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Unhinged Desire: Part 4

The moment Christy has been waiting for. Finally, Danny, and a friend, submits to her.
Day 7- The Final Day

I woke to find myself the 'little spoon' in mine and Dale's spooning partnership, Dale was still flat out asleep. I seem to remember that we watched a film while lying in bed and touched each other a little before falling asleep together.

Dale seemed like a nice guy, but even he could not quench my desire for Danny, the first thing that came to my mind when I woke was, "What the hell happened to Danny last night?"

I shifted out of Dale's grasp and put my pink silk dressing gown on to cover my naked body. Slowly I peeked in Danny's room; there he was, completely naked lying on top of his covers.

"Psst Danny are you awake?" Danny lay still, his heavy breathing evidence of the amount of alcohol he had drunk the night before.

I walked into his room and simply stood over him, almost admiring his flaccid cock, it was a rather pretty cock and though he was no natural with the ladies his member did have some experience with women.

I lightly touched his cock, provoking a slight shift in his sleeping position, I smiled at his body’s response; hopefully this would plant the seed in the part of Danny's brain that controlled his cock.

After a while of relishing that one stroke of my hand gave him a fully fledged 'morning glory,' I made all three of us breakfast- I couldn't just kick Dale out after he had given me some really good sex and company while Danny was sticking his cock in Emily could I? Besides I wanted Danny to know that I hadn't spent the whole night wondering what he was up too with Emily. God I sound like a jealous girlfriend.

Danny was the first to wake from his slumber, coming into the kitchen with nothing but his boxer shorts on "morning sis, what you cooking?"

"I'm cooking us breakfast, get some clothes on we've got company," I hissed at Danny.

"Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed, whose company?"

"Dale, I met him last night he plays for the men's football team that I play for."

"Oh really, you fuck him?" Danny smirked which made me give him that 'trying to hide it but making it way too obvious' look.

Danny laughed a little at my clear discomfort "Why are you so embarrassed you always tell me about the guys you shag,. Was he any good?”

I again looked at my feet trying to mask my feelings, "He was... great... like really great." Danny seemed surprised at my response.

My looks of embarrassment were through my real feelings of emotion towards Dale not through the 'he was so bad I don't even want to talk about it' ones, Danny's face changed from surprise to envy.

"How was Emily?" I attempted to change the subject.

"She was good, very horny, didn't take much to make her climax," Danny said proudly.

"She had been talking about wanting a fuck, so I'm not surprised, where did you cum?"

"In her mouth, she gives quality blow jobs," Danny smirked "Maybe even better than yours," I rolled my eyes.

"Okay then, I won't be giving you anymore blow jobs."

Danny's faced dropped.

"No, no, I was joking Christy, yours are pretty astonishing," I smirked, I have become an expert on crafting what Danny thinks and says, he clearly was still very much looking forward to finally having his cock inside me.

I closed the space between us, moving my lips to within inches of Danny's, "I'm so looking forward to today," I whispered. Danny said nothing, his eyes were closed in anticipation of a kiss; he was in a trance of seduction.

Our encounter was stalled by footsteps coming downstairs, Dale had finally awoken.

"Morning Dale, I made breakfast," I smiled at him warmly, it took Danny a while to snap out of his trance and acknowledge Dale, they said hello to each other and then talked about last night’s events.

Dale tried to avoid talking about our intimate encounter and then moved on to sports, basic male conversation really, this continued throughout our full English breakfast.

Danny had enough of making small talk, his eyes lit up and I could tell he was feeling mischievous, he smiled at me before saying, "So when I left Emily I went around asking where Christy had gone and I was told some pretty wild stories about you two in the bathroom, apparently you had her bent over on the bathroom floor." Dale blushed.

I tried to help him out by reassuring him, "Don't worry Dale, Danny's messing about, he knows what things are like at parties, it gets blown out of proportion. Besides me and Danny have a very open relationship, we talk about things like this all the time."

After we had managed to squirm our way out of Danny trying to make us feel awkward, we hung around a little longer, watched TV, films and just generally relaxed; however as much as I was enjoying my time with Dale it lacked the 'excitement' the naughtier side of my brain required. It was time to add a little spice.

Dale was wearing a pair of Danny’s blue shorts that he had borrowed; they fitted pretty well, all though they were pretty loose on his legs, because we were just lounging around the house Dale decided not to wear a shirt.

I was wearing my tight white vest top (no bra) and my pink shorts with black panties, me and Dale were laid on the sofa on our sides (we were spooning, I was little spoon) with Danny sat on the chair just in front of us, Danny could only see us out vaguely out of the corner of his eye. We all watched TV with Dale cuddling me in his arms.

I slowly began to grind my hips on Dale's crotch, the longer and harder I did this, the more I could feel a tent forming in his shorts that dug into my back. Dale didn't say a word, only his breathing became deeper.

