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A Full House

Audrey spanks members of her family

They all knew the score. They were off to Audrey’s parents for a few days and Audrey announced sternly to her husband

“We are going to Grandma and Grandpa, and they are family so Jeff if you earn a spanking then it will be carried out with my parents watching.”

Jeff blushed and nodded. He knew his wife would not hesitate to discipline him in front of her parents. Ever since Ryan was born Audrey’s parents were addressed as Grandma and Grandpa, even by Audrey and Jeff, whenever Ryan was present. So that continued to this day.

Audrey looked at Ryan, her 16 year old son, and said

“You know that as well of course Ryan, last time you were spanked in front of Grandma as I recall.”

Ryan blushed as he recalled all too well.

She waited a second to allow the comment to sink in and for Jeff to acknowledge what Audrey had said. She smiled when she saw both husband and son look at each other and blush. She also knew her parents would enjoy watching her spank one of them, and if it was both then all the better. She was getting aroused just thinking about it.

Yes, they understood. They arrived and both father and son knew if they earned a spanking it would be carried out in front of Audrey’s parents. They intended making sure that didn’t happen.

They all settled in and everyone was set to enjoy the weekend. Grandpa and Ryan said they would play golf leaving Audrey and Grandma to go shopping. Jeff decided the shops were the better option given he found golf boring.

Unfortunately the two women wanted to find new dresses. Unfortunate for Jeff that is because the shopping trip became a bit of an endurance test, both women being very happy to go to every shop in the centre. When they returned to the very first shop and purchased the dresses they had tried on first Jeff threw a wobbly, told both Mum and Grandma how ridiculous he thought they were and could have purchased the dresses hours ago.

He stopped throwing a wobbly when his wife announced in front of the sales assistant how he was going to pay for being so rude by being spanked when they got home. The sales assistant first laughed until she saw Jeff blush and realised it was perhaps more than just an empty threat. “Oh” is all she said and Jeff blushed an even deeper red. Jeff looked every bit his 44 years old and the sales assistant realising he really was going to be spanked said “oh dear.”

The journey home was not the most pleasant for Jeff as both his wife and Grandma confirmed how he had earned his spanking and it would be carried out in the living room by Mum with Grandma watching, and Ryan and Grandpa if they were home by then.

As it turned out Ryan and Grandpa were home, They had enjoyed their game of golf including a not inconsiderable amount of time in the 19 th hole, otherwise known as the bar. Several drinks were consumed before they decided to make the journey home. Grandma exploded when it transpired Grandpa was over the drink drive limit and still drove home. She certainly gave Grandpa a piece of her mind, diverting attention from Jeff. By the end Audrey looked at Grandma as though something was missing. Mum being Mum didn’t hold back.

“Is that it Grandma?” she asked. “No punishment?”

Grandma said “unfortunately not Audrey. I haven’t been able to discipline your father for about a year, what with my arthritis.”

Audrey looked at her mother sympathetically knowing she had spanked Grandpa all their married life.

“Of course that has meant your father has been unbearable and uncontrollable at times. Really, I don’t know what would have happened if he had been caught drink driving.”

Grandpa was embarrassed. Audrey though was not prepared to let the matter drop.

“You remember Grandma what happened that time, by mistake, when I was 21 years old” she said cunningly.

Grandma gave her a knowing look. “I do at that” she responded.

Grandpa also knew what was meant by that and said quickly

“Hang on a minute that was an accident. You can’t do that again. I won’t have it.” He was sounding frantic.

Jeff and Ryan looked at each other, not understanding.

“It may have been an accident but it did the trick as I recall” Grandma said.

“He learnt a good lesson that day” Audrey added, speaking directly to Grandma, as though Grandpa wasn’t a part of the discussion. The two women smiled at each other, nodded, and Grandma turned to Grandpa and announced “that’s decided then, Audrey will discipline you.”

Grandpa said a howling “no she won’t!”

Jeff and Ryan gasped.

Audrey was annoyed by her Dad’s resistance and was more determined that ever to make sure she gave him a comprehensive spanking and said

“Right you two, trousers and pants down and face the wall, hands on your head. Thinking time.”

Grandpa and Jeff looked at each other then at Audrey and decided they had no choice so did as they were told. A few moments later Audrey stood behind her husband, rubbed his bottom, and landed a hard spank on his bare bottom, and as soon as she heard the gasp gave him a second spank, and then landed twelve in all. Satisfied she moved to stand behind Grandpa, rubbed his bottom, felt the muscles tense but realised that there was no argument, and proceeded to land twelve hard spanks on her Dad’s bare bottom.

