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A Bad Habit

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David wanted to break my bad habit...
My boyfriend, David and I had been dating a few months when he quickly began to realize my terrible habit of never being on time. I was never absurdly late, just always a few minutes past when I said I’d be. He told me it was his biggest pet peeve with me, especially when we were supposed to be meeting somewhere other than his apartment and he was left waiting awkwardly for his date to arrive.

David had spoken to me about it a few times, each time I promised I would be more conscientious of being on time for him. The final straw came on a Friday night when I was supposed to meet him at his house before going out to a movie together. Five minutes after the time I was supposed to be there he called my cell phone and I told him I was right around the corner. The truth was I had been running behind and I had just left my place and was still fifteen minutes out. When I got there he was pissed.

“Why are you never on time? What is the point in us agreeing to meet at a certain time if you aren’t going to show up for another twenty minutes?” He demanded loudly, his voice close to a yell.

“I’m sorry! I was running late and the movie isn’t for another hour anyway!” I was more defensive than apologetic.

“It’s the opening night. We needed to get there early to get tickets,” he responded. “Why is it that you can’t tell me you’ll be late either? I know you avoid telling me because you know I’ll be mad but I get even angrier when you lie to me like you just did on the phone!”

“You’re right I’m sorry. It’s inconsiderate of me, having you wait around for me,” I was being sincere this time. “I promise I won’t let it happen again.”

He sighed. “I think we need some kind of reassurance for that. You need some kind of consequences for your actions so this kind of behavior does not continue.”

I looked at him quizzically.

“I am going to spank you next time you’re late for something,” David said looking me right in the eye. When he saw my incredulous look he added, “A little discipline in your life would do you some good I think.”

I laughed a little bit but the look on his face told me he was serious.

“But I swear it won’t happen again,” I insisted.

“Then you should have no problem committing to this agreement,” he said with a smile. He had gotten me there. I thought it over quickly, weighing the risk.

“Alright,” I said confidently. “You have a deal.”

And so we made the deal. I started paying very close attention and planning better when we were supposed to do something together. Even when I was just coming to hang out at his place for the night, I made sure I was there at least a few minutes before I said I would be. It was kind of exciting in a way, the threat of being punished was keeping me in line.

David never brought it up to me or even acknowledged my new found punctuality, but I knew he was impressed with the results of our little arrangement.

I was doing impeccably for about three weeks, until there was a car accident and unforeseen traffic that made me three minutes late. I kept nervously glancing at my clock in my car and yelling, unheard, to the traffic in front of me. I sent my boyfriend a text letting him know I was stuck in traffic and might be a few minutes late, hoping that would save me from my fate. I thought it worked when he replied with “okay sweetie, see you soon” and a smiley face. I sighed in relief.

But when I got to his place David was sitting in the middle of the couch, and I knew I had been wrong to think I had evaded the punishment. The TV wasn’t even on, he was just sitting there patiently with his hands on his lap. I pretended nothing was wrong and walked right over to him and kissed him hello.

“Hi, baby,” he said sweetly. “Let’s take care of this right away so we can get on with our nice evening, shall we?” I did my best to look confused but he ignored it. “Now take off your shorts and get across my lap,” he commanded sternly.

“Bb-but I texted you that I might be a few minutes late,” I said weakly. I was nervous and started to sweat a bit. I had never received an actual punishment spanking as an adult. I was pretty sure the last time I had really been spanked was when I was 8 years old.

“We had a deal,” he said flatly. “Now get over my lap and don’t make me tell you again.” His voice scared me a little, but I was surprised to find that I had become a bit wet at the command.

I slowly lowered my shorts and stepped out of them, and then carefully crawled across his lap. I was draped over him with my forearms on the couch and I had a nice view of the busy street outside the window. He rearranged me a bit by crossing his legs so I was bent more at the hips and my ass was thrust higher in the air. I wondered if he had done this before.

“Now tell me why you are being punished,” he demanded.

“I wasn’t on time,” I said, barely audible.

“Emma, please speak up,” he said in a dangerous tone.

