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Unhinged Desire: Part 3

Christy's plan with Danny develops as she continues to tease him.
Day 5

"Bye mom, have a good time in Scotland!” I was genuinely sad that my parents were leaving Danny and I for three days, but after recovering from his illness my dad thought it was best to have a mini-vacation. My sadness was masked by excitement, as Danny waved away my parents I could see him checking me out every so often out of the corner of his eye, clearly he was anticipating what 'activities' were going to follow over the next few days.

I walked back into our house followed closely by Danny; he was like a dog in heat. He was too shy to start anything, but hanging by me to make sure that if I wanted too he was just an arm’s length away.

I looked at him and said, "I'm going to my room, I'll be out in a second." Danny simply nodded and went to sit in the living room, relaxing himself with some music.

I once heard that "Simplicity is the way to a man's heart," this was the reasoning behind my next decision. After a few weeks of hard work at the gym my body was in fine condition, my tummy was lean and trim with a hint of a 6-pack coming along on my slim tummy.

My ass was also looking plump and full along with my long tanned, shaved legs. I was in good condition, and this left me with no choice but to strip completely naked.

I strutted back to the living room, slowly opening the door, Danny's head shot up; his eyes wide open. "What's wrong bro? You look like you've seen a ghost," I said with a cheeky grin.

"Christy, you're killing me here please just let me touch you!" Danny’s pleading turned me on even more. I said nothing and just simply sat on the couch opposite him.

I looked down at my boobs and brushed my nipples making them erect, "So Dan, what exactly do you want to do to your sweet, innocent best friend?"

"I want to throw you onto your bed and shove my hard cock into you, I want to fuck you deep and cum inside your pussy." Danny managed to muster this between his nervous and heavy breathing.

"Well that does sound like a lot of fun, but believe me we are going to do a lot more than that."

I stood and turned away from him, my ass facing him. I spread open my ass cheeks showing off my tight pink ass hole, "How would you like to drive your cock into my virgin ass?”

Danny's eyes were transfixed in disbelief. "Oh god Christy, I want you so bad." the bulge in his jeans raged up against them, almost breaking through the zipper. I bent right over into a 'doggy style position' arching my back so my ass was plump high in his direction.

"Over these past four days I've; seduced you, kissed you, stroked and sucked your cock, given you a tit-wank and we've watched each other masturbate. Today it's your turn, I want you to finger fuck me until I orgasm all over your hand, the only catch is, unless I say so, you can't touch your cock until I leave.” I teased.

Danny's gaze followed my gently swaying ass. "I accept, let me touch your pussy please."

I grabbed a pillow and placed it below my head, I gently pushed my face into the pillow freeing up my hands from supporting my body, "Come and get me Dan." my words were all Danny needed to leap from the couch and sit on his knees behind me, the bulge in his jeans grinding against my thigh.

He spread my legs open and spat onto his index finger, he slowly rubbed my pussy; his touch sending shivers through my spine making me arch my back violently. I moaned gently into the pillow, Danny's movements were slow and gentle making my body tremble beneath his touch.

He began working his way up to my tight asshole, lubricating it, but without any penetration, he simply rubbed my hole, repeating what he had done to my pussy. He clearly had a lot of experience in pleasing women with his fingers.

He worked his way to my clit, with his index finger and thumb he gently tugged and twisted my clit; he then reached around to my face with his other hand and shoved his index and middle finger into my mouth, making me lubricate them.

After he felt they were sufficiently wet, he pulled them out and slowly pushed them into my pussy. Danny was now playing with my clit whilst fingering my cunt.

I was nearly screaming into the cushion in pure ecstasy, I started playing with my boobs; finally Danny’s touch was all over my hungry, swollen pussy.

I was panting and moaning as my brother built up speed until he was finger fucking me at furious pace, his hand slapping against my pussy. I started rocking my hips, meeting his hands thrusts.

He stopped playing with my clit and reached around to my face, all the while maintaining his finger fucking pace. Again he shoved his index finger into my mouth, making me suck on it and swirl it around my mouth with my tongue, until it was dripping with my saliva, he pulled it out and began stroking it up and down my asshole, slowly he pushed it into my virgin hole.

I gasped as my tight ass adjusted to fit around his finger, I relaxed and a wave of electric pleasure overflowed my body. I moaned again only this time it was a much more high pitched, lustful moan.