Audrey smiled to her Mum and then said

“I’ll go and get my hairbrush. I’ll need it to deal with Jeff afterwards anyway” and she went upstairs.

Jeff swore under his breath, but not silently.

Grandma said sharply

“Jeff, how dare you. I rather think you have earned some extras for that. We will discuss it with Audrey when she gets back down.”

Ryan was blown away by all of this. He was about to watch both his Dad and Grandpa being spanked. How huge was that?

Audrey came back in to the room with the paddle hairbrush that Ryan had felt on his backside so often. She looked intent but not worried, as though spanking her father was an everyday occurrence. In fact at 42 years old she was a very experienced spanker and wasn’t fazed at all by the thought of taking her 63-year-old Dad across her lap. She turned an upright chair in to the room, and moved the footstool just to her left thinking her father might not be able to cope with his head right down on the floor. This way his bottom will still be flat across her lap and the spanking can last that much longer, and be far more effective.

Audrey sat on the chair and the look she gave her father left him in no doubt what he was expected to do. He went over to his daughter and stood by her side. He pursed his lips to stop himself saying anything that might increase his punishment, looked across at Jeff and blushed, slightly shook his head, and closed his eyes. When he opened them he was looking directly at Ryan and the 63 year old Grandpa was immediately embarrassed, blushed, a deep red when he realised point blank his grandson was going to watch his humiliation. He turned to his wife hoping she will understand and clear the room at least, but when their eyes met his wife immediately snapped

“I hope this teaches you not to drink and drive” and then to emphasise Grandpa’s lost cause turned to Jeff and Ryan and added “and let it teach you two as well just in case you ever considered doing such a terrible thing.”

Grandpa gave up. He had been spanked by his wife for many many years so being spanked itself was not the problem. What was horrid this time was that he had only been spanked once before by his daughter. It was a mistake, he thought he was bending across his wife’s lap but in fact it was his daughter sitting there. He knew as soon as he lay down across her lap. Her bare legs in fact. Thinner than his wife’s his penis resting across her bare legs. She ignored it but he felt just so small. What a thing though. Spanked by his daughter. She was only 21 years old but she spanked even harder than his wife and after all the experience she has had since then he fully expected a really dreadful spanking today. He looked at his daughter as she tapped her thigh, this time covered by leggings at least, saw his trousers and pants on the back of another chair, and bent down resting his hands on the footstall before laying down fully across his daughters lap, so aware his bare bottom was staring up at her, his daughter, albeit 42 years old but still his daughter. Worse, he glanced up and saw Ryan sitting across the room staring back at him, a smile on his face, well a smirk really, relaxed, sitting back, waiting for the spanking to start. Just to his side was Jeff, his son-in-law, also watching but looking less settled, probably because he knew he was going to make the trip across Audrey’s lap once Grandpa’s spanking was over.

Audrey looked at her Dad’s bare bottom, slightly red already from the dozen hand spanks, knowing this bottom was now hers to deal with, severely, so he learnt his lesson not to drink and drive, and certainly not to upset his wife or daughter.

The silence of the room was broken by the first spank, quickly followed by the second spank and then a constant stream of spanks on Grandpa’s bare bottom. He forgot all about Audrey being his daughter. He was right. Audrey was spanking much harder than his wife and he was soon squirming around on her lap. He wanted to cover his bottom but knew better than that. He did it with his wife once. Just once. She made him get up, bend over, and she gave him 12 straight strokes of the cane, and when he was blubbering made him go back across her lap for the rest of the spanking then delivered on top of a what was by then a well welted bottom.

So he just lay there, as the hand spanking continued, always aware that the hairbrush was there still to be used. He felt his daughter reach for the brush, felt two light taps one on each bottom cheek, and knew the next thing would be the loud thwack and spreading stinging pain of the wooden backed spanking implement. Spank after spank followed and unlike his wife Audrey didn’t break after six or ten spanks, but just continued, spank after spank, until he was way beyond uncomfortable and could not stop his eyes filling with tears which poured down his cheeks. 63 years old and brought to tears by the spanking given by his daughter. The spanking seemed to be never ending and he knew he was crying for a long time before the spanking stopped. The thwacking sound that had filled the room stopped but the room was still filled with the sound of his crying, deep sobbing in fact, as his bottom burnt and the pain spread across his whole bottom.

“Up you get Grandpa” Audrey said which reminded him that his grandson was watching as well as his son-in-law and wife. He stood up and faced his daughter rubbing his bottom as hard as he could, ignoring the fact his penis was bouncing up and down, more intent on rubbing away the pain. He daren’t move until his daughter gave him permission. Daren’t. The spanking had been particularly severe and he didn’t particularly want another one for disobedience.

