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A Firm Hand

Why can’t all working days be like this?

I trudged into the office this morning feeling weary, if not a little hungover. It had been a late night which had found it’s way into early morning. Three coffees later I was feeling almost human again. At about eleven everything went off, computers, printers, lights, the lot.

A power cut - serious enough so ensure no more work today, so we were all sent home…not before being told we would have to make the time up by working late over the next few days.

I turned the key and opened my front door, picking up the assortment of bills, circulars and charity bags that had been deposited through my letter box. I sifted through the letters and placed them on a table, not wanting to be bothered with them now. As I turned to enter the lounge I heard the voice of Amy, my partner's daughter, who was staying with us for the summer now university had broken up. She was talking on the telephone to someone. The conservation was one which made my ears prick up, and my prick start to throb.

“Have you got it out then, are you hard yet baby?”

I couldn’t quite get my breath.

“Are you wanking off, are you thinking of me baby, are you imagining fucking my little pussy?”

I’d never heard her like this before, she normally wouldn’t say boo to a goose. Amy is a shy 19 year old girl. She always came across as a bit of a Mary Poppins type goody two shoes. Now here she is talking like she is working on one of those sex chatlines. Her dirty talk has me rooted to the spot.

“Is your cock nice and hard, Tom? I wish I was there sucking you off, making you cum in my mouth.”

Ah, it’s Tom, her on-off boyfriend. Clearly they are back on again. She continues, “Imagine you’re fucking me hard from behind, your balls slapping my bum. Mmmm baby, I’m getting wet just thinking about you.”

This is all so surreal, what do I do? Should I go in and stop her, or just stay listening. I decide the latter.

“I’ve got my hands inside my knickers, Tom, I’m so wet, baby. Wish your tongue was licking my clit.”

I wondered if it was true, I needed to find out, so on tip toes I moved to the lounge door which was very slightly open. As nimbly as I could, I pushed the door ajar, praying that the door didn’t creak. Mercifully it didn’t.

I’ll never forget the sight that met my eyes. Amy was sat in an armchair, with just her nightie on. The nightie was hitched up to reveal her pretty polka dot knickers. One hand was holding the phone, whilst the other was ensconced in her panties, playing with herself. Eyes shut tight. As she could not see me, I gave her body a close look. Slim, with smallish breasts, peachy skin tone and well toned legs. Very sexy.

“You’re coming? Oh god, I wish you were coming all over my little tits. I wish I could suck your dick clean afterwards.”

Her hand motion quickens and her breath becomes short. There is no conversation now, just the whimpers of pleasure, and the onset of a spectacular orgasm, her faced is an absolute picture.

“I just came as well honey. God I can’t wait ‘til next weekend, I want you to fuck me silly.”

The conversation ended and Amy straightened herself up. I enter the room.

“Who was that then, wrong number?”

Her look is one of complete horror. We don’t say a word, the silence is palpable.

Eventually, she asks, “How long were you there?”

“Long enough, Amy, long enough.”

“Oh god, you saw me come, you dirty sod. What will my Mom say?”

“You won’t be telling your Mom, Amy.”

She looked at me, as if to challenge me, then a smirk played on her lips. “Did you enjoy it, watching me I mean ? Did you wish it was you fucking me ?”

I told her no, that I didn’t enjoy it one bit. Lying through my teeth.

“Bet you couldn’t manage it anyway, you’re getting on a bit now.”

I looked at her angrily and told her I could if I wanted to, and to watch her manners as she wasn’t too old to be put across my knee and have her bum slapped.

“Oh yeah, you’d have to catch me first, don’t think you’d have any energy left by the time you had.”

I snapped, lunging towards her, making as if to grab her. She was too quick and evaded my grasp, laughing as she left me floundering.

“Told you, too slow, you can’t catch me.”

She exited the room and ran towards the stairs. I got my self together and chased her up the stairs, gaining speed and nearly catching her. She enters her bedroom and I manage to get inside with her just as she tries to slam the door. I grasp her by the waist and wrestle her to the ground. She looks at me, wondering what I’ll do next. The sounds of our combined breathing are seeming the only noise in the room. Time stands still.

“I’ve been a very naughty girl, haven’t I Rob?”

I nod. “Really bad, Amy.”

“Then I must be punished, as you said, I’m not too old to have my ass slapped.”

Is she playing me? I’m not sure, but I’m going along with it anyway. “You’re right, you need to be disciplined, taken in hand, Amy.”

“I think I do, Rob, I need to be taught a lesson.”

“Get on the bed Amy, on all fours.”

She did as she was told. Her beautiful pert bum looked delicious, it took a lot of self discipline not to just pull her panties aside and bury my face in her juicy pussy. I pushed her nightie roughly up and was about to start her punishment, when an even better idea came to me.

“I’m sorry, Amy, but I think as you’ve been such a dirty, naughty girl that I’m going to have to slap your bare bum, and not through your knickers."

“Oh god, yes please, Rob. Don’t hold back.”

She seems to be up for it, so I decide to really give it to her. I roughly pull her knickers down and off, a gasp of surprise left her lips as I did so. Her creamy cheeks are so beautiful. Between them her light brown pussy hair covers her pouting labia.

I slap her really hard, her cheek reverberating with the power I put into it. Not a sound from Amy. I slap her other cheek with equal force. “Oooh god that hurt, you bastard.”

I ignore Amy and continue punishing her. I decide after six hits, that this is enough. Her cheeks are now a crimson colour.

“Don’t stop, hit me again, you fucker. I’ve been a bad girl, remember.”

I really put all of my force into the next two slaps and I think that’s enough, she won’t be able to sit down for a week.

“Punishment over, sorry Amy I think I got carried away.”

“Kiss it better then, to say sorry.”

I plant several kisses over her beautiful bum alternating from one blushing cheek to the other.

“Is that better?”

“A little bit, but my cheeks are burning. Could you rub some lotion into them. There’s a bottle on the shelf over there.”

I grab the bottle of baby lotion and squirt a large amount onto her bum and spread it with circular strokes.

“Oh god that feels fabulous, put more on Rob, really cover my arse.”

I do as she asks, her bum is now glistening with the lotion which I massage deeply into her skin.

“More, more Rob, I love it.”

So the lady wants more? I cover my fingers in lotion and pull her bum cheeks apart. Her sex looks amazing, I can’t stop myself anymore, I massage two fingers over her lips and prise them open. She makes a gurgling appreciative noise as I enter two digits roughly inside her and fuck her pussy hard. She is lovely and wet so I manage to get another finger inside her and wank her furiously. I can see her face in the mirror on the wall over the bed - it is a mixture of pain and ecstasy.

“Fuck me Rob, fuck my pussy hard. I need cock, right now.”

I soon have my trousers and boxers around my knees as I get behind her and squeeze my bone hard dick into her from behind. She is so wet that my whole length is all the way inside her. I grab her by the hips and fuck her hard and fast.

Her gasps of pleasure are getting louder as I quicken my strokes, giving her everything. I feel my orgasm approach fast and I just manage to pull myself out of her, covering her sexy bum with a huge load of my thick come, which I massage into her skin.

I turn Amy around and offer her my cock.She licks me clean, even squeezing my head to get the very last droplet out of me.

“Hmmm, that was so fucking dirty, Rob. I think I’ll have to be a naughty girl more often from now on.”

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