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The Train Ride

Rattling and rolling, billowing steam and smoke, the train shuddered, wheels screeching, and I braced myself in a corner of the carriage as it came to a noisy, jolting halt. I tugged the hem of my pleated skirt below my knees and looked anxiously at the door. This was the only stop before my destination, a little over two hours away, and I prayed that I’d have the carriage to myself.

In these austere times — early-fifties England — a lot of old rolling stock was in use. The carriages were basic: two bench seats on facing walls, luggage racks above,  grimy windows — and one door. No corridor, no toilets, no walking around. 

There was a cord to pull in case of emergency. But no real way of escaping. As a shy, rather naive nineteen-year-old girl, that was a real concern. I had a nagging fear of being trapped in a compartment with an unsavoury character. Or, worse, maybe more than one.

I listened to doors being flung open and banged shut, voices shouting over the hiss of the steam engine, footsteps resounding on the platform, the clack of heels. I’d purposely chosen the last carriage, hoping nobody would bother to venture this far back. 

Minutes ticked by. They seemed like hours. Then it became relatively quiet outside, no more slamming of doors. Maybe, just maybe, it was my lucky day.

I began to settle, wriggling to get comfortable on the coarse cloth. There was ingrained dust, probably soot as well, on the patterned covering. I congratulated myself on wearing a dark skirt and sweater. I’d elected to face the way the engine travelled, preferring to peer out of the window to see what was coming up, not what we’d passed.

Oh no!

The door — my door, dammit — was being wrenched open. I heard a man’s voice. “Come along, dear… let me give you a hand up.”

The door was fully opened and I panicked. Shut your eyes, pretend to be asleep. Don’t look at them.

Had I been thinking rationally, I would have welcomed my fellow passengers. Hadn’t he said “dear”? Surely that indicated a man and woman. How safe is that? But I was too nervous to think straight. So I closed my eyes.

“There you go, my love… that’s it.” It was a kind voice, an educated tone, and I heard footsteps on the carriage’s timber floor. Sounded like heels.

“Thank you, sweetheart.” 

Hmm… light, almost breathless. Young.

A bump on the floor was followed by another. Baggage? And then more footsteps and the door slammed. I heard the guard's shrill whistle, the hiss of steam increased, and the wheels groaned, slowly turning on the iron tracks.

“Just in time,” he said. “You sit here in the corner while I put the cases up on the rack. Okay?”

“Fine,” she said, then added, “Seems our fellow passenger is asleep.”

My eyelids fluttered — a nervous reaction to being talked about — but I managed to maintain my sleeping pose. Eyes shut. Ears open.

“Think you might be right,” he said and I heard him take a deep breath. Probably preparing to haul a case onto the overhead luggage rack. Thump. I couldn’t help it… I automatically opened an eye to see what the noise was all about. Yes, I was right: a large suitcase had been lifted and dumped onto the rack. But what I saw took me by surprise.

From all that I’d heard, I surmised the man to be quite big. Instead, he was extremely slim and quite short. He had his back to me, standing on tiptoes and pushing the case as far onto the rack as possible. He wore a dark business suit and, as he stretched, his jacket rose, revealing a very slim backside. His legs, too, were thin.

Squinting, I watched him pick up the second case. His hands were slender, his fingers long. Could be a pianist. Slim as he was, he obviously had some strength because he lifted the case with apparent ease, swung it above his head, and plonked it onto the rack.

“There, that’s that,” he said and I thought he might dust his palms together, signifying a job well done. Instead, he bent toward his lady and pecked her lips. It was only a quick kiss but I felt that I shouldn’t have watched. Seemed like I was spying.

The train was picking up speed, rocking and clanking, when he sat next to her. That’s when I got another surprise. Sitting in that opposite far corner, was a stunning beauty, a blonde of Hollywood film star quality. I’d only seen the likes of her in magazines.

Long and shapely stocking-clad legs were tilted to one side, ankles together, feet in black heeled shoes. She wore a sleeveless white blouse tucked into a navy-blue knee-length skirt. Her waist was tiny but I quickly realised it looked so small because of her huge breasts which were threatening to spill out of the square-cut neckline. Neckline? There was an enormous amount of flesh on view. Until that moment, I’d believed my chest was quite something. Although shy, that didn’t mean I was dumb. I’d long been aware that my breasts attracted attention. I simply wasn’t sure whether I liked it or not. My fellow passenger clearly didn’t have any qualms about putting her magnificent cleavage on show.

