware of every movement he made as he began fucking her. She felt his thick cock stretching her as it had done before and relished the sensation of his pelvis dragging up and down her belly. When he rose and lifted her right leg up to his shoulder, her passage opened and his shaft dove ever more deeply into her, making her gasp from the intensity of his penetration into her.

Wanting to clutch her breasts as they bounced on her chest, she struggled with the restraint, her arms flexing and straining in frustration as this amazing man had his way with her. Soon he was pounding into her pussy hard and she felt her wetness grow with each thrust. She was huffing and grunting as his length filled her and her mind raced with the thought that she was being thoroughly taken. Time and again, she tried to move her arms only to be reminded of her helplessness.

His mouth appeared on her neck and he sucked hard on her skin. His body pressed her down and his powerful hips flexed again and again as her channel clenched tightly on his hard, throbbing cock. "Oh yes...fuck me, fuck me hard baby. Fuck my pussy like that! Ahh yes!"

Her words became garbled and stilted as her body was ravaged by this man. Her clit screamed for her to touch it and she almost sobbed in frustration as her arms failed in their struggle against her restraints. Her hands became taunt and her fingers curled and whitened as she pulled but Manuel held her body in place as he bore down, sinking his cock into her until his balls slapped against her tender flesh.

All at once, Manuel gripped her rounded hips and pressed in deeply, driving the entire length of his cock into her. Cassidy felt her body tremble and quake and when her legs were drawn up and lifted onto his shoulders she again found herself vainly tugging at her restraints.

Cassidy almost swooned as she felt his arms circle her thighs, drawing them together and her heart skipped a beat as rose tall on his knees, lifting her butt completely off of the sheets. This improved the angle of his entry but also made pussy grip him more tightly. He drove his length into her again and again, making her entire body rock each time his hips slapped against the tender skin of her ass.

Her whole body felt the strength of his thrusts and Cassidy let out a strangled grunt each time his cock sank into her. Sweat formed on her legs and began running down her thighs, making her skin slippery enough that she began to slide out of his grip.

Cassidy had already cum three times that night and now felt her body resisting the possibility of once again opening the gates. She welcomed the powerful thrusts that drove deeply into her but whimpered at her body’s futile attempts to allow the flood to fully rise within her. "Unnh, ahh yes, please baby, please make me cum. Make me cum all over your cock!"

Manuel responded to her pleas and allowed her legs to slip off of his shoulders. He withdrew his cock and Cassidy whimpered as her wet hole clenched at its sudden emptiness. She was ready to beg him to put it back in when she felt the glorious feeling of his mouth close on her tender flesh.

"OHH...FUCK YES! She shouted in surprise as his tongue plunged into the wet pool of her sex. Cassidy rolled her hips in his face, desperately trying to cum, all the while begging him not to stop. "Suck me please, oh fuck yes, lick my pussy baby!"

While she had loved being fucked by his cock, her poor little slit had become tender and now the warm wetness of his tongue was exactly what she needed. Whatever the block was that had formed against the tide, it dissipated like a mirage and Cassidy felt the flood of orgasm come rushing toward her.

He sucked hard on her clit, concentrating his flicking tongue on that little bundle of nerves and it pulsed wildly, overwhelming her and rocking her to the deepest corner of her mind. His hands roamed up her belly and then cupped her breasts, tweaking her nipples hard. Cassidy bucked in his arms and then her body tightened noticeably. Her ragged breathing stopped for a moment and then a powerful spasm raced through her, making her jerk uncontrollably and driving her breath out in a long, primeval scream.

Cassidy felt the orgasm race through her again and again and perspiration flowed from every pour. She felt consumed by a pleasurable heat that made her feel like she had become molten inside. She tried to speak but words failed her and in the end she could only laugh in joy at the overwhelming power of it all.

She had never experienced a multiple orgasm before but felt certain that this must be what it was. Every time she started to wind down, another wracking wave crashed into her mind until she thought she might pass out before it stopped.

"Oh my fucking god, that was incredible!" She laughed again weakly as it passed,
feeling far too weak to say much more. Her body purred with warm satisfaction and her legs were so tired she doubted he could lift them.

Manuel had teased her clit for the first few seconds of her orgasm but then he just sat back, enjoying the sight of her writhing body until she finally drifted down from the clouds. He then untied her hands and removed the blindfold, releasing her from her bonds.

Cassidy rolled into his arms, snuggling up to him like a kitten. She had no words to say to him, rather she let the warm glow of her flesh signal her carnal satisfaction. She felt his hands roam slowly over her hip and thigh and she sighed deeply as he softly kissed her shoulder.