“Well Dad” his daughter said sternly, “have you learned your lesson?”

Still rubbing his bottom he nodded his head and said a very wet “yes Audrey I have, I won’t do it again, I promise, I promise.” He didn’t take his eyes off his daughter. He wanted to show her as much respect as possible. After all he did respect her after that spanking.

“Ok Dad, I believe you” Audrey said. Grandpa breathed a sigh of relief

  “Good” she replied firmly, “now get dressed and stand facing the wall with your hands on your head until I say so.”

Grandpa was about to object but one look at the glaring eyes of his daughter warned him off. He went across to the other chair and put on his pants and trousers, did them up, and went over to the wall. He looked at Jeff who was now glancing nervously at Audrey. He looked at Ryan who was smiling broadly. Well he had obviously enjoyed himself watching his Grandpa being soundly spanked. How was he going to live it down? The embarrassment. The humiliation. At least he won’t have his bare bottom showing. He faced the wall and put his hands on his head.

A few moments later he heard Audrey say

“Right Jeff, let’s deal with you now shall we.” It was a statement. Jeff got up and walked over to his wife and stood by her side waiting for the order to undress and bend over her lap. Instead Grandma said

“Before you start Audrey you ought to know he swore when you went to get the hairbrush. I told him to expect some extras.”

Audrey looked at her Mum and asked

“What do you suggest Grandma?”

Her Mum looked back at her and said

“Several strokes of the horsewhip wouldn’t go amiss.”

“Good Grandma, that sounds just right. Have you got it please?”

”Ryan, please go and get it, in the cupboard in the hallway. The one with the lash at the end.”

Ryan shot up and almost ran to the hallway, returning in a few moments holding the long whip. He walked over to his Mum and handed her the whip, glancing at his Dad who was looking very sorry for himself. Ryan walked back to his chair looking forward to watching the second spanking that didn’t involve him. He glanced at his Grandpa as he walked back, marvelling at the sight of the 63 year old standing facing the wall, ordered there by his daughter who had just made short work of taking over disciplinary control of her father, his Grandpa. He heard another sob as he sat down and knew his Grandpa was still hurting, and he supposed would be for several hours after the spanking he had just been given.

He looked again at his Mum, now holding the whip, and waited. This was going to be good as well.

Jeff looked at his wife. He had only been spanked a couple of times so didn’t yet understand how important it was not to upset the person about to spank him. Ryan knew. Grandpa knew. Jeff didn’t, so he asked “Audrey, can’t Ryan be told to leave the room. He’s my son after all.”

“Shall we discuss that Jeff? Shall we?”

“Yes Audrey, can we please” Jeff said, relieved.

Grandpa and Ryan knew what was going to happen. Audrey said “OK Jeff, lets discuss it. You will do as you are told. You will not argue. You will get twelve extra strokes because of your argumentative attitude. Ryan stays. That’s discussed that then Jeff. Or do you want to discuss it further?”

Audrey stared at her husband daring him to argue. He didn’t. He bowed his head and said “no.”

“No what?” she shot back.

“Erm, no Audrey” he tried. Audrey relented. She was toying with asking him to call her Miss, but decided that would be too much to expect. Being spanked in front of his son was one thing, but to make him address her like that would take it to an extreme she wasn’t looking for.

“That’s better” she said. “Now, swearing is a no no isn’t it?”

Jeff looked at his wife, he knew it was a mistake, he also knew he mustn’t argue with her any more. Twelve extra strokes with that whip. Twelve more in fact. That is what he got for arguing about Ryan. Arguing was over for sure. “Yes Audrey. Sorry.”

“Sorry huh. Sorry? Bit late for that isn’t it Jeff” she said sternly.

“Yes” he answered, feeling very sorry for himself and showing it. He looked at his wife then at the whip in her hand. She stood up.

“Right, let’s get started then. Grab the chair Jeff.”

Jeff didn’t move, hoping beyond hope that somehow Audrey would see sense and not spank him. He was wrong. He heard a swish and the side of his leg stung. “Shit” he shouted. Next second he put his hand over his mouth and then said as quickly as he could “sorry Audrey, really I am, it was a shock.”

He looked pleadingly at his wife but could tell it was all landing on deaf ears.

“That makes thirty six strokes Jeff. You had really better do as you are told Jeff” she said extremely shortly.


“Grab the chair Jeff” his wife ordered again. Jeff stepped forward sharpish and bent over, grabbing the chair, trying to ignore everyone else in the room.

“Stick your bottom out further Jeff so I can get the whole thing to aim at, and spread your legs apart.”

