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A+ for Emma

"First day of school!," thought Emma. Any girl her age would be dying at this moment, hating having to wake up early and shoving through the freshmen brats. But not her! She couldn't wait to show off her D cups to her favorite teacher...
Over the summer they had grown to a D cup size, and she couldn't be more excited! She loved how big they looked on her tiny frame, she looked innocent and yet alluring.
She had spent the following week trying to pick the perfect back to school outfit to wow him. After many decisions, she decided on a dark navy satin tank top that had a bow underneath the bust, a short jean skirt, and wedge high heels. Summery and casual, yet also sexy on her eighteen year old frame.
Her long, dark-brown-with-a-hint-of-red hair she curled slightly at the bottom so it had a beachy, summery feel. She took the time to do her makeup, putting on a deep pink lip gloss to set off her seductive lips.
Glancing at the clock and seeing that she still had an hour before school (she really was excited, she laughed to herself), she decided to let her mind run free for awhile...
She went to her closet and picked up a pink box, in it were her sex toys. Now I don't have time to get too carried away, she sighed to herself, passing over her favorite big shiny black dildo. She stroked it lovingly before picking up her sparkly pink vibrator. Perfect, this will do nicely.
She went over to her mirror and watched herself slowly slide of her black lace thong, letting it drop silently to the floor. Next she slid off her skirt slowly, loving her tanned black legs and smooth waxed pussy that she could feel getting wet. Next was her favorite part. She turned around and looked back at herself as she unzipped her shirt and pulled it over her head, shaking her hair sexily about her and getting a good look at her perfect little round ass. Her pussy was anticipating what came next. Slowly, she undid the clasp of her black lace bra and sexily slid off each bra strap. Then, just to tease herself, she closed her eyes as she slid off her bra and felt it slide past her puffy, quarter sized nipples.
Visions of her teacher began swimming into her mind as she turned around to admire her massive tits on her small, 5'3 frame. She turned on her vibrator and began rubbing it over and around her nipples.
Her teacher, Mr.Conner, was 35. He had one, full, tattooed sleeve and another tattoo along his left forearm. She wasn't fully sure what mixed race he was, but he always had nice, golden skin. He dressed handsomely, always wearing dress shirts with a matching tie, dress pants, and as a bad boy touch, biker boots. Even through his shirts she could see his muscular arms and constantly fantasized about what else lay beneath...
She traced the vibrator down her body, imagining Mr.Conner sexily kissing down to her pussy.
She moaned gently, making sure not to be too loud, as she pressed the pulsing toy to her swollen juicy clit. Around and around she swirled it, fantasizing that it was his tongue that was creating these amazing sensations. "Mmm, Mr. Conner," she whispered quietly. She could hear her family moving about downstairs.
Soon she felt the sensations getting stronger so she lay on the floor with her mirror tilted forward so she could see her dripping pussy. It was glistening with moisture and she could now feel it moving down her ass.
She began imagining Mr.Conner sliding what must be a fat cock into her tight little cunt. "Fuuuuck!" she began to moan as she visualised him pumping in and out of her. She began rubbing her pussy faster and faster against her vibrator, increasing the sensation.
She then switched her fantasy to her riding him, his hands helping to lift her up and slam her down extra hard, lifting his ass off the ground to help fuck her more intensely. She pictured her big D tits bouncing up and down, him staring at them while fucking her even faster.
As she felt her pussy tense up she imagined riding him even harder, both of them fucking as fast as they could! Fuuuck! she was screaming in her head. Oh fuck yeah Mr. Conner! Fuck me as hard as you can!Yes!Fuck!Yeeeeee-ahhhhh!
And with that she came hard, squirting on her mirror and soaking her floor.
She glanced at the clock, Shit! she thought, quickly getting dressed and rushing out the door.

After meeting up with her group of friends, sitting through the opening assembly, choosing lockers, and reading her class schedule, her heart dropped as she saw that she wouldn't be seeing Mr.Conner until the end of that day. Luckily, she was distracted by all of the catching up, stories, gossiping, and checking out of the new boys in school. Finally, her moment came. English, last block.
Excitedly she walked to class. Finally I get to see him, she thought. After fucking myself and fantasizing about him for so long, I finally get to see him. This year, I am going to fuck him. Mr. Conners is all mine!
She was five minutes early and the class was barely full. She took a deep breath and walked in.
Mr. Conners had his back turned to her and was writing on the whiteboard.
"HI! Mr. Conners," she said in her sweetest, most evil voice.
He turned around and she smirked as she saw his eyes widen and his mouth open slightly before he snapped it shut. She saw his eyes scan her body not once, but twice. He swallowed, gathering himself before saying in an equally flirtatious voice, "Why hello, Emma. How was you're summer?"
"Good. I grew," she said, the message clearly between the lines. She saw him gulp again.
"Did you?" was his only reply. He looked at her and for a few smouldering seconds their eyes were locked before it was broken by the shriek of the bell.
Perfectly fucking hooked...