Looking from one to the other, I pondered how such a diverse couple became to be together. Beauty and the beast? What attracted her to such a scrawny man? Ah, perhaps he was rich. Stop it, that's an unkind thought.

“Why don’t you take your jacket off, get comfortable, darling?” she said. “We’ve got a long journey ahead of us.”

“You’re right,” he said, standing. With his back to me, he undid the jacket and it slipped down his arms. In a white dress shirt, he looked even slimmer, almost skinny. He folded the jacket neatly and put it on the seat opposite me. He started to turn his head in my direction and I quickly closed my eyes. Phew! That was close.

“That’s better,” she said. “Come here, give me a proper kiss. I need you.”

I heard the bench creak — he must’ve sat again — and then he spoke so quietly I almost couldn’t hear. “Hmm… I’m not sure. What about her?”

There was silence, apart from the clackity-clack of wheels and the groaning of the carriages. Amazing how we get used to a constant background noise. I kept my eyes closed, tried to breathe slowly and evenly, hands clasped in my lap. I sensed they were staring at me. Who else would they be discussing?

“She’s fine. Hasn’t moved once. Probably sleeping off a heavy night.”

“Think so? She doesn’t look the partying type to me.”

I resisted the urge to nod. He was right, and his words set me thinking. Yes, I’d led quite a sheltered life. What’s the naughtiest thing I’d done? I’d had a few gins occasionally, got a little tipsy, even been known to kiss a few lads and let a couple of them fumble with my tits. But, nothing serious. I was a good girl, really — a virgin, and I planned to stay that way until my wedding night. 

Cocks? I was curious but… well,  just two experiences. Colin Robinson got his out one night and made it bigger by rubbing it. It was the first time I’d seen an erection. He wanted me to touch it but I declined. I watched him rub it, though, until his stuff came out. Fascinating. There was lots, real baby-making cream. But I did feel Tommy Hardwick’s. Well, actually, he asked me to stroke it and he was good looking, a year older than me. Anyway, I did it and he got really hard in my hand. Must have been five inches long. It was also fat and I wondered how on earth we girls were expected to take a thing that size in our hole. I only ever got two fingers in when I played with myself.

“Look at her, she’s well away. What’s up? I thought you’d be as desperate as me by now.”

“Oh, I am, Marilyn, believe me.”

Marilyn? Oh yes, that name really suited her.

“That’s it then. Come on, I’ve waited long enough.”

In a few seconds, the bench creaked and I heard light moaning and mumbling. I dared to partially open my eyes. She had one arm around his back while clutching at a scraggy buttock with her free hand. They kissed, with some passion it seemed, and she tried to tug his shirt free of his trousers.

“Get this off,” she mumbled. “I’m fed up with waiting.”

He sat upright and swiftly lifted the shirt over his head. Muscles rippled in his back. He was skinny but obviously toned, hard-bodied.

“What about you?” he said.

The blonde smiled. She swiftly removed her blouse and lay it alongside her right hip. Her milky bosom was barely contained in a white lace-trimmed bra. I thought I saw a nipple peeping over the edge before he slid a hand inside the right cup and lifted out her breast. He bent toward her splendid orb and she leaned back, sighing.

“That’s it, darling, suck on my nipple. God, you know how I love that.”

He spent some time over her breast and I noticed her legs were no longer neatly together. She’d slipped off her heels and her knees were apart, probably as far as her skirt would allow. Her head was back, eyes closed, and she gnawed on her lower lip. I never knew that having a nipple sucked could be so exciting. I knew mine were sometimes sensitive to the touch and, on a few occasions, I’d pinched and rubbed them. When the boys had fondled my tits, they’d tingled against their palms but that was it. Blondie was obviously getting far more thrills from her man. 

Suddenly, I realised that my hands weren’t clasped in my lap. My left hand was on my right breast, fingers seeking my nipple. I felt it through my bra and sweater. It was that hard. Oh my god. What sensations was she getting?

I watched him move his head slightly to the right and his left hand came up and grasped her right breast. “Mustn't leave this one out,” he said, clearly turning his attentions to her left nipple.

She opened her eyes and smiled down at him. “Just a minute or so, darling,” she said. “Good as it is, I want more than this, you know.” Then she took a quick breath and closed her eyes again. “Oh my, that’s wonderful. I’m getting so wet, you naughty man.”

