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While driving to work

Picking up a construction worker on my way to work

I was driving to work yesterday morning and feeling especially horny. I was reading some really good stories on here last night – stories about what I’d like someone to do to my pussy. My pussy was throbbing when I went to bed but my vibrator took care of that. I just pretended it was someone’s tongue lapping away at my clit. My clit got harder and bigger the more the vibrator buzzed against it. It felt so good that as much as I wanted – no needed – to come I didn’t want the way the vibrator was making my creamy pussy feel to end. Finally I couldn’t take it anymore and over the edge I went, my pussy trembling, my clit throbbing. I came really hard. I was spent. I needed that so much. It had been awhile since I’d had an orgasm and it just felt so fucking good.

When I went through a divorce a few years ago my body was at its smoking peak and I had waist length blond hair and a libido that wouldn’t quit. I was horny and my pussy was dripping all the time. I did at thirty what I should have been doing at eighteen. I was married at nineteen and after a few months my husband was not all that interested in sex anymore – at least not with me. He was my first and only and I wanted it all the time – 24/7. I have always especially loved oral sex and he quit doing that entirely.

When I finally got the nerve to end this loveless marriage after eleven years, I was like an animal in heat. I did things I never dreamed of doing. I had amazing sex in public places with sexy men. I had more than my share of one night stands. I loved dancing with someone and feeling their cock get hard against me as we rubbed together.

I was a horny slut. I couldn’t get enough cock and tongue lashing. I loved for a man to run their tongue up and down my hairless slit and finally end up at my clit. Suck on it baby – slow and soft. Pretend you are sucking on a small cock. Keep it up like that and I’ll fill your mouth with my sweet and creamy cum.

So as I’m driving to work this morning, I’m horny as hell from last night. I can feel my pussy getting wet. Traffic is horrible and they are working on the highway to add another lane. I look around me and everyone has a scowl on their faces because of the traffic. No one is paying any attention to what I am doing.

There are five construction workers on the side of the road right next to where I’m stopped. They are getting ready to start their day. All of a sudden I can’t take it anymore. I undo the first three buttons on my blouse and reach in and start rubbing my tits through my bra. I look around and still no one is watching me, so I unhook my bra and free my tits. Then I rub my fingers over my nipples making my pussy really wake up.

I look up and the construction workers are staring at me squeezing and pinching my nipples. That really gets my juices going. I open up a couple more buttons and show them my hard nipples. I reach down and lick each nipple and look back up at them licking my lips.

One of them starts rubbing his growing cock through his jeans. It looks like it’s ready to pop right through the fabric. I rub my nipples some more, roll down the window and ask him if he wants to take a ride.

He practically jumps over the car to get into the passenger seat. He’s now inside with me and he smells so good. I’m so horny I just want to fuck him. Since it will be a few minutes before I can get to a place in the road to turn off, I reach down and take his hand and put it on my tit. He starts rubbing them and then starts pinching my nipples. All the while he’s rubbing his cock through his jeans and it’s getting harder by the minute. I can’t wait to run my tongue over it. By the looks of the lump in his jeans his cock will be more than large enough to fill my aching, dripping pussy to the limit. It almost makes me cum just thinking about it.

He reaches over and gives me a deep kiss, his tongue teasing mine. I love it and that’s all it takes. I cum and cum – my clit throbbing and pussy juices running everywhere. I’m out of breath and tell him that that is my first orgasm of the day.

He smiles and starts licking and kissing my neck. I love to have my neck bitten and sucked on. I love for someone to give me a hicky. It turns me on so much. It’s like he knows what I want, sucking and biting on my neck, leaving little marks all over it. I am so ready to fuck him right now in the car in front of any one who wants to watch.

I look around and notice there are a couple of people watching us. I don’t care – I’m too far gone now. It just turns me on more. He comes back up to my mouth and gives me another sexy, sloppy kiss. Then he dips his head and replaces his fingers with his mouth on my nipples. He swirls his tongue around my nipple then sucks it slowly into his mouth.

I throw my head back and moan as he sucks my nipple harder and harder. He stops and starts kissing all over my soft tits. He starts giving me a hicky on my tit and there’s my second orgasm of the morning.

I stretch out in my seat. I’m wearing a skirt and his hand slips up under it and rubs my slit through my soaking panties. I reach over for the first time and rub up and down his rock hard cock through his jeans. He starts to snake a finger under the elastic of my panties to get to my dripping horny pussy. I stop him because I can’t take it and drive at the same time.

I am finally able to turn off the road and know I need to find a secluded place and quickly. The lot where all the work trucks are parked is straight ahead. There are men every where but I don’t care. I look for a semi private place and end up parking between two dump trucks.