Jeff stuck his bottom out further and parted his legs, aware his penis and balls will be seen from the rear. He closed his eyes as he felt the whip tapped a few times on his bottom, lightly, but Audrey only did it to grab his attention. A second later and Jeff heard the whoosh of air, the thwack as the whippy lash struck, the shock as the pain spread across both his bottom cheeks, and then he heard the yelp he couldn’t stop. Somehow he stopped himself swearing as he knew that would earn him twelve more strokes. He wasn’t sure he could take all thirty six strokes. Strange though, he wasn’t thinking he shouldn’t have to take them at his age, just whether he could.

For some reason the second stroke was easier to take. Maybe he knew what to expect. By the sixth stroke he was struggling but still kept holding the chair to make sure he didn’t try to get up. Another no no. He counted twelve before Audrey gave his a breather. She rubbed his bottom. That felt so good. So so good. He pushed his bottom up in to her hand hoping she would keep rubbing him. He felt aroused, and knew his erection was returning. Audrey saw it.

“Tsk tsk tsk” she muttered as she took up her position again, tapped her husbands nicely marked bottom, and Jeff held his breath and tensed his bottom as he heard the whoosh. He could tell Audrey was hitting harder than before but still he managed to cope, somehow. It stung, and Jeff hated the burning across his bottom, but he stayed in position, his bottom stuck up as far as he could, his legs apart, as the next batch of twelve strokes hit home. He was squirming and gasping and starting to cry as the twelve were given with a short gap between each one.

Audrey rested again and enjoyed hearing Jeff’s heavy breathing interspersed by sobbing, and watched as tears ran down his face.

Grandma said “listen Audrey, you finish off here. I am going to take Grandpa upstairs and rub some cream in to his bottom.”

“No problem Mum” Audrey said as she watched her Mum go over to Grandpa and take his hand.

“Come on you, let’s sort you out” she said. Audrey and Ryan saw his face, now more relaxed, and watched as the two Grandparents left the room and whilst neither spotted the bulge in his trousers Grandma saw it and expected to see it.

Audrey turned back to Jeff, or at least his bottom with the twenty four wicked red lines across it. This time she held the lash end of the whip between Jeff’s legs, flicking it so she was tapping the inside thigh of each leg and the light whipping aroused Jeff more than he expected. When she stopped and rubbed the whip across his ball sac he started to moan. This was so erotic. Even the lightest of flicks of the whip against his balls made him gasp in delight and he stood on tip toes, pushing his bottom out, beckoning Audrey to whip his balls again. She obliged with two flicks of the wrist and Jeff thought he was going to explode.

“Hold it in there Mister. You don’t want to go now do you” she said harshly, and Jeff nodded madly.

Neither of them looked at Ryan who by now had such a hard erection himself. He wanted to be whipped like that. He was gagging for it. All he could do though was watch as his Mum dominated his Dad, thrashing him whilst teasing him and giving him an erection. He was shocked out of his thoughts though when the next stroke whooshed through the air and the yelping and crying returned. Ryan thought maybe he didn’t like the idea of being whipped so much after all.

“Well taken Jeff, all thirty six strokes. Want any more?”

Jeff was crying so couldn’t speak, but he shook his head as fiercely as he could. “That’s Ok, so at least you have learned your lesson” then after a few moments said “right, let’s give you your spanking now shall we?”

Jeff gasped, as did Ryan. Both had forgotten the original wrongdoing, how Jeff had been rude at the Mall. Audrey took him by the arm and guided her crying husband across her lap and without waiting spanked his bottom just as hard as she could, enjoying watching his bottom bounce around, feel his penis on her thigh, listen to him sobbing and crying, his chest heaving, but all the time lying across her lap accepting her control over him. After several dozen hand spanks she took up the hairbrush. Audrey wasn’t going to let him off one spank. She was enforcing her control and he was accepting it, spank after spank. Until she decided he had been punished sufficiently. She looked at his very red bottom with the whip marks and said

“I hope that teaches you to behave Jeff. Come on, I’ll rub some cream in for you.”

Jeff got up and Audrey smiled when she saw Jeff’s erect penis get stiffer by the second. Ryan also saw it and was bewildered. An erection after that thrashing. Maybe he did want to try it after all.

Audrey led Jeff out of the room and upstairs leaving Ryan alone, with his thoughts, and within seconds he had undone his trousers and had his hand around his penis, picturing the spanking of both his Dad and Grandpa, and most of all the dominant figure of his Mum, controlling both men, as she controlled him when he was naughty. He exploded before he could stop himself and his cum covered his shirt. How was he going to explain that to his Mum he wondered?

Jeff and Audrey got to the top of the stairs and passed the main bedroom. They heard laughter coming from inside and in particular Grandpa sounding very relaxed. Grandma said “just like old times eh?”