She’s wet? So am I.

I pressed my thighs together. I was sure I’d leaked. I felt as damp down there as I did when I fingered myself for that buzz of relief. I wanted to feel myself now, put my fingers in there. But I couldn’t. It would give the game away and I so wanted to see what would happen next. This was exciting and so naughty.

“Enough, enough… I can’t take any more.” Blondie pushed at his narrow shoulders and he sat back.

He put a hand on her left knee. “You want my tongue, sweetheart?”

“You know I do. Get me ready for your cock.”

What? Did I hear right? Are they planning to do it? Right here on the train?

She raised her hips and rolled her skirt up to her waist. A thin white suspender belt secured her stockings, but I somehow managed to stifle a gasp when I saw she was without knickers. I glimpsed pale, wispy pubic hair before he moved across my vision and knelt between her spread thighs. No knickers. Oh my, how rude!

Hands on her inner thighs, he dipped his head between them. “Oh yes, yes,” she squeaked, her head rolling side to side. “Damn, that’s so fucking good.”

My mouth dropped open. I was shocked to hear her swear. This beautiful goddess had a dirty mouth. But he must be doing something extraordinary to make her blaspheme like that.

She’d lifted her legs and her hands gripped the back of her knees, holding them up and wide. His head moved slightly up and down and I thought I detected a slurping sound. Like a cat licking at its bowl. “Oh fuck, yes,” she said, loudly, and he raised his head.

“Shush,”  he said and turned in my direction. I rapidly closed my eyes and stopped squeezing my nipple.“Don’t wake her, sweetheart. That would ruin everything.”

“Sorry,” she whispered. “But your tongue is so delicious. I can’t help it.”

“Hmm,” he said, and I squinted in time to see him moving his head up and down again between her taut thighs. She started rocking her hips, almost in motion with the rickety train, and she pinched and pulled at her bright red nipples.

I didn’t really know what he was doing to her but I could tell she was enjoying it. And her pleasure was transferring to me. I was so excited just watching this amazing scene. Who’d have dreamt such a thing when I boarded this empty carriage?

“Victor, Victor,” she said urgently, “that’s it.” Her voice was barely above a whisper as she again pushed on his shoulders. “I can’t wait any longer. You’ve got me ready, darling. I’ve got to have you. I need your cock. Stand up, please.”

So, it’s Victor and Marilyn. I’ll never forget those names.

He stood and she edged forward on her seat, feet planted flat on the floor, thighs still akimbo. “Sorry, darling, my fingers are all a tremble. I can’t manage the buttons, Please, undo them for me.”

I watched and she watched as he undid his trousers and then let them slide down his thin legs. Again, I somehow managed to smother a gasp when I saw his bare backside. He didn’t bother with underwear either.  

“Oh my, oh my. Darling, that’s glorious,” she breathed, both hands moving towards his groin. “How can you be soft and yet so big. Amazing,” she said and leaned forward.

“Wait,” he said, “let me take my trousers off.”

“If you must.” She sighed and sank back against the bench while Victor squatted, untied his shoes, removed them, and then stepped out of his trousers. He nudged the shoes to one side, picked up his trousers, folded them, and set them down next to his jacket. I closed my eyes. Just in case he looked my way.

“All ready now, darling? That it?”

“Yes,” he said. “Can’t believe she’s still sleeping.”

“Don’t worry about her. Concentrate on me. I want you to fuck me real good. Don’t hold back. I’ve told you, I want it all.”

“If you say so. If you’re ready.”

I took a chance and half-opened my eyes. His back was to me, his hands resting on bony hips. Her right arm moved up and down. I assumed she was stroking his cock like I’d done with Tommy. 

“Shall I suck him?”

“You could, yes, I’d love that. But I thought you wanted to fuck right now, no waiting.”

“Yes, I want it, Victor. I want your cock right now but I don’t want to seem selfish.”

He chuckled. “Oh my love, you’re never selfish. And you know I always want to feel my cock in your lovely wet cunny.” He suddenly sighed, his legs trembled, and I heard Marilyn gasp.

“Oh, bloody hell, darling,” she said. “Wow! So big, so quick!”

What’s happened?

“Oh yes, my sweet love. It grew because I thought of your delicious hole waiting to be filled.”

“Do it now then,” she said. “Quick, come on.”