Danny took note of my approval and began thrusting his finger in and out of my ass, beginning to match the pace he had built up on my pussy, "Damn Christy, you’re so wet and your ass is so tight, I can't wait to fuck you."

He then positioned himself so he could lower his head behind my pussy. I was containing my orgasm as much as I could, he began to drive his tongue into my pussy, then into my ass, and then back to my pussy. He was now finger fucking me in both my ass and pussy, while licking both my cunt and asshole.

This was all just too much, I screamed as my pussy and ass clenched around Danny's fingers, I pulled at my boobs as my orgasm exploded throughout my body.

My juices ran down Danny’s arm while I panted, trying to control my breathing. As my orgasm subsided, Danny slipped his fingers out of my pussy and ass; I turned to face him, and sucked his fingers suggestively, cleaning them of my juices, one by one, all while maintaining eye contact with him while I sucked on his fingers.

"You enjoy that Christy?" Danny said with a smile, clearly proud of his work.

"I have to admit that was pretty amazing, I'm going to go and get into some clothes, I give you permission to give your clearly raging cock some attention, the next couple of days will be interesting to say the least." I gave him a seductive wink and simply walked to my room.

While I was gone he frantically pulled down his zipper and tore off his jeans and boxers, letting his throbbing cock bounce freely, he stroked his cock and closed his eyes, "Ah Christy that feels so good, you’re so good at this."

I felt a little guilty leaving him to his imagination after he just gave me the most amazing climax I've ever had, however the sexual tension had built up inside him so much it didn't take him long until he was squirting three streams of long cum onto his now ruined T-shirt.

I stood, now clothed, at the doorway, watching him cum. He looked up at me and we shared this deep loving stare, my feelings for Danny were developing out of my understanding.

I was confused, it was one thing to lust over Danny, someone who was like a brother to me, but to be in love with him was something completely different. Maybe it was my lust to fuck him that was clouding my feelings; I craved his cock now more than ever.

Day 6

The text flashed onto my phone the next morning, "Hi Christy babe, I'm having a fancy dress party tonight would love you to come, sorry about the short notice was a pretty last minute thing! Xoxox." one of my dearest friends Emily, she was one for the random parties and this one seemed like great fun.

The naughty side of my brain responded, "Is it okay if Danny tags along hun? Xoxox." Danny had already met my friends and he was close with a few of the guys that were already going to the party anyway so it didn't appear sinister in any way.

Emily quickly replied, "Sure Christy no problem, tell him to bring some of his hung friends? Xoxox."

I chuckled to myself, a thing like this reminds me why I love her; 'two peas in a pod' describes me and her perfectly. However, she had a much more innocent look about her; the goldilocks blonde hair, plump cheeks and a sweet bright smile; her big blue eyes continued her innocent girl-next-door looks.

What set her apart was her body; she had sultry curves in all the right places, a bubble but at the end of a perfect hour glass figure. What also set her apart were her devilish naughty thoughts, she was a real animal when she wanted to be.

Knowing this I replied, "I've heard Danny’s pretty hung, he hasn't had a good fuck in a while either ;) xoxox."

I waited nervously on her reply; though it came within minutes it felt like an age, she simply replied, "Interesting... Very interesting, I may have to be the judge of that ;) xoxox."

Her reply sent shivers down my spine. A threesome was out of the question, I was uncomfortable about telling Emily that I was bi-sexual never mind that I find sexual pleasure in seducing and ultimately fucking someone who I considered basically family. What I had in mind was to hook Danny up with Emily and like a peeping Tom, watch him fuck her.

I went into the kitchen where Danny already was, "Good sleep Christy? I've made us breakfast." Clearly, Danny was trying to get into my good books.

"Thanks Dan, Emily's having a costume party tonight that we're going too."

Danny looked up at me surprised, "Wait, why do I have to go?"

"I want to see what you're like in bed." I said, looking at him with a cheeky smirk.

"Okay and who might be the test subject?" Danny had clear anticipation in his face; my friends were all beautiful in their own right so as far as Danny was concerned it was a win-win situation.

"I'm going to try and get Emily to fuck you."

Danny's eyes widened at the prospect, "I'm completely game." he said with a little chuckle.

"Well since it’s a fancy dress party and we need you to impress, we need to go look for a costume for each of us." At that we both quickly got ready and drove to several fancy dress shops. We tried numerous costumes on in each store but nothing seemed to be taking our fancy, until we found them.