“I wasn’t on time so I deserve to be spanked. It’s the only way I will learn,” I tried again louder and clearer.

“That’s better. Now how late were you?” He asked.

“Three minutes,” I paused briefly and then added, “sir.”

I could hear the smile in his voice, “That’s right, Emma.” Then matter-of-factly, “So you will be spanked for three minutes.” He handed me a kitchen timer and told me to set it. I had never seen this timer before and I was pretty sure he had bought it just for this occasion. I wondered if this could get any more embarrassing.

I set the timer and placed it on the coffee table next to us.

“Naughty girls don’t get to keep their panties on,” he stated as he pulled my light blue cotton panties down across my bottom to rest at my knees. He began to rub my ass with his strong hands. His fingers wandered down between my thighs and he realized how wet this was making me. I was so embarrassed. “You’re not supposed to be enjoying this Emma, it’s a punishment,” he said with some humor in his voice. “I’ll make sure you don’t enjoy it too much, I don’t want this tardy thing to become a habit again.”

He reached over and hit the start button on the timer and began to spank me hard. He alternated cheeks and made sure to cover my entire bottom with those hard slaps. I was surprised by how much pain just his hand could cause. He had started off slow but around the one minute mark, according to the timer, he picked up speed and the spanks were raining down about one per second on each cheek. When about two minutes had passed I started to squirm uncomfortably, my ass was on fire and I was gasping with each smack.

“Please, I promise it won’t happen again,” I pleaded with him, trying not to cry.

This only caused him to spank me harder. “That’s what you said last time, Emma,” He said angrily. “Apparently just the threat of this spanking wasn’t enough. I need to teach you a lesson that tardiness is not okay. It’s inconsiderate to those who are waiting on you. And it’s a very unattractive quality!” He kept spanking me as he talked. I knew he was right but this was the longest three minutes of my life.

Finally the timer announced the end of my spanking with three short beeps, and much to my relief David stopped the assault on my burning bottom. I was in pain but I couldn’t believe how turned on I was. I was delighted when he started to rub my stinging ass again.

“You know I thought I was going to have to say ‘I don’t enjoy punishing you,’ but that really fucking turned me on,” he laughed and that was when I realized I could feel his hard on pressing into the right side of my stomach. I smiled. My ass was stinging something horribly but I all I could think about was having David inside of me.

I moaned, “That feels so good, David,” and wriggled my hips around a bit on his lap. His fingers found my opening and I let out a groan as he pushed one deep inside me. He started to move it around and my body started to tremble. He pushed another finger inside and started to stroke me quickly. I began to pant with pleasure. I was disappointed when he removed his fingers but it was just for a moment as he spread my wetness to my clit. He had his middle finger working inside of me as his pointer finger rubbed my clit, back and forth and in circles. It felt amazing and I moaned my enjoyment for him to hear. He removed the finger again to spread my slickness, this time between my crack to my asshole. He slipped his middle finger back inside me, his other finger still paying attention to my clit and now his thumb easing slowly inside my back door. The combination of it all was driving me crazy and I could feel my orgasm building quickly. As wave after wave hit me, my body involuntarily twitching, my nipples hardening, and my toes curling, I could feel myself clenching around David’s fingers as he continued his work dragging out the orgasm as long as he could. I cried out and lay motionless across his lap as my climax came to an end.

That might have been the best orgasm I had ever had. In fact, it was. And when told David so, he laughed. “I can’t wait for you to be late again. But just so you know, the punishment will be worse the next time.” My stomach fluttered at the sound of that and I knew I wouldn’t mind another trip over David’s lap if it ended like this one did.

“I really am sorry for being late. Do you forgive me?” I asked him in all sincerity.

He pulled me up off his lap to look at me. “Of course I do, baby.” And then he kissed me hard on the mouth.

I got off the couch and knelt on the floor in front of him, my ass stinging as I sat back on my heels. “Now it’s time to take care of you,” I said, looking up at him as I started to unbutton his pants.


More to come in Part II

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