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A Game of Choice

Daniel and his Mum and Cousin play a spanking game

“That’s right Jason, Mum and I play a spanking game. I am the one that gets spanked of course, on the bare,” Daniel said proudly. 

“What, you mean really being spanked? Who would want to play that game?”

“Well me for a start.”

23 year old Daniel looked at his 22 year old cousin and explained. “Mum hadn’t spanked me for a good number of years then a few months ago I told her I fantasised about being spanked and I asked Mum what she thought. We had a chat, and she came up with the game.”

“How’s it work then Daniel?” Jason sounded interested Daniel thought.

“I say I have done something that earns a spanking like, oh, I have said something rude to Mum, and she goes in to annoyed mode and spanks me.”

“You actually wanted to be spanked then?”

“Yes, and I still like to be. Does Aunty Jessica spank you then?”

“No, I’ve never been spanked. She shouts and screams at me enough but she never has. What’s it like? It looks like it hurts. How hard does Aunty Sharon spank.”

The questions were coming thick and fast. Maybe Jason will want to try it.

"Sure it hurts, and I cry and am sore and the like, but I love the feeling afterwards. I lie on my bed and it’s wonderful.”

“You masturbate afterwards?” Daniel asked in wonderment.


Daniel was thinking now that if his cousin could take a spanking then he reckoned he could as well. It was strange really as he had never got on with Daniel. Mr Goodytwoshoes he always called him. Always the shining star. Even his own Mother spoke so highly of her “well behaved nephew.” But here he is, Daniel actually asks to be spanked and then masturbates afterwards. Still, maybe if this after feeling is so good he should try it.

“So if we were both to be spanked in this game what would we have to do?” Jason asked.

“Well, we go to Mum and say we want to play the game. She tells us when she can do it, maybe there and then and maybe later on in the day. Whenever it is due to start she will come in to the room all cross, accuse us of whatever we have agreed to say we did, and she disciplines us from there. It’s scary just how cross she can act, with a really stern voice, taking no nonsense whatsoever, as she scolds us and spanks us.”

“What, then we can masturbate?” Daniel asked.

"Yes, at least after we have calmed down and stopped crying. We will go to our rooms and Mum will stay downstairs leaving us to it.”

“What happens if she spanks too hard? Will she stop?”

“No can do. The game is controlled by her. She decides when the spanking stops otherwise all the uncertainty goes out the window.”

“Makes sense I suppose” Daniel said, deep in thought.

Jason smiled to himself. How he disliked Daniel. Overbearing, bossy, misbehaving all the time. Still, his Aunt had asked he entertain him for a couple of days and it has been good fun. He does have some good points, if only he could keep his bad points at bay.

“OK Jason, I’m up for it”

“Good, because I do rather fancy a spanking right now.”

“I could give you one” Jason said.

Daniel laughed. “No Jason, I like Mum to give it to me. Let’s go downstairs and find her shall we?”

The two cousins went downstairs and found Daniel’s Mum in the kitchen. She smiled as they entered. “What’s up you two?” she asked.

“Can we play the spanking game Mum?” Jason asked.

“Oh, I didn’t know Jason knew about it” Sharon said looking at her nephew.

“I told him Mum, and he would like to play as well.”

“Really Jason? Are you sure?”

“Yes Aunty. I want to try it.”

“Well if you are sure. You do know once I start then you have to accept my decision on everything” Sharon said with a broad grin.

“Yes Aunty Sharon. Daniel explained” Jason said.

“OK dear. So, what have you both done wrong?”

Daniel said “we have stolen money from your purse Mum.”

“Ooh, that’s a real naughty one. It might be a very severe punishment you know.”

“So what Aunty, we can take it” Jason boasted.

“I am sure you can Jason. Right, what’s the time? 10 o’clock, well there is enough time before I have to go to the shops. So, let’s start the game now shall we?”

“Great” Daniel said.

“You two go up to Daniel’s bedroom and I’ll be up in a few minutes. Don’t forget I will be in character so no laughing” she said, looking at Jason in particular. The young men ran upstairs, went to Daniel’s bedroom, and closed the door. They didn’t have to wait long.

The bedroom door flew open. “I need to speak to the two of you young men” she snapped.

“What’s up Mum?” Daniel asked.

“I think you know very well what’s up. I have just checked my purse and some money’s missing, that’s what’s up.”

Daniel and Jason looked at each other. Jason realised he had never seem her Aunt look quite this annoyed and certainly not speak in such a cross tone. He thought his Aunt was acting really well and if he didn’t know it was a game he would be rather worried at her tone. This was good fun he thought.

