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A Dom Learns What Submission is all About

A long time fantasy of a weekend of submission come true
I have been married for twelve years and I have always been the dom in our relationship. A couple of years ago I confessed to my wife that I had always had a fantasy of being dominated by a woman, to find out what the submissive side would be like. I had all but forgotten about it when my wife told me that she had found an old friend from college online, and she would really love to get together with her so that we could meet.

We made plans and on that Friday we made the hour long drive to her friend's home. She lived in a big beautiful house way out in the country and down a very long lane, so her house was totally isolated. After the introductions we took our bags into the house and settled down in the living room, while Nancy made us drinks.

My wife said that she had forgotten to get cigarettes and she was going to go out and get some. She said that she wouldn't be gone long, and wanted me to stay and get to know Nancy .

After Sonja left, Nancy and I talked and had a couple more drinks. She said that it had been a very long and hot day and suggested that I go up, take a shower and get relaxed; it sounded like a great idea. Nancy led me upstairs and showed me the bedroom that we would be using. After showing me where everything was she left the room. I stripped right there and went into the bathroom with nothing but what I needed. After I took a long hot shower I dried off, shaved and combed out my very long hair. Then I wrapped a towel around my waist and stepped out into the bedroom.

To my surprise Nancy was sitting in a chair in the middle of the room and my wife was on the bed, leaned back with a drink in her hand and a huge smile on her face. Nancy ordered me to come to her but I was so surprised that I couldn't move. After about thirty seconds, Nancy stood up and walked right over to me. She grabbed my left arm with her left hand, and with her right hand she ripped off my towel and threw it to the floor. Then she smacked me hard across my bare ass several times, and told me that if I knew what was good for me I had better learn to listen and obey.

Nancy led me over in front of the chair and told me to get on my knees, then she pushed my head down to the floor and made me spread my legs until I was totally exposed. She said, "Do not move, do not talk, just listen."

Then she sat down in the chair and told me that the reason I was there was because I needed to be disciplined and have punishment in my life, and that was exactly what I was going to get. For the entire weekend I was under her control, I was to remain naked. At any time that I did something that warranted punishment that was exactly what I was going to get, on my bare ass while I was completely naked. If I was good for a period of time I might receive a tiny thong or a small white tank top, but any time that I was to be punished I would be ordered to strip and I would go with her to be punished.

"Do you understand?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"Do you agree to this for the entire weekend?"

"Yes, ma'am."

Then she helped me up and took me over her knee and started spanking me very hard.

Nancy told me that I had done nothing wrong that this was just a taste of what I could expect when I was punished. After a couple of minutes, Nancy helped me up and led me to the corner. She told me that I had better never get caught out of that corner when I was supposed to be in it; that disobeying a direct order was a serious offense. No matter how hard I had been punished she would take me right back over her knee and blister my bare ass with a paddle. Then she left me in the corner while Nancy and my wife went downstairs to have a drink and talk. After about twenty minutes they both came back upstairs, and Nancy told me that I could come out of the corner. When I turned around Nancy handed me a tiny little thong and told me to put it on because dinner was ready.

During dinner I was pretty quiet, sitting there all but naked with Nancy and Sonja fully dressed. After dinner when everything was put away we all went to the living room and had drinks and talked. I had to admit that I was starting to get used to being almost naked in front of everyone, and after about thirty minutes and two drinks I said, "Shit," while I was talking. Nancy told me that I was not allowed to curse in any way during the weekend.

After about twenty more minutes I slipped and said "shit" again. Nancy got really stern and told me that I had already been warned; if I did it again I was going to be taken upstairs and get my bare ass blistered for not following the rules. I didn't know if it was the drinks or the fact that this was something that I had always wanted but I just couldn't help myself and I said, "Fuck." As soon as I said it Nancy was up on her feet and came straight to me. Pulling me up by my arm she started leading me across the living room towards the stairs.