I reached around and grabbed his hand from my waist, slowly bringing it up towards my chest and onto my vest covered boobs, automatically Dale began to caress my boob, clearly feeling my erect nipple constrained by my vest top.

Dale, obviously worried, whispered, "Danny is right over there." At that I gripped his hand and dug them harder into my breast. I then reached around again, only this time I stroked his upper thigh, up to the leg opening of his shorts, Dale started to softly kiss my neck.

I worked my hand up his leg, into the shorts through the leg opening, before I again started grinding my hips, to feel his now raging fully erect cock. Dale continued to massage my boob. I then thought to myself that now was the time to do what I had been waiting for.

“Danny, would you go and get us all some alcohol? I think we could all use a drink,” I spoke softly.

Danny turned to face me “Get it yourself!” He said in protest.

“I’ll make it worth your while Dan,” I replied with a more seductive and assertive tone.

At that Danny smirked and left to get some drink from the fridge; Dale had become a little wary, he had no idea what was going on.

I stood up from the couch and slowly wriggled out of my shorts exposing my black panties, Dale looked at me in shock, “What are you doing?!”

I winked at Dale, “Don’t worry hun; this is going to be the best night of your life.”

Danny returned surprised to see my sudden lack of clothing, he handed each of us a bottle of lager (disgusting but it would have to do).

Dale was the first to take a rather hefty gulp of his beer then Danny, finally I rolled my tongue around the head of my bottle before taking it into my mouth in a very suggestive manner and taking a gulp of the beverage. Danny and Dale were transfixed on the show before them.

“How about we play a game?” I broke the silence.

“What game are you thinking of?” Dale replied first, his throat still dry from his nerves.

“How about a classic game of truth or dare, we have plenty of alcohol here and more importantly plenty of rather dirty secrets that could be told,” I said with a mischievous smirk beginning to spread across my face.

Danny and Dale both gulped. “Since you are both so shy I’ll start, Danny- truth or dare?”

“Tr...Dare.” I smiled at how nervous Danny was, I had never seen him like this, the build up of anticipation and sexual desire was clear to see.

“I’ll start slow... Take of your shirt.”

Danny eagerly pulled his shirt over his head throwing it aside, before he said, “My turn, Christy- truth or dare?”

“Hmm... Truth,” I was teasing him, I knew he wanted to tear my vest off, but I wanted to hold out a little longer.

“Okay... What are your plans for tonight, involving us three?”

“Well, I’m planning on playing with both of your cocks, before letting you both fuck me in any way you want.” Danny and Dale took one big gulp of their beer.

“But you two are almost as close as brother and sister, since you both grew up together, are you both dating now?” Dale interrupted.

“Some urges are too strong to ignore Dale, the way I see it we aren’t hurting anyone and this can stay between us three but, of course, you can leave if you want,” I replied.

Dale gingerly shook his head and murmured “I... I don’t want to leave.”

We continued our game. I looked into Dale’s eyes and said, “My turn, Dale- truth or dare?”

“Truth,” Dale seemed to be a little shy, relying on the alcohol to relieve him of his nerves.

I smirked, “Ever fucked a girl in the ass?” Dale blushed slightly, before shaking his head. “You might be in for a treat then later,” I teased Dale.

Dale looked back at me, “Truth or dare?”

I smirked, “Dare.” Without hesitation Dale said, “Take off your vest.”

At that I slowly pulled my vest over my head, my boobs bounced free of their constraint, my nipples so stiff they were almost aching. All Danny and Dale could do was drink another gulp of their beer.

Next I looked to both Danny and Dale, “Enough avoiding, I dare you both to strip completely naked.”

Danny was the first to eagerly drop his underwear, letting his fully erect seven inch cock bounce free of its constraint. Following that Dale dropped his shorts and then his underwear, exposing his erect thick six inch cock.

I licked my lips. Dale then looked at me, “I dare you to touch both our cocks.”

I laughed, “Nothing like cutting to the chase... okay.”

I walked over to where they were standing (Danny to my right, Dale to my left) and, with my face inches away from both of them, I stroked my hand down their chests towards their groin; Dale had a little stubble on his pubic region while Danny was clean shaven, I seductively licked firstly Dales ear, then Danny’s before softly touching the length of both of their cocks.

Dale and Danny gasped at my soft stroke; the moister from my cold beer helping stimulate my touch further.

I whispered in Danny’s ear, “I dare you to suck my nipples.” immediately Danny bent over and took the nipple closest to him into his mouth, gently nipping and sucking my nipple while he pulled and squeezed my other nipple.

Dale stood in complete awe; the shy love–struck girl he had met at Emily’s party was replaced by this horny temptress.