"Daniel said “I think we’ve been caught Jason.”

“I guess so” Jason said, actually quite getting in to the spirit of things now.

“Right, then I will have to punish you. I will not have stealing in this house.”

“Sorry Mum” Daniel pleaded.

“We won’t do it again Aunty” Jason added.

“I know you won’t but not because you say so now. More because you won’t want a repeat of the punishment I am going to give you. Daniel, you’ve made all too many trips across my lap, and now Jason you are going to see how much that hurts as well, and it’s your own faults.”

Again Jason and Daniel looked at each other.

"Right, you will both face the wall whilst I get myself ready. Go on.”

The two 22 year olds went to face the wall, standing a couple of feet apart.

“You had better save time by giving me your trousers and underpants. Take them off both of you.”

Daniel quickly took his trousers down and then slipped his fingers inside the waist band and pulled his underpants down kicking them off before picking them up. Jason hesitated a moment, realising there was no turning back so followed his cousin. Both boys soon stood there naked below the waist.

“I said hand them to me” Sharon said now clearly annoyed. Both boys hurriedly picked their discarded clothes up.

“There will be extras for that tardiness boys I can tell you.”

Daniel let out a groan which Jason took as part of the game. After all they weren’t supposed to be looking forward to being spanked and his Aunty was very cross. Both boys were standing holding their trousers and underpants and held them out to be collected.

“Right, now press your noses against the wall and put your hands on your heads. Let’s see those bottoms of yours, the ones I am going to spank very soon.”

Sharon took a final look at the two pink bottoms staring back at her, clearly visible as the boys shirts had risen up nicely with their hands on their heads. Two lovely pink bottoms which will she will soon be making very red and sore. She knew her Daniel would take his punishment well as she spanked him regularly, and she was really interested to see how her nephew coped.

She went to her own bedroom and put the discarded clothes on her bed before collecting her wooden backed hairbrush from her dressing table, the one she reserved only for spanking. She changed her clothes as she knew Daniel liked her to wear her shortest skirt and have bare legs so he could feel the smooth skin of her thighs. At least when he asked to be spanked. It was very different when she decided he needed one. Today it was the game so why not she thought? She looked at herself in the mirror and smiled. She rather enjoyed acting all cross. Now she was ready to tan both their hides.

Back in the bedroom Jason whispered to Daniel “what’s happening?”

“Please don’t speak Jason. If Mum hears us then she will spank especially hard.”

“I just want to know.”

“She’s gone to get changed and to get her hairbrush, OK?”


Yes. She can’t use her hand the whole time so she paddles me with the hairbrush. It stings but you’ll be crying anyway.”

Jason fell silent. He hadn’t reckoned on a paddle, but before he could think anymore the door flew open and his Aunt entered the room, not that he could see because his nose was still planted against the wall. He heard some movement behind him and then the order “right boys, turn around and come here.”

Jason gasped when he saw his Aunt in her short skirt, bare legs, and vest top. Sexy he thought. Very sexy. He looked at Daniel who was straight faced, but of course he knew what to expect. Both boys stood in front of Sharon, still with their hands on their heads.

“Now we need to discuss what happens to thieves. Daniel, what have you to say?”

“I really am sorry Mum. I just needed to have some money for a computer game we saw. We were going to pay you back. Honest.”

“I see. Jason, do you agree with that?”  

“Yes Aunty, it’s the truth. We were going to pay you back.”

“How?” Sharon snapped.

Jason was really getting in to it and said “I reckoned I would borrow it from my Mum and pay you back. She won’t mind as I take from her purse all the time and she never notices” he said with a smile.

Sharon wasn’t expecting that as an answer. “Really young man, is that a fact. Well let’s see what she says about that afterwards. Anyway, I see you are smiling so I guess you find this funny, do you?”

Jason lost the smile. He was so not used to his Aunt being this way. Suddenly he regretted making the admission about his own stealing. He forgot for a moment this was a game.

"No Aunty, I don’t find it funny at all.”

“We’ll see. Right Daniel, I will deal with you first. Jason, make just one sound and you will get a second spanking later on, do you understand?”

“Yes Aunty.”

“Jason, I mean it. I don’t give threats I don’t keep.”

“Yes Aunty” he repeated, now wary but somehow he found his Aunt so sexy dressed so sternly and speaking with such a strict tone.

Sharon looked at her son. “Right Daniel, get across my lap and be fast about it.”

Jason was almost shocked by the speed with which his cousin moved. He stepped forward and quickly lowered himself across his Mother’s lap, looking at the floor whilst balancing himself with her arms.