First was Danny's, I knew Emily liked a rugged manly man so I picked out a lumberjack costume. It showed off his tanned, toned abs while the tight red chequered shirt hugged his biceps, he looked hot in the costume and I was sure Emily would take note.

Next was mine, I opted for a Cat-woman costume; tight black latex with tears and openings in all the right places to show off my cleavage and stomach, while also showing off my plump ass and long smooth legs.

At the checkout the lady said, "I see someone's going to have fun tonight, is the gentleman paying for his girlfriends costume?" She smiled warmly.

I looked up at Danny and said "Yes I think that's a great idea, my boyfriend will be picking up the bill thanks." I looked at Danny and smirked.

The rest of the day went rather quickly, the anticipation Danny was experiencing was evident with his more detailed grooming session, shaved; pubes, chest, balls, extra appliance of aftershave, hair moulded to perfection, Emily was in for a treat.

I went through my usual routine; shaved smoothly, nails, hair, lipstick (bright red), foundation, black eye shadow, pink blusher, then the costume... I was finally ready.

We caught a taxi to Emily’s. Before we entered I looked at Danny and said "The way Emily was texting me this morning she is already going to be pretty horny, all you have to do is flirt with her, get her a little drunk..."

"I know how to pull women Christy; I'm not some little innocent guy." Danny was confident he could do the deed. This calmed me as much as I could have been who knows, maybe I could actually enjoy myself tonight.

Emily's house was huge, very modern, much like the suburban ones you see on American television shows. The party was clearly in full swing; music blasting from the inside of the house, people keeled all over the garden trying to maintain control over their kidneys etc; A standard scene for Emily's parties.

Me and Danny strolled to the front door and entered, I cracked open a bottle of the awful beverage I had chosen that night and began drinking it.

"I'm going to go and look for Emily. I'll introduce you both properly." Danny nodded almost mindlessly as his eyes traced the room full of women dressed in less-than-skimpy costumes before I rushed off to find Emily.

I searched for her for what seemed like hours until I found her dancing with a gang of horny men (and women) in the middle of her living room.

Emily was almost cartoon like; she was wearing a classic school girl outfit- white shirt that had been tied in a knot to show off her flat tummy and remarkable cleavage, red and black chequered short skirt, knee high white socks and black high heels, finished with her hair held up in pigtails. She looked so sweet and innocent yet sexy and naughty.

I squirmed my way through the crowd of people to meet her on the dance floor, thankfully she wasn't too drunk so she had full control of herself, only given that bit more confidence from her alcohol consumption.

I approached her, but before I could say anything she rushed to me and gave me one great big hug and a peck on the cheek.

"Christy! You look so sexy babe that costume fits you perfectly, where's Danny?" I smirked a little; clearly Danny had been on her mind so much that he is the immediate topic of conversation.

"Thanks babe you look stunning, I left him at the door to find you. I can take you too him if you like?"

Emily smiled brightly, "I'll follow you." at Emily's command I grabbed her hand and slalomed back where I came from, this time with an eager audience.

I spotted Danny standing awkwardly at the doorway clutching his drink, when he spotted me he beamed a smile, when he saw Emily he damn nearly drooled.

"Danny, I would like to formally introduce you to Emily, you kids have fun now." With a wink and a giggle I shifted away from them both and mingled with the crowd, making sure that I could see and vaguely hear Danny and Emily's conversation.

The conversation seemed to be flowing nicely. In all honesty Danny was in his element, repeatedly making Emily laugh, smile, blush, and just about everything else that he wanted her to do.

Then they got more intimate, she would stroke his arm, his hair, his cheeks etc. Danny would reply with similar interactions until Emily moved in closer, due to her height (5' 5") she had to reach up a little. Danny responded by lowering his head, they moved closer until their lips were mere inches apart; she looked into Danny's eyes and slowly closed the gap until their lips met.

They kissed passionately (it made me a little hot!), Danny's hands were caressing every inch of Emily's body, every sultry curve and with each frisk Emily's kissing became more enthusiastic, they were both lost in each other’s lust.

Emily paused the kissing just enough to usher Danny to a 'more private' area, Danny eagerly nodded as Emily dragged him up the seemingly endless staircase. My mission was to somehow get up the stairs without attracting unwanted attention, that's when the devil inside me hatched a brilliant plan.