Marilyn lay on the narrow bench, her right foot still on the floor. She scrunched up her blouse and shoved it under her buttocks while he looked down at her, waiting.

Now I was truly wet. Couldn’t help it. I had never been so sexually aroused in all my nineteen years. Who’d have believed that shy and reserved Annie Holmes could get so excited? That she’d be thrilled at the prospect of watching her own live sex show. An audience of one to watch Skinny Man fucking Blonde Beauty. And all in a musty old railway carriage.

I shook my head slightly. I couldn’t keep squinting. I wanted to see properly, not miss a thing. Surely they’re wouldn't be thinking about me while they… while they…fuck. Yes, that’s what they’d said: Fuck.

I slowly opened my eyes. Fully. Had I not done so, I swear they would’ve popped wide open the moment I saw Victor’s cock.

With Marilyn on her back, pubis raised, he stood at the edge of the bench and then got aboard, kneeling between her legs before sitting back on his haunches. It was then that I saw it. 

Victor held his erection in his right hand and slowly, languidly, stroked along his length. I put a hand to my mouth, muffling a gasp. What is that? I’d been amazed at the size of Tommy’s erection but this was something else. Huge doesn’t begin to describe it and I immediately wondered how such a slightly-built man came to have such a giant penis. And then another thought struck me: how on earth was Marilyn going to take such a massive thing inside her?

The answer was coming up. His left hand on her right thigh, Victor leaned forward and I saw him present his immense head at her mound. She reached down, fingers encircled the shaft just below the dome, and guided him between her pink lips. Gradually it penetrated, disappeared, and he eased back and forth, sinking more of his prodigious rod each time he thrust his skinny hips. I shook my head again, still in disbelief. Really, come on, how could such a weedy-looking man possess a cock that size?

“Is it all there yet?” I thought beads of sweat were bubbling on her brow. My palms were certainly clammy.

“Very nearly, my love. Are you okay? Stop me if it’s too much.”

She smiled. “It feels great Victor. But can you fuck me now? Don’t be gentle. I want to feel you pumping that monster in me. Please, do it hard and fast.”

I blinked. She wanted that pole going in her hard and fast? Hearing that, I gave in to my instincts and gripped the hem of my skirt. Raising my hips, I pulled it up to mid-thigh and then slid a hand to my crotch. My knickers were soaked. I tugged them to one side and rapidly poked a forefinger into my hole. Then added my middle finger. Oh, they went in so easily and I heard a squelching sound. Was that me? Did they hear?

“Oh shit, oh shit,” she wailed above the clatter of the engine as Victor pistoned up and down her tunnel. I could see he wasn’t totally in but his long and powerful strokes must have been driving deep into her belly. Suddenly, he withdrew, pulled right out.

“What the fuck,” she whimpered, looking along her heaving body at Victor’s throbbing column. It glistened with her juices and I saw that her hole was gaping, pink and dripping. 

“We’re not alone,” he said and flicked his head in my direction.

Oh, no… how did that happen? I never thought they’d be thinking about me. I felt colour rising in my cheeks. What did I look like? Skirt up, fingers delving as deep as I could get them, and, I now realised, a hand up my jumper and teasing my nipples.

“So what?” said Marilyn. “We can’t stop now. Anyway, look at her, she doesn’t mind. She’s loving it. Aren’t you, girl?”

My mouth was suddenly dry, my throat lumpy. I nodded and croaked, “Ye…yes… I’m sorry, don't bother about me. I shouldn’t be looking.”

They both chortled, her huge bosom wobbling and his cock swaying like a flag pole on a windy day. “Listen to that, darling. She’s sorry.” And she laughed again.

I didn’t know what to say. But I withdrew my fingers. “No, no, keep them there,” she said. “Play all you like. In fact, come closer, have a proper look if that’s what you want.”

I looked from one to the other. “I’ve never done anything like this before,” I mumbled. “Really, I haven’t.”

“But you like what you see,” he said, slightly turning his hips so that I saw even more of his stupendous erection. I took a deep breath, nodded, and slid along the bench.

“Good,” he said and, without another word, slid his cock back into her sheath. Marilyn flinched at the sudden intrusion but then smiled and sank back, bucking her hips to meet his thrusts.

