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Miss Downey's first teaching appointment

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Miss Downey takes a caning to secure her ideal teaching position.

Twenty-two-year-old Helen Downey sat in the conference room with the other three candidates, nervously awaiting the decision. This had been her first interview for a teaching post and she really wanted the job at St. Katherine’s School for Girls. She had done her best during the day-long interview process and was daydreaming about what she would do if she turned out to be the successful candidate for the History position at the school.

Helen was in her own little world and had no idea how long it had taken her to realise that Ms. Storey, the Deputy Head Mistress, who had been in charge of the interview process, was speaking to her.

“Miss Downey, would you come with me please?” The tall, slim lady asked quietly.

The diminutive History teacher shook herself from her daydream and looked up at the tall Deputy Head Mistress, who was standing to her right-hand side, smiling.

“Oh.” Helen smiled back, aware that the other candidates were looking at her.

She slowly got to her feet and bent down to pick up her handbag that was on the floor.

“Certainly. Ms. Storey.” She replied and smiled awkwardly at the other candidates, quickly following the taller lady out of the conference room and into the corridor.

Helen was shaking. She knew that she had been successful, and the smile spread across her face as she walked behind Jasmine Storey until they had covered the short distance from the conference room to the Deputy Head Mistress’ office. Ms. Storey held the door open for the younger woman and smiled as Helen walked into the office. She closed the door quietly and walked past Helen before sitting down in her leather chair behind her desk.

“Please sit down, Helen.” Jasmine smiled as she gestured across her desk to the visitors’ chair, which Helen struggled into, placing her bag clumsily on the floor beside her right foot.

“Well, Helen. I’m delighted to offer you the position of History Teacher at St. Katherine’s with effect from September this year.” Ms. Storey said happily, placing Helen Downey’s application form back into a folder.

Helen Downey took several deep breaths and tried to calm herself down. She was extremely happy at securing a job at the best school in the city. She swept her shoulder-length brown hair back behind her right ear and smiled back at Jasmine.

“Thank you, Miss Storey. I’d like to accept the position.” She spat out quickly, just in case the older lady changed her mind.

Jasmine Storey picked the paper file from her desk, got to her feet and walked over to the edge of her desk, next to where Helen was sitting, struggling to sit still.

“That’s wonderful, Helen. I’m delighted. You really were the outstanding candidate in a strong field today.” She paused, before getting to her feet and placing the paper file on the table that was to the right of where Helen Downey sat.

The forty-five-year-old Deputy Head Mistress paused, not looking at Helen before turning around suddenly to face her. Helen Downey continued to smile, still soaking in the fact that she had just secured her first teaching job.

“So, Helen, we have just one more part of the interview to complete and then I’ll take you to the office to get all the documentation sorted out – you know, letters and contracts. The boring stuff!” Jasmine laughed and returned to sit on the edge of her desk before continuing. She licked her lips as she could see the confused look that had replaced the smile on the younger woman’s face.

“The last part of the interview is important. If you agree to it, then the job is yours.” Ms. Storey paused and walked to the window, under which there was a large basket in which, she kept her extensive collection of canes. She bent down and picked up the one she wanted.

“You must take six full-force strokes on your bare bottom with the junior school cane. If you take the strokes, then the job is yours. However, if you refuse, then I’ll offer the job to one of the other candidates.” Jasmine smiled as Helen’s mouth opened in shock.

“It is simply to show you the impact of corporal punishment. After all, part of your job will be to probably administer it to the students that you teach, so it is only fair that you experience exactly what it feels like, isn’t it?” Ms. Storey swished the long, thin cane through the air for effect.

Helen paused and thought to herself for a moment. She really did want the job and the school really was the best school in the city. The use of corporal punishment was something she did not completely agree with and thought that she would never probably have to use it in such a school. If it took six strokes of the cane to ensure that she got the job in a good school, then so be it. Helen Downey cleared her throat before replying, not taking her eyes from the Deputy Head Mistress who continued to play with the cane in her right hand.

“I’ll take the six strokes, Ms. Storey.” She tried to sound unconcerned but failed miserably.

The older woman smiled and got to her feet.

“That’s wonderful Helen. It is important that you know what it is like but won’t take more than a few moments and then we’re all done.” Jasmine walked over to the large table that was to Helen’s right side.

She thought to herself for a few moments deciding how she would proceed. This was more for effect seeing as she had caned each and every new member of the teaching staff at St. Katherine’s School in the seven years that she had been Deputy Head Mistress. Added to that, there had been hundreds of punishments that she had administered to the girls themselves. Jasmine smiled and cleared the piles of papers to one side of the table before turning around and facing Helen Downey once again.

“Are you entirely sure, Helen?” She said, running the thin junior cane through her hands.

“Yes, Miss Storey. I want the job at St. Katherine’s and if that’s a condition of the job then I’ll take the caning.” Helen looked down at her small hands that were held firmly in her lap.

“Very well. Please stand up and take your high heels off, Miss Downey.” Jasmine continued to stare at Helen as the younger woman did as she had been instructed.

Helen Downey got to her feet immediately and kicked off her white high-heeled shoes, placing them next to Ms. Storey’s visitors’ chair. She continued to focus on the older lady but especially on the thin, rattan cane that she held in her right hand.

“Right Helen. Come over to the table and bend over it – stretch yourself right across.” Jasmine Storey indicated with the thirty-inch-long cane that she held in her right hand.