I guess that I got scared. I started saying how sorry I was and that I would never do it again. Nancy stopped and slapped me across my ass four times. Then she said that I had been warned twice and now it was time for my punishment. She ordered me to strip. I pushed my thong down until it fell around my feet and then Nancy took my arm and led me up the stairs to her bedroom. She put me next to a chair in the middle of the room and told me not to move.

She went to her closet and opened the door. On the back of the door were many spanking implements hanging from hooks. She picked a paddle that looked like a ping pong paddle but was made from solid wood. She then walked over to the chair, sat down and after tucking that paddle under her leg she took me over her knee.When she had me in the perfect position, she started to spank me very hard and kept that up, going from one cheek to the other until it felt like my bare ass was starting to catch fire.When she paused I thought that she was done. I had forgotten about that paddle until she brought it down on my bare ass. Whack! It sounded like a gunshot. Before I had time to recover she brought that paddle down on my other cheek. Whack.

Then: Whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack. Over and over again she brought that paddle down on my bare ass, until it really felt like it was on fire and I had tears in my eyes.

The sound was bouncing off of the walls and filling the room. After about twenty-five whacks she stopped and asked me if I had learned my lesson.

Yes, I had, and I promised to be good after that. Nancy helped me off of her lap, led me downstairs then made me bend over and show my wife my freshly blistered ass; she then made me stand in the corner for a full thirty minutes.

When I was allowed out of the corner my wife said that I should show Nancy how good that I could be. I turned around and Nancy was naked, sitting on the couch with her legs spread. I knew what I had to do; I went right to her and buried my face in her pussy until she came three times. Nancy said she couldn't believe how good I was at that, and that now it was time to go upstairs and take care of my wife.

When we got upstairs, Sonja had her clothes off in about thirty seconds, then she was on the bed, on her knees with her ass stuck in the air so I could lick her pussy and her ass at that same time. She loved it when I did that. As I was sticking my face into her soaking wet pussy, she told me that Nancy had told her if I didn't make her come at least three times with my mouth she was supposed to spank me and have me start over again.

As I sucked her hard clit it took about thirty second for her to have her first orgasm. After about fifteen minutes I had made her come five times and she was just soaked. Finally Sonja collapsed on the bed and I lay down beside her. To my surprise, she started sucking my cock. It didn't take long until I came in her mouth; she swallowed every drop and then we collapsed on the bed and fell asleep.

The next morning Nancy came in to wake us up. She told me that breakfast would be ready soon and to clean up the room and make the bed. After my shower I was to come down for breakfast.

Sonja and I took our shower together. She begged me to fuck her in the ass, which I was very glad to do; it was fantastic. Then I cleaned up the room and went down to breakfast.

Because I was punished late last night I was to remain naked until I earned something to wear.

After breakfast we were talking, and Nancy went upstairs to get something, then she called for me to come up.

When I got to the top step, Nancy was waiting for me. She took me by the arm and led me into the bedroom.

"I thought that I told you to make the bed before you came downstairs."

"Yes, ma'am, you did and I will do that right now."

"No you will not. First you are going to get a spanking and then you can make the bed."

Nancy turned me over her knee and gave me a very hard hand spanking. When I was finished I realized that my wife had been standing in the doorway watching the whole thing. After my spanking I was ordered to bend over and show Sonja my red ass then I was ordered to make the bed.

After the bed was made I was put in the corner, and the girls went downstairs to talk. About twenty minutes later I was allowed out of the corner and did pretty well until after lunch. While we were cleaning up I dropped one of Nancy's favorite glasses. Nancy put me in the corner and told me to think about the ass blistering that I was going to get when she was finished.

After about fifteen minutes, Nancy ordered me out of the corner and took me by my balls, not to hurt me just to lead me. She took me out the back door and all the way across her huge yard, to a small barn in the back of her property.

When we were inside the barn I could see that there was a platform at one end with a chair and a leather whipping horse; there were also rings hanging from the ceiling.

