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Who needs abs?

A fitness trainer's genius plan

Living in Miami in her thirties, Lyla made great money as an established fitness trainer. Working with professionals who held lucrative positions, Lyla had a long list of getting people into shape. Lyla herself was quite the looker with nicely trimmed abs but her overall appearance was arousing to the eye. Having brown hair, nicely trimmed abs, and the same exact face as Jilian Michaels there was only one thing that separated Lyla from the celebrity, the fact that she was five-foot-ten. 

One of Lyla's main clients was a man in his thirties named Charles. Charles was a drinker who ate unhealthily and resembled a younger Ron Jeremy. The dark hair, tanned skin, and swarthy appearance had Charles being mixed up for all sorts of races and no one could tell. Charles was not obese by any means but he was slightly overweight and had a good layer of fat around his waist. While Charles looked decent with a shirt on, he was ways away from the beach body.

Unfortunately for Lyla, when she took a client on, she had to show to her company that she helped them improve or else it would look bad on her portfolio. Lyla couldn't quit with the client as she signed a contract to work with them until they showed results or she would lose her reputation as being the best in the area fast. Charles was being extremely difficult to work with, often eating unhealthy, drinking, and just having the usual four day workout plan. 

On a hot and humid Saturday afternoon, Lyla went to the house Charles lived in which was a nice two-story place with a pool. Charles made great money in his twenties and was now a wealthy business owner. Despite his appearance, Charles had no issues attracting women and lived a hedonistic lifestyle. Lyla often went to the house Charles was at and noticed how he would often try to get intimate with her. The fitness trainer wore a white tanktop that went well with her tan and tight black workout trunks, had her hair in a ponytail, and rang the doorbell but after a minute, there was no response.

"You have got to be fucking with me right now," said Lyla, ringing the door bell again.

"Come out now Charles!" shouted an angry Lyla a minute later.

After a few more seconds, Charles opened the door in his pajamas and t-shirt, he stood at around the same height as Lyla. After seeing an unkempt Charles who looked tired, Lyla rolled her eyes and took a deep breath from the frustration of it all. An angry Lyla walked into her client's home and as soon as the gate shut, told him what she thought.

"So what's your deal? I mean we have been doing this shit for four months now and I haven't seen a change. You don't give two fucks, throw money away, and this is making me look bad!" shouted Lyla.

"Whoa calm down now, I mean its a mistake, I'll fix it," said Charles.

"You'll fix what? You said that for the past few months, I haven't seen shit change!" shouted Lyla.

"I mean my life is full of a lot going on," said Charles.

"A lot of what? You're going to chew on that fucking cake, drink like a fucking college kid, and stay fat so a lot of what Charles? Huh?" said Lyla.

"Wow you had a rough day so far," said Charles, smiling.

"Because of you, you're so tough to work with, I mean where are we going with this?" said Lyla.

"Well we can start a workout right now," said Charles.

"And then what? Have you chew on junk food and get drunk later," said an angry Lyla, after a short pause the two looked at each other.

"Let's go, get the workout in, I've had enough of this shit quite frankly," said Lyla, angered.

Lyla walked over to a big room in Charles house which was the size of a yoga studio and started the usual workout. Charles put his arm around Lyla's waist only to have it smacked away as the feisty Lyla stared him down, the two later continued to the room. Lyla was used to Charles making sleazy attempts at her and was almost always on guard. After the short walk, the two arrived in the room to start their workout. The push ups happened, then some pull ups at a nearby pull up bar, air squats, and then it was time for crunches. As Charles laid down, Lyla grabbed his feet but notice a massive bulge in his pants. The two made eye contact as Lyla took a deep breath, her serious look turning into a slight smile. 

"You want me to take care of this?" asked Charles.

"Don't you usually have a lady friend for this sort of stuff?" asked Lyla.

"They are not here at the moment," replied Charles, laughing.

"So you bust some nuts in women and make good money, why do you even need this shit?" asked Lyla, smiling as she looked at Charles.

"I just want to look good," said Charles.

"I don't think you do, to be honest," replied Lyla.

"I mean, I live a loose lifestyle, can't help it, coach," replied Charles.

Lyla and Charles started at each other, the bulge still going strong in the man's pants. As Lyla glanced at it, she noticed how long and thick the penis was, something she was not used to. For some reason, Lyla was aroused after being angry and the workout was fueling her sex drive. As the perfect storm came together for the situation, Lyla immediately got a genius idea. Stripping out of her fitness gear and into her black bra and panties, Lyla stood over Charles whose eyes opened wide.

"Wait what the," said Charles.

"Quiet and listen up!" said Lyla.