Dale cleared his throat before saying, “I dare Christy to kiss me.” I looked at Dale and leaned my head in to him, my lips mere millimetres from his. I slowly closed the gap before my soft red lips met his and I kissed him deeply, my tongue forcing its way into his mouth and meeting his.

Danny was still sucking and playing with my nipples; I was still softly touching Danny and Dale’s cocks all while Dale and I were deep in a sensual kiss.

I broke the kiss and lifted Danny’s head up to mine, repeating my kiss with Danny, after a short while kissing Danny, I broke saying, “Dale, I dare you to pull down my panties.”

Quickly, Dale bent over and pulled my panties down my long, tanned and smooth legs, I kicked them away. My shaven, glistening pussy was now out in the open with Dale’s face just inches away, I could feel his deep warm breath panting over it.

Danny cleared his throat and said, “I dare Christy to touch her pussy.”

I smiled, making Dale keep his face right in position, I rolled my hand down; starting from my cleavage, then my tummy, then my shaven pubic area until I finally rubbed my hand over my swollen pussy, throwing my head back in pleasure, I released a soft moan.

Danny and Dale were transfixed, all Danny could muster was, “Help her out Dale.”

Dale grabbed my legs and pulled me towards his face, I moved my hand away to allow him to gently lick my slit, I gasped at his touch, I closed my eyes leaving Dale to go to work on my pussy.

Danny had a firm grip on his own cock, stroking it through his own huge sexual desire. I replaced Danny’s hand and stroked his cock for him while Dale was on his knees with his tongue buried in my slit, eagerly eating my pussy out.

I leaned over to Danny and kissed him passionately, moaning into his mouth due to the electric sensations Dale’s work was doing to my body.

Dale then raised his right hand up my leg, caressing my inner thigh before finally reaching my wet pussy; Dale slowly pushed his index finger into my pussy making me gasp in Danny’s mouth.

Then Dale pushed his middle finger in, slowly pumping his two fingers in and out of my swollen pussy while he licked my clit, adding to the unbelievable sensations that were stirring in my stomach, I was close.

With whatever strength I could muster I grabbed hold of Dale’s head and pushed it hard into my hungry pussy, Dale responded by quickening his finger fucking and sucking on my clit.

I broke my and Danny’s kiss to make the famous ‘O’ expression releasing an almighty moan as I climaxed on Dales tongue and fingers leaving him to lap up all my juices.

Dale stood up and we exchanged a kiss, allowing me to taste the juices that Dale had just extracted from me.

I managed to catch my breath and gather my thoughts, I asked, “Why don’t you both sit on the couch over there?” They immediately did as I said.

Their erections were now rock hard with pre-cum pouring out, making their cock heads glisten.

I walked over to them and dropped to my knees, taking both their cocks into my hands and rolling my thumbs over their cock’s heads, spreading the pre-cum.

“I guess it’s my turn- I dare Danny and Dale to sit back and enjoy the best blow job of their lives.” their eyes widened in lust.

I started stroking Danny’s cock at a slow rhythm before leaning my head inches away from Dale’s glistening purple head. I let my tongue slowly leave my mouth and take one long lick at the pre-cum that had started trickling down Dale’s cock.

Dale closed his eyes and threw his head back, releasing a groan at my tongues movement, I leaned my head closer allowing my tongue to this time roll it’s way around the now pulsing head of Dale’s cock.

Danny was hypnotised by the scene playing out before him, his eyes locked on my movements around Dale’s cock, while his own pleasure was coming from my soft hand as it built pace on his throbbing cock.

I leaned my head down further, this time letting my full red lips meet the head of Dale’s cock; I pushed my head down, letting my lips be parted by Dale’s rock hard glans. I was giving Dale head, letting my tongue roll around his swollen glans while it was in my mouth.

I then started to bob my head, taking an extra inch with each dip down, I repeated this until I had taken all of Dale’s 6 inches, then I began to bob my head in a rhythm pulling my head right up to nearly popping off, to all the way back to his balls.

I worked Dale’s cock, gaining speed, sucking harder and harder with each passing moment, until I felt Dale’s balls tense, he was close.

Dale groaned, “Oh god... Christy I... I’m cumming!!”

As I sucked on Dales cock, he exploded in my mouth. Three spurts of thick cum jetted into my throat; I greedily drank the entirety of Dale’s gift, letting only a small amount drip down my chin.

Dale’s cock left my mouth with a ‘pop’, as his now flaccid, exhausted member rested.

I then turned my attention to Danny’s pulsing hard cock that craved attention. I placed kisses along the length of Danny’s cock before reaching his tip and licking up all the pre-cum that had been pouring from his aching cock.

Next, I turned my attention to his balls; sucking and licking them in my mouth, before finally working my way back to the head of his dick, letting his cock enter my mouth, I sucked him relentlessly he needed a release and I was finally here to give it him.