First she took me to the chair, and after taking me over her knee, she gave me a very hard spanking that lasted for several minutes. She then helped me up, took me over to the horse and told Sonja to come over and help her.

They fastened leather wrist and ankle cuffs on me then bent me over the horse. They fastened the rings in the cuffs to nylon straps until I was stretched over the horse and I could not move. Nancy told Sonja to pick out a paddle on the wall because she was going to help her blister my ass. After they both had paddles Nancy whacked me hard across my bare ass, and told Sonja that it was her turn.

Sonja whacked me very lightly, and Nancy told her that she was going to have to do better than that. Sonja whacked me again, even lighter, and Nancy told her that if she didn't start blistering my ass right now that she was going to get her bare ass blistered for not listening.

I had told Nancy that my wife liked to be spanked by a woman, and when she really wanted to get her bare ass blistered she would not listen until she ended up getting what she wanted. Nancy told her that if she did that again that she was going to end up over the horse getting her bare ass blistered with that paddle.

Sonja whacked me again and it was even lighter. Nancy ordered Sonja to strip, and she was out of her clothes in record time. Nancy said, "Now that you're going to get your bare ass spanked and paddled, do you think that you could help me finish this before you get yours?"

"Yes, ma'am, I can." So they both started to paddle my ass until it was on fire. When they finally finished they released me. Nancy took Sonja over to the chair and took my wife over her knee. She spanked her bare ass until she was bright red and she had tears in her eyes .

Then Nancy took Sonja over to the horse, and had me help her fasten the wrist and ankle cuffs on her then we bent her over that horse until she was in the perfect position. As Nancy rubbed the paddle across her red ass, she asked Sonja if she deserved to be punished. My beautiful wife said, "Yes, ma'am, I deserve to be severely punished."

So Nancy started to paddle my wife's ass until she was in tears and was limp over the horse. Before Nancy released Sonja from the horse, she ordered me to eat her ass and pussy until she came. She came three times while she was still tied up.

Nancy walked us both across her huge yard, and I cannot tell you what a huge thrill that it was to be naked with our bright red asses on display. When we got to the living room, Nancy had Sonja suck my cock while Nancy sat on my face and rode my tongue to several orgasms.

Then we went to our room and we fucked like wild animals. That night after supper, Sonja got a serious spanking for interrupting Nancy, and then she made her eat her pussy while I fucked her from behind.

Nancy told Sonja that since she had done such a great job she could be her slave, and that she would remain naked for the rest of the weekend with me if she wanted. Of course Sonja said yes.

When we went to bed the sex was incredible then we fell asleep until the next morning. Sunday went pretty well, with Sonja getting a spanking after breakfast, and a serious hairbrush paddling after lunch. After her corner time, Nancy made us drinks and we went out to her pool; we swam and drank and had a really great time. It was so much fun to swim naked.

Nancy walked up to me and asked me if I wanted another drink. When I said yes she pushed me in the pool.

I came up and called Nancy a bitch. As soon as I did it I knew that I had totally messed up.

Nancy was at the pool side when I got there. She grabbed my arm and started pulling me out of the pool.

Once out of the pool, she started dragging me across the living room to the stairs.When we got to her room she started reading me the riot act until I asked her to let me say something. I told her that I was very, very sorry for what I had said. I knew that I deserved and needed to be severely punished.

After I went to the closet and got her a paddle, Nancy took me to the chair and turned me over her knee. She blistered my bare ass worse than I had ever had in my life. By the time that she was done I was a mess, limp over her knee, and crying like a baby until I was put in the corner. While I was in the corner, I heard my beautiful wife tell Nancy that she wanted to have her ass blistered too, so from the corner I heard every whack that Sonja got until she was in the corner too.

After we were allowed out of the corner, we saw that Nancy had taken off all of her clothes, so we both attacked her. By the time we were finished all three of us were like jello, and could only lay there talking about the next time that we were going to get together, and how we were both going to be slaves to Mistress Nancy.

We have already made plans to get together for next weekend. Naked and willing...

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