"Okay," replied Charles.

"So big change of workout plans from now on sleazy, I am going to strip down to this and you will strip down nude. I will run around this studio and you will have to catch me. When you catch me, I will try to push you off and keep you off of me. You have to try to wrestle and control me, strip me down nude, and then you can do whatever you want with me," said Lyla. 

"You're joking right?" asked Charles, looking up at the sexy figure.

"I don't have time for jokes with you, either do this or we're done," said Lyla.

"Okay fine," replied Charles, standing up with a strong smile on his face and getting nude. 

"Wha," replied Lyla, looking at the large and thick penis swinging around in-between her client's legs.

"Whew! Alright, as soon as I clap, you will chase," said Lyla, still staring at the large penis.

Within seconds, Lyla clapped and the chase was on. Lyla was extremely quick and agile while Charles was blindly running around trying to chase her. After a couple minutes of running around, Charles finally cornered Lyla and got a hold of her only to see her quickly slip away. Sweat was starting to come from Charles while Lyla was hardly that tired. Despite being sweaty, Charles chased after the sexy woman who was able to make quick turns to keep away from him.

"Never seen you work this hard," said Lyla, as she moved around.

After a lot of running around, Charles found patterns in the way Lyla moved and managed to corner her a few times. Charles managed to grab on to Lyla only to have her overpower him and push him away. After ten minutes, Charles was covered in sweat and Lyla was starting to get sweaty as well. Despite being covered in sweat, Charles kept fighting while Lyla was starting to get fatigued herself, surprised at how long her client could go for.

On the fourth attempt, Charles cornered Lyla and grabbed both of her legs. To Lyla's surprise, the grip was extremely powerful and managed to get her down on the ground. The aroused Charles grabbed Lyla's bra and held on to it as Lyla moved around, trying to get the man off of her. After some work, Charles managed to strip Lyla's bra off and was now working on getting her panties off. All the while, Lyla felt the warmth of Charles's cock against her body and stretched herself out from the pleasure. 

Ceasing on the opportunity, Charles immediately grabbed a hold of Lyla's panties and pulled them down to where they were below her knees. The situation was tricky for Lyla who would struggle to get up due to where her panties were at. Charles was now on top of Lyla with his arms around her body, sucking on her nipples and kissing them as Lyla laid back trying to figure out a way to escape. The aroused Charles kissed the sexy woman over her cheeks and neck as she took in deep breaths from the adrenaline and arousal consuming her.

Charles kissed Lyla's abs and took in nice deep breaths as he got a whiff of her sweaty odor, arousing himself in the process. After some moving around on the ground, Charles put his arms around Lyla's ass and started to eat her pussy. The aroused man felt some of his grip slip due to Lyla being sweaty but he kept his mouth on her pussy.

"Hell of a diet huh boy!" shouted Lyla, taking a deep breath as she moaned.

Lyla's heart was violently pounding as her body ran with adrenaline and her breaths became deep, loving the pleasure that came with being eaten out. Despite the circumstances, Lyla looked for escape routes, often moving her body around and trying to get against a wall. After a couple minutes of struggle, Lyla was against a wall and attempted to use it to stand up. Despite being on her feet for a few seconds, Lyla's legs trembled from being eaten out and she collapsed face first into the ground.

The sweaty woman attempted to crawl away but not before she felt Charles's face go in-between her buttocks as his tongue licked her ass. Out of instinct, Lyla stretched her upper body from the pleasure and moaned. Lyla's upper body was free but Charles was all over her lower body, making it tough for her to stand up.

"Even in this one all you can do is eat huh fatass!" shouted Lyla, attempting to get under Charles's skin.

Lyla attempted to keep her fiery temper but the pleasure of being eaten out was calming her down, her breaths becoming slower and deeper. Charles was winning the feisty trainer over with love, often kissing her thighs and buttocks in-between eating her ass. A once fiery Lyla was now slowly being sedated by the action.

"Got a way with that tongue champ," said a sweaty Lyla, now smiling as she moaned and let out a deep breath.

"Oh my wow," said Charles, picking his sweaty head up and taking a deep breath before going back to eating Lyla's ass. Charles softly bit down on Lyla's buttocks as Lyla let out a soft scream.

After gathering up much of her strength, Lyla managed to finally lift herself up but got up being nude. The area of the room where Charles and Lyla were on the ground was now wet with sweat, making it slippery. Lyla immediately distanced herself from Charles, quickly jogging away from him as he managed to get up again. 

