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A Double Spanking

Aunt Steph fulfils a fantasy
I have the kind permission of Peter242 to add this chapter to his fine story The Aftermath. I recommend reading his whole series, starting with Spanked for Free.

Aunt Steph was sitting thoughtfully while Becky was upstairs putting her stuff together. She had really enjoyed herself spanking Becky last night and this morning but something was nagging at her and she was having trouble getting to the bottom of it, so to speak. Gradually it dawned on her that the missing ingredient was the humiliated anticipation of a spanking that couldn’t be had from her niece, who asked to be spanked and clearly looked forward to it. Her mind drifted back to the previous day and Scott’s reaction to a public punishment. Not having been at the house later she couldn’t be sure but felt that Mark would definitely not have escaped a spanking. Would he have been aroused too? Scott was off-limits to her but Mark might not be. Stephanie rehearsed the conversation many times in her head before picking up the phone and calling her sister Sheila.

“Hi Babe, it’s me.” After the usual pleasantries she continued: “Sheila, I wanted to ask you something. You’ll think I’ve gone nuts but I really want to know if you spanked Mark yesterday. You were threatening him with the prospect so I assume you probably did.”

“Well, yes and no,” said Sheila. “ He got his bottom tanned good and proper, but not by Grandma.”

“You’re kidding? Good for Mum, she probably needed that. The thing is, Sis, I’d like to spank him as well.”

“You would?? When are you coming over next? I should warn you that he got, shall we say, overexcited over mum’s lap and earned himself another spanking.” Sheila found herself feeling a certain eagerness to pass Mark around for the ladies’ pleasure.

“Oh my god! I hope that taught him a lesson. I was kind of thinking he might come over here at my place, you know? More private, sort of thing.”

“Is Becky still with you?”

“You needn’t worry about Becky, she’s a young woman now and we women should stick together. It won’t do her any harm to see how women keep their menfolk in line. Scott’s her brother and they were both spanked as children so he doesn’t count, but Mark is a different proposition, he’s almost a stranger really. She could watch him getting spanked and pick up some tips for her future boyfriends, don’t you think?”

“You might be right, Steph. It’s about that time I suppose.”

“What pretext can we give for him coming over? He hasn’t annoyed me or upset me or anything.”

“We don’t need a pretext,” said Sheila, “he’s under my rules while he’s here and I’ll just tell him to get himself ready to go over to your house to be spanked. Give it three-quarters of an hour and send Becky over in your car to pick him up. Imagine what will go through his mind on the journey, wondering if Becky would see him bent over her aunt’s thighs. Why not let Becky have the last dozen swats! When he comes back for dinner you and she should come too. Scott’s at football practice 'til 8 so Mark will be at the table with four women who have spanked him or seen him spanked. Then I’ll have my turn!” She laughed as she said this. “This will be fun, Sis, I’m glad you called!” Still laughing, she said her goodbyes and put down the phone.

When Becky came down Stephanie confided her plan and asked if she wanted to watch. Becky looked shocked, then intrigued...and then she laughed. 

“Are you going to spank him naked like you do with me?”


“You’re so naughty! Do you fancy him? He is rather cute I suppose.”

“That’s not the point. I just fancy having a man across my lap and making him yell and beg. You can join in if you want and we’ll see if he reacts like Scott did.”

That did it for Becky. She had been fascinated seeing her brother gingerly get up from their mum’s lap with a hard-on after the whacking he had received. She would like very much to see if Mark did the same. He had clearly been aroused while Scott was having his bottom attended to and they weren’t gay so it must have been the submission that turned him on. The two women explored the idea for a bit and got more and more eager to put the plan into operation. Stephanie left her in no doubt who was going to be in charge but told her that she could have the last dozen spanks. It was this thought that occupied her on the five-minute drive to her Mum’s house. She got really wet and horny when Steph was whacking her and now she could see for herself if all boys got an erection over a woman’s lap or just her brother. She had to compose her face before seeing Mark. At the house he was in the sitting room with her mother looking apprehensive and fiddling with his t-shirt. He looked surprised when instead of Stephanie coming through the door it was Becky. “Off you go,” said Sheila, “and be back for dinner by seven.”

Mark followed Becky to the car and on the journey tried not to look at her while all the time wondering what was in store for him over at Stephanie’s. Where did Becky fit in to all this? Was she going to be there too? Despite himself there was a distinct stirring in his boxers. Becky was really pretty and innocent for her age and the thought of being exposed to her gaze was exciting to him. She, meanwhile, was trying to concentrate on the road and did nothing to put him at his ease, uttering not a word.

As they drove down the lane to Steph’s the sun was painting the house with honey-coloured light on a glorious July afternoon. They pulled onto the drive and she ushered him through the front door which was standing ajar. Inside, Stephanie appeared in the hallway and sent Mark upstairs to the spare bedroom to await her summons. She turned away from Becky and walked in to the sitting room, reappearing in seconds with a hairbrush in her hand.

“Right young lady, first of all I’m going to let him hear you being spanked in my room and then I’ll call him in for his turn. It’s a pound to a penny that he’ll be aroused when I order him to strip after imagining you over my knees. Go on, upstairs!”