Before delving back into my wetness, I did something amazingly bold, brazen even —  I whipped off my sweater and bra. It was so exhilarating, my unfettered boobs swinging to the train’s rhythm while I crammed fingers, three of them now, into my private passage. And, of course, best of all, I watched Victor bury his cock into his beautiful blonde lover. Bury it he did, too. With one lunge, he crushed against Marilyn’s mound and she howled. He stayed there, rolling his hips, while she bit her lips. 

I couldn’t imagine what sensations she felt, having his long tube wiggling in her depths. Then he started pumping her again, but withdrawing only three or maybe four inches. Only? That was virtually all of Tommy’s length. He really pummelled her for what must have been at least two minutes: in and out, up and down, back and forth, until her body suddenly tensed. Hands on her head, thighs taut, hardly breathing… it was as if time had stood still, waiting for an explosion. The explosion, apparently, wasn’t just hers.

With a guttural roar, Victor rammed her furiously, five or six thumping strokes, before he came to a sudden halt. In those same seconds, Marilyn grunted loudly, her body undulated wildly, and she finally sagged back onto the bench, arms flopping at her sides. 

I looked at Victor. He sat, spine straight, hands on hips, breathing steadily. Not much of his cock was visible but fluids, some creamy white, seeped from Marilyn, down her smooth thighs, and onto the seat. Hmm… the covers housed a variety of stuff: dust and soot were a given but I’d never thought about bodily fluids.

“Are you okay, sweetheart?”

Marilyn nodded, perhaps too exhausted to talk. “Mmm,” she managed, eventually. “That was so good. The best yet. But I feel tired. You?”

"I'm very very good, thank you,” he said, using a hand to wipe sweat from his brow.

“And what about you?” Marilyn said, turning her head to face me. There was a glint in her blue eyes. Was it satisfaction? Or was she laughing at me? “How are you feeling after watching all that.”

I took a moment to think about it. My fingers felt sticky, so did my thighs. My nipples ached, a strange sensation for me. And my stomach was doing somersaults. How did I feel? They both stared at me. I saw Victor scan my body, breasts to open thighs, and I felt a frizzle of excitement.

“Good, I think,” I said, glancing from Marilyn’s eyes to her crotch where Victor remained embedded. “It wasn’t something I expected to see,” I grinned. “Not something that happens every day, is it?”

“No, it’s not,” she agreed. “So, will you tell your boyfriend about this… this, what shall we call it? Adventure.”

I shook my head.

“You won’t? Why on earth not?”

“I don’t have a boyfriend. Well, not a regular one. Oh shit,” I sighed, “not one at all.”

“Really?” said Victor. “You’re a good looking young lady.”

“Yes,” Marilyn joined in, “you’ve got a nice face and figure. Boys must fancy you.” She paused, glanced at Victor, then back to me. “Tell me, how old are you?


“Right, and so how many boys have you been with?”

“Been with?”

“Yes, been with. You know… as in fucked.”

I took another deep breath, aware of my breasts rising and Victor staring at them. “None.”

“You’re a virgin?” She sounded amazed. “Oh, my. Why on earth is that? You look to me as though you’d enjoy a good fuck. Like I do.”

I shrugged and pressed my lips together. “Don’t know, really. Guess I’ve always believed in being a virgin until marriage.”

“You really think that? Even after just what’s happened?”

Well, did I? 

“It was exciting,” I admitted. “But I was only watching.”

“And playing with yourself.”

“Yes, there is that. But I did that because I was excited watching you two. I couldn’t help it. That’s only natural, isn’t it?”

“Hmm… it is. So what did you like most? What really turned you on?”

“Wow, that’s a difficult question. There was so much happening.”

“Okay, I guess you were surprised at first but started to get aroused when we were kissing and stuff. Yes?”

I nodded. “I was shocked. Didn’t really know what to do. Didn’t expect you to … well, you know. It’s not normal on a train is it?”

“But you couldn’t help watching, even though you were pretending to be asleep.”

“That’s right.” I blushed.

“So, what about when you knew we were going to fuck. What then?”

“Oh yes, my goodness. I was all of a flutter inside. I knew I shouldn’t be watching but I was really turned on by then. I wanted to see you both do it, wanted to know what happens.”


“And what?”

“And what did you think? Did you like what you saw?”

“Oh yes… I’ll never forget it.”

“Hmm,” she said, again glancing at Victor and back to me. “Does that mean you’re likely to forget all about this virgin bride business. Would you like to be fucked sooner rather than later?”

