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Valkyrie's Lust Series (Chapter 4)

Take a first look inside...

Autumn had come and the light in their eyes was even brighter. Their sex life kept getting better from day to day, and so they decided to look for an apartment together.

They started checking apartments in different parts of the town, but found that they were either too small, too expensive or one of them just didn’t like it.

“How about this one?” The landlord asked as they were visiting. The apartment was empty, but it managed to feel bright, spacious and inviting.

“I like this one, baby,” she said with a wide smile on her face.

“We'll have to decorate it and buy everything.” He was worried.

“Don't worry, we'll manage. Please, please can we rent this one,” she begged.

Dealing with the landlord was swift, the papers were signed and they got their keys. Now it was time to start planning the move in, today was the day that she was coming.

It was a warm autumn night, so he prepared the refrigerated red wine and blankets just before he went to pick her up from the bus station, little did she know that he had a naughty plan for her.

As soon as she arrived, they embraced tightly, moving to a prolonged hug, gradually he kissed her neck passionately, taking her breath away. She couldn't help but whisper in his ear that she loved him.

After their steamy embrace, they headed in direction of the new apartment.

“Let’s see how it looks like at night.” He said while walking in front of her and opening the doors; unlocking their new apartment.

“Let's have some wine to celebrate,” he remarked as he poured the wine into two tall glasses.

"This is dreamy," she whispered in a low breath, "but it's so dark..."

"Not to worry, my dear. Wait and see what I've prepared." Then, moving swiftly around the room he lit the candles.

The room, even though empty, glowed warmly under the candlelight, making it feel warm and special.

“I like your idea,” she whispered as she kissed his cheek.

“I dare you to take your shirt off,” he teased her.

Enjoying the attention he showed her, she slowly started to unbutton her white blouse. Button after button, slowly teasing his desire to have her right now.

She knew that he couldn't wait to have her and before long he started to walk towards her. Knowing him well, she was prepared, took a step back and commanded him to stop and wait.

He felt his cock getting hard in his pants as he watched her blouse slid down her shoulders and fall to the floor. They looked at each other, needing no words to explain what was going to happen. Picking up the pace, she unbuttoned her tight brown pants, pulled them down until she stepped out and put them away close to her blouse. She stood there wearing a matching pair of black bra and panties feeling really good about herself.

“It’s your turn now,” she said.

He kissed her cheek and let her sit on the blanket spread on the floor. Not wanting to waste any time undressing, he simply took his shirt off and pulled his pants down as quickly as he could, then turning around as if he were dancing he shook his hips as he slid his boxers down.

Throughout the show, he noticed her shy smile turned into a wide entertained smile. She enjoyed how he made fun of himself by almost giving her a striptease.

As he joined her on the blanket totally naked, she reached out and hugged him tightly, wrapping her arms around him as their bare skin touched.

“I love you, silly,” He whispered.

“I love you too, honey.”

She started kissing his lips as he slowly removed her bra, she felt his hand is squeezing her breasts as he returned the kisses as sensually as he could. Her hand found its way to his hard cock and she grabbed it softly, slowly changing from a soft squeeze to a few harder grips, making sure not to be uncomfortable.

He followed her rhythm and copied her squeezes to as he caressed and squeezed her breasts. She enjoyed how she could get what she wanted in that way and was considering what else she could do. But before she could think of anything, he moved his hand down from breasts to the inside of her panties.

“Mmmm something is wet here,” he said through controlled laughter.

He rubbed two of his fingers against her pussy twice, then slid them into her sweet inviting hole. Not expecting the penetration, she jumped a bit, but quickly the sensation of pure pleasure took over. Before she was overcome, she stopped him just long enough to pull her panties totally off.

“Now, please. Finger me,” she ordered again.

He sucked one finger making it wet, then rubbed it around her pussy before moving towards her ass. As he gently circled her ass-hole with his wet finger, she moaned in pleasure. surprising him as he had expected her to complain.

Feeling that he could now be more adventurous, he pressed harder and slowly his finger slid into her ass. Clearly enjoying this new sensation, she pushed against him, encouraging him to explore her anus with his finger.

The sensation of fingering her ass caused him to want her, no need her more. He leaned down with an urge to taste her juices and began licking her clit, all the time keeping his finger in her ass, gradually going deeper. Wondering how far he could get, he began slowly finger-fucking her, pulling his finger out and then slowly pushing it back in. Noticing that she enjoyed this, he began to increase the tempo.

“Do you like it?” he asked while he knew the answer.

“Yessss,” she moaned as she came over his face. He smiled and kept licking her a bit longer before sitting back up straight.

Now it was her turn to do something for him.

She set her ass facing him and leaning forward to suck his cock. He liked how she let him play with her ass and pussy while she sucked his cock.

“Oh, that's so good, baby,” he said as she started swallowing his huge cock.

It was too hard to hold back for too long. As she drove him insane with her mouth and tongue, he spanked her ass and put his hand on her head pushing her down against his cock. She gagged, he released and then pressed again shoving his cock deeper down her throat. He pushed his finger into her ass again while another hand was holding her head tight.

“Oh, baby. This is good,” he said while releasing warm semen in her mouth. “I’m sorry.”

She straightened up without a word, swallowing all sperm from her mouth with a smile.

“You drive me crazy, baby!” He exclaimed.

“I like how you fingered my ass,” she was very shy.

“I’m glad you like it. We can do it regularly from now on and then maybe we can try fucking it for real.”

“OK. We will see. Can I have some wine now?” She asked.

He handed her a glass of wine.

“Drink now because I’m going to fuck that little pussy right after,” He teased as she drank a few sips and put the glass down, excited by the idea of having his cock deep inside her.

Not wasting any time, he spread her legs and pointed his cock towards her pussy and without warning, in one go, shoved it deep inside her. She screamed and trembled with pleasure, sent wild by the force of his cock.

Enjoying himself, he took her legs and raised them up above her head, fucking her harder and deeper with each thrust.

As she moaned and screamed, she felt a mixture of pain and pleasure, the flat and hard floor made every thrust very feel extra deep. Wanting more, she reached her ass hole with her wet finger and started to finger herself. With every thrust, he pushed her hand against her ass causing her to pump her little asshole deeper and harder.

"Ohh my, ohh yesssss,“ she moaned loud through her teeth.

"Take it like a big girl,“ he laughed.

As he felt he is very close, he stopped fucking her and said: "Turn around!“

As she then lay on her stomach with her ass pointing up, he shoved his cock back into her pussy. She couldn't help but to grab the blanket, holding and squeezing hard as she was fucked from behind. The room echoed from their moans and sounds of their bodies slamming into each other. She could feel every thrust in her spine, her body shivered as she released one final moan which made her body shake uncontrollably. He was able to feel her pleasure and sweet pain as he was holding her hips and slamming into her tight little pussy.

"My little girl,“ he said quietly as he filled her sweet hole with warm semen and let himself fall onto her.

She felt a soft kiss on her earlobe as his full body relaxed on her. She smiled and closed her eyes.

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