I don’t even get the car in park and he’s on me. I stop him and lay the seat all the way flat. I feel his fingers trying to get into my panties again. I reach down and start pulling them down my legs. He starts rubbing my pussy and then brings his fingers up to his lips and licks them clean.

I reach over and start unbuttoning his jeans. He stops me and releases his monster cock from this pants. I look at it lovingly and wan’t wait to have him stuff my pussy full with it.

He stops me, saying I’ll make him cum he’s so horny and close. He starts rubbing my pussy again and has smeared my juices everywhere including my ass hole. I’m a slick hot mess. He sticks a finger up my pussy and strokes it in and out – takes it out, puts it in my mouth to lick. I lick and such on it and he groans. I love the taste of my pussy juices that he’s putting in my mouth.

He puts his hand back on my pussy and puts two fingers in me. He starts slowly going in and out and twisting his finger inside of me. He’s rubbing my clit with his thumb.

I’m ready for more. I push his fingers out of my pussy and lean over and start running my tongue around the head of his cock. It tastes so good. Slowly I take the head into my mouth and starting sucking on it. I start bobbing my mouth up and down but only as far as the ridge below the head.

He’s loving it. He just lays there and lets me do it. I still want more and slowly slide his entire thick, veiny cock into my mouth and hold it there. I can feel it twitching and juming in my mouth so I just hold it there so he won’t come yet. I can taste the pre cum on the head.

Once the twitching slows down I start moving my mouth up and down the length of his hot shaft. I’m in heaven and can’t want to feel him inside me. I reach down between my legs and coat my hand with my juices. I bring my hand to his cock, release it from my mouth and coat his cock with my juices. Then his cock is back deep my my mouth and I put my fingers into his mouth to lick. He licks and sucks them hungerly and then I know he is ready for more.

He works his way down between my legs and starts kissing my pussy lips. Then he runs his tongue up and down my slick slit. I’m in heaven. My whole body is shaking. I know my third orgasm is fast approaching. This is my favorite thing in the world – a soft gentle tongue licking and then sucking on my pussy and clit getting it ready to be fucked by that hard, huge, meaty cock.

He spreads my pussy lips open with his tongue and goes straight for my clit. He runs his tongue over it gently and then starts sucking it into his mouth. Then me makes his tongue hard and starts fucking me with it. In and out, occasionally stopping to lick and suck on my clit. I swear this man knows exactly what I want.

Next he takes his tongue and starts licking my asshole. I can’t believe how great this feels. Now he’s fucking my asshole with his tongue. He stops and looks up at me, grinning and knows I’m ready to cum again. He’s back at my clit, tracing it with his tongue and then he starts gently sucking it and I can feel it starting. I can feel my third orgasm building and I don’t do a thing to stop it. Sweet release for the third time. I think I’m falling in love – at least with his cock.

He looks me in the eyes and tells me he can’t stand it anymore – that he needs to shove his throbbing cock into my still throbbing pussy. I ask him to try and keep from cumming as long as he can and he said he will do whatever he can but it will he hard because he is so close.

He reaches down and sucks one of my nipples in to his mouthth and at the same time shoves his cock into me in one hard lunge. I feel him stop completely still and his cock is throbbing inside my velvet pussy walls. I can tell he is trying to keep from cumming inside me. After a few seconds I squeeze his cock with my pussy and he finally starts moving again. He takes it real slow at first, sliding his cock all the way out until the head almost pops out and then all the way back in until I can feel his balls against my ass. His cock is so huge I can feel him rubbing against my cervix and G spot and feel all of the bulging veins along his hard, hard cock.

He keeps this up longer than I thought he would be able to without cumming. He looks up imploringly. I look back and nod my head. Yes he can come now. He starts plowing into me like I’ve never been fucked before, fast and brutal. It feels incredible. I look up at him and tell him I’m ready to cum again on his plunging cock and that’s all it takes for both of us to explode together. My fourth and best orgasm of the day. I am totally satiated.

He leans down and licks my pussy clean – says he doesn’t want all the cum running down my legs while I’m at work. I tell him I will be walking bow legged for a couple of days after the fucking he just gave me. He told me it was unbelievable for him.

He pulls out a business card and begs me to call him. He said he can’t wait to be with me again. I feel the same say. He says he hopes I don’t get stuck in traffic again because he doesn’t want anyone else to be available to me to do what we just did. Could it be I have found my fuck buddy at long last?

The next morning I see him standing at the same place looking for me. Traffic is moving so I can’t stop to entice him like yesterday morning. But he rubs his bulging cock through his jeans as I tweak my exposed nipple as we agreed to do when we had phone sex this morning. Can’t wait until tonight!

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