“Oooh, that’s another hard question, really hard.” I paused, looking at Marilyn’s open thighs and the giant cock that was still wedged in her seeping entrance. “Actually, after today — and given the right man, of course — I might just go for it.”

“That’s the girl,” she said, grinning. 

“I only said might. I’m not too sure yet.”

“That’s fine. And you do need the right man. And he needs the right equipment.”


“Yeah, equipment. He’s got to have a good cock, one that satisfies you. Like Victor’s here. You must surely like his cock. You do, don’t you?”

I took another deep breath and rubbed my sweaty palms on my thighs.

“Well?” she persisted. “Oh, I get it. You want to have a closer look. That it?”

“No, it’s not th —“

“Don’t worry,” Marilyn cut me short. “I’m not the jealous type. Okay, Victor… careful how you do it, but you can take your beautiful cock out now. Slowly, gently does it.”

Inch by inch, he withdrew. Veins still bulging along his glistening shaft, each exposed inch brought with it more fluids. Did he never go soft, get small? I was fixated, staring in wonder at this huge penis. In biology, I’d learned that the average length was around five or six inches. Obviously, they didn’t know about this specimen.

Victor held his shaft with his right hand and I saw the head appear at her portal. It was purple, shining, and looked smooth as silk. It also had immense girth and exited with a discernible ‘plop’.

“Oooh,” she said, quickly placing her right hand over her gaping hole. “I miss that straight away.” She shook her head, then looked at me. “Never mind, eh? There’s always another time, thank God. Right… now don’t be shy. This is your chance. Don’t you think my darling Victor has the greatest cock? Um? What do you say?”

“It sure is big.” I raised my eyebrows. “But doesn’t it hurt? I mean, look at the end, the big knobby bit. That’s enormous. And it goes in first.” I shook my head.

“It’s a beauty, alright.” She smiled at me, propping up on an elbow. “I couldn’t begin to explain how it feels. Not when it first breaks through or when it’s pumping away deep inside. You’d have to experience it to know. That right, Victor?”

“You'd know about that, sweetheart,” he said. “But not every woman can take a big cock like this. Some get frightened just looking at it.” Then he looked into my face. “What about you?”


He nodded. “Are you frightened?”

“Not sure. As I’ve said, it’s big — no, not big, it’s much more than that. Hmm, enormous, that’s more like it.  Anyway, I like how it looks.”

“In what way?” said Marilyn.

“Well, it’s powerful, isn’t it. Strong, like an iron bar, and I get wet thinking about it. What it might feel like.” I paused, hesitating. How much should I tell these strangers? Oh, come on, I’d watched them fuck. “You see, I’ve only ever used my fingers.”

“Are you wet now? Show me?”

I slid a finger between my puffy lips, then dipped just inside. I was wet, no doubts about that. I held my finger toward the reclining blonde. “See?”

“I see. And that’s all from looking and thinking.” She glanced at Victor and I saw him nod, just a small drop of the chin. “Why don’t you have a feel? Go on, get a hold. We don’t mind.”

Wow. Really?

I blinked, a little surprised, and offered a small smile. Couldn’t deny it, I wanted to touch it, satisfy my curiosity. Tommy’s had grown hard in my hand but that surely wouldn’t compare with this experience.

Victor got off the seat and took a step towards me. His mighty tool hung down, no longer erect. I wrapped the fingers of my right hand  around him. It was warm, the skin a little sticky with drying juices, and soft. Yet, I could also feel the firmness, the promise of power. It was heavy in my palm and I lifted it until the dome pointed at me. The hole at the tip looked larger than I imagined.

“Stroke him. Be firm. You’ll love how it grows in your hands.”

I nodded at Marilyn and began stroking, feeling the blood pulsating in his veins and the skin sliding back and forth. My hand seemed tiny, and my fingers barely encased his thickening girth. I stroked from the base to the head and back again. His balls hung low and swayed in their sac as I increased my stroking speed. Tommy said men liked it fast when they wanted to climax.

“Two hands,” said my blonde mentor. “Use both hands. As if your pulling on a bell rope.”

I did as told and realised that Victor had, indeed, grown. I kept tugging on this wonderful rope, watching the head expand, feeling the shaft harden. After a few minutes of this, a dribble of fluid oozed from the hole. Ah, pre-cum, that stuff that can be dangerous for innocent young girls.

I watched more seeping. “Wipe it or taste it. Choice is yours.” I looked up at Victor and then smeared his juice around his plum. It felt wonderful. So good, I popped a finger into my mouth and sucked.

