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A Girl’s Disciplinary Finishing School

Crystal hits the Mega Jackpot
It had been a month since Makaela’s mother had found out that she had failed a class and to make it worse found weed in her room. She had been spanked, then spanked every Saturday for the last month. To set her daughter straight she sent Makaela to a Finishing School for girls. A special school for especially bad girls, that lasted for a month unless renewed.

Each student was given a special teacher, who, at the slightest infraction, the girl would be punished with a hard spanking.

Makaela had just moved all of her stuff into her private dormitory. She was supposed to stand in the corner with her hands on her head until her teacher came in to introduce herself. That was completely idiotic, she hadn’t even met anyone and she was supposed to stand with her hands on her head?

“Uhhh...No,” she said to herself.

Each student was given a teacher that was personalized to the student’s personality so they could truly punish the girl.

Hearing someone enter Makaela turned around and saw a woman. Compared to Makaela who was petite, this woman was huge. The woman had fair skin, fairer than Makaela's light brown skin. She was slightly over weight, with her hair tied in a tight bun, she must have been 40 but still looked beautiful. She had the facial expression and demeanor of a dominator, someone who was to be listened to without question.

The bitch hardly scared Makaela.

“Why are you not in the corner, hands on your head?”

Makaela looked at her incredulously. “Because I haven’t even met you yet, I haven’t done anything to be in the corner.”

The woman sized Makaela up. “Low cut, white top sleeveless with straps, much too tight, showing too much cleavage, barely long enough to reach her naval, naval ring, pink booty shorts showing off legs, and sandal high heels, ah and last a visible pink and black thong underwear,” the woman said.

Makaela looked at her. “Very creepy, are you going to introduce yourself? Instead of checking me out. Hi I am Makaela Linelle, nice to meet you.”

The big woman just stared.

“What the hell?” Makaela whispered.

The woman finally said, “Be quiet young lady. Five for the revealing shirt, five for the revealing pants, five for the naval ring, five for the thong, five for failure to follow directions and five for rudeness. Now bring me the paddle from that drawer and bend down.”

Makaela stood absolutely stunned. “Y-you haven’t even told me your name yet and you want to paddle me. 30 strokes!? Are you out of your mind?” she said angrily.

The woman just calmly said, “Five more for failure to follow directions, and five for rudeness. You can silently bring me the paddle put your hands on the bed and pucker out that bubble ass or I will start adding ten strokes to each of your misbehaviors.”

Makaela filled with rage, she hadn’t been here an hour yet, didn’t even know this woman’s name and she was about to get spanked by her? 40 strokes? That was too many, way too many. She was still for a moment then hurriedly retrieved the paddle, she handed it to the big woman. She then put her hands on the bed and pushed her bottom out. She was praying to god that being obedient would lessen her severe punishment.

The woman tapped the hard looking paddle on her hand and said, “What are you being punished for and what do you deserve?”

Angry but swallowing her dignity Makaela replied, “For my unacceptable clothing, failure to follow rules and rudeness,”

She swallowed hard before saying, “I deserve 40 strokes with the paddle.”

The woman gently rubbed the paddle on Makaela’s soft rear. “After every stroke you will thank me, apologize for the rudeness, and promise to wear appropriate clothing, is that clear?” the woman told her.

Makaela hated this woman with all her heart and in monotone said, “Yes ma’am.”

Makaela felt the paddled being rubbed on her bottom, then lightly tapped a few times, then the paddle left her bottom. It came down with enough force to make Makaela rock forward, she squeezed the sheets of the bed. “Oooh,” she wimpered.

“I bet those pants do nothing to lessen your spanking. I’ve never had a girl with such a big beautiful bouncing butt. Your bottom was made to be thrashed, and know it jiggles beautifuly and I will enjoy thrashing you,” the woman said from behind Makaela.