“You will never steal again young man” his Mother snapped and without any gap raised her hand and brought it down hard on her son’s bottom, then again, and again. Jason licked his lips as he saw his 23 year old cousin’s bottom cheeks bounce when his Mother’s hand hit each cheek hard, and slowly but surely turn redder and redder. He noticed how Daniel gasped at each spank, those gasps turning into groans and then sobs. The flow of spanks was steady, methodical, up one bottom cheek, across and back down the other. On and on. Sometimes Sharon did not stop at the end of the bottom cheek but continued down the back of her son’s leg, drawing louder gasps groans and sobs when his Mother’s hand hit his legs, clearly causing rather more discomfort.

“Are you getting the message young man? “her Mother asked.

Only the sound of crying filled the room.

“Good enough” his Mother said as she lifted the hairbrush, tapped her son’s bottom twice with it, maybe to show Daniel the paddle was about to be used as he definitely let out a loud gasp as he felt the hairbrush bounce lightly on to his bottom cheeks,

Jason saw the tears running down Daniel’s face. Real tears. His back was heaving as he drew in air only to let out another cry as his Mother kept thrashing her son’s bottom. Her son’s very red and bruised bottom.

The sound of wood smacking bottom filled the room mixed with the howling of the 23 year old. The smacking stopped, but the howling continued as Daniel was calmed down by his strict Mother who was rubbing his back and his bottom and waiting patiently for the crying to stop.

“You can get up now Daniel, as I think you have learned your lesson well enough.”

Daniel stood up and after a few more moments was able to say “thank you Mother” throwing his arms around his Mothers neck and allowing himself to be hugged.

“Now now Daniel, it’s ok, you are a good boy. Let go now though as I have more work to do.”

It took a moment for Jason to realise what that meant. Daniel eased himself away, looked at Jason and nodded as he stood in front of his Mother putting his hands on his head. It was only then Jason realised his hands were still on his head and that he had been transfixed by the thrashing he had witnessed.

“I will now discipline you Jason, if you please” Sharon said, Jason realising it wasn’t a question, indeed far from it.

Jason took one step forward and like his cousin bent quickly across his Aunt’s lap. It didn’t feel as awkward as he thought it might. Sure he was only too aware of how unprotected his bottom was, but that was expected. In fact his Aunt’s lap was quite comfortable, her skin warmed from Daniel’s trauma across it, but still bare skin on bare skin felt good. He looked at his Aunt’s legs and wanted to stroke them but thought better of it, particularly when he felt her open palm on his bottom, as it went around in circles, preparing to inflict the pain he knew would follow.

“So Jason, it turns you on does it?”

Jason blushed and stammered something incoherent. He knew he was erect but it hadn’t struck him his erection was pressing down on his Aunts bare thighs and that she would feel it so easily.

He just about got out “sorry Aunty” and was even more embarrassed when he heard her say “don’t you worry Jason, your Aunty is used to it. Daniel is the same after all and I sort him out quickly enough.”

Jason wondered what that might mean. He had watched the spanking in awe, and knew he was aroused, and hoped that he would be more aroused and ready to masturbate afterwards, as Daniel had said. He just hadn’t expected his Aunt to be so direct. He had never seen her so authoritarian. It turned him on he knew, part of the reason for his erection. He wondered if his own Mother would be the same.

Those thought disappeared though, as soon as his Aunt said “Now Jason, this is what happens to thieves.”

Jason felt his Aunt’s hand rise and her leg muscles tense as her hand was brought down on to his bare bottom. That first spank hurt more than the 22 year old had expected but that was noting compared to the stream of spanks that followed. Jason tried not to gasp or cry out but he soon realised that was a fight he would lose. He gasped and groaned just like his cousin, sobbed and cried just like his cousin, and his tears ran down his face just like his cousin.

He wanted to scream out when the hairbrush was tapped on his bottom but his Aunt snarled “be still boy or you will get this again tonight” and before anything else the first spank with the wooden paddle landed, followed by another and another and another.

Jason lost count of the number of spanks but knew his bottom stung like never before. He was crying like he had never cried before. He wanted the spanking to stop but wanted more spanks, to show his Aunt he could take her punishment, but was thankful when it ended and only then understood how come it took so long for Daniel to stop crying. The pain was the reason. Oh boy, the pain.

“OK Jason, you can get up, but make sure your hands are still on your head.”

Sharon looked at both boys, standing facing her, their hands still obediently on their heads. She smiled as she stood up. Neither boy smiled. Even Jason understood how much his Aunt was in charge, that one wrong move might lead to further punishment. They remained silent as Sharon went behind them and admired the two very red bottoms. The pink bottoms were no more. For a few hours anyway. She complimented herself on how red those bottoms were before going around and facing the two young men again.