“There you go,” said Marilyn. “So what happens now?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, young lady, you’ve got him all roused up. Don’t you know all that pre-cum means he’s ready for action? Isn’t that right, darling?”

Victor nodded, eyes staring into mine. “Sure does,” he said and grasped my wrists. He pulled them wide and I released my two-handed grip on his cock. It bounced up and down, swayed, and eventually stopped at something above horizontal. For some reason, I licked my lips and exhaled loudly.

“Go to Marilyn,” he said.

Marilyn was on the edge of her bench, knees together. “Turn around,” she said, then undid my skirt, letting it drop to the floor. “You won’t need these, either,” she added, dragging my wet knickers to my ankles. I stepped out my clothes, bent to pick them up and tossed them onto the opposite bench. “Good girl, that’s the idea,” she said, grasping my hips and easing me down onto her lap.

Victor stood in front of me and watched as Marilyn cupped my breasts and jiggled them. “What are you doing?” I squeaked. No woman had played with my tits.

“Just keep looking at Victor’s cock,” she said. “See how excited he got, watching me wobble your tits. Show her, darling.”

He wiped his cock across my breasts, pressing the dome against my firm nipples. I sighed, looked down and saw he’d left a trail of pre-cum.

“Open your legs,” she whispered in my ear. “Show him your virgin pussy.”

Her arms locked around my waist and I put a leg either side of her thighs. “Good girl,” she said and pulled me backward as she reclined. Her breasts felt warm squashed against my back. “Feet up on the seat,” she ordered. “Keep your legs open, as wide as you can.”

God, she’s so persuasive. Am I hypnotised?

Feet up, knees falling sideways, I thought Victor must have a good view of my soaking pussy. I had only a sparse bush on my mound.

“How’s that, darling?” asked Marilyn. “Is it good?”

“Perfect,” said Victor. “She's slightly open and you’ve got her at the right height. It’s all down to her now.”

“Did you hear that, my virgin angel? Darling Victor with the cock to die for, says it’s up to you now? So, what do you say?”

“About what? What do you mean?”

Victor held his cock upright against his stomach and reached down with his free right hand. I felt his long fingers touch where only I had ever been. I squirmed in Marilyn’s lap but she held me tight. “It’s okay, relax,” she murmured and I obeyed. I eased back into her, released the tension in my thighs and shoulders, and allowed my arms to droop at my sides. “That’s it, good girl.”

Victor parted my lips, probed with a long digit, and I didn’t resist. Truthfully, I loved the feeling. It was a foreign body inside me, seeking to thrill me. Not my own fingers, my own flesh and blood.

His finger curled inside me and I held my breath. He’d found a magic spot. Then I felt him rubbing at the top of my slit, teasing my nub, that part I sometimes found too sensitive to touch. Victor left it, put two fingers in my tunnel and drove them in and out, getting faster and faster until I suddenly screamed, bucked my hips, and had what must have been my first proper orgasm.

I panted, coming down from the magical high, and I groaned loudly when Victor removed his fingers. 

“Oooh, you are a sexy young madam, aren’t you? You’ve got a live one here, my darling.”

“I think you’re right. Let’s see, shall we?” 

Still struggling to control my breathing and quivering thighs, I watched Victor lower his mighty cock from against his stomach and aim it at my entrance. “Can you see that?” Marilyn cooed in my ear. “Look how you’ve got his cock. It’s huge, look at it.”

I didn’t need encouragement: I couldn’t stop gazing at it. So close, it was unbelievable, indescribable, a mammoth weapon of destruction. Yes, that’s what it was. “He can’t put that in me,” I said quickly. “ He’ll destroy me for life.”

Marilyn chuckled in my ear. “Not quite but close,” she said. “He won’t destroy you but, believe me, you’ll always hunger for a big cock after being fucked by Victor. Normal cocks won’t do it for you.”

“I’ve no idea about that, whether it’s true or not,” I said. “But I do know that it’s too big for my little hole. I’m full with three fingers in there, let alone that… that … monster. It looks lovely, it’s great to play with. I admit that. But, I couldn’t poss—“

“Wait a minute,” Victor interrupted my flow. “We’re not forcing you into anything. It’s your choice. If you don’t want the experience, then I’m sure my sweetheart will gladly have another fill. That right, Marilyn?”