Danny grunted and groaned, writhing around in his seat, after all his working up he was ready to cum within minutes.

Danny somehow managed to muster the words, “Oh fuck Christy that’s feels so fucking good!!” before he thrust up into my mouth (making me gag slightly), and shot four spurts of cum deep down my throat, I drank as much as I could and let the rest trickle down my chin.

Danny’s flaccid member joined Dale’s in the recovery position; however Dale was stroking his cock to a second erection. I stood over them, both exhausted and panting; slowly stroking their cocks to get them back to an erection.

I walked out of the living room and up the stairs, swaying my ass as I walked, I motioned for Danny and Dale to come and join me for one last session before this lust filled morning was over.

I lay on all fours on my bed; legs spread open, with my ass pointing high into the sky and my exposed wet pussy being spread by my position. I reached a hand under my body, rubbing my pussy, making it even moister than it already was.

Danny and Dale walked through the door, their semi-erect cocks became instantly fully, rock-hard erect at the sight of my exposed ready body.

Danny moved towards me and I said with lust and anticipation filling my voice, “This is it Dan, the moment we’ve been building too for all this time, fuck me hard!”

Danny positioned himself behind me, grabbing hold of my hips, his cock pointed towards my throbbing pussy. I grabbed his dick and pulled him closer, until finally I felt the head of his cock press against my vagina.

I guided him in... “Oh... Danny that feels so... fucking great!” his cock penetrated my pussy and finally Danny had his cock slowly pushing into my hungry, horny pussy.

Danny started to thrust in a rhythm, inch by inch his cock disappeared into me before pulling back out. Danny was finally fucking me. He began to pick up speed, grunting with each pelvic thrust.

I moaned in satisfaction, my fantasy was now a reality, all the while Dale stood there with his cock in his hand watching as something he thought existed only in porno’s was now happening right in front of him.

Danny’s balls were now slapping against my pussy as he furiously fucked me, with the occasional tugging of my boobs and stroke of my hair all making this the best sexual experience I had ever been involved in, but it was going to get even better.

I moved mine and Danny’s position; this time I was riding his cock with him beneath me spreading my ass cheeks. Somehow I managed to say to Dale between thrusts, “Lube... top drawer of my dresser.”

Dale frantically searched my dresser until he found the lube; eagerly, Dale spread the lube generously on his aching cock, before moving over to me and Danny.

Danny slowed his fucking down and spread my ass cheeks wider, allowing Dale to squirt the lube on my sensitive ass hole, I purred, “Mmm Dale, are you going to stick your cock deep in my ass?”

Dale smiled and began rubbing his cock around the entrance of my anal. I was now sat on Danny’s cock preparing myself to be double penetrated. What a start to the day.

Dale slowly pushed the head of his cock past my anal ring, without any previous fingering of my asshole it was pretty damn painful, especially with how thick Dale’s cock was.

“AHH, fuck that hurts, take it real slow Dale,” I screamed.

Gradually my body became accustomed to its new entrance and it started to feel incredible. I told Dale to begin pushing some more in, I helped by rocking back and forth on Dale’s cock, causing a great amount of pleasure for Danny.

“Fuck Christy you’re so tight I’m not going to last long,” Dale grunted.

I replied seductively, “I’m ready for both of you.” I arched my back and hissed “Fuck me hard, I’m your little cum slut.”

At that Danny pounded hard up into my pussy and Dale began to thrust deep into my ass, I couldn’t catch my breath, I was in pure ecstasy, my body completely filled by a guy I considered family and a guy I had met just last night.

Dale was the first to moan out, “I’m going to cum!” I tensed my ass cheeks and pushed hard back onto his cock, making Dale explode into my ass.

I leaned down and kissed Danny passionately as I rode his cock, Danny grunted before sending jets of his cum deep into my pussy, the feeling of both Danny and Dale’s warm seed inside me sent me over the edge as I threw my head back, screaming out loud as I crashed into my own orgasm.

Dale’s cock popped out of my tight asshole, followed by a stream of his cum. Then Danny’s flaccid member popped out of my raw, well serviced pussy.

I collapsed onto the bed, lying next to Danny; Dale crawled up to lay beside me as well.

We all lay on the bed me in the middle, Danny on my right and Dale to my left, I softly stroked their cocks while they rubbed my pussy and tits; we were exhausted but exceptionally satisfied.

I was the first to break the sound of three panting breaths, “We need to do this again.” Danny and Dale simply nodded in agreement.

My seven day plan, which began as a simple ploy to get Danny to fuck my brains out had ended with a rather peculiar arrangement between two lifelong friends and a random party goer.

We met up at least once a week to partake in some of the craziest sexual activity of our lives. I’m sure you’ll agree, my seven day plan was an overriding success.


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