Makaela, now angry, made a promise in her head. I’m not going to give that bitch any satisfaction, I don’t care how long or hard she paddles me I will NOT cry. She had to admit though their was a tiny part of her that liked this woman. She angrily and sarcastically replied, “That’s not fair, you can’t spank me just because of what my bottom looks like. I can’t help it being so big, round and firm. I guess you dunno what it’s like having guys droo-”

The woman cut Makaela off by bringing the paddle down with the same ungodly force on her soft brown thighs, right below her bottom. Makaela shrieked and got up her hands flying to her thighs.

Through the sting Makaela heard the woman. “Those full thighs make a good target as well, 10 more for rudeness, 10 for failing to thank me for your punishment and 10 for leaving your position.”

Makaela now trembled in horror. “P-please ma’am I’m sorry, I-I’m new and-”

Again she was cut off by a thunderous blow across the fullest part of her bottom. Tears welled up in her eyes and she lifter her foot in response. Taking in a breath she said, “Thank you for my punishment, I am sorry for my rudeness and I promise to wear appropriate clothing.”

There was a tap before the paddle crashed into her tender cheeks, she closed her eyes and two big tears leaked out. She said what she was supposed to, and was rewarded with a booty bruising stroke. After the sixth stroke she choked out a sob. The seventh was on her carmel milky thighs, the room filled with a girly piercing scream. She bit her lip, tears rolled down her face but she would not cry.

The eighth rocked her and she bent down in pain, quickly rising back into position, her eyes were wide and she was breating hard. 70 strokes, 62 to go, that was impossible. Bad girls recieved 10 or 12 but 70!? Her thoughts were interrupted by a stroke to the soft place where her butt became her thigh. She leaned down to the bed arched her back and lifted her leg in response.

She couldn’t hold back the sobs anymore.

The woman’s aim was to make her cry, make her ashamed of what she did, and make her beg for forgiveness. Only then was the lesson taught. The 10 stroke landed she screamed and then shamefully said, “M-ma’am,” before she could finish another thunderous stroke rocked her body she cried, “MA”AM, please I’m so sorry ma’am I’ll be a good girl please stop, I’ll be good.”

“Who is in charge here?” the woman asked bringing the paddle down.

“YOU ARE!” Makaela cried before leaving her position to her knees, her body partially draped over the high bed.

Makaela truly was sorry and ashamed of her behavior, she got back up and pushed her bottom out. Miss Tener, the big woman’s name, was about to stop when she saw the bubble butt back in the air. From the girl’s upper thigh all the way to her pants looked sore. Tener saw that the girl was sorry. “Who is in charge here?” she asked again, and again smashing the paddle onto Makaela’s poor butt.

“YOU ARE!” she shrieked.

After two more, the girl begged for it to stop promising any and everything to make it stop. She collapsed on the bed whimpering "you’re in control" over and over again.

Miss Tener felt a rush paddling such a jiggling bottom, she then felt a rush of anger when she heard Makaela whisper, “You miserable ugly bitch.”

“WHAT WAS THAT!?” Tener screamed.

Makaela wiped her tears. “Are you hard of hearing too old lady?”

Makaela felt her defiance growing, she was beautiful, she had natural double D’s. She had done modeling with her photos being, by far, the most popular. She was a goddess and she wasn’t afraid of this ugly old lady.

Miss Tener didn’t know why but she felt a deep rush when she said, “Get your pants and panties off, step out of them and bend back over.”

Her bottom was on fire, but she turned around and slid her pants and panties off stepping out of them, then she leaned over the bed, spread her legs slightly and pushed her bottom out.

She heard the lady from behind her, “Who is in charge?”

Makaela nearly laughed as she said, “Certainly not yo-”

The unforgiving paddle crashed into the bottom that men would give their left nut to squeeze. Her firm, soft and truly lovely bottom, the paddle didn’t seem to know her bottom was perfect because it exploded across her cheeks. Makaela rocked forward, the pain was exquisite much more painful on her bare bottom. Makaela wanted to scream loud enough to break her lungs but all she did was spread her legs and squat with pain before getting back into position. The only noise she made was a gasp but tears streamed down her face.