“Sure thing, lover.” And to me, she said, “You’re missing the chance of a lifetime. It’s not only huge, he knows how to use it, believe me. He’s the best fuck ever.”

I looked again at Victor. He just stared at me, slowly stroking the object of my confusion. Marilyn had taken him, all of him, in fact. So what’s stopping me? Fear of the unknown? God, what a train ride this is.

“It’s about thirty minutes to the next station,” Victor announced. “I need a decision one way or the other. I sure can’t get off the train like this. I need to fuck one of you. What do you say, young lady? Last chance. How about I just put the end in, see how that feels for you? If you don’t like it, I’ll fuck my sweetheart here.”

“Go on, just try it,” she whispered. “You’ll regret it if you don’t. You’ll always wonder. Know what I mean?”

Marilyn could make a living seducing people. “Okay,” I croaked, then coughed. “I’ll try it. But just the tip, okay? Don’t rush, don’t force it. Let me decide.”

“Of course,” Victor said and slipped a finger inside me again. “Well, seems something has kept you well lubricated.”

Marilyn held me firmly around the waist. “Open your thighs as wide as you can.” It was her final instruction as her lover prepared to invade virgin territory.

I heard the train whistle — toot, toot — as the dome nestled between my lips. He felt good, firm and yet silky soft. Victor edged forward and now he was at my tunnel entrance.

Ironically, the carriage suddenly dipped into murkiness, lit only by four tiny lights. Outside the windows, it was black as night. The train had entered a tunnel and Victor pierced me, a stabbing pain taking my breath. “Fuck,” I hissed. What an appropriate word.

“Okay?” he asked.

“Wait a second,” I mumbled. “I’m just getting my breath. But I think so.”

“You’ll be fine.” Marilyn’s breath was hot in my ear. “Take your time and then let the fun begin. You'll love it.” 

She was so persuasive. I felt ready for more. “Okay, be gentle,” I said.

Victor worked his cock slowly up and down. “You are tight,” he muttered, “I could come very quickly if I’m not careful.”


“No, no… you can’t come. I can’t have a baby. Take it out, take it out. Right now.” 

I squirmed, wriggled, tried to flip him out. But, of course, Victor was extremely long, wedged deep within me, and he seemed to be enjoying my attempts to dislodge him.

“Whoa,” he said, “ carry on like that and I will come. God, you’re bucking like a bronco. Settle down.”

“I don’t want a baby.”

“It’s okay, relax. I’ll come out a long time before that,” he said and edged further into me. I groaned, not in defeat but with joy. The sensation of his throbbing tool in my depths was out of this world. I felt only a little discomfort but I knew for certain I couldn’t take him all. Not this first time!

I don’t know how many waves of ecstasy flowed through my body but they were even fiercer than the orgasm Victor had provided with his fingers. I also don’t know how long he’d been ploughing into me but I know the train had long since exited the tunnel. The carriage was bright again, I had yet another orgasm before Victor declared, “That’s it,” and slowly withdrew.

Now I knew what Marilyn meant. The void was immediate, the feeling of emptiness was total, and I wanted him back in me, filling me, giving me wave after wave of delights. Instead, I watched as he knelt on the bench beside us and Marilyn stroked his shaft with her left hand.

I sat up, still in Marilyn’s lap and said, “Here, let me do that,” and gripped him with my right hand. It seemed only seconds before I felt him harden, saw the dome expand to an incredible size, and then watched with delight and amazement as he spurted stream after stream of his cum. It landed on my tits, my arm, my thigh, and, of course, the seat.

“Wow, that was something else,” I said. “But look at the state of me. What a mess. And nowhere to get washed.”

Marilyn laughed, Vicor stood and reached for one of their cases, his cock dangling and swaying. He passed down the case and she opened it, giving me a damp washcloth and hand towel. “We’re always prepared,” she said.

After wiping my chest and arm, I peered down between my legs. I put the cloth to my groin and wiped. No blood. I thought there should be blood. 

“No damage?” asked Marilyn.

“No, don’t think so. Can’t see any blood. But I know I’m not a virgin anymore.” I laughed and then clicked my fingers. “Ah, I know… horse riding. Done it since I was a kid on my grandparents’ farm.”

“There you are then. No-one will ever know, will they? When you get married, you’ll explain there’s no hymen to break because you rode horses.”

“True,” I said and looked over at Victor. “And that was one great horse cock I had in me.”

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