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A Great Little Session

A real life session of paid sex
She told me to park up and text her so I did that and waited for a reply.

An old riverside mill converted into flats.

My mobile jingled and I answered.

"Come through the white door," she said in a husky voice. "Then through another and go right, I'm B2, push the door open and come up the stairs."

"See you in a minute." I replied and was about to hang up.

"Wait," she said, "Wait a couple of minutes will you I can see Mr Brown's nurse arriving. It would be better to wait until she is inside."

A car had pulled up next to mine and a lady was getting out. I waited for her to go in and got out of my car a minute later and headed through the white door and found my way to flat B2. The door was slightly ajar and I entered, looking up the stairs and saw a small brunette standing there wearing nothing but a black slip.

"Hi Rafael!" She said smiling. "Come up."

I walked up to greet her and she kissed me once on each cheek. The odour of cheap perfume was on her and I was glad she did not smell of smoke. I asked if there was anywhere I could wash my hands and was shown into a bathroom where I gave my paws a good scrub.

"There's a clean towel on the bath." she informed me.

I walked through into the bedroom. There was a massive arched window looking out into the car park.

"Don't worry Rafael - we can see out but they can't see in!" She laughed.

She wasn't bad looking - not pretty but not unattractive. She had quite pointed features and there was nothing in particular about her face which put me off like a big chin or large nose. But then neither did I feel like having a close smooch with her either. She said she was size 8 and looking at her so she was - about 5 foot 4, slim - biggish boobs and small arse - just what I wanted. She reminded me of Angie from Eastenders.

I passed her some money.

"Let's get the unpleasant part out of the way." She joked.

"Half an hour right?" I said and took out a watch. "Do you mind? I like to know where I am timewise."

"Well I'm not a clockwatcher," she laughed, "But that's fine if you want to". I did want to - I like to play around for 25 minutes and blow my load in the last few and needed to have a watch handy.

I took off my kit and asked her to pop a condom on me.

She sat on the bed and I stood while she had a look at my tackle.

"This looks nice".

"Don't pull back the skin." I said.

"It does look tight." She said, and rolled the condom down my shaft as far as it would go.

She sat astride me and I had a good play with her tits. I liked their size and weight and she assured me they were all natural, which I had no doubt.

"Stand up," I said to her "Let's see your bum"

She was in good shape and I had a feel of her sexy bits.

"Do you spank?" I asked her.

"Yes how do you want it?"

She sat on the bed and I got over her lap. She went for it with energy.

"Oh yes I like that it's good and firm." I said. She told me with a giggle she was a mother of two and had had plenty of practice. My cheeks stung with each slap and it was good spanking.

Then I spanked her - firmly too - stinging her cheeks and upper thighs as she wriggled on my lap. She had been on a sunbed and her bum and back were nice and browned and might have been the skin of a 16 year old. I began to hit her harder and she stuck her arse up and wiggled it one way and another as I kept hitting being careful all the time not to over do it as I knew she would put an end to it if I hurt her.

Time had raced and there was just 5 minutes left.

"Get on your knees." I said. She got into the doggie position and I went between her legs and pushed my erection against her pussy.

"I'm tight," she told me "I'm wet but you'll have to really move your hips to get inside me."

We tried again and I failed partly as I was afraid to thrust too hard and miss - I was getting excited and feared coming in the condom outside of her which would be a big let down.

"I'll get on top." She suggested sending I would not make it in.

She moved but I stopped her, "No I want to fuck you from behind" I told her and she went back into position and opening out her legs.

I tried again - she lined me up and this time and in desperation, I thrust strongly and popped into her - feeling incredible sensations on the bell end of my cock. She was tight and hot and at last I was in pole position for a big orgasm - which started immediately I was inside. Without wasting a second and feeling myself begin to ejaculate I grabbed her hips and fucked furiously against her sexy bum until my cock was all spent and the condom full. It was my first ejaculation in 2 weeks and I had a tankfull to unload. It was quick but I couldn't last longer - it was just too exciting, dynamite.

After withdrawing she cleaned me off lovingly with some wipes, taking the condom away.

"That was a great little session." I said, getting my clothes on.

"You're happy then good." She said smiling - she seem to enjoy having given me full value.

"Very happy, in fact the best sex I've ever had. Amazing."

She looked pleased.

"Where are you from?" I said, detecting some accent.

"Ireland." She replied and I could see in her eyes and smile some hue of the Emerald Isle.

"I'll see you." I said and kissed her cheek.

"Keep my number." She said, blowing me a kiss as I went out of the door.

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