In English that week, she could feel a sexual tension beginning to build between them. She began to tease him. While he was reading or speaking she'd sigh and shake out her hair and lean forward slightly. If eye contact was made she'd wink at him, loving watching him blush. But she didn't want another year of flirting, she wanted to fuck! And right now!

Another torturous, flirting week later, Mr.Conner allowed them to have a relaxed day where they were free to work in class or the library on an essay that was due that Monday.
Suddenly I wicked idea passed through her mind.
As some students filed out of the classroom she sat on the edge of her desk, placing one high heeled shoe sexily on her desk, leaving a gap open enough so that she new he'd be able to see her red underwear poking out from her short, white, flowing strapless dress.
"Question," she said. She new it would work. He looked up from where he was writing and instantly saw her slightly open legs, her sexy red thong peaking out from between her toned thighs. Painstakingly he drew his eyes up, his cock pulsing slightly. He cleared his throat.
" Yes?"
"Actually, I have to run to the washrooms first. One minute," she said, slipping of the desk and hurrying to the washroom. Once in a stall she began smirking to herself as she slid off her tiny thong. She couldn't help but wink at herself as she fixed her makeup in the mirror, overtaken with devilish excitement at her plan.
"O.K," she said happily, sliding back onto her desk and once again placing her heel on his desk edge.
"O.K,' he said smiling before once again looking up from his papers. His eyes locked with her bare pussy. Other kids were talking and laughing in the classroom and wandering to the library, but suddenly it was as if it was only them in the room. She moved her legs two inches wider and calmly slid forward, pretending to lean back on her hands. She knew her pussy was spread open now. He continued to stare, she began feeling herself getting wet with excitement. Her clit began throbbing and her heart beating faster. The final step.
"Do you think you can help me with this after school?"
He said it in such a husky intense way, like an animal. It sent shivers down her spine.
Moment by painstaking moment before finally, FINALLY the bell rang. She noticed that Mr. Conners did not stand up when he dismissed the class. She stayed seated. This was it, this was it! She was positive her fantasy was about to come true.
"Emma," said Mr. Conners, shutting the door.
"Yes," she replied sweetly batting her eyelashes.
Suddenly his face turned hard and intense.
"Take off your clothes." Her heart began beating, he suddenly looked so much stronger then her! She began feeling nervous.
"W-what?" she stammered.
"Don't question your teacher. Take. Off. Your. Clothes! Now!" Quickly Emma began stripping down, a new excitement flooding into her.
"Good. Now bend over the end of my desk!"
"S-sorry Mr.Conner!"
"Don't say sorry, just do it!!!" She scurried over to the edge of his desk and bent over on her arms, wearing only high heels.
"You've been teasing me for far to long," he said, talking off his shirt to reveal the most gorgeous tanned and chiselled body Emma had ever seen. He began stroking from her back down to her ass then all the way up again. "You didn’t think you'd get away with this type of behavior, did you?" She had hoped she wouldn't.
"Y-yes Mr. Conners, I d-did," she was beginning to enjoy this and felt herself getting wetter.
His hand hit hard and suddenly on her ass.
"Ow!" she whimpered.
He continued expertly spanking her ass, cupping her ass cheeks with each slap.
"All these years of teaching you you've been a filthy fucking whore!"
Her ass began to sting.
"Haven't you!? How many pathetic little boys have you fucked in this town? HUH!?"
He spanked her again.
"I-I don't know!"
"You must call me Mr. Conners after each time you speak. Do you understand?"
"Yes Mr. Conners!"
"Good. Now turn around and let me get a good look at you."
"Yes Mr. Conners." She turned around for him to admire her.
"Very nice. You did grow over the summer."
He slapped back and forth each of her tits before twisting her nipples with and intense force she had never felt before.
"WHAT DID I TELL YOU!?" he shouted.
"I'm sorry Mr. Conners! I forgot! I'm sorry! I'm s-sorry!" she moaned, struggling under the intense pain her nipples were receiving. Finally he let go and they began a pleasurable, rhythmic pounding.
"Open your mouth!" She did and he stuffed her thong inside. “Now get on my desk and spread your legs. I want a real good look at your cunt!" She did as she was told. She felt proud as he stared at her tight waxed pussy. “Very nice, very nice indeed," he said. He began to massage her clit with his thumb.
"Mmmm," she moaned through her thong.
"Do you want me to go down on your young fresh cunt?" he asked her, still massaging her clit.
"Mm hmmm," she whimpered, her pussy already craving his tongue.
"Really really bad?"
"Well, alright, but you're not allowed to make a sound, and if you do, you know I'll punish you."
Oh fuck! she thought. After all my fantasizes and intense squirting sessions, how am I going to be able to do this in silence!? Fuck!? Yet she knew that was half the fun of it.