"Mmm, that's so nice" she murmured as he spooned behind her and slipped his arm under her head, supporting it weight.

"You are so lovely my sweet girl. Your skin glows in the candle light with the radiance of the moon on a starless night." His words came to her barley as a whisper, as if they had been carried in to her on the breeze.

Cassidy smiled inwardly, knowing it was romantic flattery but still touched deeply that he would grant this gift of prose to her. Never before had she met someone who could make her burn with desire with a single phrase. She was relaxed and contented, so it was with some surprise that when he drew her close she felt his still hard cock fall against the sensitive valley of her bottom.

It felt hard and hot and he ground it into her until the underside his shaft made its way more deeply into the crevice of her aerobically toned ass. Cassidy's heart quickened as Manuel placed his right hand on top of her hip and drew her closer, gently bending the spoon of their embrace while pumping his shaft along the delightfully pleasant shape of her descending curves.

"I have one more pleasure to give my sweet girl, and one more to take. May I ask you, have you yet given this gift to another?"

Cassidy could sense his eager excitement and, knowing well what he wanted, felt butterflies fluttering violently in her belly. Her husband had once expressed a desire for this part of her body and, in an effort to find a way to please him; she had succumbed to his need. He had been clumsy and quick though and she had found the experience to be painfully unsatisfying. The idea of accepting Manuel's thicker girth where her husband’s had proven too large frightened her terribly.

"No, I haven't." She lied, not to be deceptive or in a vain defense of her virtue, but because the truth would only further diminished the worthiness of her husband, and that was something she didn't want to contemplate. Not with Manuel's cock pressing hungrily against her.

Manuel lifted her hand to his lips and kissed it tenderly. "Then I shall be gentle with you my dear. You must believe that I wish you to enjoy this as much as I."

Manual then urged her to lie on her stomach and trailed kisses over her back. He massaged her shoulders and ran his strong hands down her body, his expert touch gently soothing her nerves. "Mmm, that's nice," she said as her body began melting into the bed. "You have very talented hands."

Manuel paused for a moment as he retrieved the crystal decanter from the bedside table. "It takes little effort for a man to learn the things he finds to be of value. What can be more valuable than the ability to please a beautiful woman?"

Manuel refreshed their tumblers with the forgotten Cognac and offered Cassidy her glass. "Please drink, it will help you relax."

"Thank you" she replied and then drank deeply from the glass. The smooth liqueur burned mildly as it flowed down her throat and the radiant warmth of the alcohol soon spread over her.

Manuel sipped his brandy and then chose a different decanter. With this, he poured a line of scented body oil over her back and began working into her skin. Cassidy cooed slightly as the oil warmed her body even more. When his hands travelled over her ass her breathing became heavier and her arousal once again began to build.

He poured a small amount of oil over the rising flesh of her bottom and massaged it into her shapely bottom, making Cassidy purr at his touch. When he worked the oil downward she pressed back against his hand and spread her legs slightly, inviting him to delve more deeply.

His fingers drifted to her anus and he began softly tickling her there. He touched her rose with a single finger and slowly prodded her, not pushing so hard as to intrude, but enough to make her body clench in resistance.

"Oh! Manuel please," she said plaintively. "I've never done...I don't think I can do this!"

He shushed her gently. "Of course you can. You have but to relax, and trust that I would do nothing to cause you pain."

Cassidy was so badly torn. She hated the idea of disappointing him; there was something so incredibly magnetic about Manuel that she so far had refused him nothing. Even so, her husband's callus and clumsy penetration of her back door had been painfully traumatic and until this very moment she never thought she would again allow a man to use her in that way. She was becoming so fearful now that she knew she would never be able to take him comfortably even if she did allow it. "Oh god Manual, you don't understand!"

Her protests were cut short though when she felt him kissing the cheeks of her bottom. His lips felt soft and warm and there was nothing insistent in his touch. "You need not concern yourself my sweet Cassidy. I would do nothing to you that you do not desire of me."

He continued to kiss and nibble at her bottom though and Cassidy knew that his intent remained unchanged. Not knowing what to say, she resigned herself to the pleasant kisses, hoping that she would somehow find a way to please him. She concentrated on his touch and as his mouth drew nearer to her center she closed her eyes, focusing her thoughts on the sensations he coaxed from her body.