“Learnt your lesson boys?” she asked looking stern again. She ignored the two erections. Jason’s in particular was a joy to see. Not the erection itself but the fact her nephew had found the experience arousing, sexually.

“Yes Mum.”

“Yes Aunty.”

“Right then, naughty spot time you two. 15 minutes. Jason, any moving, at all, and you get it all again, straight away, and I can tell you that you won’t want that. Understood?”

“Yes Aunty” and she watched them both go to the wall.

“Noses touching please” she commanded, nodded in satisfaction when they obeyed and went upstairs to her room.

A few seconds later she was on her bed, her vibrator to hand, her skirt lifted and her knickers off. This was her time as she gently massaged her pussy with the large black dildo which tingled beautifully when switched on. Slowly she brought herself to orgasm, gasping out loud but certain she was too far away for the boys to hear.  

15 minutes of fun for her before reluctantly she dressed herself again and went back downstairs.

She went straight to the boys, saw neither had moved, and said “Right, you can get dressed then.”

The two boys turned and walked out of the room, then ran up the stairs, laughing as they got to Daniels bedroom.

“Did you like the game Jason?” Daniel asked.

Jason thought for a moment and realised he was still aroused, still erect. “Yes Daniel, it was a great game.”

Both boys wanted to masturbate now.

“Same room or do you want some privacy?” Daniel asked.

“Own rooms please, if that’s ok?” Jason said.

Daniel was thankful as he didn’t fancy masturbating in the same room anyway.

Daniel rubbed his penis, faster and faster, until he let out long gasps and erupted in orgasm, one spurt then a second, then a third, as the cum landed on his chest. He lay there reminiscing about his spanking when he heard groans coming from Jason’s room and knew he had cum as well.

A few moments later both boys went to the bathroom.

“How’s your bottom?” Daniel asked.

“Warm, tingly, sore, hurting like crazy. And you?”

“The same” Daniel said and laughed.

The two boys cleaned themselves up, got dressed, and went back downstairs to find Sharon in the kitchen.

Jason asked his Aunt Sharon “thank you Aunty Sharon, was I good?”

“Yes you were Jason, you played the game very well indeed.” Sharon replied. “We can play again before you go, if you want that is.”

Jason looked at Daniel and smiled, before looking back and saying ”yes please Aunty, that would be great.”

“Right boys, I’m going shopping, with your Mum actually Jason. Shall I tell her about the game?”

“Do you think she would play it as well?” Jason remembered how aroused he was when his Aunt had been so strict and had wondered if his own Mother would be the same.

“Oh I don’t know, but I can ask her. Shall I?”

"Yes please” Jason answered. He was elated by the warmth of his spanked bottom,

“I will then” Sharon answered as she went for the door.

“I’ve put some tea out for you. I’ll be a couple of hours I suppose.”

Jason and Daniel played computer games whilst Sharon was out, and Jason often brought the conversation back to the spanking game.

“I wonder if my Mum will agree to play it Daniel?”

“We’ll know soon enough, as soon as Mum gets back.


“Your Mum will know about the game by now you know.”

“She might not want to.” Jason said with that same moaning voice Daniel hated.

“True, but you will know soon.”

They chatted on about the spanking game and watched TV deep in their own thoughts, Jason wondering if his Mum will agree to play the game.

The front door opened and Sharon was home. Both boys got up and rushed to meet her.

“Well?” Jason asked.

“Well what?” Sharon said with a wicked smile.

“Oh come on” Jason implored, “is Mum up for it?”

“To spank you you mean?”

“What else?” Jason said, rather rudely Daniel thought, a bit like he used to be.

“Yes Jason, she will play the game, almost.”

“What does almost mean?” he said sounding downhearted.

“Well, she didn’t like the fact that you get to choose when. She thought it much better that she decides, maybe when you have been naughty.”

Jason thought for a moment, and said “that’s just like any parent who decides when their child deserves a spanking. But I’m 22 years old.”

“True enough, but she said she was all for that type of thing, and when I told her how well you took your spanking from me she was really impressed. It seemed a good idea to me Jason.”

Daniel joined the discussion. “You know Mum that’s it.”

“What?” his Mother asked.

“The extra spark. I know I get to ask you to spank me at the moment, but if you decide when then that is an extra element of surprise. I bet the spanking is even better.”

“You have a good point Daniel” her Mother said. “So you mean in future I spank you when you earn one?”

