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A fantasy of control and devotion, trust and desire

Tags: anal, spanking
You whisper in my ear, “hold still.” I don't move a muscle as i feel my juices dripping down my leg.
I walk in the room; you come behind me and put your hands on my waist.

You whisper in my ear, “Hold still.”

I don't move a muscle as I feel my juices dripping down my leg. That is what you do to me, instantly. You slowly begin undressing me. I take a few deep breaths trying to stay still for you. You caress every inch of skin that is exposed. I feel it coming, I'm on the edge. I'm going to cum. This is what you do to me.

You stop, hands on my hips, you say, “Don’t cum yet, love.”

The endearment softens the demand. I get my breathing under control. You continue undressing me, whispering in my ear.

“Get on the bed.”

I comply instantly; I don't want to keep you waiting.

You say, “Lie on your back.”

As I crawl seductively on the bed, I know I will get my ass slapped for teasing. This is your game, but it’s all about my pleasure. That is ultimately what you care about. You smack me again. Whack! Whack! Just two light smacks. It’s just a warning. I gasp and almost cum again. You grab my hips, grounding me.

“Not yet, love,” you say.

I take a few deep breaths. I know it will be that much more amazing if I hold out.

I lie on my back and you tie my hands over my head. You bend my knees, pushing them out, and tie them to the side of the bed. I have a little slack, not much. I can’t straighten my legs. You slide a pillow under my ass. You test it; you push my legs up a little.

You whisper in my ear, “Mmm, perfect access to that juicy pussy and inviting ass.”

You push my legs up again and this time you slap my ass with the paddle. You rub the spot and wait a minute. You need to make sure I don't cum. Then you smack my ass again. Each smack is harder, and you rub it afterwards, skimming my pussy lips with your fingers, sliding in to my wet pussy a little more with each pass. Suddenly you start fingering me hard, you want me to cum.

“Baby, stop!” I beg, “I’m going to cum!”

You stop abruptly.

I whimper, “Baby don't stop.”

You come over to my ear as your fingers grab my nipple. You pinch and twist the pink nub as you whisper,

“What did you say my love?”

I almost roll my eyes. Who am I kidding? I love the assertiveness.

I say, “Please don’t stop, sir.”

You say, “Mmm, that's a little better. I will let it slide, this time.”

Your fingers start traveling down, over my belly and deep between my legs. You dip into my very wet pussy and find my g-spot instantly. Immediately, I cum hard, squirting everywhere.

You slap my pussy as I cum, and I writhe, trying to touch you or move towards you. You did a good job tying me up. I can’t move too much, not enough to touch you. I feel you between my legs, and all I see is the top of your head. I feel your tongue dip into my wetness as you devour me. I arch my back. but your hand gently pushes me back down so I don't hurt myself as you lap at my juices.

You move toward my head, pausing to put my nipple in your mouth. You suck and nibble and drive me to the brink again before you slowly attach my nipple clamps waiting until my body adjusts. I can’t help it, I cum.

As I cum you whisper in my ear, “You are such a little cum slut. Cumming again! I didn't say you could, my sweet my love.”

You caress me as I come back down to earth. Then you move down again between my legs. You push my legs up and slap that naughty ass of mine. This time it is three smacks on each side, same as before, caressing and teasing between each smack. I am moaning at this point.

I just want to be loose so I can feel your body, your heat. I feel your well-lubed fingers on my back door, gently, massaging. I smile to myself. You smack my ass again with your hand this time.

You say, “No cumming, love. You really can’t help yourself, can you, baby?”

All I can do is shake my head back and forth, I can’t speak, or I will cum if I don't concentrate.

You slide a small butt plug slowly into my tight pucker. I know it’s the smaller one because it goes in easily. You caress me, and kiss me, pinch my nipples and give me hard slaps on my ass, slightly gentler slaps on my tits. At this point I am mumbling, pleading for your hard cock. You untie me and hang my head off the bed the way I like it so I can take your entire hard cock down my throat. You fuck my mouth as I grab your ass so I can pull you closer so you can lick my wet pussy. I feel you pull the small butt plug out and then I feel the bigger butt plug sliding into my ass, stretching me.

I plead to you, “Please master, please, I want your hard cock in my ass.”

I feel you stop moving as you say, “What was that love?”

I roll my eyes, and repeat it. “Please master, please fuck my ass.”

You say, “Oh, how can I deny such sweet words?”

You stand up, push my legs up and slowly ease out the plug. You press closer, your rigid cock sliding easily into my ass. I groan and squirt all over you. You lean forward so I can touch you; slide my hands over your muscles. I feel your strength, your love and your devotion as you fuck my ass and make me cum again and again. You take my hand and put it on my clit. You love watching me touch myself. It doesn't take long and I am screaming in the throes of yet another release.

I yell, “Please master, please cum with me.”

I feel your body tense, your muscles bulge. I love to watch you cum, it’s all male, power and animal like. I cum again just watching you.

You collapse onto me, still holding yourself up, so you don't crush me. You are so thoughtful, so caring. I am trying to pull you closer. You lie there with me as we catch our breath.

You whisper, “Are you okay, love?”

I smile and say “Mmmm, wonderful.”

You snuggle my neck and then gently move down, here comes my favorite part: you lean down and kiss my belly, ever so gently and lay down next to me.

You pull me close to you and say, “I love you.”

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