Moments later she felt him part her cheeks with his hands and gasped in surprise as something warm and wet flicked at her rosebud. Cassidy's hips flexed in response and new moisture leaked into her vagina as the soft probing of her anus continued. It felt good, really good in fact and when Cassidy realized what he was doing she was shocked, yet despite her surprise she was amazed at how relaxing it was to have him licking her ass. "Oh wow, that feels nice" she said and she lifted her bottom slightly, trying to get more of his tongue on her sensitive hole.

Cassidy had heard of rimming but never thought she'd experience it firsthand. The gentle prodding and licking soothed her muscles and the tension melted away. Soon she felt her body opening to his licking and an odd desire to be penetrated rose in mind. "Mmm yes, where did you learn that baby, It feels so fucking good!"

Manuel declined to respond but wetted his finger and gently pressed it inside Cassidy's puckering hole. Cassidy felt the intrusion and sighed as she quickly adjusted to him. She felt him pour more of the scented oil on her entry and soon he was moving his finger easily within her.

Manuel took his time preparing her, slowly expanding her entry and gaining her trust. After awhile he was able to use three fingers and Cassidy squirmed and thrust back at him as he massaged her tight passage. Finally Cassidy not only felt comfortable enough to take his penis but was enjoying having her ass played with so much that she was actually craving the idea of having him inside her.

She reached back and took his cock in his hand and began stroking him. She felt him stiffen and grow until his erection filled her grip completely. Then she rose to her knees and bent low with her head on the pillow. "I'm ready baby and I want it. I want your cock in my ass."

Cassidy almost quivered in anticipation as he rose to his knees behind her. Her anal passage was wet with lubricant and felt very relaxed and her pussy oozed with moisture from her arousal. She felt his cock being rubbed on her thigh and she wiggled her hips, playfully teasing him.

Manuel slid his cock across the cleft of her butt and she sucked in her breath, expecting him to put it in her soon, so when he moved lower and plunged into her pussy she moaned in blissful surprise. "Ohhh yeah. Fuck me like that."

Manuel gave her a few hard strokes, coating his shaft in her juice and then pulled out and drew his uncircumcised head upward until it found her nether entry. Cassidy pushed back on him and held her breath as his hardness began to force her muscles apart. Tinges of stinging pain blazed in her body for a brief moment but Manuel held her hips and drove in until her entry conformed to his shape.

Cassidy winced for a moment and she concentrated on relaxing her body. She had been well prepared and moments later she felt her bottom's grip on his shaft lesson until the pain faded completely. What remained was an incredible feeling that was very different than having her pussy fucked. Taking a breath, she rocked back onto him and gasped as his entire length slid into her. "Oh goddamn Manuel, you feel so fucking big inside me!"

His cock moved deeply and easily in her rectum and when Manuel pressed her down into the sheets couldn't help but groan. His arms held her tightly and she felt his rasping breath on her neck as he began to fuck her ass every bit as hard as had her pussy. The bed bounced in its heavy frame as he fucked her and she found herself squeezing his cock as it plunged into her. Cassidy couldn't believe his hunger as his gentleman's aura evaporated. He was fucking her with the passion and ferocity of a man crazed with lust and she was pleased and proud that she was able to bring about such an amazing transformation in him.

Pressed into the sheets, she was unable to rub her clit but she had cum so many times that night it hardly mattered. Her only thought was the pleasure he was taking from her. It was a deeply satisfying moment and even if he fucked her ass raw she knew it would be worth it when he came.

At some point his hands had found hers and he held her tightly as he hips slammed his penis into her tender ass. His body hunched forward, building up a tempo that she knew could not be maintained. Between her own gasps, she begin urging him to cum, wanting nothing more than to feel his seed drench her bowels.

Then she felt his arms become as hard as steel and his body quivered and shook. He plunged into her hard, holding himself planted deeply in her ass and she actually felt his cock pulse and throb as he filled her with his second load of the night.

They lay together like that for a long while. Cuddling and kissing until Cassidy realized she had to get home.

"I'm sorry," she told him. "My husband is going to be wondering where I am soon."

Manuel nodded in understanding. "You do not need to apologize to me, my dear sweet girl. You have your life to return too and I will think no less of you for it."

Cassidy slipped on her dress and fussed hopelessly with her hair before giving up and leaving it down around her shoulders. She gave him a kiss and was about to leave when Manuel put his hand on the door.

"If you must leave then you must, but know you do have a choice. You must decide where you truly belong. There, with a man incapable of loving you as you deserved to be loved, or here with me. I say this because you do have the choice; it is up to you to make it."

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