Miss Tener saw Makaela was just as excited as she was, the naughty girl was glistening inbetween her legs. A naughty girl indeed. “Who is in charge?”

Makaela grabbed the sheets as hard as she could and said, “You’re way too ugly-”

Again she was cut off with a smash of the paddle, but then to her shock the paddle came down again with the same force. Makaela felt like the whole school could hear her piercing shriek. That definetly broke her and she pushed her face in the bed crying hard only to have the paddle brought down on her thighs.


Crystal was unpacking and contemplating what she did for her mother to send her here, when a girly scream reached her ears. She poked her head out of the room, no one else seemed to have heard the scream. Maybe it was because all of the doors were closed, everyone had already moved in and were meeting with their teacher. Crystal had been a little late in arriving so her door had still been open. Curiosity filled her and she left her room and saw the door for room right next to hers was opened a little.

She creeped over and stared through the crack, what she saw was a huge woman holding a paddle. On the bed in front of the woman was a girl bent over, her legs spread and her knees on the side of the bed. Crystal found the girl’s round bottom attractive, but right now the girl on the bed was begging for forgivness and promising with all her heart to be a good girl. Crystal could see why, the girls big bottom was scarlet with a faint purple beginning to show in the middle of each of the cheeks.

Crystal put her hand to her mouth in shock as she saw the girl on the bed was wet, and beautifully glistening. Her pussy looked delicious especially in her dripping aroused state, Crystal's admiring thoughts were broken by the big woman saying, “Who is in charge?” before bringing that paddle down hard. Crystal watched with fascination as the girl's bottom squished up as the paddle hit then just as fast jiggled back as the paddle left her behind. The paddle had left a white mark in the middle of each of the girls cheeks, which slowly began to turn into a light purple in the middle of each cheek.

Crystal didn’t flinch as the girl howleered at the top of her lungs and shrieked, “YOU ARE. YOU ARE, YOU ARE!”

The girl on the bed was bawling loudly, and rather pathetically as she was a grown woman crying like an infant. Crystal looked on thinking that the girl was rather small so maybe the baby bawling suited her. The big woman in the room commanded the girl to turn around and put her hands on her head. Crystal’s eyes widened the bawling girl was beautiful absolutely adorable. She looked so small and innocent, Crystal wondered how anyone could punish that girl, much less thrash her like that big woman had.

The big woman introduced herself as Miss Tener to the sobbing girl. Miss Tener then pulled out the wooden chair to the desk and placed it so the back of the chair faced the wall. She then instructed the poor girl, who was still naked from the waist down, to kneel on the hard wooden seat with her hands on her head so she was looking at the wall. Miss Tener told the girl she was to stay in, what must have been an agonizingly uncomfortable position, for the next two hours. After two hours Miss Tener told the girl she was to retrieve the journal in the drawer and mark the date then describe her punishment. After which she was to turn the page and write “Miss Tener is in charge, I am a naughty girl who has just been given a hard bare bottom spanking. I would like to thank Miss Tener for putting me in my place” 500 hundred times.

WOW Crystal thought, that girl would be up all night bawling with an extremely bruised bottom writing those humiliating words. The woman asked the sobbing girl one more time, “Who is in charge?”

Sobbing like a baby the girl gave a wet, “You are Miss Tener.”

Miss Tener then began to walk towards the door.

Oh shit.

Crystal scurried back to her room as the teacher closed in the room door. Then to Crystal’s shock Miss Tener put the sobbing girl’s pink thong to her nose and deeply inhaled. The big woman shivered and taking the underwear walked away down the hall. She hadn’t pressed hard enough so the door was still open a wee little bit. Crystal sneaked back out and peeked into the room to see the adorable girl bawling loudly, with juice from her pussy leaking down her thighs.

Crystal felt herself mositen and again to her shock found herself longing to put the girl’s pink underwear to her nose. She reached into her pants and stroked herself smiling. She had hit some kind of mega jackpot to have this sobbing angel beside her room. This was going to be an interesting month.

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