The young History teacher walked calmly to the table and was just about to bend over the large table until Jasmine stopped her by interrupting.

“Before you bend over Helen can you take your knickers off for me – the punishment will be given on your bare bottom.” Ms. Storey smiled.

“Certainly Ms. Storey.” The twenty-two-year-old replied and immediately reached under her bright yellow summer dress and reached for her underwear.

Helen smiled awkwardly as she lowered her underwear and stepped out of it, placing it on the visitors’ chair behind her.

“Right. Over you go Miss, Downey.” The Deputy Head Mistress smiled reassuringly and watched the younger lady, who lowered herself carefully over the large table in front of her.

Jasmine Storey waited a few moments until Helen Downey had been given time to prepare herself for what was going to happen to her. She stepped forward and bent down, raising Helen’s expensive dress to expose her bare bottom. She could see that the younger woman was breathing heavily, and she smiled to herself. A moment later she had folded Helen’s yellow dress out of the way and took a step backwards.

“Helen, I need you to spread your legs a little for me,” The Deputy Head Mistress said softly and watched as the young teacher complied.

Jasmine Storey measured the cane across Helen Downey’s small, but perfectly formed bottom and began tapping it gently against her bare skin.

“Right. I’ll do this as quick as I can, sweetie, and unlike the girls, there is no need to count the strokes. Just lie there and take them for me.” She decided where to land her first stroke.

“Yes. Ms. Storey.” Helen replied nervously.

“Please try to stay still too young lady as I don’t want to catch you on the legs or somewhere unpleasant. Is that understood?” Jasmine adjusted the right sleeve of her expensive-looking white fitted blouse before re-taking her position to Helen Downey’s left-hand side.

Jasmine took a deep breath and looked down on the small, but beautiful bottom lying at her mercy. She tapped the cane on Helen’s buttocks three more times before raising the cane above her head. The Deputy Head Mistress took a breath and decided to finish “interviewing” Miss Downey. She brought the cane whistling through the air. It landed a second later across the centre of Helen’s bottom with a loud “Thwack!”

The pain took a second to register in the young History teacher’s brain, but she was determined not to scream or shout out or show that it had really hurt. Jasmine Storey raised the cane in the air once more and smiled as she saw Helen’s grip on the end of the table tighten. She sent the cane on its way once again within twenty seconds.

“Thwack!” The cane bit into the younger lady’s right buttock.

Helen Downey’s grip on the table tightened and a tear began to form in her left eye. Ms. Storey raised the cane once more and waited a few moments before sending it hurtling towards the bottom lying there, waiting.

“Thwack!” Jasmine levelled the punishment up by landing the cane across Helen’s left buttock.

Ms. Storey paused and leaned in close to inspect the bottom lying in front of her. Her cane had bitten deeply into the younger woman’s bottom and she had three neat red lines laid out on her buttocks.

“Mmm,” The Deputy Head Mistress said softly as she ran her cool right hand across the marks that had appeared on Helen’s bottom.

The younger lady did not move and simply buried her head in her arms, awaiting the final strokes. Ms. Storey re-took her position and was soon tapping Helen’s buttocks with the cane once again. The older woman adjusted her stance, her left foot about twelve inches from her right and she placed her small left hand on her hip to maintain stability. She raised the cane in the air once more and delivered the fourth stroke.

“Thwack!” The cane added a new red line across the centre of Miss Downey’s bare bottom.

Helen Downey did not move.

“Thwack!” The fifth stroke kissed Helen’s buttocks low and in the crease between her bum cheek and thigh.

“Now, young lady. I always give the final stroke hard and severe so that people remember what a caning is like. Are you ready Helen?” She smiled as she tapped the red and sore bottom in front of her.

“Yes, Ms. Storey.” The young teacher sniffed and sobbed.

Jasmine decided where her last stroke would land and paused. She saw Helen spread her legs further and relax. The experienced Deputy Head Mistress raised the cane and brought it swishing through the air, landing with a loud “Thwack!” as it bit into the young teacher’s bottom, leaving a sixth neat, red line.

As she did after caning any naughty girls who were unfortunate enough to get sent to her for punishment, Ms. Storey left Helen bent over the table to allow her to calm herself and to re-gather her composure. The older woman busied herself by taking an antiseptic wipe from a pack in her desk and cleaning the cane before returning it to the basket next to her desk. Once she had done this, she walked over to Helen and ran her warm hand over Helen’s equally warm bottom.

“Well done, Miss Downey. That’s all over. Welcome to St. Katherine’s School for Girls.” Jasmine Storey waited and watched as the young teacher got to her feet slowly.

Helen Downey stood up and looked at Jasmine Storey through her teary eyes. She placed her hands on her bottom, which was throbbing with pain. Helen managed to smile.

“I’m sure you’ll love it here, Helen. Why don’t you take a few minutes to sort yourself out and then I’ll take you to the office to sort all the admin out.” She reached over to her desk and picked up a box of tissues which she held out to the younger lady.

Helen took one and smiled, blowing her nose before lowering her dress. She dressed and picked up her bag and after about fifteen minutes, the ladies headed down a series of long corridors until they reached the main school office. It took another half an hour before Helen Downey had done or had everything she needed, and Jasmine saw her to the main entrance.

“We’ll see you in September, Helen. Have a good summer and well done once again.” Jasmine shook her by the hand and smiled.

“Thank you.” Helen Downey turned and headed to the car park.

She was going to have a good holiday that summer and then would stamp her authority on her classes in those first few weeks in September.

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