Mr. Conners put both her legs over his shoulders and put his entire mouth on her pussy and began licking and sucking. Without control she let out a small moan!
He sat up and slapped her cunt three times. "Do you want me to continue?" She nodded her head.
Once again her put her legs over his shoulders and began sucking on her throbbing clit. He circled around and around before flicking at it, lapping like dog for a awhile before moving down and sliding his tongue deep into her cunt. Emma began twisting and pinching her tits in an effort to obey and not make sound. Soon he was back at her clit, sucking and flicking it with such expertise it was making her head spin! She was screaming and on fire inside. Containing her pleasure was ripping her apart! She began to rock her pussy against his face.
"Lay still!" he commanded. He was pushing her so far! No one had ever treated her like this and yet she was loving everything in ways she had never thought imaginable. She knew she was now Mr. Conners forever! No boy her age could ever do this!
Then the feeling hit her: she was going to cum.
She didn't want to disobey but without knowing what to do she began to pull his hair.
"Are you going to cum?" he asked. She began nodding profusely. "Are you asking for permission?" Again she nodded. "Very well, you may cum and you may make noise."
Quickly he dove back down and added three fingers, curling them as he thrust them in and out, his tongue like magic on her clit. She felt her body begin to tense. Finally Mr. Conners was really going to make her cum! And with that-
"Oh my god! FUCK YEAH!!!"
She squirted harder then she ever had in her life! Mr. Conners face and chest were soaked, his desk dripping. She lay their, panting, pouring sweat. Mr. Conners took off his pants and sat in his desk chair.
"Come her baby," he sighed. Still panting, she peeled herself off his desk and straddled him in his seat. He cupped her ass with one hand and held her head with the other and kissed her deeply. She could taste her cunt juice all over his mouth and tongue and loved its sweet, sensual taste.
They sat like this for awhile, kissing passionately, Emma's pussy once again began throbbing as she felt his rock hard cock pressing into her small stomach. Then it hit her. She was finally about to get to see his cock! She pulled away from there kiss.
"Fuck me Mr. Conners." He looked deep into her eyes and in one fast motion placed her on the desk and took out his cock. It was thicker then her wrist, probably her whole arm! Thickly veined and pulsing out precum, it was lake a python about to take down her cunt. She couldn't believe her eyes! Then she remembered her fantasy.
"I want to ride you, Mr. Conners." She got off the desk and he got on, laying down. She took one last look at the twelve inch beast laying against his stomach before crawling on top of him. Just like in her fantasy, he grabbed her hips and lifted his knees to support her as she slid onto his cock.
It was unlike any cock she'd ever had before. The thick head barrelled through her pussy folds, continuing to stretch out and expand her pussy the farther she went down. His cock was so big she couldn't tell when it ended! She kept forcing herself down, feeling immense pain mixed with pleasure.
"Fuck Mr. Conners! Your cock is so fucking big! Fuck!" She began bouncing her cunt up and down on the beast. She could feel it pushing in her stomach the farther and farther she slid down it.
"Take it baby, take it!" encouraged Mr. Conners, lifting his ass to match her as she went down.
"Fuuuuck! Fuuuck! Fuuuck!" She couldn't say anything else as she began thrusting harder and harder,.
"Fuck Mr. Conners! Oh my fucking God! Yesss! Oh fuck, oh fuck! Hush! Uhhhh!"
"Yes baby take it! Fuck your cunt is so tight! Fuck!"
"Mr. Conners! Mr. Conners! Fuuck!" They began fucking harder. Her cunt was being ripped open by this giant beast. She'd never been fucked better in her life!
"Harder baby?!"
"Yes! I want as much of you inside me as my cunt can take Mr. Conners!" He looked at her and with that lay her down on the desk, he on his knees.
With her as open as possible he began fucking her as if trying to break through her! His balls pounded against her ass, the room filled with the sound of them slapping together. They were both pouring sweat. He was like a machine, fucking her so fast she couldn't even think, she just screamed and moaned.
Mr. Conners was grunting and fucking with more force then ever.
"I'M GONNA CUM!" she yelled.
"FUCK! ME TOO BABY GET READY FOR IT!" and with that they both burst. Emma once again drenched Mr. Conners. His entire desk was now soaked in sweat and cum. She felt load after load of him spurt into her cunt. He then pulled out and continued to come all over her tits and stomach. She reached down and began licking up load after load. They were both panting and exhausted. They stared at each other as she lapped up his cum. Her fantasy had come true. What she didn't know yet, was so did his. Well part of it...

...for now.

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