"You must be Christy?" I looked over my shoulder to find the source of the voice; it was Dale or rather fittingly tonight, Batman.

Dale had medium length, blonde hair and piercing deep blue eyes, he wasn't particularly muscular but he had a trimmed body thanks to him playing football (or Soccer in America- he played for the male counterpart of the female team I played for, but that is a different story all together).

He reminded me a little of a young Leonardo Di Caprio just perhaps a little less graceful. He looked good is what I'm trying to get at.

"I am you must be batman?" Immediately after I said that I felt stupid, Dale disagreed and replied with a burst of laughter.

"Most call me Dale but I suppose it's only natural for me to be drawn to Cat-woman." I giggled a little to quench my nerves.

"I didn't know you were a friend of Emily's," I said trying to formulate some sort of civilized conversation.

"I'm not really, I'm a plus one to my mate Darren over there but as you can see he's got more interesting company." Darren was engulfed in conversation with a girl dressed as a German bar maid, with basically her boobs completely on show. I couldn't blame Darren for taking an interest, her tits were truly massive to put it bluntly; her face however was a different story.

"I've been sort-of ditched as well by my friend."

"How can you be 'sort-of' ditched?" Dale questioned.

"I promised to get him laid, but honestly I didn't think he would get the action so quickly," I laughed a little.

"I think I saw him go upstairs with Emily, he's a lucky man I must say."

"He's a very lucky man," I gazed off a little knowing that to me there was hidden meaning to that statement.

"I can think of a man who's luckier though."

"If you're about to say what I think you are don't because that is quite possibly the cheesiest chat-up line ever."

"Well you can't blame me for trying, besides doesn't Batman always lust after Cat-woman in the comics?"

"Do you want to go somewhere more private then Batman?”

Dale smirked, "Am I finally going to see the part of the comic that everyone wanted to see?" I laughed a little at that remark.

"Follow me you goon," I grabbed Dale by the belt and dragged him to the staircase, quickly ascending the stairs until we reached the summit, only three doors; the bathroom, parents bedroom and Emily's bedroom.

The bathroom was the room next door to Emily's so I lead Dale into the bathroom; I turned to face him as I opened the door. He was still wearing his Batman mask, while I was still hidden by my Cat-woman latex mask.

When we entered the rather large bathroom I looked innocently into Dale's eyes, "Thanks for saving me again Batman." I smiled.

Dale played along, "All in a day’s work for me."

I turned my gaze into a more seductive one as I whispered "You deserve a more lucrative reward." I looked down at his groin and licked my lips.

"All is appreciated fine lady." Dale answered with a clear amount of anticipation in his voice.

I moved towards him and leaned in, our lips met and we kissed, Dale was a sensitive kisser and clearly he had real care for his lovers enjoyment of the activities, this was shown in the tentative and light touches he gave me, almost massaging my body making me feel like I was the last woman on Earth.

He kissed my neck sending shivers down my spine (my neck is the automatic link to my horny switch), his kisses were soft and tender taking time to listen to my reaction, when I gave a more lustful reaction he would make sure to spend more time on that area with seductive licks, kisses and sucks.

Then he started working his way down to my cleavage, licking the gap before he eagerly slid the zip on the back of my costume all the way down to my lower back, I wasn't wearing a bra or panties, the only clothing masking me from him was this full length black leather costume that he was now slipping off me.

I looked into his eyes hidden by my Cat-Woman mask and smiled a gentle loving stare, he responded with the same look. He then had me adjust my arms so I could let the costume fall from my body and allow me to stand there with it held up only by my black leather trousers, my tanned and toned body with my free boobs were now exposed. I repeated this on his costume stripping him of the Batman top and leaving his toned body on full view.

We stood there for a minute admiring each other’s bodies waiting for our next move; he was still hidden by his Batman mask with only his torso and arms completely naked of any restraints.

Then he reached out and unbuckled the chin strap on my mask, he removed my mask and let me adjust my hair so it hung behind my ears and neck, then he stroked my cheeks and pulled me in for another one of those tender kisses.

I removed his mask and we again just stared into each other’s eyes, he broke the silence "Cat-Woman you are the most beautiful woman I've ever seen." I blushed a little, and awkwardly looked down at my feet but then he lifted my chin up and held the look, his gaze changed from a loving sincere stare to a lustful and passionate one.