“Yes. I know I earn one quite often, at least you say I do, but at the moment you only spank me when it’s a game. I like the idea that you can suddenly order me across your lap when you decide.”

“So do you want me to decide in future Daniel?”

“Oh yes please Mum, and the stricter you are with me the better.”

“You might end up being spanked quite often Daniel?” his Mother warned.

“I guess, but that way you are in charge and it depends only on how naughty I am” Daniel said firmly.

“That’s certainly true. Ok Daniel, agreed” Sharon said. “So Jason, I guess you and Daniel get the same rules, both spanked when your Mums say so.”

Jason laughed and said “I guess so.”

Jessica phoned her sister again, as she had done daily since Jason returned home. “Hey Sharon how are you?”

“Great Jessica. How’s things?”

Jessica enthused “Really good. Jason is upstairs nursing a really sore bottom and I’m on top of the world down here.”

“He still accepts it then, you in charge and being disciplined when he is naughty?”

“Yes. I just have to accept he masturbates in bed afterwards, but I bet he masturbated beforehand anyway. This way he is better behaved by far, and I still get to spank him when he earns it.   No more sulking and back chat, just as you said, he goes straight across my lap instead and the rears roll. Thanks so much Sharon, you’re a star, and thank Daniel for helping, I hope he didn’t mind the extra spanking.”

“No he didn’t mind at all. He wanted me to use a cane on him so I ordered one as a thank you. I didn’t realise how easy it was to use, and he seems to enjoy it. Strange what boys like, well some of them anyway.”

“It’s just good that that we get to discipline the two of them when they need it.”

Sharon put the phone down just as Daniel came in. “That was Jessica. Jason still accepts being spanked.”

“Good, so Aunty Jessica now spanks the so and so when she wants to.”

“Exactly, but just like me of course” Mum said with a smile. “We both know I really only spank you when you earn one, but telling him it was a game worked like a charm.”

“That’s ok Mum.”

“Yes, you were a great help but now we need to sort something out.”

“What’s that Mum? Daniel asked.

“I checked your room whilst you were out and you didn’t clean it up as I asked did you.”

Daniel looked shocked. He had meant to clean it up but forgot. He knew it would mean a spanking for him. He wasn’t expecting it but the sharpness of his Mothers voice and the knowledge of what was to come never ceased to excite him though.

Sharon looked at her son and the bulge that was appearing in his trousers. She knew what he was thinking but that didn’t stop her. He wasn’t so happy when he saw the look on his Mum’s face. She was mad with him he knew and gulped hard.

“You know you need to be spanked for that. Go to your room young man remove your trousers and underpants, face the wall with your hands on your head, and wait for me.”

“Yes Mum.” Daniel went to his room knowing his Mother would soon be teaching him that he should have been more careful.

Sharon smiled as she went to her bedroom to get the hairbrush and cane. She took a moment to look in the mirror. She liked herself in her vest top and shorts as she stood there flexing the cane in her hands. Maybe a few too many pounds but she was comfortable in herself. She was glad Daniel had encouraged her to discipline him as thrashing him was such a release for her, both in terms of tension and when she was by herself afterwards and could use her favourite vibrator. She loved having control, having Daniel obey her word or pay the price, all with her having the final decision. The power was intoxicating. She knew she would be businesslike when she spanked him and he was going to pay for his failure to clean his room. It happened far less than ever before but he needed today’s reminder. Daniel wasn’t going to be anywhere near happy when she had dealt with him in fact. She checked her vibrator was in the door and strode quickly to Daniel’s room still smiling. As she swung open the door the smile was changed to a very stern look and she said “right young man, let’s give you the thrashing you deserve.”

Daniel heard his Mother coming towards his room. His heart beat faster as she got closer. He knew that in a few moments he will be across his Mother’s lap having his bare bottom thrashed and later will have to bend over for the cane. It was going to hurt. It always did. She was so resolute, so thorough. Sure he learnt a lesson. She made sure of that. Afterwards though, as the stinging eased and he was by himself, the pain was all worth it. He enjoyed the not knowing when his Mother would spank him. That loss of control was exciting to him. Being told out of the blue he was going to be spanked, not having a say, just knowing if he did wrong he has to pay the price, was thrilling. Scary but definitely exciting. He would suffer the pain knowing that afterwards when in his room, alone, he will be so alive sexually, and as he brings himself to orgasm he will be almost looking forward to his next spanking, that is whenever his Mother decided he had earned one. The door swung open and even then he knew he had the hardest of erections. Soon he would have the reddest of bottoms.


This is the second chapter in the story. If you liked this then please read His Wish, already published.


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