Becky hadn’t bargained for this but couldn’t help the tingling in her pants at the thought of it. Up in Steph’s room the now-familiar routine got under way as she was told to strip naked and put herself over Steph’s lap. The only difference was that her aunt pulled the hem of her skirt right up to the crotch of her panties and presented bare thighs for her to lie over. She had to admit that she had a fine pair of legs and the warm skin felt sensual against her hips and belly. Within seconds, with no warning, no rubbing of her bottom, Steph’s hand dealt her a stinging swipe at the top of her thigh followed by a flurry of slaps on her poor little bottom. The shock and the pain made her feel helpless and this is what turned her on the most. As her cheeks glowed so did her cute little pussy.

“Shall I call Mark in now? I’m sure he’d love to see you with your bum facing the door and your juices starting to flow.”

“No, please auntie, don’t call him,” she pleaded. “ I couldn’t bear it.”

“I’m not really going to but just imagine him in there staring at the door and wishing he could see through it and wondering if you will swap places with him or whether you will witness his humiliation.”

On and on she went raining stinging slaps on Becky’s reddening cheeks before picking up the hairbrush and giving her a thorough work-out for a further five minutes. She was sobbing and pleading but as horny as hell. Was it possible to actually come while being spanked? Would Mark do that?

Finally it came to an end and she was ordered to get up and put her dress on.

“Leave your knickers and bra on the floor where he’ll see them and come and sit next to me. He’s going across both our laps.”

Stephanie sat further back on the bed and patted the space beside her where Becky did the same. Becky’s face was streaked with tears but her eyes burned bright with arousal. Stephanie reached under her skirt and slipped her knickers down and off and tossed them on the floor next to Becky’s.

“That’ll put some images into his mind,”she chuckled and settled her skirt over her knees.

“Mark! Come in here!” she called and the door opened and in he came to be confronted by two women side by side on the bed. He looked at Becky’s tearful face but quickly averted his gaze and looked down sheepishly, only to see the two pairs of panties and the bra lying discarded. Two pairs? What on earth has been going on, he thought. And what’s going to happen now? This all flashed through his mind in a split second before he heard himself being told to take all his clothes off.

“All of them!? he said. “ I don’t usually…. I mean, couldn’t I…?”

“All of them, and hurry up. I’m going to spank you for getting aroused while Scott was being punished and Becky is going to help me.”

As she said this and watched him undress she pulled her skirt up to the top of her thighs and tucked it between her legs and motioned to Becky to do the same. Mark stood up after lowering his pants and dropping them beside him and saw their bare thighs waiting for him and their panties on the floor. He was already pretty aroused when he came in from hearing Becky’s yells and only the apprehension of his own fate kept his penis from achieving its full potential. Now he could only gawp at the sight before him and he stiffened noticeably as they inspected his naked body.

“Right, young man, put yourself across our thighs and you’d better put that between mine,” Steph said, pointing mockingly at his rapidly growing cock. Mark lowered himself across them and put his penis where he had been told. His chest was across Becky’s legs and his hands were on the floor. Stephanie started to rub his bottom and commented how he looked quite freshly spanked.

“So Grandma gave you a good seeing to, I see.”

She knew, thought Mark. Oh god, I can’t bear it. Before he could process the thought, Stephanie reached under her legs and tweaked the end of his stiff penis, sending a spasm through his body.

“I strongly advise you to control this thing or you won’t believe what happens next,” she said in her most menacing tone.

“Yes, Steph,” he said and instantly her hand came down with huge force against his still-tender buttocks, eliciting a yelp of pain.

“My name is Stephanie to you and don’t forget it or you will feel my anger.” Now she had her reason for spanking him and she took full advantage but not before pulling her skirt from between her legs and urging Becky to follow suit. Now he could feel their soft bushes against his flesh as the spanking began in earnest. It was shockingly painful but he shut his mind to it and tried to concentrate on their bare flesh against his. Becky had her hands between his shoulder blades to keep him pinned down while Stephanie controlled his thrashing legs with one hand and exacted her punishment with the other. She could feel his rigid member twitching between her thighs as she ignored his cries and increased the pace. Soon the hairbrush was brought in to play and his sobbing only made her wetter and more determined. Becky was in a similar state and longed to relieve herself but at the same time didn’t want this to end. She was lost in a reverie until Steph suddenly stopped her onslaught and told Mark to get up and lie across them from the other direction. They remembered at the last second to preserve their modesty with their skirts but not before he had caught a glimpse of their neat little triangles of dark hair. Stephanie’s thighs were slightly parted and he convinced himself that he had seen the dark hair give way to purplish brown folds for a millisecond before the skirt could be adjusted.

Becky made no mention of where he should put his penis so he lay across her with it trapped between her thighs and his belly. She took the hairbrush from Steph and started in on him. She didn’t feel any anger towards him and didn’t thrash him like her aunt but enjoyed the sensation of a helpless man across her and his penis rubbing against her with every squirm. The twelve strokes were over in a flash and he lay crying and wriggling awaiting his instructions. Steph took charge and spoke commandingly.

“Roll over towards me and put your feet on the bed.”

He did as he was told and was now lying flat across their laps with his erection on show. It was so stiff that it couldn’t quite lie on his belly but hovered an inch above it, swollen and purple, with the tip glistening with the pre-cum that was slowly oozing from him. Becky stared at it with total fascination and looked across at her aunt who was doing the same.

“You seem to have enjoyed that, young man,” she said, trying to sound cool and detached but betrayed by her excitement and arousal.

“Now show us what a young man does in his bedroom after a good spanking.”

His right hand obediently slid across his belly towards his straining member as Becky’s eyes widened in amazed anticipation.

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