“Sure is. I see you are as aroused as I am.”

“Yes, watching you get spanked was almost as good as doing it myself. A pity about the arthritis.”

“Still, it’s better than Viagra” Grandpa said and they both laughed.

Of course Grandma knew it was a set up. Grandpa bought all the drinks at the golf club and knew they were all non-alcoholic. He wasn’t over the limit at all, but both knew it would get Audrey annoyed enough to give Grandpa a hard spanking.

Then Grandpa added “do you think Audrey will spank me again?”

“I’ll ask her as after all it has always been a certain way to get you an erection so I want her to as well” Grandma said laughing before adding in a mock stern voice “which reminds me, we need to use your erection now so if you please.”

Their followed sounds of kissing and Audrey looked at Jeff and tugged his hand. She suddenly knew she had been used by her parents to get her Dad an erection. She wasn’t sure how she felt about that right now. She did know that she wanted to have sex with Jeff and knew from his erection that he wanted sex as well, so any other thoughts about her parents would have to wait. A few minutes later and Jeff was lying face down on the bed and Audrey was rubbing cream in all over his bottom, kissing the lash marks as she went, enjoying Jeff’s moans and groans. Audrey got undressed and cuddled up to Jeff on the bed, edging him on top of her, holding his bottom and again enjoying his intake of breath as he felt the pain of her squeeze.

“Don’t go too soon Jeff as I can get the whip again” she ordered. Jeff had no intention of disobeying his wife and started in earnest to caress her breasts and pussy bringing her to the very edge of orgasm before she ordered him to enter her. He slid easily into her soaking pussy. They gyrated in unison and Audrey exploded in orgasm letting out long gasps, and when he heard them Jeff allowed himself to cum which for him was the best orgasm he could remember. Jeff and Audrey held each other close, laughing and giggling as they still caressed each other, not wanting the moment to end, knowing that the spanking had been worthwhile, and would be repeated.

As they lay in each other’s arms Jeff said “I guess I better learn not to swear, eh?”

Audrey said sternly “don’t you dare” and they both laughed.

An hour later and Audrey and Jeff went back downstairs, both showered and changed, although Jeff could not stop rubbing his bottom which brought a smile to Audrey’s face.

“How you feeling Dad?” she asked Grandpa, remembering the overheard conversation.

“Oh, yes, well, fine, I guess Audrey” he stammered blushing before adding “You sure know how to spank hard. Much harder than the time you did it when you were 21.”

“Yes well I was thinking Dad, I know Mum can’t spank you because of her arthritis so here’s the deal. If Mum asks me to spank you again then I will. Got it?

  “Well, erm, I suppose so. I’d better watch myself then.”

Audrey smiled at her Mum. The reality was she enjoyed spanking her Dad, having all that control, having him obey her every word, the power was quite wonderful. And knowing it helped him and her Mum made it so much better.

Audrey looked at Ryan who was still smiling. She knew he had enjoyed watching his Dad and Grandpa being spanked and she also knew they would both have been embarrassed to know he was watching. A change as well from him being on the receiving end across her lap. Three generations of men and two have been spanked by her today. A pity she can’t make it a full house. Then she noticed his shirt. He had forgotten to change it. “What’s that stain?” she asked and when she saw how deeply he blushed she knew immediately.

“What have I told you about masturbating?” she said sternly as she walked over to the chair and sat down. “Come over here Ryan, you have earned a trip across my lap. Bring the hairbrush with you.”

Ryan knew better than too argue with his Mum as it would only increase his punishment so the 22 year old got up and trudged over to her, not looking forward to this spanking at all. Ryan realised he had masturbated three times and so the walk to his Mum was not arousing at all. This was going to be a spanking that just hurt. He looked at his Dad, Grandpa and Grandma who were making themselves comfortable and smiling as he made that walk. Dad and Grandpa grimaced as they sat down because of their sore bottoms which didn’t really help him as it brought home how he was soon going to be in as much pain himself and just accepted it was now their turn to watch him get spanked, and made to cry. At least he knew being spanked in front of the others was better than being spanked in private. Hearing their voices as he cried was more arousing. It wasn’t going to change the pain he will feel of course but maybe he will still feel like masturbating again later. He hoped so.

Audrey smiled to the others as Ryan bent across her lap, and when she rubbed his bare bottom, knowing she was going to give her 22 year old son a long and hard spanking, she also thought how she will now have spanked all three men today, three generations, and will certainly be spanking all three many times again.   Yes, a full house after all.

This is the second in the Audrey series, the first is called Dad Makes Two, already published


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