Dale kissed me, this time more forcefully and passionately, he had gone from a caring loving man, perhaps to judge my character, after seeing me blush he knew that I wasn't experienced in this kind of sex so he changed it up to make me feel more comfortable.

He pushed me against the bathroom door and kissed his way down to my boobs taking my already erect nipples into his mouth and making me gasp quite loudly, he was a master at this, working my nipple around his mouth with his tongue and gently nibbling on it, playing with my other boob with his free hand.

He stopped momentarily to tear off his mask and throw it aside; then he kissed my stomach, working his way down past my belly button and to the top of my trousers.

Slowly he slid them down my legs, past my butt and pussy and all the way to my shoes. He finished stripping me by pulling off my shoes and throwing my trousers aside, now I was completely naked and held against the bathroom door by an expert at love making.

Dale spun me around and bent me over, kissed my ass cheeks and then spread them out wide, exposing my tight asshole and pussy. He went to work on my pussy, licking my sensitive and already wet slit, making it drip with my juices.

He pulled down his Batman trousers and his underwear allowing his thick six inch cock to bounce freely, without hesitation he began sliding the head of his cock along the slit of my pussy, making me moan.

"Tell me how much Cat-Woman wants my cock," Dale grunted out these words as he started to grind his cock against my pussy, with no penetration, I turned my head to look at him.

"I want your cock so bad Batman, I've been a very bad girl that deserves punishment for my crimes and you deserve a reward for all the times you've saved me, fuck me hard Batman, I want your big cock to cum for me... OH MY..." before I managed to muster another word Dale began pushing his thick cock into my hole.

With one long and lustful grunt he forced his entire length into my pussy and began to thrust in and out gradually building pace, with each inward thrust his balls slapped against the bottom of my pussy, he grabbed hold of my ass cheeks and began to fuck me with furious pace.

I had completely forgotten my mission, Danny would be well on his way to cumming either in or on Emily by now and I will have missed the entire show, then again it was great to finally get a man’s cock inside me, this was a feeling I hadn't felt in a while and one that I had almost forgotten about how good it felt.

Dale was slamming his cock into me, I was moaning, panting and screaming all through the duration, even the occasional random entrance from party guests into the bathroom didn't distract us, if anything it made us even more intense.

The sound of sex was clearly evident from the bathroom, our intense love making was causing quite the stir at the party but we didn't care we were lost in the moment, I came back to reality when I felt an earth shattering shock through my body, I was ready to orgasm all over Dale's cock.

"Don't stop, keep fucking me, my juices are going to drip all over your cock, I'm... I'm..." With that my body was a wash, spasm after spasm shook through me, my juices flushed over Dale's still pumping cock.

This sent Dale over the edge, his grunts got louder, his thrusting more drawn out as his balls tensed up until with one last thrust he came inside my pussy.

"Oh Batman, your cum is so deep inside my pussy," Dale said nothing and instead turned me around to face him so I was sat on his lap.

"You were amazing Christine," this was actually the first time he had said my full name, it was strange hearing him say it, he had a real passion in his voice. Maybe it was because he was still catching his breath or maybe it was something... more.

"So were you Dale, please call me, Christy." while we were speaking like this, Dale was stroking my back, just like before we had sex, his touch was so gentle, so loving.

"I mean you were really good Christy, we should do this again sometime, maybe go for a drink somewhere?" His voice changed, I could sense his nerves.

"Are you asking me out on a date Batman?" I tried to calm him by being stupid.

Dale laughed, "I guess I am. What's your answer?”

I smiled and gave a sharp, "I'd love to go for a drink with you Dale." But I had some business to attend too first...

After me and Dale had said our goodbyes and we both got back into our costumes I had to try and find Danny, who would hopefully have a story to tell me when we got home.

As I left the bathroom all manner of guys were giving me 'the look' (you know the one, when they know you've been up to no good and so stare at you and imagine that they were the ones doing the bad stuff to you).

I went to Emily's room and slowly opened the door to find Danny on his back with Emily cuddled up to him on his side, both completely naked and both sound asleep. I decided against trying to wake him up and left the room, I managed to catch Dale before he left, "Dale! Fancy sleeping at my house? I'm all alone." At that Dale and I left to sleep at my house, giving me some very welcome company. I couldn't wait for Danny's return.

The End

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