The smells from eating Lyla's ass and her pussy consumed Charles who picked up the panties on the floor and used them to stroke his cock. Lyla had a look of disgust on her face but her body was consumed with arousal, her pussy wet with Charles's saliva. As Charles stroked his cock, Lyla could not help but finger her pussy. 

"At this point, you're in denial. Come here," said Charles, jogging towards Lyla who was almost paralyzed from the situation.

Before Lyla could react, Charles already had his arms around her. The aroused man grabbed Lyla and kissed her on the cheeks and neck, his cock violently shoving against her as his arms kept her in place. Lyla smiled and used a hand to grab and stroke Charles's cock, loving the warm feeling that came with grabbing and feeling it. In just under a couple of hours, the usually feisty Lyla was tamed without Charles putting in much work.

"Earn the pussy," said Lyla, as Charles kissed her on the neck.

"I've earned your pussy," said Charles, kissing Lyla on the cheek while tightly grabbing on to her buttocks.

"No you didn't," said Lyla, in a serious tone as she tightly grabbed Charles's cock.

"I did, baby," said Charles, kissing Lyla again and shoving his cock against her body.

"Such a perv," said Lyla, laughing as Charles sniffed her neck and continued to kiss her.

"Oh, I will show you a perv," said Charles, wrestling Lyla down to the ground.

Lyla was thrilled as her body was lifted into the air and then felt an instant heat of arousal as soon as she hit the ground. The fighting spirit was now dead, Lyla gave in and laid on the ground with her arms stretched from the fatigue. Immediately, the heavier Charles placed himself on top of the downed woman, put his arms around her, and started to sniff and kiss her face as his cock slipped inside of her pussy. An aroused Charles now felt that same pleasurable rush while having his arms tightly coiled around Lyla.

Charles thrust his cock into Lyla as she laid back, taking deep breaths and moaning from the pleasure. After a minute of the intimacy, Charles became more intense and started to fuck Lyla aggressively while moaning himself. Charles used his heavier weight to keep Lyla down as his cock penetrated inside of her. While feeling the arousing pleasure of it all, Charles took deep breaths and kissed the sweaty Lyla all over her face and lips.

"Yeah!" shouted Charles, sniffing and kissing the sweaty brunette all over her face.

"Love!" shouted Charles, seconds later locking lips with Lyla as his cock pounded her.

Lyla was worn down from the wrestling and had no strength left as the cock mercilessly pounded her pussy. The arousing pleasure made Charles's heartbeat as he continued to pound the trainer with no protection on, feeling her tight vagina house his wet cock. Despite a lot of exercise and wrestling, Charles was active as ever laying over Lyla and fucking her. Fatigue didn't matter as the man's sex drive kept him pounding the nude and exhausted fitness trainer.

After minutes of mercilessly fucking the nude fitness trainer in his studio, Charles put his arms around her and got up. The nude man effortlessly carried a tired Lyla out of the studio and headed upstairs. A long time of working out and sweating meant nothing when Charles had a high sex drive which was elevated during the sexual encounter with his trainer. The sex-crazed Charles now had the power to carry his worn out trainer to his bedroom and kissed her along the way, her sweaty body odor arousing him all the more.

After arriving in the bedroom, Charles tossed Lyla on his bed and immediately got on top of her. Grabbing Lyla's buttocks, Charles stuck his cock inside of her ass and started pounding the exhausted woman doggy style. The power of having his bossy trainer helpless in bed coupled in with his aroused state made the man's strokes intense and hard. Lyla moaned and groaned before letting out loud yells as sweat dripped down from her face and body. The trainer's body temperature was red hot as her anus received punishment from Charles's cock. 

Charles was more aroused than ever now, the high temperature of Lyla's tight ass comforting his warm penis which pounded it. The entire bed was slowly being covered in sweat which dripped down from the body of both Lyla and Charles. Lyla's eyes opened wide as her face became tight, in shock as to how she was worn down while the overweight man she had to train was still pounding her. After a minute, Charles collapsed on top of Lyla and laid on her back while humping her. Lyla felt a large load of cum unload in her ass, her warm anus temporarily having a cool feeling.

An exhausted Charles laid on top of the sweaty Lyla, still licking her face and kissing her. The two nude and worn out individuals napped with each other nude, enjoying the must of the other's body. Lyla was too exhausted to go anywhere and instead spent the night in bed with Charles. 

Time passed and now workout sessions were different. Lyla and Charles often wrestled naked and spent the entire day having sex everytime they met. Lyla often ran around the house nude until Charles caught her and fucked her. After a couple of months, Charles lost twenty pounds and was getting into better shape. Lyla and Charles continued to have the fun fuck sessions regardless because of their heavy lust for each other.

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